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12:14 AM
Q: Does a creature retain the benefits of equipment while affected by the Gaseous Form spell?

AndrendireThe gaseous form spell's description has the following relevant text: You transform a willing creature you touch, along with everything it's wearing and carrying, into a misty cloud for the duration. [...] [...] While in the form of a misty cloud, the target can't talk or manipulate objects, and...

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1:52 AM
Q: If I cast the Awaken spell on an animal (or tree) and then swap it out to prepare a different spell, do the effects of Awaken continue?

AndyAwaken is a pretty cool spell. As a 9th-level druid, can I cast awaken to get a cool animal or plant friend, and then swap out the spell for some other 5th-level spell while keeping my cool animal or plant friend? Or do the effects of Awaken end when you swap out the spell? I am assuming the effe...

2:08 AM
@KorvinStarmast I had notebooks full of deck-plans, I'll admit. D&D in space, plenty of psionics, what's not to like? =D
2:52 AM
Upcoming Kickstarter: LATAM Breakout by SoulMuppet Publishing. Five new games from emerging creators in Latin America, brought to print with help from SoulMuppet Publishing
hanbandit writes on twitter about a tongue-in-cheek-but-also-not starting point for solving problems in ttrpg design.
Kickstarter: Slayers Almanac by Spencer Campbell. A setting book of maps and districts for the Slayers RPG. Written in collaboration with designers from across the indie RPG scene.
Kickstarter: Our Haunt by Jamila R. Nedjadi. A creepy-cozy TTRPG about a found family of ghosts and their haunted home.
v2 now public for WE WAIL by Secession Cycles. A rules-light RPG that fits on 3 business cards, inspired by They Live and WandaVision. For 1 or more players.
Cartwheels asks on twitter "Anyone know wherefrom "hack" entered TTRPG lingo?"
Grant Howitt shared on twitter a game to play instead of waiting for the recently-announced space cowboy franchise RPG.
__thoughtpolice asks on twitter for "TTRPG gamebook or prompt module suggestions for #TTRPGfamily like ODMtA who are nostalgic for CYOA"
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8:36 AM
PercyPropa wrote a twitter thread of "all the TTRPGs I can find that are Itchfunding"
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10:06 AM
@BESW is there a name for this sort of RPG? "You have two (thematic) stats, roll under the appropriate skill check."?
Memetically, it's "You Have Two Stats."
@BESW that seems to track
It is, of course, difficult to track down the original iteration of the mechanic.
But Trollbabe and All Outta Bubblegum are the codifiers, and it's commonly held that Trollbabe is the originator.
Lasers & Feelings is probably the ancestor of most modern implementations.
(In particular, Lasers & Feelings solidified the idea that the game's name or descriptor is simply the two stats; eg SPACE COWBOY)
(I defied this trend, of course, with Goblin Court. Because "you have two stats, GOBLIN and COURT," would be a very very different kind of game.)
(Although, one I'd probably enjoy playing.)
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11:39 AM
Q: Path of the Beast: Can I shove then make the bonus claw attack?

VylixOne of Path of the Beast feature is: Each of your hands transforms into a claw, which you can use as a weapon if it’s empty. It deals 1d6 slashing damage on a hit. Once on each of your turns when you attack with a claw using the Attack action, you can make one additional claw attack as part of t...

@BESW lol
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1:22 PM
@BESW that sounds like an amusing hack
Oh yes. I don't think I'd be comfortable writing it, though, especially not for distribution beyond my own table.
1:55 PM
@nitsua60 Hmm, did your 2e Spell jamming include Orcs in Space before Warhammer40k?
2:26 PM
@ThomasMarkov If D&D Beyond is missing text, do you just... open a thread about it?
I thought they had a mega thread for it?
What text is missing?
A piece of errata about cantrips using total level and not class level
Where in particular?
It seems to be in the MC section of the PHB compendium
The multiclassing rules do not include "If a cantrip of yours increases in power at higher levels, the increase is based on your character level, not your level in a particular class."
I'm not sure the BR version receives all errata does it? Though it probably should
WotC's dist of the basic rules doesn't seem to have been updated since nov 2018
2:37 PM
@Someone_Evil I checked several other instances, they were all updated with errata
Also worth noting that the Beyond "Basic Rules" are different from the WotC Basic Rules
But it could be that cantrips are a more recent errata, hmmmm
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5:22 PM
Q: How do I use Tattoo Artist?

Emanuel OsterThe Tattoo Artist feat from Secrets of Magic (https://2e.aonprd.com/Feats.aspx?ID=2962) reads: When you select this feat, you gain the formulas for four common magical tattoos of 2nd level or lower Following this, some tattoos are presented to the reader. Not a single one of them meets the abov...

Q: How can a PC use the Tarokka Deck in Curse of Strahd?

MołotI'm playing this module, so please, please keep answers spoiler free! I just obtained an official Curse of Strahd Tarokka Deck. My character just obtained one tarokka deck as well. My character has Augury prepared and of course wants to use the deck as spell-casting focus for that spell. But are ...

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9:11 PM
@Someone_Evil I am going to guess that we are losing our beloved Moose from the mod team. (Are you allowed to answer that?)
@KorvinStarmast We're not

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