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12:39 AM
…I did not expect my “misunderstood dragon” metaphor to get starred.
12:51 AM
@BESW it was a good metaphor
The star, itself, is also a metaphor.
@nitsua60 oooh meta
1:35 AM
Hi Slate
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2:36 AM
Misha Panarin wrote a twitter thread arguing "that "puzzles" have absolutely ZERO business being in fantasy RPGs/Dungeon Crawlers."
Kickstarter: Avatar Legends: The Roleplaying Game by Magpie Games. An officially licensed tabletop roleplaying game set in the world of Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra
What Waits Beneath by Nevyn Holmes. A journaling game of underwater discovery
Bundle: NBiTTRPG Month: Disabled Designers by Ell and 7 others. This is the first of four bundles being run by Nonbinary TTRPG Month! This bundle includes 6 games by 6 designers who are nonbinary and disabled and a PDF with creator bios.
Gabe Hicks asks on twitter Do people want more solo rpg / journaling games they can do in a digital medium? Like if Roll20 had some solo journaling games with built in macros for rolling and everything?
Jennifer Kretchmer shared on twitter "The Disabled Professionals in Tabletop Directory submission form."
kiive_kobs wrote a twitter thread about how Pathfinder handles classic "monstrous" races.
Colostle - A Solo RPG Adventure. An exciting solo RPG where you explore a castle so huge it has mountains, valleys and oceans within its rooms!
"Bioessentialism in Gaming," a YouTube video essay by LegalKimchi.
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3:58 AM
So, I actually just had this come into play. I ruled that the enemy was reduced to 1 hp. Their original HP max was like 160 and they had taken ~90 damage.

bump up their exhaustion to level 4 (thanks, sickening radiance) and now their hit point maximum is reduced.

That said, I count damage up, not health down, for bad guys. Anyway, felt good for everyone at the table.
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6:37 AM
Q: Can I use the Acrobatic Performer feat to Earn Income using the Acrobatics skill?

AndrásCan I use the Acrobatic Performer feat to Earn Income using the Acrobatics skill? The description of the Acrobatic Performer feat says (emphasis mine): You're an incredible acrobat, evoking wonder and enrapturing audiences with your prowess. It's almost a performance! You can roll an Acrobatics ...

