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12:00 AM
Oh hey, thanks @Deusovi! I was just about to link to that one again.
Would you guys think the same of this?
> A man built a rectangular house with all four sides facing south. A bear walked past the house. What color is the bear?
@Randal'Thor Yeah, I was going through the humor tag and thought that definitely didn't deserve to be here.
Nah, that's a puzzle.
@Alenanno I would downvote that for being ridiculously easy :-)
tsk tsk. you shouldn't be voting on difficulty
@Randal'Thor Well, apart from that. I mean, do you think that style of puzzle is not good for the site?
If properly designed, I think it'd make a good puzzle.
12:03 AM
Good for the site? I don't think so.
@Alenanno "Properly designed" in what way? Like adding extra layers of crypticity?
I've used effectively that gag as a mini-partial clue before
I'm sure a good puzzle could be made out of that idea.
"Follow the gaze of the crimson saint as he looks to the pre-dawn glow."
@Alconja Ooooh, that sounds familiar.
Treasure hunt?
12:05 AM
@Randal'Thor Like not being that obvious.
Indeed :)
as a non-native speaker, that treasure hunt hurts my brain
just this one sentence in chat is already enough to make me utterly confused :P
@Alenanno Sure, that style of puzzle could certainly be good for the site. It might be hard to make it non-obvious without adding a lot of other different elements to the puzzle though.
One line from that is still burned into my mind from how long I spent thinking about it. "Paired up, pared down, the truth exposed, lies within lies / heading onwards north, reeling seas terrorize."
:) I was so happy with myself when I polished that line up... but it was much too hard in retrospect
12:08 AM
@Deusovi I think I got more upvotes for solving that one line than for solving most of the rest of the puzzle :-)
It looks so easy in retrospect.
That entire puzzle was fantastic.
Oh, here's another crappy puzzle:
Q: What's the name of this country?

ʇolɐǝz ǝɥʇ qoqA group of people were naming their country. They argued back and forth, each not willing to give up his own idea. Some time passed, and they couldn't agree on a name. They decided to have a draw. This is how the draw worked: They filled a hat with all the letters of the alphabet. They agreed on ...

(Of course, not like I'd expect any less from Alconja!)
In fact, if I had my time again, I'd rework the whole thing and probably flesh out each stanza to make it more achievable without so many hints
(sorry to sour the mood)
@Alconja It certainly did need a LOT of hints!
12:09 AM
It probably needed less than I gave, but I didn't know where people were having troubles, so I kind of took a shotgun approach
I generally like to make completely new puzzles, which are as different as possible from my previous ones, but I have thought about revisiting that one for a sequel...
@Alconja Sequels can be fun, provided they're not too overdone.
Back to , I think the fundamental issue is this: Puzzles which are humorous can be ok, but Jokes which happen to be puzzle-ish, are likely not. The problem arises because the former naturally invites the latter, which makes them all "bad" for the overall health of the site...
I've deliberately spaced out my Mysterious Email puzzles a lot. I already have an idea for a fourth one, but don't want to post it too soon after the third.
@Randal'Thor And, yeah, that one is literally a joke dressed up as a puzzle. Rather than a puzzle which is humorous.
@Alconja I'd say it's way "too broad" as well. Look at all those answers, most of which seem quite plausible.
12:16 AM
Perhaps the distinction is: if it weren't labelled , would it still be solvable (and have the answer be satisfying/obviously correct). I'd argue the bee/hand one is ok by that definition, but there's no way anyone would get the country one (and would not be satisfied by the accepted answer)
@Randal'Thor Agreed. I actually like some of those better... VTCing
..and going back to my last comment, that alone is a pretty solid argument for burninating the humour tag
Agreed, but the answer suggesting it (from last month's thread on and ) is at -1.
A: Changing 'joke' to 'humour' or burninating it

Dan RussellAfter doing a little looking at some of the questions tagged humor, I'd suggest what @GentlePurpleRain did in the comments to this question: Get rid of both humour and joke! Take a look at the list of humor-tagged questions. There are only 4 with a QScore of > 10. The first two are logic prob...

@Deusovi The answer suggesting burninating the tag entirely is at +12:
A: Changing 'joke' to 'humour' or burninating it

GentlePurpleRainIn the interests of providing options: We should get rid of the joke tag entirely. Most of the questions with this tag are either already closed, or not very funny (obviously subjective). I don't think the tag really serves a useful purpose, and it should probably just get burninated.

