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12:32 AM
@MikeQ yes. It's great fun.
@MikeQ the session began "the fireball wakes you up"
This term was not in our vocabulary, but I guess it could be called a one shot now
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2:05 AM
@mbork First off, Amazing Tales is a great choice! I had great fun with it when my three were anywhere in the 4-10 range.
I think it's pretty perfect for that age group.
As for reacting quickly, I think the thing that worked best for me was not having much of a "plot" in mind: one or two sentence summarizable, at most. Basically, as "GM" I held myself to one side of an index card, much like their character sheets were. That way I was able to just mostly listen and, rather than trying to figure out how whatever they said fit, I just was able to riff of of whatever inanity came out of their mouths.
It was like the Yo, Gabba Gabba! of GMing =)
The other thing that helped was sitting to watch a show they liked (Octonauts, Backyardigans, whatever their generation's Salute Your Shorts is whose name I can't remember...) to remind myself (a) how simple to keep plots/motivations/characters, and (b) how quick the pacing wants to be for their story-likes.
@ThomasMarkov The flag-handling UI is horrible--I think at least once a week I'd mishandle a flag and then end up leaving a comment somewhere on a post of the user's saying "btw that flag was good, I totally did the thing you suggested, but managed to screw it up so it'll show as declined anyway, sorry for tanking your stats...."
3:00 AM
@Cooper what's really helped me start doing more things was switching to a different game with less rules and a very loose skill system (RFS). I didn't have to worry if what I wanted to do was covered or excluded by something in the rules, since the game was explicitly designed to be bare-bones and let you do whatever you wanted.
With D&D I was always worrying over what my options were, what skill I would use, etc. etc. whereas RFS is like "options? have 'em all!"
3:45 AM
@DForck42 @ThomasMarkov As an FYI, some we sometimes use Decline & Delete because certain types of flags come with automatic penalties for the poster that we can't control. I.e. Accruing multiple helpful Rude & Abusive flags can lead to automatic suspensions. So we take more care when marking though flags as Helpful.
Unfortunately we can't give specific feedback on comment flags like we can we with post flags. Our options are really just Helpful + Delete, Helpful + Do Nothing, Decline + Do nothing or Decline + Delete.
hey there @linksassin
@Shalvenay G'day, how's it going?
@linksassin alright here, how about you?
@Shalvenay Not too bad. Works been busy which has kept me away from chat unfortunately.
Little sore as pre-season for cricket went back last night and the first session is always a killer.
4:14 AM
@nitsua60 Finding touchstones through shared stories is so helpful for so many groups!
@BESW no doubt -- it's one of the major challenges I run into in that I don't have many of the more "normal" touchstones other folks have
4:57 AM
@linksassin I'm pretty sure for comment flags, the options are just "Delete", "Edit" (I think?), "Decline", or "Decline and Delete". (I believe that last one was more recently added, sometime within the last year.)
5:27 AM
Eldritch TRPG by viendhita. a rules-lite horror TRPG system made to be a versatile tool to help you tell any kind of horror story you want, from Lovecraftian to slasher tales.
A Family of Blades by A.C. Luke. Modern Action & Intrigue, Forged in the Dark
Paranormal Documentary Podcast by Ash Can Games (And So Can You!). A Game of Content Creators & Cryptids
What Should We Have Tomorrow? by ehronlime. A solo journaling game about planning and preparing a week of meals for your loved ones
Tech Jam #2: Tactics hosted by will jobst. Squares, hexes, distance, plays, morale, hare games, no-hit challenges... any flavor of tactics, from wargames to grid maps to abstract systems to lyrical explorations. Stretch the definition as far as you want, just keep it tactical.
@mbork hi! I play occasionally with a 7yo (younger brother) and a 13yo (younger sister), and I have lots of things to say about it
Give me a bit to write them up
5:49 AM
@V2Blast I meant in terms of feedback/visibility to the flagger. But yes, I overlooked that 'Helpful + Edit' or 'Decline + Edit' were options.
Right. Long winded stuff starting.
First, I’d make sure your kids are into rpgs — don’t play if they don’t want to. Sometimes it’s just not the right day to try. Also, if your kids don’t play imaginative games together, they won’t have fun doing rpgs together. Learn from my mistakes.