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10:10 AM
@HotRPGQuestions this seems overly complicated... is that typical of P2E?
10:44 AM
@BESW 1) I love this person, 2) referencing both ERBOH and Hamilton (I suspect) was a pleasant surprise
There's definitely some extended Hamilton bits.
I haven't seen it, but it looks amazing
I am legitimately baffled by "it's just fiction/orcs aren't real" arguments because it implies the person... thinks stories aren't influential? Creating fiction to understand/explain/question reality is one of the most fundamental human qualities, and yet people who have chosen to make a hobby of using codified structures to tell stories are saying that stories are, or should be, completely disassociated from reality?
I dunno, it's one of those "Is it more generous to assume you're saying this in bad faith?" things.
Anyway, here's a couple more links.
Knights of The Braille are sharing contact info on twitter for requests to beta test an Accessible Version of the Avrae Bot Compatible Character Sheet for D&D on Discord.
BasiliskOnline is asking on twitter Hey #ttrpg game designers have you made your own system? Id love too see your original system games here for me to boost and check out!
@BESW people/groups in power are seldom negatively effected by fiction, and I can see them being blind to it
Kickstarter: Fedora Noir by Caroline Hobbs. A story game about a Detective and their Hat.
The Tower & The Garden RPG by forkfrenzy. A cybermetal tabletop roleplaying game.
@AncientSwordRage I keep flashing to that blinkered, incurious "documentary" show on Netflix about Reagan-era toy advertisements shows, and how they interviewed men older than me who said that the "life lessons" at the end of the episodes of shows like He-Man were their only moral touchstones as children.
11:02 AM
@BESW wow
The "documentary," of course, with its overall "your dedication to childhood nostalgia is not just okay but morally righteous" message, thinks this is awesome.
> "The idea that you could transform and that you could become something that's successful or powerful stuck with me into adulthood."
I will admit I got a lot of my early moral views from TMNT and X-Men
but that's both different and not the only input to my upbringing
@BESW Plenty of people do not consume (or create!) fiction with any conscious awareness that they might be commenting on reality - they just want to hear/tell "a fun/sad/terrifying/... story". That there's lots of ways in which their perception of reality influences the stories they want to hear/tell is really something they have to learn, and I assume you weren't born with that understanding, either.
There's a pernicious way in which school contributes to this idea - the boring stuff they have to read in school has "meaning" and needs to be "interpreted" and since they don't need to write essays on the meaning of the fun stuff they watch on their own they start believing looking for deeper meaning in stories is for teachers and nerds.
11:16 AM
@AncientSwordRage I think the "not the only input" is pretty crucial, yeah. But to walk into a conversation about the relationship between story and humanity, and insist that the idea there is such a relationship is a false premise... at the very least belies a tragically incurious attitude.
(Screenshot and quote above are from the Netflix show "The Toys That Made Us," which is an excellent study in using the forms of a documentary to dignify a jaw-dropping credulity.)
@BESW well also the old men who worked on the toys and the shows and were all acting worse than the expected immaturity of children and adolescents
which no one,... seemed to be interrogating at all
With the material they had from those interviews, gosh but they could've put together a much more interesting, informative, and compelling series if they'd actually done some critical thinking and independent research and put the creators' accounts in context.
Big missed opportunity.
11:51 AM
the most surreal thing was that at no point did you have anyone taking advantage of the ridiculous gold they had on camera
if I had to hazard a guess they wanted to draw a big feel good bucket from the nostalgia well, and didn't care it dredged up a lump of sludge with it
Yeah, it's very much about validating the viewers whose identity is tied to the products of Reagan-era child-targeted advertising franchises.
Q: What check determines if a whip successfully latches onto a tree branch?

Sam LacrumbIf a PC wants to use his whip to wrap around a tree branch and then swing on it, like Indiana Jones, what check would that require? Would it require an attack roll?

It's in the title; "The Toys That Made Us" is not a critical statement, it's an affirmative one. The "us" reassures the viewer that the documentary is an ally, and the premise is that yes, toys really are a defining quality of the viewer's identity.
@HotRPGQuestions Check: Would this be cool? Yes go ahead
12:07 PM
@BESW I know, it's just it feels like a wasted opportunity
Absolutely, yes.
12:19 PM
I've been actively involved in Stack Exchange for 10 years and a mod for 6. Never have I been more frustrated and confused by a community as I have been here. The effect is simple: I will simply no longer be posting here any longer. This is insane.
@schroeder Are you referring to your answer about the sizes?
I found the comments to be rather off putting, and I didn't write the answer
Danger of mnemonic devices: I had forgotten this French phrase but I can still remember the mnemonic device I had used to recall it. Honi soit qui mal y pense - years ago, on a show called "my word" a witty British guy told a shaggy dog story that included a play on words, about taking two sisters to a movie - on who liked to hit him on the arm during funny scenes, and one who breathed heavily. The punchline was Bonnie's whacky Molly pants
@schroeder What going on? Not sure if I can help, but what is the community doing?
It took me a bunch of googling, finally digging out the original phrase.
@NautArch being nags in comments, it appears to me, and not showing an experience based answer the respect I think it deserves - not sure if that's all that schroeder is frustrated with.
Or maybe the above close/open discussion is a key to the frustration
12:34 PM
@KorvinStarmast Seems like a good subjective answer, upvoted.
@ThomasMarkov As did I.
If @schroeder is still around, I'm happy to chat. I'm a bit confused at their answer given my experience and OP's statement of not using published adventures, but I don't think the comments are really relevant to their answer.
I've had some of my experienced based answers downvoted as well.
It's not the one question.
What do we do when someone deletes am answer and then submits a new answer that is very similar?
I have been a mod at Sec.Se for 6 years. I manage 214k users, basically alone (I'm the only active mod). On a regular basis, I deal with:

- students who post homework questions verbatim hoping we'll just dump an answer for them
- non-technical users who are sure some hacker has "done something" but who just don't know how tech works
- legitimate mental health patients who are certain that their neighbours are using alien technology to break into their computers so that they can use a megaphone to shout out personal details in the middle of the night (oh so many of these)
12:43 PM
@NautArch I don’t know tbh.
@schroeder what exactly is frustrating to you?
@schroeder Looking at the post I think is the issue, my best bet is that some users think the question is unclear and shouldn't be answered yet
Or there's a breach in the logic somewhere, but I would have expected that to be pointed out in a comment
Although many do not like pointing those out to avoid arguments in comments.
Though some users will opt to not point out a flaw if they can't think of a good way of doing it (it tends to start non-productive comment threads), and are explicitly allowed (and on some level encouraged) to do so
Unexplained downvotes are just part of the game, happens to all of us.
@Akixkisu Good edit on that sandbox question, but how did you even find it?
@ThomasMarkov looking through schroeder's answers to see what frustrates them.
12:57 PM
Q: Can we require comments on downvotes?

IsziPerhaps I'm the only one noticing this, but I've seen several Questions and Answers around here that have been downvoted for no apparent reason. What's worse, is that no reason for the downvote is given - there's either no comments at all on the item, or there are no negative comments to address...

But that doesn't detract from your experience @schroeder. But I think you can see there are active users here who would like to help if you'd like us to.
I did not know your downvotes were rate limited when you hit a certain up:down ratio.
I'm surprised @GcL is even allowed to downvote anymore :P :P
I'm getting vastly different guidance for what is acceptable here and how to answer. I answer one way and I get slapped. I answer another, and I get slapped.
I try another way, and I get downvotes without any guidance. I know downvotes are part of the game, and I know that I don't poop rainbows, but I'm trying to offer help in whatever model the community wants.
But I have no idea what that model is
Q: What are the citation expectations of answers on RPG Stack Exchange?

doppelgreenerAs a Stack Exchange site, answers on RPG.SE are expected to be cited and backed up, but what the expectations are exactly can be hard to find. What are the citation expectations of answers on here? What are the expectations for Objective answers? What are the expectations for Subjective answer...

