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12:04 AM
@Derpy In Affinity Designer that'd be dirt simple because it supports multiple stacking strokes.
@Gwideon So... there does seem to be a cohesive online presence with your username, and there's a meatspace name (or pseudonym) associated with it. If you're worried about being targeted, you may want to clean those up, if you own them.
If that's you, then scrubbing your name from the associated accounts would be a safe idea. Best not to attach meatspace names to interweb names.
(That advice applies to any humans here. Personal identifying info is relatively easy to find and piece together. Please be careful.)
12:22 AM
Yeah, as someone who wants to develop a professional presence online that's an especially weird needle to thread.
1:18 AM
I wrote a thing. I dont think I am going to like the results. But I wanted to share.
A: Does Stack Exchange, Inc. really care about the LGBTQ+ community?

AGirlHasNoNameI understand how you feel. Believe me, I do. I agree with some of what you say so just know that this first half of my answer isn't directed at you. When people say that by putting a policy in place designed to protect us, Stack Exchange put us in the crosshairs, they are shifting blame. The p...

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2:46 AM
@AGirlHasNoName Well-written. And I appreciate the cat picture at the end :)
Thank you
I think the OP will appreciate it too
3:35 AM
user image
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7:31 AM
@BESW I assume that actually costs $$$? GIMP has the "free tool" advantage right now. At least until I have to do something professional-level.
Yeah, each of the three Affinity programs (Photo for image manipulation, Designer for raster/vector image creation, Publisher for layout design) is USD$50 for either Mac or Windows, or $20 for iOS. Compared to Adobe which would be $21/*month* for any one of the equivalent programs, or $53/month for all of them.
And for me, the three have been able to completely replace my Photoshop/Illustrator/Indesign workflow with one that I like better. It's maaaagical.
7:49 AM
somehow unrelated, free rant of the day. Azure Bastion captures ALTGR+SHIFT as a combo to open the clipboard. This block any attempt to write special characters that use that combo
There are also a number of other free programs that do layout/logo work better than GIMP.
@BESW will gladly look at them for the future, any specific suggestion?
Scribus, Canva, Krita, Inkscape...
I liked FireAlpaca but that was almost a decade ago I dunno what they're doing now.
8:09 AM
@AGirlHasNoName I have a more pessimistic view of that issue, but I kinda agree on the rest.
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12:44 PM
@Derpy I've tried GIMP out several times — downloaded it because I needed a free tool and needed to do something quickly. Every time I've been absolutely flummoxed by how to do even basic operations, like "deselect" or "move" or "resize". I've never been so stumped by an image editor.
@AGirlHasNoName I came across this just earlier and upvoted it. I just saw it's here too! Thank you for writing it!
@doppelgreener managed to do something acceptable for now. Didn't had any serious need, just a minor edit to a logo for a wallpaper.
@doppelgreener I use GIMP too for a similar reason. The learning curve is high
@doppelgreener Thank you for your appreciation.
1:00 PM
@AGirlHasNoName Yes, thank you for adding that to the conversation.
@doppelgreener I recommend some searches for "free photoshop alternatives," there's been an explosion of free software options.
GIMP is no longer the monster in the free image editing world that it used to be.
I like it. It just has a high learning entry point
yeah, I used it as a Photoshop replacement for a little while in college (I studied arts with a graphic design emphasis) and GIMP's interface seemed aggressively confusing.
I was worried about switching to Affinity for a similar reason, but moving into Affinity programs was as frictionless as any workflow transfer I've ever done.
1:41 PM
@BESW Oh, awesome. Thanks, I'll try that.
1:57 PM
how are you
I'm fine, doing okay. How's things?
3:04 PM
@doppelgreener I'm doing okay. um i'm staying completely away from meta for today
3:38 PM
Hi @Gwideon
Question, did Stack update so that links to questions auto-fill the question title or have I just somehow never noticed?
how is everyone
@Medix2 it's always been that way
@Medix2 been that way for a while
You don't have to have the title though. It is unnecessary.