That's the tag. Not .
And apparently both were used at some point?
They're the same tag.
was renamed to as a result of that meta post.
Hm, really? Dan's talking about them as if they were separate.
12:26 AM
At the time that meta question (and my answer) were posted, the tag didn't exist yet.
Dan answered the question two weeks later, maybe the rename had already been made by that point
Oh, makes sense. Sorry, I have an awful memory. I still don't see why it was downvoted then, or why we even went through with the renaming if that post was voted so high.
1 hour later…
1:35 AM
question for you puzzle sages, out of curiosity. what's the guideline on un-[hold]ing puzzles that (eventually?) get enough community response to actually get a correct answer accepted? i've seen questions with accepted answers that are still "on hold" - which, I dunno, would tend to suggest that the basis for the hold either wasn't particularly strong, or at minimum is no longer relevant.
@Rubio Whether or not the OP accepts an answer has no bearing on whether or not the puzzle is bad enough to be closed.
If someone posts a "guess what I'm thinking" puzzle, and someone else makes the right guess and gets accepted, then the puzzle is still too broad, irregardless of that acceptance.
1:56 AM
i cringe at your use of irregardless. :) but i am not asking about closed; asking about "on hold", which maybe I just misinterpreted as "we don't want to close this, but it needs more attention from the questioner before it has a reasonable chance of being solved".
"On hold" is actually the same thing as "closed" from a functional perspective. It just displays "on hold" for the first week to encourage people to improve their questions, then "closed" afterwards. (For some close reasons, it just skips straight to "closed".)
ok - thanks for the explanation, i wasn't clear on that. now I am. :)
hm. long shot on Sconimbulus' DICE: "foliage under the weather", maybe wILteD, freeing up a SER
4 hours later…
5:57 AM
hello everyone
6:12 AM
Q: Banning "IQ test" questions

Arbitrary KangarooRecently there is lot of increment in insta thought puzzles, (Mostly of "IQ test", "pattern", "riddles" and "cipher" with short length), and they aren't "puzzles", but rote exercises / guess what I'm thinking type. So I suggest a. Banning and deleting such kind of questions. and/or b. Creati...

2 hours later…
8:32 AM
@Rubio could be, but I really think it's going to be something more suggestive of (human) sickness.
possibly. having said that, right now i have a full set of solutions for all dice, but i have no idea if they're right - trying to see if the hidden letters arrange to a usable message
I almost do but I'm pretty sure some of them aren't right
so do you have two APS words? I only seem to have one.
yes, i have two
ooh. would you be willing to share whichever one isn't PAEANS, or is it a secret?
not sure how best to do that. i don't want to steal everyone else's effort (or make it look like i'm trying to)
8:40 AM
(by "share" I just meant "say here")
oh. heh
the other is dumping horsea for lapras (SAP)
ah. I was aware that I had no idea at all whether that one was right, but figured someone who actually knows that stuff would have said if it mightn't be.
the difficulty I have is as follows. 1. for EEI, in second place, I only have HFR (from the slightly dodgy HEIFER). 2. so GANNET (the bowdlerized bird) surely can't go in third place because HFR GNN seems hopeless. 3. the only other place it can go is second-last. 4. it pretty much has to split as ...NG N.... 5. the only 4-letter words I can get from N + any of the things I have for last place are NOME and NIDS both of which seem super-implausible.
so i'm going to post what i have in a bit
you'll see how i got it all to fit into place
oh, so you actually have a solution now? that was quick
(or did I misunderstand a few minutes ago when you said you didn't?)
with LAPRAS I have comfortably enough viable things for all dice but (e.g. for the reason I described above) it really doesn't look as if they can be put together to make anything plausible.
so I like INTUIT (not sure whether better than INFERS but it's a good one)
TILERS not so much, but who knows?
TUTONE isn't plural because the group was called "Tommy Tutone", not e.g. "The Tutones"
I think MINERS is as plausible as TILERS but don't really much like any of the answers proposed for that one so far
9:02 AM
oh. no, not a solution. you see what i posted.
Mods and other Serious People: puzzling.stackexchange.com/questions/44888/… OP has just admitted he's trying to get Puzzling to do his homework for him. Action?