For actually running a game, my biggest tip is to go along with whatever they want to do. Watch kids play imaginative things together and listen to them build on each other. And then accept that not all your plans will work out. Kids will add things to your plans that you never expect. My favorite example is the 7yo, in a Goblin Court game, declaring that a cabinet was full of apple corers (don’t ask. I talked about it a while back, but it’s a weird story)
Also, know your players and what they’re ok with. It’s easiest with kids you’re related to, but kids can have some really bad fears and you do not want to bring those up in a game unless you want meltdowns.
I think that’s most of what I learned. Also, relax! Seriously, it’s more fun for you if you stop worrying about how it’s going. If you have fun, they’ll have fun too
@Glazius Thanks! It looks great. And the maths better match up with my napkin math, and while the numbers aren't close to what the creator once reported as average observed numbers in playtests, I think I can extrapolate from your example and figure out where your choices deviate from theirs.
Q: Do the smaller Black Puddings have their reactions in the same round as the original Black Pudding split?

vpeter1119The Split reaction available for the Black Pudding monster goes as follows: Split. When a pudding that is Medium or larger is subjected to lightning or slashing damage, it splits into two new puddings if it has at least 10 hit points. Each new pudding has hit points equal to half the original pu...

@BardicWizard Those are some good learnings, thank you for sharing.
@bobble I once started an RFS game by asking "what were you doing before the ninjas attacked?"
@BESW you’re welcome! I’ve been thinking more about this lately so it’s nice to share a bit
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7:13 AM
POCGamer wrote a twitter thread about how "Three of the greatest battle scenes ever filmed are absolute templates for aspiring #TTRPG and #DnD GM/DMs."
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9:58 AM
@BardicWizard you've got me want to plan games for my nieces and nephews, however they're all too young atm
@BESW this looks too much like it's trying to trick me into food planning!
@nitsua60 if we don't already have a "How do I run a game for children" this would make a great start for an answer
10:17 AM
@BESW My interest is piqued
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11:18 AM
Q: Does magical armor enhancement bonus increase the armor’s maximum dexterity?

FrancisJohnDo magical armor enhancement bonuses increase the maximum DEX mod allowed for an armor? If so, awesome! If not, are there other ways to optimize AC through a DEX driven character?

12:00 PM
@AncientSwordRage We have a number of those kinds of Q&A
12:18 PM
@Someone_Evil a lot of those questions (at least the ones I've checked out) seem old and full of unsupported answers D:
And the one well written answer one doesn't cover my case (I'm not playing RPGs atm)
This question also is full of unsupported answers.
@NautArch yeah already went on a downvote spree.
12:34 PM
@ThomasMarkov Would love to hear your thoughts on this discussion :)
So we got one of those magic screens (mesh with magnets) for the doorway to our deck. It's a gamechanger with the dogs.
@NautArch do they not just charge through?
@NautArch So Im always a clubs primary, and the others depend on the DM really.
@AncientSwordRage They do! And that's what is amazing :)
Let themselves out now.
@NautArch OH I'm looking for the opposite effect for our cats...
@ThomasMarkov Do you think I try to add hearts in but dont really get anywhere?
12:37 PM
For hearts, I've seen a distinction in my playstyle between published adventures and homebrew adventures.
oooh, that's interesting.
I'm guessing more heart with homebrew?
@NautArch that's an interesting way of dividing up player motivations
Yeah, you're doing a good job telling Chris Perkins' story, I find it easier to engage in the hearts playstyle when the DM is telling their own story with their own characters and world that have been designed to engage specifically with the group of players.
@AncientSwordRage It's a fairly useful simplification. I don't think i've upvoted the answer, but I really like the system.
@NautArch I upvoted because I like it
it's useful to me (and not otherwise bad)
If I had to answer I'm a Spades first, Hearts second player
12:40 PM
@MikeQ to answer how much set up. DM allowed us to take the pre gens (he ran it for 5 groups). We were to protect a valuable person and there was a group pursuing us who wanted to capture him. Each Player got to write five sentences on a piece of paper describing the preparation they made of the campsite. (The group was allowed to collaborate on this before turning in their sheets). So yes, some set up required.