I try to consistently apply the guidance here in my own answers and in evaluating other answers.
^ The above is our general guidance that we try to hold as a measuring stick.
That said, I know of some users who have wildly different interpretations of what is consistent with that guidance and what isn’t, so your mileage may vary; but I try to assume that everyone is trying to apply that guidance in good faith, even when they came away with an understanding of it that makes no sense to me.
1:06 PM
I have also never seen a community downvote so quickly and in such volume. It's like there is no model for voting either.
@schroeder yeah I’ve never heard of a model of voting, so I guess your got us there. I’ve just assumed everyone voted however they wanted and I’ve always been okay with that.
Yeah, downvotes come from anywhere : "I don't agree, I don't like the logic, I don't like the tone, we shouldn't be answering yet, etc."
@schroeder Which is mighty frustrating.
Sometimes, the only thing you can do is look at the other answers to see what people did upvote to see where you may have gone awry.
On an answer with active close votes, if every answer has a bunch of downvotes, it’s almost certainly because users think it shouldn’t be answered yet.
1:21 PM
@NautArch understandable. The consequence is that without compensating upvotes or any reinforcement, all the user gets is negative feedback
Here's my up/down vote ratio here:
--- 2014/2015 ---
--- Since Jul 28 2021 ---
There is a shift in the reasons for downvotes. And the community can guide a change in that. The tooltip says "not helpful". that's a great place to start.
@schroeder I don't think I've ever voted to compensate for downvotes.
That's not what i meant -
don't vote to compensate for downvotes
My apologies for misunderstanding
As a user, if all I get is downvotes for reasons that end up being BS, what I receive is negative feedback and little reason to continue
@schroeder That's understandable, but what you think is BS is a good reason for someone else. I definitely don't agree with everyone downvote or upvote I see here - and that's something we generally deal with.
But if you see a downvote as BS without seeing why, then that also suggests a comment discussion may not be fruitful.
But I admit I may be making an assumption with the above and am totally wiling to retract that :)
1:28 PM
@ThomasMarkov (jumping back as I somehow blanked on this message originally) I'm not sure that's something to really worry about. If it's a good edit it should be approved. It's not that we're strongly dependent on the review queue to reopen questions, is it? Just a thought for future
@Someone_Evil shouldn’t be an issue soon enough anyway with the queue updates.
@NautArch Deal with it as appropriate? If we catch it fast enough (and a custom flag is probably appropriate) deleting and undeleting the original is generally worth it, but if it has - say accumulated the same votes and/or comments - I don't think it warrants more than asking them nicely to not do so again in future
@Someone_Evil I didn't know what was appropriate :)
@ThomasMarkov Right, when that comes thought we'll have to look at it again depending on what kind of tooling we get to override the Major revision label
@NautArch It's a bit of a case by case thing. We don't want that done because it means re-expending community effort, but if that's already been expended the cure is worse than the issue
@ThomasMarkov (and the other thing I wanted to jump back to) If there are comments to be cleared out, we much appreciate getting flags to that effect
And I also think there's something more to discuss around changing from dupe to other close reasons (which don't think has been much).
There's certainly the more normal case where changing from say Too Broad to Need Details isn't worth the effort, but dupe closures are different
@Someone_Evil it was a dupe based on my understanding of the question.
But apparently not enough people think it even needs clarifications since it’s stil open and receiving answers.
1:42 PM
Welp, time to re-tool another answer of mine: rpg.stackexchange.com/a/139806/50702
Especially if there's a gold badge involved, because I don't think we should use those to get unilateral close votes for non-dupe reasons
@Someone_Evil like I said, I thought it was a dupe, to me the “needs details” bit was “needs details to clarify that it isn’t a dupe”.
@ThomasMarkov Yeah, the cases of "it's not clear what it's asking and thus whether it's a dupe" (which I suppose is what we're really talking about here) are awkward from that PoV
Idk. I don’t really see that anything irregular happened here. I hammered it, someone unhammered it, and now it’s one vote away from being closed for details after receiving three poorly received answers.
@ThomasMarkov Ah, so a confusion of terms then? This is (one of) the danger(s) of brevity
1:46 PM
@Someone_Evil that is what I landed on as well. I had an initial intuitive notion about adding a comment about not proposing the edit due to the implications of missing out on the editing queue if the querent comes back to edit it, but I think we catch those. Our community isn't too active to warrant rejecting a good edit to potentially prevent a necessary edit from going unnoticed.
That one was irregular.
3 gold badge open close cycles.
Yup, I don't think there's anything that's awry with close votes here, but maybe a step in the discussion around it to keep concerns in the clear, which is important to handle things as they get messy
And dupes sometimes get messy :(
Does this have any implications for our answers here, or have we been consistent on this (from the SAC):

When you use two-weapon fighting, can you draw and throw two weapons on your turn?

You can throw two weapons with two-weapon fighting, but that rule doesn’t give you the ability to draw two weapons for free.