@Rubio yes, you'll see from my comments above that I saw what you posted
yeah catching up after mad editing hehe
@Rubio your brain is in a pretty similar state to mine on this, I think
except that as a tool for thinking about possible solutions I strongly recommend a grid that has dice alone one axis and clues along the other, with 3-letter residuals in the grid entries. It makes it much easier to see what the possible options are.
and e.g. to see problems like the one I described above with there apparently being no good way to deal with the consonant-heavy GNN residual from GANNET.
so as full disclosure, i've got a computer trying basically every match of one of my solution words against every die it can go with, and then every permutation of the resulting hidden letters for those pairings, to see if it can find anything resembling sensible text
i don't expect it to, but hey, it was quick enough to write and let a computer do some of the heavy lifting while i, you know, bash my head on other puzzles :)
i didn't really know how to mechanically do the solving of the word->die->text step, so it was that or just belch the whole mess up as an answer.
at this point, i guess, i've opted to go with both.
yeah, making a computer do the hard work is probably about as good as helping your brain do it :-).
except I'm pretty sure we haven't got all the dice right yet (as in, I think there's at least one word we haven't found, not just that we haven't guessed right between HEWERS/TILERS/MINERS and CATGUT/SILKEN and so on)
but I guess there's a very good chance your program will find some nice words somewhere in the middle and make everything click for you :-)
9:12 AM
yeah that's kinda what i'm hoping for
if it looks suggestive of actual english somewhere in the siftings, then the rest hopefully can be banged into shape
i tried to record different alternatives that still seemed viable in my notes, so i listed (for example) all the possible pokemon and both hewers/tilers and retained mutton with corpse even though i've been certain that was wrong from the get-go
@GentlePurpleRain if you happen to be around and awake (you're in the list in the sidebar) as the only mod here you might want to take a look at my comment about 10 minutes ago about someone trying to get us to do his homework. I'm actually not sure what the policy is on that sort of thing...
so backtracking on what doesn't come together should be possible
(afk for 45 minutes or so)
1 hour later…
10:45 AM
@oleslaw I'm not sure that question deserves hints. I mean if I was asking you in person, maybe, but you guys have internet. The wrong hint + google = giving away the solution. :D
Hey @BeastlyGerbil
Quiet today
Yeah, indeed.
And it's only Wednesday.
Gets more active from 4 (GMT) onwards I find
What is your stance on hints? I mean, I have given hints in the past, but I don't want each of my questions to have hints. I think it kind of spoils the fun (although it does make things easier). I'm starting to understand the philosophy of "no hints".
I go start with no hints.
If there are any misconceptions then I add a clarificaton
10:57 AM
Anyone looking for free rep go answer this
@BeastlyGerbil What would you say about my "Three riddles, one solution" question? I just got asked for hints.
Depending on difficulty or progress so far I usually will add a hint after a couple of hours or sometimes the next day
@BeastlyGerbil I'm 18 days in ahah
@Alenanno The ASCII arts (in your "three riddles...") are just for cosmetic purposes or are significant? You don't have to answer.
@Ankoganit No worries, someone already asked, it's just for presentation. :D
11:03 AM
@Alenanno Oh, thanks.
@Ankoganit The riddles are independent and self-sufficient, and can be answered each on their own (any order).
1 hour later…
12:14 PM
@Deusovi As I recall, we opted to change the name first and if that didn't work, burninate the tag altogether. (talking about the joke/humour tag)
Hey @BmyGuest, haven't seen you in a while
@dcfyj, Yea, I was travelling last week and the one before
ah, cool. Where to?
However, I've put a puzzle in last Friday which noboday picked up on yet...
France. (bussiness travel, mainly)
The puzzle I put up on Monday seems to have slowed on the progress a little. To be expected really, since they've solved all the easier clues :P
You're puzzle apparently went under the radar, I've never seen it before. Stargate's a good movie though ^^
The puzzle's not related to the movie, though :c) ( Just read through your Monday puzzle. Missed it totally too. Interesting idea. Still trying to undestand the instructions correctly, though)
12:27 PM
Ask, I can explain ^^
I would work on yours, but like most puzzles on here, it's above me :(
Could say the same for yours ;c) (But in total, I'm more of a puzzle-maker than a puzzle solver. And I'm a very visual guy. So word/wit-only puzzes do not appeal to me that much, even if I can appreciate a very cool and new idea.)