Itd be interesting if we could add that 'flair' to our names to get an idea of where our questions and answers are coming from.
@ThomasMarkov yep, though I have fleshed out the Saltmarsh area with my own take on Greyhawk for that campaign. And I change stuff as I feel the need to if I don't like it. I've got some political intrigue going on that links to early homebrew stuff before the book came out.
@NautArch I think that also helps explains why I clashed with my last gaming group all those years ago, I'm pretty sure they were all purely Clubs/Diamonds players
My brother-in-law is an excellent spades DM. He does one shots and short adventures, and he does a great job of writing engaging puzzle and problem solving encounters.
If youre not into spades, he will make you be into spades and you will like it.
So I think those categories are closely tied into DM and adventure style as much as they are our own playstyles.
@ThomasMarkov Was I accurate in my assessment of my GM style?
12:44 PM
@ThomasMarkov that's a good point
@NautArch Yeah, I dont think weve got a hearts leaning group.
@ThomasMarkov Yeah, most of the combats in frostmaiden are straightforward. There aren't many do X while fighitng to 'win'.
@NautArch X = fireball
@ThomasMarkov Chairman is very much Clubs and Diamonds.
I think it's missing a category.
12:46 PM
Which one?
Hearts, Spades, Diamonds, Clubs, and Jokers
We're all definitely Jokers, too.
A lot of people just want to get out the real world and goof off.
Where can I go naked ice fishing with my bro using explosives and it not be weird and/or illegal? Icewind Dale.
Somewhere in chat Ive got a story about how I rigged an election by getting half the town drunk and framing one of the candidates for murder or something like that
Ill look for it.
Oct 5 '20 at 13:41, by Thomas Markov
So I bamboozled my DM last night
It starts there.
1:32 PM
That's fantastic!
I feel a bit.... alienated... by pretty much every "what kind of player/GM are you based on what you value in play" metric I've ever come across, because which part of the metric I value in a given game or on a given day is wildly inconsistent, and my consistent values are almost never on the metrics at all.
The suites thing? I'll check off any or all of them except diamond pretty regularly, because they're not usually what I'm actually after, just symptoms of my goals and priorities, and the symptom is different in different kinds of games and groups.
2:02 PM
@BESW I can get that. When I 'use' them, I try and shift my mind set in a way that better aligns if I really want to use them
@BESW this is excellent insight
2:15 PM
@AncientSwordRage It's like... I dunno, "What kind of food do you order at a restaurant?"
@BESW I have a few different answers, but if someone said "Sweet, salty, savoury, bitter or sour" I'd be able to answer, while knowing to my self it was only a small part of my actual preference
Maybe I really like the garlic chicken at one restaurant because I have good memories of eating it with friends, but I won't eat it if I'm on a first date because I think garlic is a bad choice, and I won't order it at the restaurant across town because they put cilantro in it.
(Savoury and secondarily sour, if anybody is planning a meal for me)
I always have trouble trying to categorize myself with external words/concepts, because I primarily understand myself on my own, personal terms.
The garlic chicken isn't the point.
2:18 PM
@BESW but could you safely say in general "I like Garlic and Chicken"?
I enjoyed Clubs play in 4e, but I despised it in 3.5 because they're dramatically different systems and the Clubs weren't the point; it was the control and agency that Clubs play gave me in 4e, while Clubs play in 3.5 actively made me feel like I was losing that agency.
@AncientSwordRage Well, no, I'd say "I like food that gives me good memories."
@BESW that's interesting
I can't think of anything like that for myself
\o Hiya @Slate!
Hey hey!
How's it going?
@bobble that's interesting!
2:21 PM
I really enjoy Spades play... sometimes. The last time I played a mystery game I had to walk out because the "investigation" was so open-ended and unguided that I felt miserably adrift.
@BESW I'd categorise that as an exception though
@AncientSwordRage I categorize it as a failure of category.
@Slate I'm currently curled up on a couch so I'd say going just great
Sounds much more comfortable than what I'm doing, sculpting myself into the shape of a shrimp in a chair.
It exposes that Spades play isn't, actually, what I'm into. There's something else which Spades play often has but which isn't inherent to it, and that something is where I find my intrinsic motivation.