3:41 PM
Is using them a good idea or should I do the [TITLE][1] -- end of text -- [1]: LINK thing?
nah you don't have to
I just know I've been informed not to use just links but to spell out the titles or to link on text that effectively spells out the title
It depends
just use whatever markdown is easiest for you to read and edit if needed.
Fair, thank you!
so um I'm feeling really freaking nervous
3:53 PM
@Medix2 I do it a lot. The way SE markdown works, the post appearance is "baked in" at the time you save it. Even on the occasions they have made breaking changes to markdown, posts don't change until someone edits them and saves them again thus introducing the new breakage.
I mean, I use the magical question link thing a lot.
It doesn't work in comments, only questions and answers, and only if it's on the same site (where "rpg.se" and "rpg.meta.se" are the same site for this purpose)
@Gwideon what's going on?
@doppelgreener Ah thank you, that makes sense
@Gwideon I'm sorry to hear that... hoping things get better for you
i'm just kinda under alot of stress right now
4:10 PM
that sucks
i hope it passes soon
@Xirema There. I beat that paperclip game, you monster
@goodguy5 you explored the entire univers?
@G.Moylan yes. I did everything; end credits and all
I'm still working on space. Got the grind going for exploration currently.
@G.Moylan I personally found that getting combat going was the most important thing.
those drifters are a pain
4:17 PM
yeah I've got that on lock right now
drifters in the trillions and I'm hanging out in the quads and gradually increasing for my probe count
minor spoiler, but the drifters offer you a a choice. I took the "drifter elimination" choice. But I'm very curious if you take the other choice.
I stopped producing drones and am still working up to my current capacity at the moment
before I make more
the honor system is a pain
yeah it's stupid grindy. I'm imgaining at some point it lets me generate it faster
I win almost every battle right now but its still so slow
@G.Moylan marginally. Did you get the stacking more honor for each consecutive victory?
4:20 PM
That's it then
how many upgrade points are you at
I think I ended with 51
only just started beyond 20s for my probes
I just hit capacity for my drone count, so it's time to make more
I found it best to keep speed and exploration equal, with speed being slightly more important
Also, drones don't do anything implicitly until the end of the game anymore, except for swarm gifts.
So, feel free to neglect them until you start running low on clips
I'm trying to up my CPU count to generate Creativity faster. it's so stupid slow
oh yea.
So salty when the combat is like: We put two of your guys against 50 of theirs! have fun!
4:25 PM
so I'll take gift sfor now
I had 2k processers by the end
yeah I hate that. "thanks for arbitrarily resetting my bonus"
happy clipping!
clippin' them cheeks!
did you run yours overnight?
nah. work laptop. I shut it down around 4pm yesterday and picked it up around 8AM this morning
I probably played for about 8 hours
4:33 PM
@goodguy5 You can still win those fights though if your speed + combat stats are high enough.
@Xirema I won most of them. I don't know how high you need to be actually unbeatable, but I got up to 5k honor, so I was winning almost every match.
@goodguy5 I'm assuming "unbeatable" isn't a thing, but speed == lower % your units get destroyed, combat == higher % enemy units get destroyed.
@Xirema by the end, I think I was running speed 8 and combat 15 (tooltip said that combat also increased defense)
oop I'm gaining exploration percentage, I think I've crossed the line there
@G.Moylan it's the beginning of the end!
5:37 PM
@G.Moylan well?
just hit 1%
so soon
shouldn't be long now
I kind of like the little combat graphic
5:38 PM
I wish I could have it be like an android screensaver or something
right? yeah it's a fun little graphic
more boiz!
3. increasing replication!
5:41 PM
I've not been given a decision to eliminate anything yet
that's the decision!
I think the fastest I've ever beaten the game is in like 3 hours. Doesn't come close to the 1.5 hours that speedrunners have gotten it to, but I'm still proud I got that fast.
I mean, if you don't fight back they destroy all your probes
oh wow 1.5 hours
25%. switching to all Work, just to see
Oh I see, Accept or Reject
Accept just starts a new game or do you keep anything?
you can apparently micro the strategic modeling
which one did you pick? Reject?
yea. I killed em
@G.Moylan you can youtube the other ending, apparently
I'm going for 10million creative before I disassemble the swarm, jus tout of curiosity
5:53 PM
I think I did that and got nada, but doublecheck it
@G.Moylan Accept starts a new game, but you can pick an improved ability, like faster clippers or faster computing.