On your turn, you can interact with one object for free, either during your move or during an action. One of the most common object interactions is drawing or stowing a weapon. Interacting with a second object on the same turn requires an action. You need a feature like the Dual W
Isn't drawing a weapon explicitly part of making an attack?
@Someone_Evil not according to this. They're saying it's part of the "use an object" step
1:55 PM
But I say that as someone who doesn't touch object interactions more than necessary
@Someone_Evil once
@schroeder I think this is more broadly about expectation shifts, a transition from a less to a more rigorous community regarding expectations.
@ThomasMarkov Yeah, it is actually listed as the first example of the free interaction per turn
I'd probably allow that anyway, it's not like throwing needs object interactions to hold it back
@Someone_Evil I’ve always let thrown weapons just be “ready” without needing an object interaction.
Similar to loading bows or crossbows.
Loading those is explicitly part of doing an attack, no?
2:03 PM
@Someone_Evil technically yeah.
But I’ve never said to myself “wow these thrown weapon specialists are getting out of hand, better make them respect the action economy of using objects”.
But when people start dropping swords and whipping out two hand swords or cross bows, I make them respect the action economy.
I've ruled both ways and it hardly makes a difference in most situations, unless someone clearly tries to game the system.
But in AL play I always ruled that thrown weapons cost an object interaction if you need to draw them.
@Akixkisu same. First time a player tried the dropping your weapon dance he got his sword stolen.
"I drop my sword and pull out my heavy crossbow"
"Okay, on his turn, the hobgoblin uses his object interaction to pick up your sword and run away."
@ThomasMarkov "not only is that bad for your sword, it's now been picked up by your enemy while you reload!"
"I get an opportunity attack"
"Not with your heavy crossbow you dont. What do you do? Kick him?"
@ThomasMarkov lol good luck with that
2:11 PM
@ThomasMarkov Hit them with the crossbow?
"I guess? Rolls Natural 19"
"You do 1 damage."
you can't attempt to grapple with your reaction, can you?
"He uses his action to Dash".
@G.Moylan Requires the attack action if im remembering right.
@G.Moylan "you can use the Attack action to make a special melee attack, a grapple."
@ThomasMarkov I figure it would, otherwise I feel like people would do that more
@ThomasMarkov ah nice
Anyway, that hobgoblin ran away and the guy had to buy a new sword.
2:18 PM
Some people spend their money on bribes and donations, others buy many swords
Or javelins, mostly javelins.
Ive never played with a DM that was big on gold and magic item economy
So when I have had lots of gold, I always spend it on rabble rousing in towns.
I've done some very involved spreadsheet gaming.
I like buying magic items, but only if it is an involved process.
@Akixkisu That's where you gamify bedmaking, right?
@BESW Yes, and don't forget about the long discussion about how to tuck different layers of cloth on top of bulky objects without over encumbering the expedition's sledge.
Party got hired as mercs to fight in a war between two small kingdoms. The enemy kingdom had a smallish town that was an important trade junction. Party goes to the town, and I'm not doing anything else with my money so I pay off all the bars and taverns in town to serve free drinks to the townspeople. Like, I dropped 5000 gold on this town for free drinks. Word quickly spread that there were free drinks everywhere.
The DM immediately regretted letting me spend 3000 gp on fireworks after the last dungeon, because 3000 gp in fireworks in the hands of an entire drunk town is a great way to get the enemy to burn down their own trading town.
Explaining this to the king that hired us was fun too.
"I heard Karstadt was burned to the ground, but our spies tell me we are not suspect. How did you do it?"
"I spent the advance you gave us for the job on alcohol for the entire town and they took care of it themselves."
Unfortunately @NautArch gives us no gold, so I havent had an opportunity to do it in his game.
2:38 PM
The last three are the same meaning at least, no?
I have no idea, every position is a coherent sentence.
Can someone please fix the bug where I miss out words please?
@Someone_Evil Probably, but they can technically be interpreted differently maybe?
@ThomasMarkov that apparently shows great foresight ;)
@Someone_Evil "...she kills only Goblins" and "...she kills Goblins only" are syntactically almost identical and both are most likely to mean that she kills no creatures except Goblins, but "...she only kills Goblins" could, depending on context, mean that the only thing she does with Goblins is kill them (and not be saying anything about whether she kills any other kinds of creatures).
2:42 PM
@BESW Or if she does anything else at all with her life, or if she only kills goblins.
English, it's contextual!
(I mean, all communication is contextual but English specializes in contextual ambiguity to a remarkable degree. Though I'm told that Rumi makes excellent use of Farsi gender markers to create levels of ambiguity which English could never dream of in that particular subject.)
On a completely unrelated note, it is markedly frustrating that I have the urge to eat a little bit of a fermenting food which is always in conflict with my desire to prevent contamination.
I should build something like a vacuum portion press.
@Akixkisu oooooooh yeah be careful with that.
I cannot understate my disappointment in the revelation that "But why?" is too short for a comment.
@ThomasMarkov can you trick it with whitespace?
@G.Moylan probably, but the user deleted their answer before I could post my expanded comment.
2:53 PM
What's happending here?
Pretty sure that check runs after trimming, and you should generally express that with more clarity towards what you're missing in the post (and why it would be good to have it there)
@ArRakin Howdy Howdy
@ArRakin This is the general chat room for RPG.SE. All manner of things happen here :)
@ThomasMarkov :)
Yesterday we had a rousing discussion about categorization systems.
3:10 PM
@ArRakin Hey hey! Have you used chat before? (If not, here is an FAQ to help get you started.)
@schroeder I've always assumed that any post of mine that doesn't have at least one downvote just isn't being read. So... congratulations on getting eyeballs =)
(On a more serious note, those are really small numbers on which to base a claim that there's a big shift in voting patterns on a Stack.)
3:27 PM
@ArRakin ::waves::
Q: Can I use the Acrobatic Performer feat to gain panache using the Acrobatics skill?