@Slate I do not recommend this.
2:24 PM
A shrimp sitting on a chair, or within the chair? Because the latter would just look like a chair.
@MikeQ Neither of these options would be particularly good for the spine, I think.
I like you with a spine.
I like me with a spine, too. (Also, don't let me interrupt the gameplay modes chat.)
If I had to choose one of the modes that I wanted to be more motivated by/better at, it would be Hearts. But I've no idea which one(s) I would fall into right now.
@BESW now you've got me thinking two things: am I not keen on Spades play because it doesn't tick whatever 'hidden' box I'm looking for? e.g. I might like it in a different system? and also, are the people who do like Spades play into it because they've only played one system, and see it and the 'hidden' box the same thing... when a system does it differently, then it's just a 'bad' system (as far as they're concerned)
2:30 PM
I suspect many folks have a preferred style, but that doesn't mean its their only option. Players might adapt different styles based on the others at the table, in addition to the system. They may also vary over time or in response to real world changes.
@BardicWizard @mbork I'll second everything bobble says there, too.
@AncientSwordRage Do you remember Dragons of the Cuyahoga? I've mentioned it a few times. In it, dragons hoard gold and jewels despite having no interest in treasure and considering it worthless... because humans consider treasure valuable, and it's useful for dragons to have ways to influence human societies that don't involve confronting armies equipped with innovative ways to embed pointy objects in a dragon's skin.
One thing I didn't think to mention yesterday: we often played Amazing Tales on med-length car-rides. I could keep it all in my head while driving, the kids could roll dice into the car's cup-holders, and my wife loved being the "audience" for the story. (Almost like a Greek chorus: "ooh, that seems like it'll be scary," or "what a great job you did overcoming X!"
Humans think dragons "like" treasure, because dragons have so much of it. But when dragons move to contemporary Earth they immediately ditch the gold and jewels for stocks and investments, because they were only ever interested in access to whatever it is humans use to manipulate their societies.
I suspect part of the split may be that "digging into the world" and "finding interesting stories" are separate actions? You can spend a long time digging and not a lot of time finding. Or you can spend a lot of time finding and not a lot of time digging. Investigative play is difficult because payoff timing is a part of player preference, not just the investigation itself.
2:34 PM
I feel like the same principle applies whenever I see attempts to codify gameplay preferences: they're looking at the treasure I hoard and assuming it's the treasure I value, but what I value is the use I make of it.
@BESW I didn't fully remember until your synopsis, so thanks for reminding me
> "For millennia before our contact with elvish, and then human, ‘civilization’ it mattered not to us. The idea of ‘political’ power, ‘economic’ power—manipulating events through proxies, and symbols—were concepts long and hard in coming to us.” Theophane waved back to the pillar, where her computer was showing a stock ticker. “Wealth is the easiest—and the most easily understandable—way to acquire that kind of power.”
I scribbled a few notes as I asked her, “You’re saying that you only hoard wealth to be able to influence humans?”
Yeah, that's what stands out uniquely about "spades" to me in this list. It doesn't describe as much a standalone source of enjoyment as it describes a tool storytellers use...
@Slate Diamonds stood out to me, in particular, because it's the most obviously a means to an end, not an end in itself. "I'm so happy because I got a thousand gold in today's session" tends to come, practically speaking, with an implied "and I'm going to spend it on something that will help me meet my play goals."
@BESW I think there's magpies and then there's dragons
some just like the shiny stuff, and some like to use it
2:38 PM
nvm, confused the suits
@BESW As a general rule I'd agree, which probably means the category needs some tinkering. But I do think "number go up" is a form of play a lot of people find fun on occasion (myself included: why do I have 300,000 gold in Skyrim, again?). The degree to which it should be included in a TTRP schema... shrug.
@Slate And then we start to get into questions about whether "number go up" is a subset of Clubs: system mastery, maximizing power, etc.
@Slate 300k? Thems rookie numbers
I think y'all are looking at this way too deeply. I don't think Darth's suits system is that specific, but a general idea of what interests folks. For me, it's not about "I fit exactly here", but more about "these are the themes that generally interest me."
