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12:38 AM
@Adeptus That makes me happy. :)
1:38 AM
posted on March 21, 2023 by Steph C.

This guide is for providing tips for making TTRPG game elements, particularly the TI'TAINS card holders but with application to other pieces, more accessible for players with visual impairment or low vision. Continue reading “Game piece accessibility guide for players with visual impairment and low vision”…

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4:44 AM
Q: How Is Damage Determined For Sunlight Hypersensitivity?

O-Castitatis-LiliumSo, as the title states, I'm curious about how the damage is determined with sunlight Hypersensitivity. I was looking through the monster manuals of DnD 5E and I came across a total of 4 monsters that have this: the Vampire, Vampire Spawn, the Bodak, and Vampiric Mist. With the Vampire and the Va...

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9:54 AM
Q: Can the Paper Bird magic item from Waterdeep: Dragon Heist be re-used by the reciever?

Josh CooperSo I looked at the magic item description and the page for it on the Forgotten Realms wiki, and nothing in either location says that the magic in it is explicitly used up and can't be used again. So could you theoretically receive a message from a Paper Bird, read it, write something else on it, ...

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12:11 PM
Hello everyone! I am here for some advice regardin a question of mine. In this evening session we are going to resolve the situation depicted in Backtracking from multiclassing with consequences.
I treasured all the answers (thanks to all the users that opened my eyes and made me see that I was going to be quite severe) and came up with a (possible) solution
Now I am puzzled with resolving my post, because I would like to put an answer depicting what we have done and how it turned out
Since there are several good answers that pointed me in the right direction, I can accept one of the them (the most useful to me) and maybe put bounties some of the others
or I can accept my answer and put bounties on the others one that I found useful: but in this case I feel to "steal" from other users
12:40 PM
How does bountying multiple answers work? Can you have multiple bounties going at the same time or would you be waiting on one to expire before you put points on the rest?
@Glazius only one after another, and the bounties need to get higher.
regardless, even 50 points is more than a checkmark's worth and I wouldn't mind getting that for a question that's already dropped off the front page
@Trish exaclty, one after the other
@Glazius I am not considering reputation point, but I would like to recognize the help provided, because there are some useful hints
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4:19 PM
posted on March 21, 2023 by The Twenty Sided Newsletter

Making, Playing, and Celebrating Solo TTRPGs

4:46 PM
Q: Do casters become experts with Class DC?

AndrásSome things, like weapon critical effects, reference your class DC, but most casters do not list a class DC progression. It would however be interesting for example for a Magus using Arcane Fists, as a critical hit with a brawling weapon calls for Fort save against your class DC to avoid slowed 1...

5:07 PM
posted on March 21, 2023 by Steph C.

Enjoy your own in-game convention as you attend IRL gaming conventions with this fun and meta set of prompts based on TTRPG gatherings! Continue reading “Wall-to-Wall Adventures: The Great Wizard Summit”…

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6:30 PM
Q: What game elements use class DC only?

AndrásWhile writing this question, I tried to find some things beside weapon criticals that list class DC only, but no spell DCs. Archetypes typically use both (Mind Smith): You concentrate and unleash a 15-foot cone that deals 3d6 mental damage to all creatures in the area, with a basic Will save aga...

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