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1:24 AM
posted on March 23, 2023 by Steph C.

TTRPGkids is sponsoring a kid-friendly discord channel for virtual GaryCon! Come over to check out some fun panels and workshops, join some great games, and meet some amazing creators and storytellers! Continue reading “TTRPGkids is at Gary Con Ethereal!”…

10 hours later…
10:58 AM
Q: Does the damage from Hexblade's Curse apply to attacks from summons?

AndrendireThe description for Hexblade's Curse states the following: You gain a bonus to damage rolls against the cursed target. The bonus equals your proficiency bonus. Say that a Hexblade Warlock uses this ability, then commands a creature via any of the several Summon Aberration/Undead/Shadowspawn opt...

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12:10 PM
posted on March 23, 2023 by Steph C.

During Gary Con, Howie from TI'TAINS is giving out TTRPG accessibility resource kits at the in-person convention. Here, I'm posting a digital version of that kit as part of our team up so everyone can access it digitally as well. Continue reading “Digital version of TI’TAINS accessibility kits for Gary Con XV”…

2 hours later…
1:58 PM
Q: Does Irresistible Dance force me to use *all* my actions?

Kirt(Otto's) Irresistible Dance says: As an action, a dancing creature makes a Wisdom saving throw to regain control of itself. This is a strange phrasing, in that is does not specify whether one affected by the dance may use their action to make a save, or must use their action to make a save. Fo...

4 hours later…
6:01 PM
When @V2Blast enters the chat, you know there's someone who knows how to use a semicolon.
Does anyone here run hexcrawls in their games?
6:42 PM
Q: How should I deal with a player who often asks the dice for advice and acts randomly?

CrazyOmarRecently, my long-time friends and I started a new campaign (system is irrelevant). I'm one of the players. The player in question often suffers from My Guy Syndrome, tends to gravitate towards the Chaotic Neutral alignment and their characters can usually be compared to a comic relief character ...

2 hours later…
9:09 PM
Does anyone here know why 5e uses 5foot as the minimum distance granularity? Have the designers ever addressed this?
9:23 PM
Is it not compatability with playing on a (5ft) grid?
@Dave Grid size is a compromise between granularity and speed. I did a 1 ft hex grid vtt test a couple years ago. Did nor substantially change the game, but did make movement decisions more complicated (slower) and made targeting aoe more finicky (slower)
Also, hex grids are good for overland movement and a pain in the butt for combat.
@Someone_Evil did they give a reason to assign the grid cells 5'?
It's what the old editions used, I think is the answer for 5e (and down the rabbit hole you go)
AD&D 1e used 10' as the base for distances indoors; sometimes considered as subdivided into approx. 3' squares for detailed (medium) character placement when using miniatures.
9:43 PM
Q: Can bombs gain weapon runes?

matszwecjaBombs are classified as martial thrown weapons. Neither the fundamental nor property runes state that the weapon cannot be consumable. Is there anything stopping me from getting Thrower's Bandolier, loading it out with 20 bombs each day and having them gain benefits of all the runes applied to th...

2 hours later…
11:20 PM
@GcL Only if the objective is the holy semicolon. 🤣 (Given how many half assed games I've been involved in, the semi colon quest isn't hard to complete)
@Dave Not understanding why this matters.
@Someone_Evil Nope. In old editions 1" = 10'

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