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12:03 AM
@trogdor hey! He's at least entertaining mediocrity
I can't argue against that
I've actually enjoyed every movie I've seen him in
But i also wouldn't nominate him for any awards in most of them
Sorry Jack, nothing personal
I do think he did an amazing job in the Jumanji movie though
The first one he was in at least, i haven't seen the sequel
I really liked him in Jumanji, more than I expected to
Rolemaster last night: I botched my "Were the sheep killed by a werewolf? 'cus they obviously were!" Roll ( minus 80, on a 1-100 scale. 100+ for a proper success).
I am convinced that sheep will naturally attack each other, self-culling to thin their herd, and nothing untoward has happened.
12:14 AM
...there's an InCryptid novel where sheep get infected with lycanthropy and actually are attacking each other.
@BESW Cool! :D
The obvious "far-too-large wolf tracks" are overlapping sheep-hoof-prints.
The severed sheep-head stuck in a tree, 20' up, I am struggling to fit into my theory, but sheep have been known to stand on each other, to make "pyramids". perfectly normal behaviour.
Clearly, they are escaped circus-sheep.
Of course! Much more likely explanation!
@BESW LOL. I'm pretty sure that things like bighorns can get pretty mean, actually
Although we have met a werewolf, and we heard a odd wolf-howl last night, and we have heard rumours of a wolf-man in this area ... but yeah, circus-sheep attacking each other. That's what it was! :D
12:19 AM
That feels like the most logical explanation, for sure
I do like Rolemaster, if frustrating at times, for it's roll-up and roll-down rules! I also rolled 217 (on a 1-100) (plus skill 35) for a Local Culture "Where might this small shard of Stained Glass come from?"
It is clearly from the Tabernacle of Saint Sarah, 5 miles from here, south-west. Third window from the left. Part of the frieze showing her performing the Miracle of the Crows. See that yellow bit? Crow's beak.
You think "Nat20" is good ... wait until your 1-100 roll comes out over 400! :D
(If you roll 01-05, you roll again and subtract. If you roll 96-00, roll again and add. Rinse, repeat)
12:51 AM
Q: Are there any examples in published D&D material of how to destroy a lich's phylactery?

NathanSAccording to the D&D 5e Monster Manual, regarding destroying a phylactery, it says: Destroying a lich's phylactery is no easy task and often requires a special ritual, item, or weapon. Every phylactery is unique, and discovering the key to its destruction is a quest in and of itself. --...