AndrásSwashbucklers with the Battledancer style can gain panache by: You gain panache during an encounter when the result of your Performance check to Perform exceeds the Will DC of an observing foe, even if the foe isn't fascinated. Can I replace Perform with Acrobatics in this case, if I have the A...

1 hour later…
4:43 PM
@G.Moylan I'm pretty sure our answers consistently and correctly apply that rule
The fact that drawing a weapon requires your object interaction, I mean
Q: Can you throw more than one weapon per turn?

EricHow do thrown weapons interact with the Extra Attack feature? Can you throw more than one weapon per turn? How about two-weapon fighting? Do you need the Dual-Wielder feat to throw two weapons every turn?

Though there is this answer talking about how absurd and legalistic that all is
But note that ruling where drawing thrown weapons is easier makes the Thrown Weapon Fighting Style significantly worse as one of its benefits is this: "You can draw a weapon that has the thrown property as part of the attack you make with the weapon. "
Yeah, I think its clear from the rules that drawing a thrown weapon is supposed to use an object interact, but I've DM'd for a ninja star throwing monk and it isn't a big deal to just let them have at it.
Yeah, at my tables weapons have a lot of extra properties and you can draw a weapon with every attack you make
5:12 PM
@schroeder what strikes me as odd about this is that you are experiencing the "frustrating new user experience" despite being a stack and RPGSE veteran.
Q: What are the advantages and disadvantages of allowing a player to play a large creature in D&D 5e?

DeepsMy group is interested in playing a campaign in the Theros setting with PCs being a bunch of mythological creatures. The Minotaur and Centaur playable races have the size set as medium for player characters but both I and my players feel that it would be more fun and interesting to have them be l...