So, in your puzzle the cryptic clues yield a digits-grid once filled in correctly, right?
I don't even remember what was said to make me think of making something like that haha
yes, the numbers in the parentheses tell you how many digits in the grid it fills
But once the grid is filled... what then? (I seem to miss the overall picture, still.)
The final answer is a well known saying. Once the grid is filled you need to use one of the other aspects of the puzzle to find out what the saying is
The aspects being nonogram, minesweeper, and crossword
(in no particular order)
Hmm, so my intuiitve guess would be, that the intial number grid gives me a mine-sweeper puzzle highlight other grid points. But a nonogram would do the same, wouldn't it? (not so familar with nonograms)
12:37 PM
A nonogram uses the clues on the outside to create an image of some sort kind of like this:
Ah, yes. While a Minesweepaer works locally... so both can be side by side. Nice
quite easily yes, ^^
Starting with a simple number-filled-grid, this could lead to a binary image by "minesweaper", which could lead to a nonogram-descirption (counting "mines" per row/column".... Otherwise, how do get a "nonogram" from a regular grid... I guess seeing the first step's solution will help ;c)
Don't get too hung up on the aspects, their usage might not be all that clear.
Unfortunately, my lunch break is over by now, so I've to move on. But I've fav'ed your puzzle for the interesting idea (and +1).
12:44 PM
cool, thanks ^^
2 hours later…
2:47 PM
Quiet day today
I've been building an Unconventional Tag puzzle :)
Like mine?
Kinda, but probably not that unconventional :)
2:50 PM
I didn't think it was all that unconventional
So, A8 would be one letter and B7 would be another or a pawn on A8 would be one letter and a knight on A8 would be another or both?
Or something completely different?
umm... there's some mapping of squares to letters, but it's not quite that straightforwards
Hey guys
@Sconibulus cool
hey @Deusovi
Didn't see you come in :P
Does anyone want to be my tester for another "What's a Word™?" puzzle? I want to see if it's too easy >_> lol
I can try, but no guarantee that I'll be a reliable source of difficulty.
3:01 PM
@dcfyj Is that because you don't usually do these puzzles?
That's because I suck at solving puzzles in general (at least the ones on here, I tend to do pretty well with mechanical puzzles)
What are mechanical puzzles?
Rubik's cube, etc
By the way, I'm also preparing a much bigger puzzle (it'll take time to prepare it, so don't hold your breath).
@dcfyj LOL, then you have a large collection of those this fortnight :P
3:02 PM
Bigger like my minesweeper crossword bigger or bigger than that?
@LukasRotter Not really, I don't think I've seen a one yet
@dcfyj 2 so far
@dcfyj Uhm, bigger. :P
@dcfyj lol what's wrong
What is?
3:04 PM
1 min ago, by dcfyj
Your reaction.
I already thought mine was a bit too big, and you're making yours even bigger lol
@dcfyj Well, it's going to be one of those story/multistep/etc puzzles.
Ah ok. So more text, but the puzzle itself isn't necessarily as large.
@dcfyj I guess it depends on what we mean by large at this point. :D
As in the vast majority of my text is the puzzle itself, whereas (from my understanding) your text will be part puzzle part "fluff" if you will.
3:09 PM
Does anyone have a thought on how best to preserve old, but eliminated answers so that they're not resubmitted by someone else who doesn't know that it's been answered?
@dcfyj Ah yes, but the puzzle will require more time to be solved because it won't be just "one" puzzle. :P
@John Not sure what you mean there...
@Alenanno That's debatable, mines 24 hours of solving time and counting :P
@Alenanno, I'll give an example: puzzling.stackexchange.com/a/44939/25802. This answer used to be 'smiley face'. They've since changed it, but now someone else has submitted smiley face... puzzling.stackexchange.com/a/44992/25802
@dcfyj Well mine is not online yet! ahah
It seems like bad form to resubmit a new answer. So in the past, I've just done a strike-through on old answers. But otherwise just posing the question.
3:13 PM
@John The first person should've posted a new answer in my opinion, as a Push Button Telephone is not remotely close to the same idea as a smiley face
@dcfyj, you're probably right. In lieu of that, I would think strike-throughs of the old answers might be the next best option.