@Xirema can you chain restarts?
can you beat the game and accept the deal multiple times?
That's how incrementals typically work, so I would assume so.
Um hi
5:59 PM
@Gwideon Hey. Did you get around to cleaning up that information?
I've disassembled myself and clipped my last little existential clip. off to lunch!
@G.Moylan oh hey, it's bubble boy
nothing happened at 10 million
@MikeQ yeah I did. Um I also ordered a knife this morning so i’d have something in case something happens.
6:04 PM
I'm still seeing some visible PII. How do I discuss this in detail?
Um do you have discord?
Ah. Yes. That could work.
for lack of a better way to ask, can someone explain to me "they/he" and "they/she" etc?
6:30 PM
@goodguy5 Personally, I use she/they as a signifier for Genderfluidity, but it might mean something different for someone else. It might be a representation of a non-binary gender identity for someone else (which genderfluidity is technically orthogonal to).
I'm outing my bias here, but I always assumed you were a guy. A white guy at that.

Granted, it's mostly because I assume that everyone that shares my hobbies is a white guy as I myself am a white guy.
That's kind of an odd assumption
@goodguy5 I mean, that is the mistake god made when I was born, so I understand that confusion! But I realized a few years back that I was fully incompatible with identifying as that gender, so I've been slowly outing myself on various social media platforms, relative to how tolerant I perceive the people around me to be.
@MikeQ It's less that I assume "everyone" and more that I assume "any given particular person"
@Xirema ^_^
@Xirema is very obviously a immortal math elemental, from the elemental plane of math. Colors don't apply, as they are not ordered or countably finite.
6:36 PM
Well, that's true; can't argue with that
And you CAN order and count colors, but it gets wonky and involves some conversions .... at least for humans
@MikeQ Hehehe
And according to their profile, they look like a Mandelbrot graph
so hi
@MikeQ Accurate.
@Gwideon Hello!
@Gwideon welcome back
@MikeQ and younger than me?!
6:46 PM
i just realized that when I google myself most of what comes up that's actually related to me is bionicle stuff
so um yeah
@Gwideon yea, I saw that. You're so confident in those posts ^_^
Yea. no "um"s or "uh"s. Just you sharing something you (used to?) like with other people.
@goodguy5 Or several billions of years older, with integer overflow
@MikeQ ah, that makes more sense
6:49 PM
@MikeQ ...... No comment. =P
@goodguy5 I um still like it but um yeah i don't share it now a days
just wondering how did you see those
@Gwideon oh, I searched "gwideon", with the quotes.
sorry just wondering why
sorry never mind
You were talking about stuff you could find out. so I looked, with the intent of telling you anything I found of interest
but yeah i was alot more confident back then
6:55 PM
The only person stopping you from being confident is yourself! (I mean... so long as you ignore what everyone else says)
sorry I'm just a little bit embarrassed that you found my dumb mocs
That's fair. Bionicle is a huge confidence-booster.
@Gwideon psh. embarrass-be-gone. If it's something you like, then flaunt it. Especially on the internet.
One might consider tempering their interests while at work, but otherwise, who cares?
You like whatcha like, as long as it's not hurting you or someone else, what does it matter :)
true but um yeah
6:59 PM
heck right now not gonna lie one of the things I am looking forward to this weekend is having time to put together this kit my husband bought me, it's gummy candy shaped like Lego and you make a little train
@Ash define "hurt", because some people are into that.
I love trains, and transit. I also love gummy candy
@goodguy5 Sorry, there is definitely an implication of lack of consent there
@goodguy5 I meant "hurt someone in a way they did not want or ask for or consent to"
7:00 PM
Have you played any of the Martin Wallace games?
Steam, Age of Steam, Railways of the World (and it's half sibling railroad tycoon).
@Ash okay fair
@goodguy5 They sound familiar, so probably!
