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1:00 PM
Holkurg goes now
(btw, the growths moved, if you havent noticed, but they're not very fast)
"Grrrrr" one attack on growth, non-GWM so at a +8/+4
1d20 2d6
reroll 1&2 (GWF style)
just kills it
1:00 PM
really kills it
Same to G1
1d20 2d6
15 hits?
still hits
1:01 PM
14 dmg
(magical bludgeoning)
G1 is down, as the maul connects
bonus action?
Second wind, then done, frustrated I'm not clobberin'
1:02 PM
12 hp self-healed, through my rage
Kheldor's got next @Miniman
(gonna have to run soon: RL calls)
attack with spirit weapon
1:04 PM
we can commandeer your chars, if needed.
10 damage
ok, cool.
then he'll use Preserve Life
5 hp each
For everybody
1:05 PM
Shambler feels left out
that's him done
That's fine: Haemir probably just cantripping to stay on top of growths; the moment Ho gets in range of Shambler he'll action surge, GWM 4 attacks, hopefully convert one miss with a luck die; I'd say easily expect two hits, at 2d6(reroll 1+2=8.33 expectation)+14, so that'd be something like 45 damage on two hits. Commensurately more or less if it's other than two hits. (Good chance of 3 hits.)
@nitsua60 you think you can stay for 1 more round?
moves back into 30 feet of Ho and attacks
1:07 PM
@Shalvenay Not really. Palm Sunday. The C&E's are starting to come out of their burrows.
guy has 31 HP left, and is currently actively trying to get away from the intimidator
@nitsua60 oh...
26 hits?
(@daze413 I've got some notes, will jot when I'm back in the evening.)
1:08 PM
@nitsua60 You'll have to go really early, right? Do they bless the palms before or after the mass over there?)
@Miniman yes, sorry
@daze413 19 damage
and he'll give Ho adv again
then done
ok, after Cade, the Shambler issues a terrible shriek
holkurg and kheldor, make wis ST
1:10 PM
@nitsua60 what's holkurg's wis ST?
@Miniman DC is 17, sorry. you take 11 damage and roll a d24... kidding d8
1:11 PM
move south? below or above shambler as a reaction.
the growth makes an OA though
@daze413 Does the shambler have a 10 ft reach?
no, he can make an OA too
growth, shambler:
AC 20
18 and 20
so Shambler hits with a bite
1:12 PM
10 damage
(Finally, the shambler is free to move)
@Zachiel if you wanna watch the map, here: docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/…
@Zachiel better, even, if you can reverse-jaeger pilot nitsua's chars
ill make a save for holkurg
and he makes iy
but takes 5 damage. Kheldor took 11 damage from the Dissonant Whispers, @Miniman?
1:16 PM
@daze413 kk
forgot to mention
should be haemir now
@daze413 no, wait, you did mention it, and i took it, i think?
5 mins ago, by daze413
@Miniman DC is 17, sorry. you take 11 damage and roll a d24... kidding d8
ah, yeah, sorry a little flustered with keeping track of each growths reactions and the player reactions haha
@daze413 all g
hm. I guess we'll call it here, as nitsua has gone.
so far, not as deadly as I'd hoped.
1:20 PM
@daze413 Yeah, I have a ton of healing left in my back pocket
makes for a Deadly encounter at 5600 deadly threshold
yeah -- I'd say it definitely would go down on round 3
idk, the DPR started getting slower after the first dissonant whispers
but still, it'd have gone down eventually,
it's not doing enough damage
Yeah, for the kind of legit deadly encounter you have in mind it definitely needs to hit harder
1:22 PM
yeah, and the placement of the growths wasn't very effective -- if you want to do those sorts of OA shenanigans, I'd give the growths Sentinel, and have the shambler target the squishies more effectively with them
maybe try Icyfire's suggestion- 3x the deadly threshold
@Shalvenay problem was, I dont see Cade getting OA'd by them unless the shambler can get away from the fighter. Same with Haemir
@daze413 why is that?
I was trying to use the growths to block out Holkurg, which was effective somewhat
Thinking about it, I'd make the growths grapplers
it's thematically appropriate, and allows them to be effective at lockdown
yeah -- that'd work well I think come to think of it
1:25 PM
@Shalvenay they dont move much as their both ranged. and the shambler can only use its echoing disassembly on creatures w/in 15 ft
@Miniman Sounds great! how do you reckon to implement it? as an attack rider? or auto-grapple a la vampire?