Probably. One thing you could do is edit the answer to have the old one at the bottom. Can't do much about the second person as I doubt they looked at the edit history of all the answers.
@dcfyj, that would be good to do as well. I typically had them near the top and it was cluttered.
3:58 PM
Yeah, my puzzle is now bordering on "too broad"... I guess I need to provide some hints..
Your riddle?
None of the answers seem to fit to me, but I've no idea either :P
Yep... No one is close to the intended answer...
Yeah, hints are probably in order then
Apparently, someone thinks I am 53 year old? Lol.. :P
Yay, puzzle up
4:02 PM
Title reminds of James Bond
That's flavor, I stole the same game they stole in that movie too
The move list is rather difficult to read. Spread it out?
@Sconibulus WHat about the recent answer of Gareth in the Dice Star Returns? ANy close or not?
4:22 PM
I think across all the answers, each correct possibility may have been posited
I might not be right about that though, I'm not looking over the answers at the moment, because I'm ordering a sandwich
So, Demole is really a word? OED is wrong,then!!
@Sconibulus How dare you order a sandwich! Puzzling is clearly more important than food :P
I can't choose between infers and intuit.. Slightly inclined towards intuit though...
Whether it's a word and whether it's in the puzzle are two different questions. I believe Devole was also brought forward as a possibility :)
If you said it in most English speaking countries in an appropriate context, you probably wouldn't be questioned
@Sconibulus On the game you linked in your comments I am rather confused why the black player didn't use his rook to kill the white rook. It seems to me a far more logical choice. It would also have allowed him to survive.
4:34 PM
Because it was a movie :)
Still seems like a poor decision
What about my latest edit? Any progress or still a lot of mistakes?
Wait, are you talking about Rxf8+ Rxf8?
@Alconja How you coded the coordinate letters ? It's awesome, as any red herrings (I checked a few) anagrams to something bad (and often hilarious: ""R! You be hurt, then died!" ) ?
@Sconibulus Yes
4:39 PM
because that looks like it might end up the same... Ng6+ Kh8 or Kg7, Nxe7+, and black still looks screwed?
Black is still losing in 3 moves, I think...
Ng6+ Kh8?
If he uses the rook instead of the queen the knight can't take that spot (f8) and survive
I think it buys him two turns, but the Knight can just take the queen and go back to g6
while black has a perpetual check thing going
I don't get @Randal'Thor's comment though
Jane Austen, famous novelist
I got that far, but I'm not sure what connection either she, or swapping Ms and Ns has with the puzzle
4:44 PM
@Sconibulus You wrote "movelist" in your question, instead of "move list".
@Sconibulus I thought "movelist" was a typo at first.
ahh, ok
@Sconibulus Ok, hadn't thought of that move.
@Randal'Thor's good with numbers, he should solve my crossword :P
@dcfyj Linky?
Q: A Minesweeper Crossword

dcfyjThis is a Random thought that occurred to me. It consists of combining aspects of Minesweeper, Nonograms, and Crosswords together to create this rather interesting and, I believe, difficult puzzle. This is a multiple step puzzle. The first part will have numbers as its solution, the last part wi...

4:47 PM
Yeah, that one
@dcfyj And I am sorry, I forgot to edit into the CW. And now, I have forgotten what answers I had.. :P
lol, nice
Uh, wut? :-O
That looks incredibly difficult and time-consuming.
I remember you having a bunch of possible answers and then saying you were going to add them to the wiki, but no edit happened lol
It'd take me a considerable time even to read and understand the question.
4:50 PM
@Randal'Thor It was time consuming to make, I don't think it's overly time consuming to solve.
This already took me long enough.
That's bcoz you know the answers.
True, I do have a major speed advantage, and wasn't that mostly formatting Rand?
@dcfyj The answer I just linked to? No, not at all. The time-consuming part there was to actually find the solution, not to format it. It was really quite incredibly hard.
A: Best puzzles of 2015 Q2?

rand al'thorSuch a late answer will probably languish unnoticed at the bottom, but I think it deserves a mention: Complete the world's longest self-documenting sentence The premise of this puzzle is a nice challenge the idea of which should be familiar to any budding logician or fan of Godel, Escher, Bach....

Ah ok
As for confusion I can clear that up
5:07 PM
@ArbitraryKangaroo Is it really necessary to remove all your comments? You pinged me and I don't even know what it was for...