People've given me a lot of train games, but I am horrible at playing stuff on PC :(
real life physical object, baby
I'm gonna show myself out cause I'm really not sure what to say
@Gwideon about what?
and baiiii!!!! :waving:
7:04 PM
well um i don't have to leave it's just um yeah I feel really dumb
for what?
it's been years since i've been the cbw site and um I'm feeling nostalgic but um also really dumb and embarrassed for liking what I did.
@goodguy5 ooooh I totally assumed video games, this looks even more fun
and @Ash I'm trying to wrap my head around gummy legos and it's not jiving.... *googles*
@goodguy5 Speaking of board games, I got a copy of Mechs vs. Minions and it arrived yesterday.
The box is much bigger than I was expecting.
7:07 PM
you don't need to feel embarrassed for liking something.

There's this kids' show Octonauts. And it's really good. I only watch it with my baby (usually, I'm trimming his nails or something), but I kinda look forward to it.

Point being: no shame. like what you like, abiding by Ash's consensual hurting statement.
@Yuuki yea, the first time I got the Railways box, I was surprised for sure. In my mind, it's like a cubic foot and at least 10 pounds. but Amazon will give me the dims
shipping weight: 10.05 pounds
16x5x13 (so , a little over half a cubic foot)
I remember an old Bionicle game I used to play in a browser, I think it was some kind of point-and-click adventure game maybe?
Gah, I spent so much time on that thing.
That and the Neoquest game in Neopets, which is/was a turn-based JPRG-esque browser game.
(Except a train instead of animals)
@Yuuki MNOG!!!!
7:10 PM
@Yuuki Neopets ate so much of my life
@Ash well, I guess that makes sense. Are the pieces tasty?
@goodguy5 They're not bad as far as gummy candy goes
Like you'd not want to eat them all at once but I find that's true of a lot of that sort of candy
I'm good for about a dozen or so gummys a year.
And my wife bought me gummy vitamins, so I'm well over my quota
@Ash It's so weird thinking about the lengths I would go to get certain things back in the day and now I'm remembering things like "jeez, I could just spend $5 and make a ton of money re-selling or whatever".
7:12 PM
Does anyone remember phantom bars?
I desperately wanted to feed my Neopets something other than soup kitchen stuff, but I was super-poor and didn't want to risk playing the market.
I think I got my first Negg and/or paintbrush through Neoquest actually.
(They were still selling them in the 90s; I'd guess stopped around 98)
@Yuuki Saaaaaame
@goodguy5 Dang, unique and delicious?! what a steal!
they were so good
like a berry creamsicle.
7:15 PM
@goodguy5 That does sound quite good.
@Yuuki @Gwideon MNOG was the true spiritual successor to Myst
Mnog was great
@MikeQ what about Riven?
hiss. Riven is the official sequel.
@G.Moylan Did @MikeQ stutter?
7:19 PM
Riven was great! I remember having to change all the disks. I've still got my original copy around somewhere
@goodguy5 that sounds really tasty
That one was so full of great worldbuilding vs the teensy bit we got in Myst
MNOG had a romance subplot between a sick athlete and a fisherwoman. Both were robots.
Riven had no such subplot
MNOG was superior
Riven had a subplot about a guy out for revenge against a planeswalking man and his sons for destroying or displacing him from his home and for interfering with his people's way of life! classic RPG storytelling
although, robot love is hard to compete with
@G.Moylan excuse me
7:23 PM
Riven wasn't a bad game. It just wasn't puzzly, or logical in the way Myst was.
oh yeah and the planeswalker married a woman from the guy's tribe
@MikeQ what? I thought it was moreso. You had to learn a numbering system
I played through Myst not long ago and I beat the whole thing in about 30 minutes, and I didn't even remember that much. Riven would take much longer
Those scene transitions alone would take at least 30 minutes
I had to take way more notes playing Riven or Revelation than I did with Myst orExile
@MikeQ yeah there were a couple long ones. Maybe it was more like an hour. I don't rightly remember, but it was a super short amount of time vs how long my original solve took
@goodguy5 At its core, it means the person who has indicated those pronouns is okay with either set of pronouns being used for them. As Xirema says, it can signify genderfluidity, or something else.
