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12:11 AM
I still want to make that Kobold game
12:27 AM
@trogdor I'd be happy to help with it, of course.
I had some ideas for it just this morning but I still don't entirely know how to,... confine the game to a specific set of ideas yet
Like, you have multiple conflicted ideas about it, or you have multiple concurrent ideas that don't seem to all fit into the same ruleset?
That is "I want it to be X or Y" vs "I want it to be X and Y but I don't know how to do both"?
I have a lot of ideas, some of them are concurrent ideas that don't neccesarily fit into the same ruleset, some of them are possibly conflicting
so kinda a little of both
Something I've seen a few times, is a game that's composed of multiple minigames.
Kinda like how Fate has contests, challenges, and conflicts, but if they were each distinct, didn't share much/any ruleset, and were each tailored to a specific part of the story.
12:43 AM
that could possibly help for sure
It also lets you include things that might be contradictory, and let players choose.
yeah that's fair
basically, I want it to be a game where the use of paper and ink is important to kobolds
but I don't want it to be restricted to just one,... use of paper and ink?
There's other ways to deal with this stuff, just using this as an example of how you don't necessarily have to worry about "does this all cohere mechanically."
I want the players/kobolds to be able to choose if they are reporters who have to write down notes, accountants, scribes, scholars, or literally any other profession really that drives action
mostly I want to possibly make ink and or paper a resource or something and otherwise let the players choose what they are doing with it
Hm. Do you imagine each player maybe having a different profession, or the group choosing one profession to explore together?
12:49 AM
I want it to be open ended enough that they could do either of those things
the main problem with the second one is, I definitely want all the players to be working on the same contract or job or wtv
Okay, so what I'm hearing is that there's a group-level choice about objective, and a player-level choice about competence mode.
I have a vague idea to roll on a table to see if you are working a job for a kobold or human employer (or others I just thought of it this morning so it's rough and certainly not all the way thought out yet) but basically the difference between those two is, kobolds are going to be very exact about what they want to the point of you having to be very precise, humans are going to change their minds invariably halfway through the job
@BESW I guess?
That could look like a PbtA or Golden Sky Stories style playbook for each character, or an Atomic Robo style "pick your modes and get these skills" kind of character building.
I'm certainly not averse to a GSS style playbook or an Atomic Robo type thing
Would you like me to throw out a few ideas about mechanics?
1:04 AM
If it's a game about jobs and meeting expectations of clients/employers, with a focus on how you use resources, then InSpectres might be a useful game to look at for abstracting resources and using them as a success/advancement tool.
as weird as it is for me in particular to say this, I have not thought very much about mechanics XD
4 hours later…
4:39 AM
a game of kobold reporters? hee!
This sounds like it could be good.
4:51 AM
well not strictly
but I'm thinking of making that at least a possible route
maybe even an example in the material or something
5:48 AM
I don't think I saw the beginning of this discussion, but what there was of it sounds good, good luck.
2 hours later…
8:00 AM
this whole thing started,... maybe around half a month ago or so? and I think it wasn't here either anyway
ah here it is
it all started with the image in this tweet
(credit to actual artist is given in the thread)
and that made me want to make an RPG about playing as kobolds
and further I wanted it to be about writing and the importantce of writing and books
at first I wanted it to be about kobolds making books specifically but I realized later I can branch out the importance of the written word and the materials used to make it into more than just "making books"
oh my god that's great
Many concept-type artists have an artstation page, it's a good place to check for "did this person do anything else like that"
7 hours later…
3:42 PM
@Trish Your snark might need to be dialed down a bit.
@KorvinStarmast not sure if snark or just being playful
I can see it read either way
@KorvinStarmast "If you don't use those rules" is a valid answer to "does anybody want to join my campaign". And Note that semicolon, closing parenthesis. Accusing somebody of being snark is uncalled for.
@Devils_Spawn that's understandable but not a productive way to handle things
@Trish Hardly; a new DM is asking for help and you are giving them stick for the game system they have in hand. Yeah, snark.
@KorvinStarmast I don't think any maliciousness was intended
3:47 PM
@KorvinStarmast it was meant as "I would play a campaign, but not with those rules". Which is NOT SNARK.
@AncientSwordRage I do. I've watched the last few days of chat as I catche up and the D&D hate is coming through loud and clear. @Trish If you say so. I'll let it go.
@NautArch just burninate the messages.
9 messages moved from TRPG General Chat
If you're talking about when I asked if anyone wanted to join my campaign, @Trish didn't show snark. Thanks for looking out for me though @KorvinStarmast.
@NautArch I said burninate, not move.
3:50 PM
1 message moved from TRPG General Chat
@Trish probably the better idea
@KorvinStarmast I take offense in this.
@Trish well do it in the other chat.
3 messages moved from TRPG General Chat
I thought this was the dragons chat?
3:54 PM
it is, but that doesn't mean anything goes
It was, though probably not a useful question anyway
@Devils_Spawn not really, this is where toxic conversations get sent
my bad, i got mixed up.
I'm confused. Can someone explain more?
@KorvinStarmast I wouldn't necessarily say toxic. more like loaded topics
3:56 PM
@KorvinStarmast no it's where the conversation is opt in, but that doesn't excuse toxicity
toxic goes to trash
@Devils_Spawn there are topics not everyone wants to take part in, they go here
you are expected to actively decide to come here to read stuff
@AncientSwordRage which it should have, and @Trish suggested that. (See above, where I agreed with that)
Okay. Is it a chat room called trash? Or....
@Devils_Spawn nope
@Devils_Spawn Trash is "Goes away, forever, struck from the record and nowhere to be found again" - in short Burninate.
What do you mean then????????
I'm so confused it's horrible
3:58 PM
@Devils_Spawn this room is "Here be Dragons"
Toxic stuff gets just deleted. Here be dragons is opt in discussions.
Trash is the name of a different chat room, except not one you can chat in
Why not???
Is it frozen???
@Devils_Spawn do you want to chat in the room that is the toxic hell?
Because it's for the removal of stuff, not chatter
3:59 PM
it is to strike things from the record.
@Trish trash has a "room" and is readable
@Trish, please watch your language
There's a couple of different ones IIRC. Certainly one that isn't generally readable (ie diamond only)
@Devils_Spawn Strike from the record is a legal phrase: that sentence is expunged from the record.
When messages are "moved to Trash" you can click on the link and read the entire trash log.
4:01 PM
What does IIRC mean??
But this is all just technicalities of chat moderation works
@Devils_Spawn If I Recall Correctly =IIRC
Ok, thanks @KorvinStarmast
@Devils_Spawn If I Recall Correctly
Thanks @G.Moylan
Where's the trash chat?
erm.. not a chat
4:03 PM
To explain how it all works, @Devils_Spawn, the main chat room and Not a Bar are generally for whatever. Here be Dragons is for loaded topics that not everyone wants to be part of. The Trash log is where messages are moved that are considered detrimental or unproductive but they're kept to maintain a record. "Deleted" is moderator visible only, I believe.