And I'm saying that I've never seen any attempt to define such themes/interests which felt relephant to me.
2:42 PM
One issue I'm seeing with this categorization system is that the names aren't evocative enough. I'm having a hard time following some of statements without constantly checking back to the post
I'm not trying to pick apart this specific attempt, I'm using it as an immediately available example to talk about a general failure of the category of tools.
@BESW And that's fine - it's not going to work for everyone. But it's an easy way for people to categorize for a baseline. There are always going to be outliers, but I think at a general level it's an approachable tool.
...and? I'm not sure what you're pushing against here.
I'm not telling anybody not to use it, or any other tool.
As for categorization systems in general; I think of them as a simplification and inherently incomplete lens one can use to start talking about things (to steal some words)
2:47 PM
Incomplete, I could work with.
> my consistent values are almost never on the metrics at all.
I do dislike how often they're thrown around as "which one are you?". "I generally hover around X and Y", or "I fluctuate between X and Y depending Z" are way more interesting results to work with
@Someone_Evil it needs a way of recognising "I'm not able to place myself on that scale"
I remember when I was little I lied that Cinderella was my favorite Disney princess - I don't have a favorite - just to get people to stop asking me which one I liked the most, and then being incredulous that a young girl didn't have a preference
Which shrimp in a chair are you? Take this survey to find out.
@AncientSwordRage More than that, I think; there's an implicit horoscope-like quality to these metrics, and especially to the way that people tend to interact with them, of conflating a play preference with an identity.
2:51 PM
Im a shrimp with a chair, jumping off the top rope to smash the big bad, tonight on pay per view.
Even if I really liked exploring worlds and discovering lore as a consistent throughline in all my gaming experience, I'd shy away from "being" that preference, just like I'd shy away from being a "Trekkie" no matter how much I liked Star Trek because that's a weird thing to make an identity out of.
@BESW conflating x with identity is such a dangerous thing....
see also "gamer."
@BESW I'm slowly growing into a different way of thinking about these things... to me, the measure of a functional schema is whether it prompts interesting questions about gameplay and how people interact with it. "It's a conversation-starter," but a little less jokingly.
It's not necessarily that I'm supposed to be able to identify with the schema (I won't), but that its flaws and limitations expose interesting facets of gameplay that I otherwise might have missed.
@bobble I was not that smart at that age... I didn't have people asking me about princesses though
2:55 PM
My daughter has no preference. She's also generally not into princesses (age 7). But she is into teen/tween shows, so I got that going ...
One of the few things I've consistently lied to my children about: "my favorite color is red."
I have no favorite color. I couldn't possibly care less about colors, generally. Any my children's frustration at that answer was only matched by my frustration that they kept asking and expecting a different answer.
So I finally gave them one.
@AncientSwordRage I also lied for a while that I wanted to be a veterinarian, but flatly refused to pick a university when they asked 6 - 6! - year old me
@Slate Welcome, valued associate!
@bobble ok that sounds like a crazy question for a 6 year old?
@nitsua60 Hello!
2:57 PM
I'll take your chatting here as implicit endorsement of this meta.se answer of mine and thank you for such endorsement =)
@AncientSwordRage I thought so to, that's why I refused. We were supposed to answer a list of questions about what we thought our futures would look like or something, I don't know why.
@AncientSwordRage My grandfather asked my mother that exact same question when she was about that age. She thinks it was an attempt to make small talk, by a person with no experience with kids.
@bobble Maybe you were part of some secret program to train children with predictive psychic powers. Which number am I thinking of?
@bobble maybe they expected the answer to be on the axis of 'big/small' or 'close to home/far from home'
@MikeQ The value of Slate.
2:59 PM
@NautArch My 8 and 10 year-olds and I are watching Gilmore Girls these days. I was hesitant, because I find the messaging/themes therein to be such a mixed bag, but I couldn't be prouder of them when, four episodes in, they're having lunch conversations like "Lorelai loves Rory so much, but she's kinda not a great mom." "Yeah, but it must be really hard having a kid so young." Or "Paris must be pretty sad and lonely and scared, to always be mean like that."
