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1:37 AM
Q: Why was this question kept in SF?

PaulI flagged this question to be moved to Unix & Linux. I'm new to flagging questions and I'm not clear why it was decided that the question stay in SF.

2 hours later…
3:21 AM
posted on December 03, 2014 by Matt Simmons

We are down to the brass tacks, now. I'm sitting in a British pub next door to Cape Canaveral, getting my schedule stuff squared away for the next two days, and things are gelling amazingly well.  I picked up my NASA Press badge today, and it's starting to get to the point where it feels […]

3:53 AM
I'm not disappointed!
7 hours later…
10:54 AM
hey guys, does anyone know where I can get a hub?
like a real hub
@LucasKauffman nobody here any more we all hang out in slack, I'll resend your invite if you're inerested
11:29 AM
@LucasKauffman: a museum ;p
I don't think anyone even bothers with them any more
"Low-cost version of EN104 (no BNC support)" WHUT?
11:55 AM
@JourneymanGeek my hero
12:09 PM
@LucasKauffman: Outside security guys who can't get mirrored ports, not much demand for them
I think I have a ... ~15 year old one in a box somewhere ;p
@JourneymanGeek yea I need one of these to check traffic on an 802.1x enabled network
@LucasKauffman want me to resend your invite to slack ?
@Iain invite to slack :o?
@Iain what is this slack?
@Iain and yes invite me
resent check your gmail
12:44 PM
Q: question downvoting

drookieI'm kinda new to stackexchange, but I'm constantly seeing people downvoting questions. More than a half questions are downvoted right from the start. I personally think that asking a question requires courage, and every question deserves an answer, even the dull ones. Right now the engine does no...

1 hour later…
2:00 PM
What's this Slack everyone's on about?
2:11 PM
@Hyppy wow blast from the past
@Hyppy got an email address I can send an invite to ?
@Hyppy It's the new chat room everyone fled to. slack.com , if you're curious.
2:28 PM
Q: Canon printer does not print over the network at times

AzkerMWe've been having this printing issue for the last two months where the printer stops taking prints over the network at a certain point. Each and every time we need to reset the printer by powering it off and on to get it back online. Few canon technicians came and said that we may have a network...

@iain Sent you an email
@Hyppy it's in the post
2 hours later…
4:26 PM
Hi all. I'm a programmer but I am currently trying to get a network switch running and I am clearly doing something newbish and failing terribly. I literally cannot find the switches ip address to telnet into. It's an HP Procurve 2510 switch and i'm working on a mac (though I have a debian machine available as well). Almost all of the docs and guides I can find assume you've already telnetted into the switch.
4:44 PM
@BWStearns Plug into the serial port on the switch and get the IP.
1 hour later…
6:38 PM
room topic changed to The Comms Room: This room is NOT for 'Live Support', Please ask on the main site. Thank you! (no tags)
6:51 PM
Hi there. Does anyone know about brutusmail? I'm getting lots of helo from them on my mail server. Not enough to be worried, but enough to be curious as to what are they doing
They just connect, say helo, wait for me to reply and disconnect
Dec 3 15:51:59 mail postfix/smtpd[28697]: connect from stuart-case.brutusmail.com[]
Dec 3 15:51:59 mail postfix/smtpd[28697]: disconnect from stuart-case.brutusmail.com[]
Chris S has removed Iain from the list of this room's owners.‌​
Chris S has removed MDMarra from the list of this room's owners.‌​
7:34 PM
@ChrisS if nobody is going to hang out in this room then Live Support should be perfectly fine.
BTW, I removed that.
7:46 PM
@Zoredache I'd rather we keep encouraging folks to use the main site
(though with the dreck that gets asked lately that may just further drive our quality problems)
@ChrisS but why??
8:07 PM
@strugee that had been the standing rule for the the last ~4 years. I removed from the description last week because a) the room is empty b) I wanted to see what would happen.
I still want to encourage people to the main site, but I want to experiment.
@Zoredache What about "General Server Fault chat - Complex questions should be asked on the main site"?
:( no longer an owner
anyway - back to slack
8:49 PM
@Zoredache I'm hanging out in here when I can. I'm not much of a fan of Slack at the moment.
1. If administrators wanted to be bothered with problems simple enough to be fit into a chat message then they'd be trolling Super User.
2. Chat has a terrible signal to noise ratio, nothing here is likely to be of use to anyone in the future. The whole point of SE was to have neatly packaged USEFUL Answers and Questions. Allowing questions in chat fundamentally breaks that.
3. If the question is non-trivial (ie, #1 doesn't apply) then it's unlikely someone with subject matter expertise is in chat at the same time the question is asked.
2 hours later…
10:33 PM
Dang, guys. I've never seen the queues look so clean!
@KatherineVillyard New mods are always so enthusiastic :)
Did things get cleaned up before or after the election? Were people trying to pump their stats to make them look better on the election page?
They were cleaner than usual before the election - close votes around 50, rather than hovering near 100, but like voretaq7 said, new mods are so enthusiastic. Especially when one of them promised to slam crap shut with a vengeance. :)
10:57 PM
@Zoredache there's always a big cleanup during the candidacy/primary/election period
also traffic has tapered off a bit
Heh. Well, HopelessN00b, you're living up to your campaign promises!
@KatherineVillyard Well, I'm not a politician, so I can keep my campaign promises for at least a day or two.
11:27 PM
@HopelessN00b Too long!
TWSS? ;p
@Zoredache not a fan of live support over chat since that's HV bait.
@ShaneMadden Fine, fine. I'll go back to being a sleazy, lying promise-breaking politician tonight. I'll find a dumb, new user and be nice to him. Happy? :p
"How do I log in to my computer?" ;)
Or posting a question on chat to get attention. I'd rather people post the weird and bizarre.
@KatherineVillyard Actually, one of my most recent flags for comment rudeness was a user who asked MH in the comments how he could turn the computer on and off. I said he was the reason sysadmins drink... so yeah, I suppose I'd have to find a really bad question like that, and be nice to even it all out. :)
11:42 PM
Heh. I actually found myself missing the much hated (by me) "minimal understanding" close reason recently, but managed.
Ha, I knew that was an audit. :P
@KatherineVillyard I have copy-pasta-ed the old minimal understanding reason, and use it from time to time as a custom OT close. Sometimes there's just no other way.
Yeah, alas, I really hated that close reason, but sometimes it really did describe the problem.
@HopelessN00b Heh ;)

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