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12:54 AM
@doppelgreener Yes. Fitness one mod has marked himself inactive, but has RL stuff going on as well, the other is striking and I'm watching for egregious stuff and that's about it. Martial Arts is about the same, but traffic there is less than Elko on a Tuesday.
And also mods such as RoryAlsop. One person, but moderates I think 6 or 7 sites?
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2:04 AM
Q: Multiclassing - Extra Attacks and Sneak Attacks

Felipe AugustoSo, I'm playing a level 5 Fighter Battle Master. I'm thinking about multiclassing with Rogue, for the Sneak Attack. I'll use a rapier, since it has 1d8 damage and acuity. At level 5/1 (Fighter/Rogue) I want to do a combo like this (considering I hit every attack): Use my basic action to attack; ...

2:22 AM
@doppelgreener And that's significant
@JohnP I have been to Elko. :) Saw my first live rodeo there back in 1972
@V2Blast Thank you.
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3:47 AM
Q: Could you grapple a creature with the Thri-Kreen's Secondary Arms?

defmodThe secondary arms feature lists a bunch of things your secondary arms can do, but not what they can't. Does this mean that they can do and qualify for anything that requires a free hand or not? The secondary arms can manipulate an object, open or close a door or container, pick up or set down a...

Q: Scribe scroll 3.5

Drunken_GuyHow many uses does a scroll created by a player has? During random scroll generation, DM is called to roll a die that represents the uses the scroll has. Is it the same case for a player that scribes a scroll, or does the new scroll only have one use?

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8:47 AM
@doppelgreener that's very true and feels very deceitful when I see it written in articles
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12:47 PM
@AncientSwordRage I would assume ignorance or lack of insight rather than active deceit. Lazy reporting like when science news basically rewords the content of an abstract.
1:27 PM
@KorvinStarmast So... you tripled the population? :D
2:03 PM
posted on June 07, 2023 by Steph C.

If TTRPGkids has helped you out and you want to help support TTRPGkids in return, check out here for ways you can keep TTRPGkids rolling. Continue reading “Supporting TTRPGkids”…

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3:27 PM
Q: How many characters can ride a dinosaur?

Michael ShopsinTomb of Annihilation has a price list of tame dinosaurs, and there are regular dinosaurs races in Port Nyanzaru. There are multiple pieces of artwork in Tomb of Annihilation that include people riding dinosaurs. Assuming that the party arrives in Port Nyanzaru with all characters size medium (eg ...

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4:50 PM
@HotRPGQuestions Every time I see Tomb of Annihilation mentioned I am reminded of an ads I saw when 3e just came out for Tomb of Horrors that was presented as a cleaner tool to "kill of your players pests and start clean with 3e".
Every time I look for it to post it here for a good laugh. Every time I fail.
@SPArcheon Ha! F that module. More like turn D&D into a table flipping game. A friend's older brother ran it for us back in the AD&D days as a joke. Was not a funny surprise for us.
5:10 PM
@GcL I know, but the ads was quite funny in a wrong way because it was so clear that they knew how unplayable the module was
5:25 PM
I'm always a little annoyed that there's a module called Tomb of Horrors, with a prominent and iconic annihilation thingy (they warn you about it in the 5e PHB, no less!)...
and then there's a module called Tomb of Annihilation, which as far as I can tell is much less about annihilation and much more about horrors.
How am I supposed to not mix those up?! From random bits and bobs I've heard I think they might even both have liches! Or maybe that's just me mixing them up!
@SPArcheon I wish I had seen those ads before I got suckered into that stupid hill.
Dad's running a 5e dungeon right now for my brother and I in the style of 1e, since he remembers those days and we've only heard about it. Level 1, a bunch of CR ?? monsters, you know. Two TPKs yesterday, with a break to make more characters and dinner. "Harmless tomato traders" broke down and we got shot by satyrs, and then "pure stealth, never get spotted" broke down and we got shot by satyrs when my brother began beating the walls with a stick. Sigh.
@Phoenices In the style of 1e? You've got a dozen henchmen running around with 10' poles to soak the "save or die" that a lot of monster hit you with? Are wights literally the most feared monster in the game? Have you rolled a d20 off the table and then had a panic to find it because it was one of the only three d20's in a two mile radius? /S
I mean it's not like we have more than 2 d20s in the house and we wouldn't beg some off of someone else.......
@GcL the source had to be Inquest magazine (I bought some issues back then since they included a Magic cars price list that I used for reference)
5:31 PM
@Phoenices That's half the authentic experience right there! Sounds like you're nailing it.
We tried for henchmen, but the villagers seem not to want an inevitable death and the mushroom farmer at the entrance would probably kill us all for that. No wights, but unpopular villagers are being kidnapped, and sheep and trees are too. We fear weresheep more than wight at this point.
Can't find any scan anywhere not even on the web archive.
If we run out, I will continue proselytizing for "open Dante's Inferno, read a stanza, then mod20 the page number" until everyone else turns to online dice instead.
@Phoenices Wights in 2nd edition did irrevocable level drain on a failed save. Nobody liked them. Luckily once your cleric was level 7 they could just tell them to turn to dust. Turning undead was a useful thing at high levels because it turned the undead to dust.
@Phoenices The 3.5 experience was drowning in a bathtub of dice trying to cobble together a sufficient few thousand to actually resolve a combat.
5:50 PM
@GcL I mean, weresheep would be pretty bad too, I don't like the idea of getting permanent combat bonuses on a failed save.... wait a moment.
@Phoenices Lycanthropy is usually pretty game ending for a character. Either they get it solved, or they become an NPC as the curse eats away at their free will.
6:10 PM
@SPArcheon Found a reddit user that did a few scans of the first dozen issues or so: reddit comment Looks like the ToH ad might have been in issue #50 though.
Did find a few in the internet archive
7:03 PM
@SPArcheon It broke half my covid group. Stupidest decision we made to do it and to keep it going.

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