Sometimes I wonder why you bother saying anything @ArbitraryKangaroo
@dcfyj lol
@Sid I know. :P
@Sid: Aaargh ! I have to move my fingers, press it, then pull it up, then move it to another place, then repeat, to type it up, and then press enter, but I'm too lazy to do all that. :P
@ArbitraryKangaroo Or you can paste the deleted comment here.
Why pasting and removing it again?
At least he's consistent...
5:14 PM
@Alenanno: This time I accidentaly clicked on "delete" instead of "edit". But anyway, I'm not posting it for the third time.
Ok, anyone saw what AK wrote there? I just had to attend a call now...
Something about your riddle
He could only find telephone as a viable answer or something
> @Sid The riddle is not telephone/mobile (selfie-sh-ness ?) ? I couldn't find anything that fits with the clues here except the telephone ? This also fits with the hint somehow meh-ly, as you need two people to talk, so first and sceond persons are occupied.
ah right, you can see them ^^
I forget these things
Still, nowhere close to intended answer.... Yeah,maybe I made it a little too difficult...
5:16 PM
It's probably in need of a hint or two
@Sid How long since you posted? If it's too soon, wait a bit.
Posted yesterday...
@Alenanno Okay, thanks for reposting this time, as it was accidental. But don't do that again.
If I see no update on mine in the next few days I post give some nudges
Finally, someone has got it...
5:17 PM
@ArbitraryKangaroo Don't do that again? Why not?
@ArbitraryKangaroo While I'm not a moderator on Puzzling SE, I'm a moderator on any Chat room, so I should be the one telling you "Don't do that again".
Oh, dear.. the one who posted the correct answer, posted it in a CW. Can't think why he would do that...
Iodine? lol no wonder no one got it
@Sid lol
Not exactly iodine, but only its symbol
5:19 PM
His loss I guess? no idea why he chose to do that though. Strange thing to do.
oh. This is why "But I'm having some trouble with the reasoning for almost all of the lines, so I'll make it a community wiki and maybe others can offer some insight."
@ArbitraryKangaroo And you're welcome, by the way.
ANyway, does anyone know how to write a good conclusion to a research project?
It's writing so count me out
@Sid Well, for example, you could say if the results reflect the objectives you had set when starting the research. Were they as expected? Something new, unexpected? Something wrong? Etc.
Yeah, bio stuff.. I have done all the hard work but now the concluding part is bugging me..
5:23 PM
Conclusion basically just restate what you said in the paper, briefly
I think you usually throw together a collection of one-sentence summaries of each of your sections
@dcfyj cc@Sid Not exactly, conclusions are about the results. And maybe also about what he expects about research on the same topic in the future, as in: is it still an open problem, do you think you tackled an important aspect of it, etc.
Oh, yeah, potential future work in the same area is usually good
If you're doing it in the speech format it's : This is what I'm going to tell you, this is what I'm telling you, this is what I told you. i.e. Intro, body, conclusion.
@Alenanno "is it still an open problem, do you think you tackled an important aspect of it" such kinds of things probably don't get the marks in Indian high school projects, IMHO.
5:26 PM
@ArbitraryKangaroo Indian projects? As in, from India?
It's the basics of thesis conclusions, it applies to any project. You can skip it, but why?
:33144539 I still don't see the issue with what I said, though. Theses are written similarly across the world, they might change in different fields, maybe, but a thesis is a thesis.
@ArbitraryKangaroo seriously, stop deleting everything...
Marks can go to hell!! See, when we take up a project, it is expected that we work hard on it and give it our best shot. That's what I and my friends are doing now...
Well, I'm sure you still want a passing grade :P
My PSE T-shirt arrived today.
@Alenanno It isn't a thesis. You seriously don't know what happens in Indian high school project. And its hard to describe to anyone who didn't have a first hand experience. And obviously, it isn't for finding/discovering new things, but to fetch marks. It's extremely usual.
5:30 PM
@GarethMcCaughan Cool
@GarethMcCaughan: How's the badge ?
@GarethMcCaughan Both the stickers and shirt?
@ArbitraryKangaroo Well, he's the one writing the thesis, research paper (to-may-to, to-mah-to), but you're the one arguing against my suggestions.