@AncientSwordRage the only universities I knew of at that age were the one my parents met at, and the one near home
@MikeQ I shan't dignify that with a guess
@nitsua60 My daughter is very into Nick, ricky, dicky and dawn.
It's...not too bad - but some of the tone they have with each other isn't great.
Remind me: is that No Good Nick?
That's more of my concern with those shows.
@nitsua60 No Good Nick?
@bobble good talk
3:01 PM
I think Dicky had to leave for bullying Dawn.
(the actors)
@NautArch Nvm--I got my "shows with a kid named Nick that my girls watched" mixed up.
@bobble I suspect that they wanted that answer "The same as <parents>"
I was also regularly asked specific questions about career paths, where I wanted to go, from the age of like, yeah, six or so. I believe it...
@NautArch When I first wanted to watch Sesame Street, at the expected age for such a thing, my parents watched a couple episodes with me and talked about how the characters were being mean to each other and if the program was right to show that as being funny.
3:03 PM
I always answered whatever would get people to stop asking those questions.
Kids can handle big concepts and critical viewing if they're given the support for it.
@AncientSwordRage Just listened to the Conan O'Brien interview on Smartless, and his view on his alma mater was pretty interesting.
@NautArch go on
@BESW fully agreed
@BESW And we do, but a lot of those attitudes and actions are taken in unconsciously and come out in actions.
@AncientSwordRage He was relating that he really doesn't like telling people he went to Harvard or having that be part of who people perceive him to be.
And that he went to some college event for his kids and was asked to wear a harvard sweatshirt and he refused.
@Slate See I think I was asked about universities when I was about 18, and I suddenly realised I had to pick one
3:06 PM
Conan said he was a 'grinder' and that's what got him into harvard. He had expected that he'd be on a 'track' of some sort (harvard, law school, etc.) because of 'expectations.' But discovered a lampoon magazine and got really good feedback about being funny from the upperclassmen that changed his entire trajectory.
@NautArch interesting
@AncientSwordRage Hah. I was 17 when I realized that the obvious and best choice I'd always assumed I was going to make (local university because I wanted to have the local connections) was shot because they had no program for my chosen academic interest and their continued accreditation was in doubt.
If there was one thing I'm sure about, it's that I was in no way prepared for university at age 18. It was wasteful to go at that age and not gonna force my kids.
Definitely highlighting the importance of education, but if they want to work/explore first - i'm all for that.
Yeah, and not all education paths go through universities.
@BESW heh! I wanted to make sci-fi props for films until I realised I wouldn't enjoy it because I didn't enjoy the subjects that would leave into it
3:10 PM
One of my cousins is a very successful mechanic, after he dropped out of college before finishing a semester.
He needed to be apprenticed, not classroomed.
Yep, and that's a very legitimate and good choice.
Currently, my 9 year old wants to own a shoe store.
I have no idea, because he always buys pretty much the same shoes whenever we have to get new ones (pink nikes.)
My family sees success as taking the honors/advanced classes school, getting into a good university, and landing a well-paying job afterwards, and it works well enough for me that I never fought.
@NautArch good memories?
@AncientSwordRage Maybe? We're in and out of those places so fast.
He knows exactly what he likes.
@NautArch Nike just dropped some new pink weightlifting shoes and I was tempted.
3:16 PM
@ThomasMarkov He LOVES pink and purple.
Always has :)
Not enough pink for him :P
@NautArch but I mean, with the shoes
3:33 PM
not just the shop I mean, but shoes in general
3:44 PM
Ah, maybe?
a full 1400 of my rep is from bounties now
@G.Moylan you are the anti-thomas
@AncientSwordRage I am slowly absorbing @ThomasMarkov and @NautArch 's powers
4:00 PM
haha me and @NautArch of each given you a 200 and a 500 rep bounty
4:13 PM
@ThomasMarkov oo I weightlift in my old Brooks Glycerines currently because they actually have arch support, but I could go for a pair of weightlifting shoes
@G.Moylan I have the black romaleos. I cannot overstate how much I love them.
They're pricey, but totally worth it imo.
I deadlift in my socks.
@ThomasMarkov those are funky looking shoes but they look very comfortable. That new white/pink colorway is pretty great
The 0.75 inch heel is great for squatting.
what is the point of the straps, just a more snug fit?
