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1:17 AM
posted on March 22, 2023 by Steph C.

Over a full year ago, I reviewed Mages & Macrophages by Ampersand RPG and had a blast playing it with my kid! Now, they're back with more adventures to share with Snakes & Sarcophagi, Oobleck & Octopodes, mini adventures, and more! Continue reading “Featured Project: Ampersand RPG’s full game line up!”…

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3:26 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Few unique characters in answer (88): How can a DM communicate to the players that subtlety is needed in a mystery adventure?‭ by Ap'' Ap'' Ap'' Ap'' Ap'' Ap''‭ on rpg.SE (@Rubiksmoose @ThomasMarkov @linksassin @AncientSwordRage @Akixkisu)
3:43 AM
I'd recommend self-answering, as now you've (apparently) tried a solution and reached a satisfactory conclusion. That puts you in a good position to respond to past-you's situation. To acknowledge the help of others, I'd suggest adding explicit references to their answers in your own.
Be sure to add content on top of their answers or yours will be received poorly as a duplicate answer. Talk about what worked and what didn't, including tangential stuff like how the party received it or any real life social hiccups involved.
3:57 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Few unique characters in answer, blacklisted user (158): Dealing with 2 Immature Players Who Detract from the Experiences of Others‭ by Ap'' Ap'' Ap'' Ap'' Ap'' Ap''‭ on rpg.SE (@Rubiksmoose @ThomasMarkov @linksassin @AncientSwordRage @Akixkisu)
4:14 AM
TIL there is a @trogdor boardgame
that's a blast from the past XD
4:33 AM
Trogdor doesn't lose, he RAGE QUITS!
5:16 AM
Q: How is the Precision edge shared?

RuseA few ranger feats share the hunter's edge benefits, namely Animal Companion and Warden's Boon (and the feats that require it): Ranger: When you Hunt Prey, your animal companion gains the action's benefits and your hunter's edge benefit if you have one. By pointing out vulnerabilities, you gra...

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7:57 AM
@JoelHarmon Thanks for the advices!
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11:43 AM
Q: Does Limited Magic Immunity protect against a Wand of Fear's command effect?

DamascusThe monster to potentially be targeted with a Wand of Fear, has the Limited Magic Immunity feature, which reads as follows: Limited Magic Immunity. Unless it wishes to be affected, this creature is immune to spells of 6th level or lower. It has advantage on saving throws against all other spells...

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3:08 PM
This post has a lot of good information on it (no surprise to see @ThomasMarkov there), but I feel like it's missing something. I can't quite place what and I'm not sure I've got anything substantially different to present. Really, I just wish I'd seen it when it was posted and might have been able to move from there.
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4:29 PM
@goodguy5 what post?
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8:18 PM
@ThomasMarkov classic "please see attached" <no atachment>
Q: Is there a RAW or optional rule for how a player could discover what type of skill check needs to be made?

PapaWuwuI have a specific example, but while I was thinking of how to do it, I had this realization. I, as a DM, always tell my players what checks to make for every interaction, usually resulting in a conversation like this: Player: "I want to follow the tracks." Me (DM): "Okay, give me a survival check."...

8:45 PM
Q: What are the consequences of using 1 meter in place of 5 feet?

JasmijnMost distances in 5e, especially in combat are multiples of 5 feet. Similar to to the person who asked How do you deal with non-metric based systems?, I live in Europe and US customary units are unfamiliar. Contrary to some of the answers given to that question, I would like to simply treat 5 fee...

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