1:16 AM
@Miniman passed along your note. Not a problem, but thanks for the self-recognition.
Hi @nitsua60 did you hear anything back about chainmail?
I did, and gave the user your username so they could ping you in chat. Did you hear anything about chainmail?
@nitsua60 Thanks. I have not heard anything here.
I'm at a bit of a loose end (loose link?), as my order for more material has not arrived yet :(
1:44 AM
Does anyone have advice for creating a character's backstory? like details and whatnot? I don't have much creativity to work with
It's for a campaign where the backstory is actually going to be important so I can't skimp on the details really
Do you have an outline, any details, or an idea or two?
A very few details
Also what game is it for? I would guess 5e D&D but i can always be wrong
@BlackSpike I know a little about chainmail. What was the question?
1:47 AM
@Adeptus I'm a n00b, and starting to make some. Just looking for general advice, really
What i usually do is really dip into who i want to be while playing the game
Pretty much I have the background part of character creation (acolyte), both parents dead, father to some monster and mother during birth. marked by a goddess, served in her temple, and motivations are at least partially to serve said goddess. And yes it's D&D 5e
What makes you happy to role play or at least pretend you might role play
So far, my gf and I have put about 200 rings of Euro 4:1 together. 2mm x 10mm rings. We're making a Witcher cosplay.
What makes you feel powerful and good
Or powerful and bad if its an evil campaign but wtv
1:50 AM
I'm not sure I follow
Mm ok
How about starting with how you feel about any of those details you mentioned yourself
Whichever one you want
If its a specific campaign, with important details, you need to link the character's backstory into the Setting. Hard to give detail advice without knowing the setting, but a system we use is:
Good, Bad, Ugly. Name 3 people your PC knows. One is friendly, helpful (Good). One is hostile, a rival or enemy (Bad) and the other is "complicated". (Ugly).
@BlackSpike I've only made little pieces myself. But one of my friends has made it his day job. firebear.com.au
For example, do you like this goddesses portfolio/ personality?
My character would be happy to serve this goddess in pretty much any way if that's what you mean
1:54 AM
So is that entirely out of being grateful or do they also like what she stands for in particular?
@Adeptus Nice. I'll check it out. I doubt we'll "go professional". Still working on basic questions, like what size rings to use, what metal is good (saw a decent deal on Mild Steel, but not sure if that's a good idea). etc. Once we've got the costume we want, we might expand :)
I guess it'd be liking what she stands for?
@Adeptus The chainmail dice bags are sold out =(
Ok so what is that?
@Himitsu_no_Yami My advice would be that if the backstory is going to be important to the campaign, work closely with the DM in developing it.
1:57 AM
@nitsua60 We will make some dice bags. Anyone who dabbles in chainmail makes dice bags. It is The Law!
@Miniman tried, he's not being very helpful
I'm not familiar with the 5e Pantheon and i also don't know which godess this is anyway
@trogdor it's not an official goddess, that part is homebrew
@Himitsu_no_Yami Ouch. Then yeah, I'd go with trogdor - concentrate on what you find fun.
Ah ok
That kinda makes it harder but
1:59 AM
@Adeptus Big Question is Decent Prices on rings. UK here, so shipping from West-Pond, or Down-Under gets expensive.
Who does the character miss/look up to/envy etc and why
If your character has this conviction towards this goddess and what she stands for, you have a good starting point for a pillar of what your character is
@BlackSpike if it's just for costume, not actual protection, go for the lightest you can get. Movies often use aluminium (or even plastic)
I suppose this is a good time to pimp my Android Apps? Pitched as "Inspirational", in that they are Random lists you can be inspired by, they include lots of random words, categorised, and formatted!
There is a Random Character App, which includes some (vague) motivations, and such, along with other things
It shouldn't be everything but i always like to start with one big thing
And i build around that
2:04 AM
@Adeptus Light is good :) we'll stick with metal, rather than plastic.
<Blatant Plug> If you like Random Words, and you like Creating PC Back Story, maybe you'll like "Mad Dwarf Inspirational Apps"
We went to NZ last year. Visited Weta Workshop, who did all the costumes & props for LOTR. Most of their chainmail was made of sliced up plastic pipe - it looks completely rubbish up close! I think they used metal for the closeups.
@Adeptus oh cool! Would love to see Weta! Yeah, i heard a lot was plastic. A lesson I learnt from painting wargaming miniatures: it doesn't have to look good up-close! It has to look good on the table, 4-6 feet away! :)
But also, they put huge amount of details into the "signature pieces", that most people would never notice
@Himitsu_no_Yami have you played "Fate"?
@BlackSpike I have not
OK. It's a cool system (that our group does not get along with).
Each PC has a bunch of "Aspects", that define who they are. Short sentences, that can be used for Bonuses and Penalties in play. Like "Devoted to The Goddess <namehere>", or "Raised in the City of <BigCity>" (insert campaign-relevant details)
If you can "bullet-point" a few things about your PC, it can give a good guide as to who they are
BESW & Trogdor have played it quite a bit, I believe
2:18 AM
Aye. And aspects are best, in my experience, when they're guided to answer questions about stakes, investment, and competence modes.
I ran one campaign ("Legends of Anglerre"/homebrew). didn't go as well as I'd have liked.
But the Aspects system has a lot going for it
But they aren't good for detailed backstory. They're supposed to leave lots of space for discovering while you play, like 13th Age's backgrounds.
Yeah i would not suggest em for this
true, but broadening the concept: I found one way to 'produce' Aspects was to write a bit of prose, describing the PC. Then pick a few sentences, and call them Aspects!
For @Himitsu_no_Yami 's circumstance, I'm suggesting the opposite! :) Try to define a few pithy, short Aspects, and then write a background (big stack of prose) around them :)
I think my biggest problem will be getting form the short list of things to the detailed stuff
2:26 AM
That's not easy
I usually wait for a bolt of inspiration for that
Having trawled a few Author forums, the main advice seems to be "Just Write!" . Type out a load of stuff. Whatever. Get something written.
You can then change things.
I can't even get to the "just write" part
idek what to start writing
So, you've got:
Devoted to Goddess
Served in the Temple
well, my shift is over so I'm getting off and headed home
y'all have a good night
@Himitsu_no_Yami and yourself :)
My problem is writing anything approaching good, original stuff ... I can sit and type until the cows come home. But then I look at it, and think "that's a load of derivative, uninspired tosh" ...
I then embrace that, and steal ideas from anything I can find! mix'n'match !
My current PC's background can be summarised as:
Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves - Road to Damascus - People's Front of Judea
My previous (Exalted) PC was:
Boy Named Sue - Masque of the Red Death - Drunken Master
2:38 AM
It's not worth coming up with completely unique ideas for RPGs, imo.