@G.Moylan Yeah, stabilizes the whole foot in the shoe. The bottom strap also goes right under the arch, so you can adjust the arch tightness with it.
4:21 PM
that's pretty nice
@ThomasMarkov this =)
Just got back from the gym: all socks, all the time.
@nitsua60 my wife does that but it bothers me
(But I'm not power-lifting, just "general" strength work.)
the shoes stay ON during workout
my shoes don't even make it to the gym, he he he =)
(But I have the luxury of a school gym where I work, I'm not wandering shoeless into a commercial/public establishment.)
4:32 PM
@nitsua60 shoeless shaun over here
sheep don't really need shoes anyway
@nitsua60 heading to the natatorium. No shoes or socks.
@NautArch Enjoy the natating =)
4:51 PM
I now have a SEDE query for hunting questions where the only answer is a JC tweet.
5:11 PM
isnt there a thing where if a user posts a bunch of answers that get downvoted in quick succession they get a post ban?
@ThomasMarkov yes, in theory.... but you can game it I suspect
Well we've got a new user heading that way.
5:26 PM
A: What can I do when getting "We are no longer accepting questions/answers from this account"?

ArjanNote: The Help Center contains articles addressing question bans and answer bans. Why am I getting this message? As stated in the tour links on every site, Stack Exchange is a network of question and answer sites, not help forums. This implies that all questions should be objective, answerable, a...

The exact algorithm is kept secret, but deletion and downvoting won't help
From here it seems three answers could be enough to trigger it
6:12 PM
@nitsua60 I was just rereading your post where you suggested that 3:2 would not be strong enough to repeal the policy, and I feel less concerned now lol
Nits: a signal 3:2 in favor of change is not considered strong enough to change the practice
Thomas: hold my beer
You spoke of yourself in the third person! Heathen!
6:39 PM
@ThomasMarkov feed me, seymour
7:00 PM
Just read a good skills with different abilities variant: Barbarian makes a Strength (Investigation) check to search the room by flipping over the furniture.
@ThomasMarkov I like it
@BESW Basically the same here, I think. My characters' motivations are often a mix of several of those, depending on the characters' values/goals.
@MikeQ ...Now this is a survey I'm curious about.
@ThomasMarkov Nice :)
7:48 PM
@ThomasMarkov Not sure that polearm question is a dupe.
Teleporting isn't the same as coming through a wall.
@NautArch The Kool-aid man can't be said to have teleported
@Someone_Evil Now i'm imagining the kool-aid man just appearing. Way creepier.
I think it still needs to be closed though
so leaving it closed seems like the right play for now
What's unclear?
How the creature is getting into the reach of the player
7:52 PM
By coming through a wall...didn't they say that?
I mean, the means of coming through the wall doesn't really matter. But I guess we can have them clarify how they're doing it.
I think "Your frame question and example is different" are reasonable for an answer to cover, because you can actually cover this distinction and what effect it has
They gave that as an example of "appears next to"
Yeah, i'm cool with them explaining the situation more.
also someone should reject that suggested edit
so the Q doesnt go into reopen review till OP edits it.
I had thought of it like ring of earth elemental command and being able to go through stone/dirt. One creature on the inside of a wall, one on the outside. Outside steps through the wall to appear 'next to' the inside creature.
8:04 PM
Or incorporeal movement (eg. ghosts)
But with OP not having something clear, I think keeping it closed is okay.
8:41 PM
It should be re-closed with a different close reason. The poor OP will be confused and will have to parse the comments to figure out what they are suppsoed to do
@schroeder We can just clean up comments.
This discussion made me remember these planned updates:
Q: Changing the question reopening experience

Lisa ParkNow that the Public Platform team is actively working on updating review queue workflows, it’s time we address the feedback and feature requests related to the question reopening experience. How it works today A closed question has a single opportunity to enter the Reopen votes queue and be consi...

@bobble these changes cant come soon enough
9:28 PM
@ThomasMarkov 16:1 has you feeling less trepidation?
@NautArch Check out Tig Notaro's newest stand-up special. She feels much the same way =)
@nitsua60 a bit, yes.
9:45 PM
Still think this should be closed for needs details.

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