@KorvinStarmast Given how much the Q&A culture has changed (based on my current experience and reading of Q&A circa 2015) I wouldn't find it at all surprising if theyve had a "new user-esque" experience.
Apart from a single question asked in 2018, the last week and a half or so appears to be Schroeder's first Q&A engagement since 2015.
@ThomasMarkov There no limit for down voting chat messages.
That said, being a seasoned veteran of another stack, @schroeder you are in a unique position to offer us valuable insight into the "new user experience", as new users that do get frustrated and leave arent around to give feedback on what was frustrating.
@ThomasMarkov Go away for a month, come back, and get a fresh disappointment. Alternatively, you can stick around and get the veteran user dissapointement experiences. /S
5:27 PM
"Go away" - does not compute
eyes consecutive days counter nervously
@GcL Ok, I laughed. stick around and get the veteran user dissapointment experiences
5:42 PM
Can you embed youtube videos on rpg.se?
Ive seen it done on music.se
@ThomasMarkov Hopefully not.
@GcL +1 vote on hopefully not.
Yeah it's not
On music.se pasting a link automatically imbeds the video into a player on-site. Doesnt work here.
@ThomasMarkov Well, I'll add that to the stack of good news for the week.
A: Which sites have YouTube embedding on?

StevoisiakI've put together an incomplete list of sites based on manual testing and site-specific research. (Essentially, searching posts from every site and running tests when necessary) The majority of the hyperlinks below point to relevant meta discussions about whether YouTube embedding should or shoul...

5:47 PM
Some stacks get special little features if there's a sufficient need (eg. MathJax)
A: What site-specific post formatting settings are available?

GlorfindelCertain Stack Exchange sites have specialized support for non-standard types of post formatting. Balsamiq Mockups: Displays mockups for user interfaces User Experience Card renderer: Displays card hands Poker Chess Replayer: Display chess positions and games Chess CircuitLab schematics:...

bobble got them links
6:15 PM
@KorvinStarmast It was jarring for me as well.
argh. One of my pieces of scuba equipment is too old to be serviced :(
@NautArch Never did get into scuba. I did a lot of free diving as a teenager though
My friend's dad is a commercial fisherman, a couple times a summer he would take us grouper hunting.
@ThomasMarkov I've never actually gone spearfishing.
@NautArch soooooooooo much fun if youve got the lungs (or gear) for it.
But nice thing is manufacturer gives 25% discount for a trade-in.
@ThomasMarkov Got both!
The new version of the one I had now comes in different colors. Wheeeeee.
Went for Blue. Red was close, but reds go out fairly early in the water column.
6:25 PM
I definitely couldnt do it anymore. I was swimming 3-5 miles a day when I was doing this.
Back then I could easily get close to three minutes under out of a good breath.
I'm now at...1/2 mile a day.
6:44 PM
Im lost on this question
I think they're just asking for other ways to petrify safely
Like by petrifying somebody through your familiar, or through scrying or an illusion spell, or, etc...
And I'm honestly unsure that any of those work
I think it's too broad?
XY problem.
Tim is asking about replicating an image of the eyes instead of just asking if a particular feature interacts with petrify.
I think they're looking for a general rule about what can be used to replicate/extend the gaze
@ThomasMarkov Although seeing the image of a medusa in a mirror will still do it. So replication is something that has to be considered.
6:51 PM
@ThomasMarkov That needs to be a much more focused question.
@GcL Yeah, I think Im with you there.
@NautArch That's an interesting way of wording it. In a mirror, you're seeing the reflection of the medusa's eyes, not the eyes themselves. It's the classic Perseus tactic. You don't get turned to stone, and you get to behead a medusa! Remember folks, never leave without your -us: pegasus and gladius.
Q: Do mirrors extend a Medusa's Petrifying Gaze?

Timm Jimm GrimmThe 5e Medusa has a 30' Petrifying Gaze ability: When a creature that can see the medusa's eyes starts its turn within 30 ft. of the medusa, the medusa can force it to make a DC 14 Constitution saving throw if the medusa isn't Incapacitated and can see the creature. A Medusa's Petrifying Gaze ...