Right now, it's only Action is the "Clacking" it did at init 20
Actually, both your suggestions can be solved if the growths had sentinel
if it hits with an OA, the speed becomes 0, like a grapple
@daze413 The way it works for most monsters is an attack which, if it hits, automatically grapples (and restrains, for a lot of them)
Some of them do damage with the attack as well, some don't
hm. I think I'll let it be something like: "Tentacle. +5 to hit, 1d4+3 bludgeoning and 1d6 psychic. It can forgo doing damage to automatically grapple the target, while grappled this way, the target is also restrained
that makes them enough of a threat that players will have to think twice about whether to attack the main body or the growths
ok, rechecked the vampire unarmed strike. yeah, it has similar wording
Auto-hit on grappled targets?
1:34 PM
it still needs to hit, but auto-grapple
Yeah, I mean, once it's got someone grappled, I'm assuming it can't attack anyone else - will it automatically hit its grappled target, or still have to make an attack?
something like the grell?
it's already restrained so auto-advantage on subsequent hits
i'll say still need to attack, but it cant attack anyone else
@daze413 I meant more like the chain devil...but that's a much rarer ability than i thought.
krakens can do it as well
Ah, found it. The salamander is the example of exactly what I was talking about.
1:42 PM
I think, just because I need some load off with this encounter, I'll make it additional damage
But yeah, it's a pretty rare ability.
yeah, but for the sake of my sanity during this encounter, I'll make it just auto hits
like the salamander
i think a rug of smothering also does this
ah, no. nvm
ok, now, what about the number of growths per use of the shambler's Undulations?
currently is 2, hard to tell if it needs more
I think for a party of 4, 2 is pretty appropriate
nah. I'll keep it at two.
yeah, looking at the board, 2 alive is pretty much what I was going for
Anyway, I gotta go sleep
Sorry I was late
1:50 PM
no problem
thanks for coming and playing, you guys!
not a problem
6 hours later…
8:19 PM
@daze413 the notes I have jotted down:
I like the growths, because it felt like we (as a party) now had to make the decision of whether to focus on BB or keep the growths from getting too numerous. (Though there's the table-argument to be made that letting 4 or 6 get out there would have made AoEs tempting. I think I mentioned before: I like when combat tactics have to take into account managing multiple races, kinda like a euro-style board game.
The forced movement on a failed save was nice, too. It doesn't feel terribly punitive--it's not like getting *banish*ed. Something about it eating
yeah -- I liked the targeting decision-making aspects of it as well
8:57 PM
(p.s. I was planning to toss a Dissonant Whispers of my own in round 3)
9:16 PM
@daze413 the other thing I thought of: you'd asked/mentioned some time early about the appealing vs. not nature of the altar. I'd say that it screamed "don't touch, don't get too near." I certainly wouldn't have funneled any magic into it if it weren't for the explicit purpose of playtesting your monster.
So if you need the PCs to go there, It's got to be on a hair-trigger. Like closing the door we came through or opening the other door trips it. (Along with touching, reading, &c.)
Or, if it's the case that they know about BB, make it obvious this is the way to it.
Or make the altar shaped like a sarcophagus, strongly radiating magic.
No party's going to resist that =)
2 hours later…
11:14 PM
@nitsua60 In general I'd agree no-one's going to go near it, but one caveat - there's a particular type of player who will go for "I must cleanse this unholy altar!"
But yeah, most parties are just going to move on.
11:52 PM
@nitsua60 thanks for the input. I was going for a "what the hell is that?" Reaction and then maybe hint to them that treasures await beyond the portal. @Miniman I agree that most parties will just move on, and they should! Which is why I have to make this fight deadly but winnable. I plan to put quantum altars all over the place. Maybe even have them pop up in a place where there were none before.
Perhaps if you knew one of the bodies or you were sent to discover what happened to them because he had a magic item the employer wants back?
That could definitely work! I was about to suggest a chest or a door magically sealed in a way that makes it obvious it's linked to the altar - either way, that kind of tangible hint that there's rewards to be had is the way to go, I think.
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