Uru had neat puzzles and worlds but the whole MMO concept was a dumpster fire
7:27 PM
@goodguy5 Heh, don't google my username, it's basically the entire history of my life on the internet (though connecting to my IRL identity would hopefully not be easy). ((Note: This is not a challenge.))
@V2Blast I specifically use them to indicate that I don't mind being referred to as "he" or as "they." I identify as "he," but I'm flexible about how people refer to me
@V2Blast so it's not that they use "hers" (possessive) and they (personal). that makes much more sense.
@V2Blast oh man, those last 5 words were super important lol
@goodguy5 Correct. I can see how it'd be confusing if some people put "he/him" and others put "she/they".
@goodguy5 To add a personal clarification, I'm a "he" but I'm more than happy to go by "they" as well. So he/him/his they/them/theirs are both fine. Especially online.
@goodguy5 Haha. I felt I had to nip that in the bud before anyone took it the wrong way.
7:29 PM
@V2Blast I was about to put it to the test.
@V2Blast well, we were just talking about puzzling
Yeah, maybe I should change it to she/her/they/them? I didn't want to just put a giant string there.
alright. I'm going to do some chores, eat some zucchini bread, and drink a, honestly too strong for 330pm, beer.
@Xirema I tried it and it didn't look right to me so I settled on he/they. I didn't consider this type of confusion though.
@V2Blast Do you want a quick security review? Apparently I'm doing that now.
7:33 PM
@Rubiksmoose Yeah, that was my instinct as well.
so um what should I talk about now
@Xirema Could go with "she or they" I guess?
@Gwideon I mean... Whatever you want to talk about? :)
I'm currently eating lunch
@V2Blast Yeah, but that doesn't get picked up by the userscript that was linked earlier.
@V2Blast yeah but will the userscript catch that?
Though maybe SE will just give us a way to standardize that stuff.
7:34 PM
@G.Moylan I have no idea. @Xirema says no though :P
@Gwideon The overwhelming uncertainty that faces adults after we leave home, and the fact that all of our decisions brought us to this point; the only way forward being to make more decisions that are largely guesswork.
or, y'know, anything
@goodguy5 ah I see the paperclip game put you in a somewhat existentially contemplative mindset as well
I mean, I might be wrong, but I dug into the documentation and it didn't seem to be smarter than just splitting directly on the forward slashes.
also @Xirema you owe me $2, because of course I had to buy the app :P
@G.Moylan Yeah, it's a good game.
7:36 PM
I'm pretty sure I'm easily identifiable through SE. I've already put the city I live in in multiple Google-indexed chat transcripts.
I use part of my actual name in my username so I'm very likely identifiable. Not sure if you can find my actual address, but probably what city I live in
At this point, pretty sure there's nothing I can do if I want to hide anything.
@Gwideon It's okay if you don't always have something to say :)
@Yuuki likewise, I accept it
@G.Moylan There's a "g" in it, you say
7:37 PM
@Yuuki yeah, I'm pretty sure y'all can find me in all sorts of ways if you wanna, but shrug it is what it is
@goodguy5 lol indeed. I also use the same image on multiple platforms, so you can probably track me from platform to platform relatively easily
might take a little google-fu, but I'm sure it can be done
@G.Moylan I've got to admit, finding things by image search makes me feel like the greatest hacker that has ever existed in this time or any other.
@goodguy5 it is fun. My hacker moments are when I know I botched typing in a password and I correctly fix it in one try
without retyping everything
<caps>why does my work laptop lock me out after only three tries</caps>?

Failing twice is so stressful
7:40 PM
> see gender identification drop-down
> Inspect Element
> add own options
> <Hackerman meme>
Identity theft is not a joke, Jim!
Seriously yall need to be more careful about managing your online presences
I mean, I'm pretty sure I'm at the point where there's no managing anything. It's basically just keeping a three-alarm fire from becoming a five-alarm fire.