Also Tim.
I like the more strict interpretation of "When a creature that can see the medusa's eyes" being you have to be actually able to see the actual eyes. Not a reflection, not a photorealistic painting, not listening to a very vivid description that conjures the perfect image in your minds eye.
@GcL Me too. Just having eyes everywhere and not knowing which are theirs is frightening.
Is that one safe?
Nope, it wasn't.
7:01 PM
I want a Medusa born blind, who has learned to maneuver the world excellently and petrifies people by just throwing her eyeballs at them and smugly knows she can never be petrified
@NautArch A bunch of portraits, and one has the eyes cut out so a medusa can peek through and petrify unsuspecting gallery visitors. Okay... that's messed up.
@GcL That's genius
I'm trying to figure out a good way to forecast that to players before having them go on an art gallery caper.
Because realistic statues in an art gallery aren't going to be enough of a clue.
Have their NPC friend just die instead; I've used that before
@GcL Statues apparently looking at the painting.
Maybe there's a statue in front, but other statues are within 30'. Detail is they're all glancing at one portrait.
7:04 PM
I've been playing Disco Elysium recently, and MAN do I want a TTRPG that can feel like this game
@Medix2 Step one, find your shoe.
Step zero, turn on the lights and die (I did that...)
7:21 PM
@GcL Ah. you've got a group of those players, huh?
@ThomasMarkov You mean people that will often miss the three flaming neon signs unless accompanied by a loud klaxon? Which are better know as just players. Yes. I have players.
@GcL The only observation my artificer would make about a flaming neon sign: "That's not supposed to do that."
@ThomasMarkov I think mine would go "That's clearly supposed to do that"
7:57 PM
@Someone_Evil And I'd just be sitting there trying to figure out who had the brilliant idea before me
Must not have anyone watching the review queue right now.
1 hour later…
9:16 PM
@Medix2 How so? There's a lot of feels in there, and some of them are kind of linked to how patient the game is willing to be with Detective Costeau.
1 hour later…
10:17 PM
Oh hey, the new badge design on profiles is live
It seems to be displaying your rarest badges (by number of users who have earned it), which I don't think was the old behaviour, but I don't actually recall
10:43 PM
Wow, only four people have a bronze badge? I didn't think it was that low.
@Glazius Yeah, I'm not entirely sure how. But the idea of your various skills interjecting with suggestions and ideas really has me thinking
@Medix2 Ah. Yeah, that's the thing I was actually going to come out with. Because it's a computer game and you're playing a predefined character it can tell you how your skills work, or fail to work, in ways that amaze or amuse you that you probably wouldn't tolerate from a GM.
"Wait, what am I doing?" "Something you've done before."
@Glazius 229 open questions.
@Medix2 what parts of it would you like to see in the game?
11:05 PM
@Glazius Meanwhile, that sounds awesome to me. It'd require a lot of work, and maybe be a GM-less or all-GM kind of brainstorming game
I haven't seriously thought about it, but having different characteristics all interrupt what you're doing could be a lot of fun
@Medix2 There's at least one game where each player, in addition to controlling a more normal PC, also plays the supernatural being in charge of setting the difficulty for a different type of action. Their own PCs always get the easiest difficulty for their own action domain, and they get tokens when other PCs fail their actions which can be spent to increase the difficulty of other kinds of actions that aren't their domain.
A similar "give skills personalities as secondary player characters" concept might work well for your goals.
A bigger problem I've seen with translating most video games to TRPGs, is the move from solo protagonist to ensemble cast.
But even then, there are TRPGs with a single shared protagonist and players who aren't actively controlling them are taking turns being responsible for various parts of the world.
@Glazius The numbers for non-d20 tag badgers get only more dismal as you go up to silver and gold.
11:42 PM
It is rather cool to see what the system thinks my most impressive badgers are.
....and how very long ago I stopped earning them.
Morning all
Are we awake?
Awake enough to immediately want to reply with some kind of existentialist argument, but not quite enough to come up with something that wouldn't not make sense
Which leads to a fun app: an existentialist statement generator
and following a quick google; one that is not based around math...
but math is fun!
Math is also very dangerous. It is both the tool that explains everything in a solid manner, and a tool to help explore the inexplicable

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