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1:53 AM
We just learned the hard way that Amulet of Proof Against Detection stops Rary's Telepathic bond.
It took us half an hour to realize two of our party members heard NONE of the plan, and were just standing there confused at us staring quietly at each other, making faces, and making approving nods at seemingly nothing.
Everyone always gets that amulet when magic item purchasing is available, but this is the first time they've seen it work against them.
@Axoren That's beautiful
Q: As a DM, is telling your players what their characters conclude a bad practice?

TreeSpawnedI, a new DM who has run around 10-15 game session so far, am in the process of watching Critical Role Campaign 2 (currently at Episode 23). We all know Matt Mercer and his famous quotes like "You can certainly try" and "How do you wanna do this?". While watching, another phrase he says quite ofte...

3:00 AM
We had a warm week, back to below-freezing and blustery, but the coming week looks to break 60F. Kids are hanging in there, I'm doin' alright. Just not gaming at all....
I don't know whether I'm still in that loop. My radio's been silent since... was it last summer we did a bit?
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5:46 AM
@nitsua60 yeah, that book is coming out in a few weeks.
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6:48 AM
The Tabletop Tuition Support Bundle A sale hosted by Secession Cycles. Get every paid tabletop game that I have made (5 in total), as well as a singular collection of 7 poems that you will definitely ponder with and enjoy! All of them can be played solo, 1 of them can be played with 2 players, and 1 of them can be played with 3 or even more players!
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Tabletop One-Shot Megabundle by kumada1 and 33 others. Want to take a dip into indie tabletop, but you're not sure where to start? This bundle contains 45 standalone titles from 33 indie creators. Everything in here is designed to be easy to pick up and play, and you can use these games for one-shots, mini-campaigns, or to fill in whenever you're down a person for your regular campaign.
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Homebound by ehronlime. An anthology of games about home and going away
Plural Witchcraft Highland Rampage by The Dice. You a part of a plural system rampaging to rescue the ones you care about. A hack of Invincible Sword Princess.
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8:37 AM
What does "plural system" mean?
> The most simplified definition of the term plural that includes all people who take the label is “someone who shares the same physical body with other individuals.”
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2:54 PM
3:08 PM
Somewhat sad, had to walk away from a table last night.
Over what?
The party was starting to 'hide' activities and decisions from me (and another player) because they' didn't trust my character'.
I said can we pause and talk about this, because I"m not comfortable with that type of table play.
And they got defensive and said I was attacking them.
They didn't like my/my character's decision in Avernus to sell my soul to save the party (and get a legendary item), and also had decided that the soul coins shouldn't be distributed to me or another member because we are Neutral and Evil respectively.
But they decided that outside the table.
I personally don't enjoy when a table has distrust, either intra-player or intracharacter.
Intracharacter is more reasonable if handled well, but this was both intraplayer and not handled well.
The defensive response also put me in a really awkward spot.
I'm not sure whether alignment is at fault, but I don't feel like it's ever positive when its brought up
Yeah, they really leaned heavily into alignment, but Avernus is also a very alignment-heavy place - or at least moral decisions.
But all of that can be handled better than "let's keep things from other players"
I really think it's mostly a playstyle difference - which is okay. WHat wasn't okay was their response to my discomfort.
I thought pausing to talk about what was happening would have been a good decision - it wasn't.
And, of course, this is just from my side. I have no idea how my actions/statements were perceived or if there was something I could have done better. I've asked the DM, but he generally thinks I"m coming from the a good place.
@Someone_Evil I don't think it's an alignment thing - I think it's a playstyle one.
3:32 PM
@NautArch Certainly playstyle, but it feels like there's (in general) a playstyle and attitude which disregards other players and waves things like alignment around like a bludgeon
@Someone_Evil Not gonna disagree with you there. Just trying to give myself some ownership of what transpired :)
Based on a scattering of impressions obviously, I could be very wrong and don't know how it applies to your table
I've had issues with one of the players in the past when he was a player in my campaign. He is generally of the "my actions don't have consequences" kind of person or "I can always make a roll (at my choice) to attempt to undo said consequences"
I had thought I could work with him again and that the DM would help mitigate, but it clearly didn't end well.
I'm still a bit flabbergasted that the reaction was "I'm feeling like you are attacking me."
Not even a "This isn't what we meant."
It was what they meant, and they were bothered that I was upset about it.
And there had been a week between games and no one reached out to me about any character or roleplaying concerns.
It came out of left field.
Uhg, yeah. Sticking to in-game solutions does seem to fit the general notion
3:48 PM
Even worse - it was the previous session that the deal had been offered to all of us, and accepted by me. No one said anything during that session, and they wanted to unring the bell and re-do that scenario. Didn't tell the DM that, either. They just kind of...did.
"Help, my players just decided to recon an earlier session without telling me" is an eyebrow raising problem
Followed by, one of us just sold his soul so that mephistopheles wouldn't kill us. Let's not trust him.
So your options were death or sell your soul for this staff? Cake was not on the table?
@Someone_Evil DM heavily hinted that the actions of a character previosly (attacked the emissary of mephistopheles) is resulting in a very unhappy mephistopholes. He'll deliver on his end of the deal of the information for completing the contract we had with him, but that he may not let us walk away after.
Our options were risk his wrath for the rest of the campaign, or sign soul over to Asmodeus for his protection, or turn around and start over from the other possible path we had.
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5:18 PM
Q: Sleet Storm: do crampons stop you from falling prone?

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1 hour later…
6:34 PM
Q: Can a Circle of the Stars Druid roll a natural d3 (or other odd-sided die) to bias their Cosmic Omen roll?

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@NautArch sounds like an awful situation for you to be in
2 hours later…
8:48 PM
Q: Mirror Image and shield combo

Pocholo GonzalezOn the topic of mirror image and shield combo, lets say a creature successfully attacks the real one and then the defender decides to use shield as a reaction, which comes first and which has priority?

9:05 PM
@AncientSwordRage Honestly, it was. And it's no fun to be out of the situation, either.

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