@MikeQ look, in a few years, we're basically only going to be online entities. we're just fasttracking that process
@MikeQ I mean, yes. I don't offer up additional information and personal details that much. Like, I'm not going to tell you the street I live on and whatnot, but I also understand that come of that info is already availble to people who want it. I just don't help it alongany moer than it already is
So not doing obviously bad things like posting pictures of my credit cards or Social Security card or my house keys.
7:43 PM
@Yuuki lol the number of house key photos people post without thinking is simultaneously a little depressing and laughable
But other than that, it's basically like "shrug I already did this like ten years ago for four years straight so there's nothing I can do about that".
^my spare keys
@G.Moylan especially because it's usually in front of their house, with the number visible
@goodguy5 lol yup
@goodguy5 yum
7:44 PM
@G.Moylan also "hey we just bought this house, it's probably still listed on zillow"
@V2Blast I had one that was a gun, because I thought it was really funny to say "welcome to <mytown>, here's your gun", but I've misplaced that key...
@G.Moylan I suppose most people either forget or don't know that the teeth heights on house keys are very standardized so it's incredibly easy to estimate the teeth on key based on a picture.
There's 6, right?
I'm no locksmith but that sounds right.
Q: How many unique house keys can possibly exist?

LouA Yahoo! answers user suggested that there are 5^5 possible unique configurations for a physical key, but the answer wasn't sourced. I wondered if anyone had similar numbers for how many possible key combinations there are. I ask because, it seems impossible that there can be a unique key for eve...

7:45 PM
@Yuuki almost all locks. You can lookup specifications of pin heights for almost all key brands
@goodguy5 depends on brand. commonly you find 6 in the mass-manufactured stuff, but it extends beyond that if you go to a smith
@G.Moylan neat!
also the pinning code is frequently printed or etched on the key. the number isn't a serial number
@G.Moylan that's how you get dupe locks made
@G.Moylan I think Schlage keys go to 9
@goodguy5 yup. Skilled smiths don't need it, but yes
@G.Moylan it's definitely faster than the alternatives
theoretically, with enough giv-a-dam, you could have a key with any sequence you want.
which would look pretty cartoonish, but not as silly as 654321
7:48 PM
@goodguy5 you can. When I bought my house I went and got my locks rekeyed and I specifically requested a weird pin pattern
@goodguy5 those would both be absurdly easy to rake
now, I'm wondering if whatever algorithm is used prevents certain combinations
@G.Moylan 111111.
@goodguy5 possibly, but you'd be surprised how often repeats come up
@Yuuki ew
@G.Moylan you could sneeze on that and it would open
It's the perfect pattern because everyone just wonders why you carry around a blank key.
I think blank would technically be 00000n for however many pins, but yeah
7:51 PM
now, I want to get a key made (with no reciprocal lock) of my birthday
a lot of people also don't realize that, often times, in order to more easily build entire subdivisions, contracting companies will master key entire blocks of houses during construction, for all the various people that need to come and go. The master wafers are often not removed unless you take the lock and get it rekeyed
I guess I could just buy the blank and do it myself, for as accurate as it (doesn't) need to be.
@goodguy5 6969, June 9th 1969?
@Yuuki you left out the 420
@Yuuki ja'cuse! How you know?!
April 20th, 1969
042069 - nice
7:53 PM
if you buy a cheaper lock like a Defiant you could probably get it down to 5 pins
my house key is actually 5 as well, but it's a certifiably abnormal pinout
actually, all my "house" style keys are 5 pins
I think 6 is less common than we're perceiving it to be
I was in a waiting room and this dad and his daughter were in there.

She was maybe 6 and doing normal little kid things. But then she said "Dad, it's cold in here", looking at the thermometer on the wall, "It's sixty nine degrees!"

The dad and I both said "nice" at the same time and she was like "what?"
my wife teaches, and whenever 69 or 420 come up the students all go "nice" so it drives her nuts when I do it at home
so, naturally, I do it every time
@G.Moylan mine all "look" like 6.... let me see if I have an old lock box and I'll check the code
7:57 PM
@G.Moylan nice
@G.Moylan nice
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