Where the trash goes.
Oh, okay, thanks
The TL;DR of how trash works: it's a chat room that anyone can type in (though I don't see the point). You can only move messages to a room that you can talk in, which is why it's public. There are a few levels of handling content; you can move it to another chat room (like this one), you can move it to the public trash which lets anyone read it but removes clutter, there's a moderator-only trash that we can move things to so nobody else can read it anymore...
There's also a gallery trash that I think got automatically frozen again.
...authors (within 2 minutes) and moderators can delete a message in the chat room itself, and moderators can purge the history of an edited/deleted message to redact its history; for example, if someone accidentally reveals private info or wants their email removed, I'll edit the message, delete it, and then purge its history so even moderators can't see it anymore
4:05 PM
@Someone_Evil FWIW, I thought Nagora's deleted answer was hilarious for being two years too late to the party.
(But it was well deleted ...)
@hyper-neutrino Probably should rename one of them "midden heap"


A place for trash messages from other chatrooms. If you're a r...
lol frozen for inactivity
the annoying thing is that trash has to be publicly writeable for people to use it. but that also means that moving messages to trash will send an invitation to everyone involved, and getting invited to trash isn't very nice :P
@KorvinStarmast I wondered whether anyone was gonna comment about that
4:06 PM
@hyper-neutrino I dunno... Oscar liked it and he wasn't grouchy all the time.
@hyper-neutrino hence the creation of gallery trashes, though that means only select people get to trash stuff there. for example, my site's main chat room has a dedicated trash that only our ROs (and of course mods) can write to, because we trash stuff fairly often and inviting people gets annoying
@GcL lmao. well, if he ever shows up on SE chat, i'll send him an invitation to Trash, i guess :D
I don't even go to SE chat.
I feel like I'm missing a joke here, but at the risk of missing it... this is Stack Exchange (SE) chat.
4:26 PM
What joke?
@Devils_Spawn GcL said "I don't even go to SE chat" in an SE chat room, which is either a joke or a misunderstanding
Ohhhhh. Okay, thank you for clarifying @Hyper-neutrino
4:43 PM
@Someone_Evil I chuckled heartily at that one.

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