@Alenanno: I'm not saying you're suggestions are bad, I'm just saying it has a very low chance to work, but I ain't sure.
@ArbitraryKangaroo Why? Papers are papers, conclusions are conclusions.
5:33 PM
I don't see how, It's a conclusion...
@Alenanno Ask @Sid.
I'm asking you since you're the one saying that in India writing a paper is different.
@Alenanno: I am from India, and read in high school, he does too. Things may differ, but I told our school's perspective, but things at his school may differ, so I ain't sure.
@GarethMcCaughan Oh good, I'd better start looking out for mine. Especially since you and I are in the same country.
@ArbitraryKangaroo Have you ever attended school outside of India?
5:35 PM
@Randal'Thor: From where they're posted ?
@ArbitraryKangaroo He's talking about the shirt
@Alenanno (When did I say you're suggestions are wrong ?) No.
@ArbitraryKangaroo The US, I assume.
Since SE is based there.
Oh, he meant from "Where are they posted?"
@ArbitraryKangaroo Ok, so, what makes you say in other parts of the world writing a paper is different than in India? What is your reason?
5:38 PM
@dcfyj Yep, @ArbitraryKangaroo hasn't got the hang of reversing word order in interrogative forms :-)
It wouldn't have been confusing if it weren't a grammatically correct sentence. lol
@Alenanno: I don't know. Guess maybe. But my experience is horrible.
@ArbitraryKangaroo Why horrible?
@Alenanno: I posted them before. Read few chats after that. But I may be wrong. I don't know. And don't ask me further about why Indian Education is wrong.
@Randal'Thor ;-) What is "Cleanse Saidin" ?
5:43 PM
@ArbitraryKangaroo It's a referrence to the Wheel of Time book series
@ArbitraryKangaroo The male half of the True Source was tainted by the Dark One. It needs to be cleansed before men can channel safely.
I mean, yeah, what @dcfyj said ;-)
@Randal'Thor I doubt he's read the books so that'll just confuse more lol
@Randal'Thor I only understand "male", "half" (but not "male half"), "taint".
@dcfyj Have you? Or did you just Google it?
@Randal'Thor I have (I believe) all the books, but I never read the last one or two, I got super busy
5:46 PM
@Randal'Thor I'm confused lol
Doesn't Rand'al'thor have 3 wives?
@ArbitraryKangaroo Think of a community pool (for swimming) where one half is for males and the other is for females. That way you have a "male half" and a "female half"
@Sid yup
Oh, wait, I meant the original one...:P
@Alenanno Damn, sorry. For some reason I thought @dcfyj was you.
@dcfyj Wut.
5:47 PM
@Sid In the books, yes. But I don't.
@Randal'Thor Well, we both have some red in our avatars... ... :D
There's no red in mine lol
@dcfyj The numbers are red...?
It was always obvious that Alenanno is a sockpuppet of dcfyj.
At some point I should probably get around to avataring
5:49 PM
Oh lol, yeah they are, forgot about those >.< fail me, fail...
@LukasRotter I don't think our use of language is remotely similar enough to say that lol
@dcfyj Indeed lol
@LukasRotter I have a sockpuppet called Lews Therin Telamon. (@dcfyj will get the joke.)
@Randal'Thor Lol, that's a pretty good one
Whereas @Alenanno and I are clearly sockpuppets,
@Sconibulus Why clearly?
5:51 PM
@dcfyj I have enough evidence to prove it, I will post a great analysis of it on meta soon. You guys were really good at hiding this secret... How much did you pay rand?
I'm so confused now lol
@dcfyj +1
@Sconibulus :D
@gtwebb I posted it on the original meta post. You can see it there...
5:53 PM
@LukasRotter I'd like to see this analysis...
Well, I'm off, see you guys later. And I'm expecting the analysis too. :D
Hmm, I see Gamow still has 32k rep. Maybe,it didn't affect him too much...
Is he back?
Yep, his suspension was over a few days back
5:55 PM
His suspension ended yesterday.
ah ok
He hasn't been on by the look of it though
has he posted or anything? Or is he not actually back yet/ever
@dcfyj It's 39 pages. Hopefully I'll manage to minimize it somehow.
@Sconibulus According to his profile he hasn't been on since the 3rd of this month
His profile says, last seen Oct-3.
So, he will probably come back in a few days..
5:57 PM
That's what I said :P
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