The story-character combination will likely be unique enough. And I'm not trying to sell a brand new story.
@goodguy5 Well, there are no new stories :) But each new iteration will be unique
2:51 AM
Even my current PC is a reprise of a previous PC!
Last one was Exuberant Healer (takes on others wounds). Always looking for new and interesting conditions!
Current is grumpy! "Call that a wound? pffft"
Q: How to deal with a player who says no all the time?

Emily DaileyI am a fairly new DM. I am playing with a group I have tried to DM and have played with as a PC. There is one person in that group that plays as a PC that says no, AKA he is the opposite of a murder hobo. When faced with a decision or a turning point in the story he will say no to most of the p...

Q: Does gaining an armor proficiency from your class also give you the ability score increase from the corresponding armor proficiency feat?

phunkinmonkeyOld school RPer coming back after long gaming hiatus and new to D&D 5e. Liking what I see, and happy to be rid of THAC0, lol. As I'm reading, it seems feats are a little different now and fewer and further between when leveling, so I'm guessing they're more valuable than they used to be. Going...

I think my favorite healer in any campaign was the one that shouted about your wounds like a drill sergeant that didn't get his morning coffee. "CALL THAT A STAB WOUND YOU'RE PATHETIC. RUB SOME DIRT IN IT AND WALK IT OFF."
My dad was in your campaign?
I'm an uncle to a sheep?
(His "cure" for everything was a five-mile run. Preferably hard enough to make you puke.)
2:59 AM
heh. I have a Vow to heal anyone that asks ... I am considering learning "Silence" spell ... :D
(ugh... just saw the visuals that YTer put over the song....)
@nitsua60 always a problem that
The price of progress some might say
Anyhoo, it's OMG o'clock.
catch y'all on the flipside
3:54 AM
Q: Does Lightning Bolt hit both a mount and its rider?

as.beaulieuI have a wizard casting Lightning bolt at a flying mount (Griffon), hoping to hit both the mount and its rider. The DM has determined that I have hit the mount, but we have the question of if this also hits the rider as well? How does Lightning Bolt work when targeting both a mount and the ride...

5 hours later…
8:58 AM
@BlackSpike an accurate description of the time
4 hours later…
1:03 PM
@BESW this is yet another reason to drop by RPGSE chat. Insights into coffee. (I use a bit of cinnamon and a bit of nutmeg)
@Carcer my grandmother didn't do it, but my dad did.
@Himitsu_no_Yami Yes, I'll get you a link to a good discussion on that
@BlackSpike a friend of mine made one of spring steel back in the late 70's.
Not a metallurgist, nor an expert on metalworking, but aluminium is more difficult to work with because it work-hardens fairly quickly, whereas steels (especially mild ones) can be much more forgiving
1:23 PM
Wire Diameter, The ring’s size is described by their inner diameter. I recommend the wire to be 1/6 or 1/7 of the rings inner diameter. The wire is usually offered in sizes of 1.0mm, 1.2mm and 1.4mm. With 1.0mm wire you can build 6mm or 7mm rings. With 1.2mm wire you can build 8mm and 9mm rings. And with 1.4mm wire you can build 10mm and 11mm rings
Copper is an interesting call if you're starting out. A spot expensive and quite heavy, but softer meaning it is more forgiving to work with.
1:47 PM
Q: Would it be unbalanced to offer a cambion's Fiendish Blessing as a racial feat for a tiefling player?

RallozarXThe Cambion monster in the MM p.36 has the trait Fiendish Bleesing: Fiendish Blessing The AC of the cambion includes its Charisma bonus. Would it be unbalanced to offer my player's tiefling paladin a reskinned version as a racial feat (Feat as in instead of ASI)? Reskinned: Fiendish Bl...

2:13 PM
Update on my bus strike - the union and the region are meeting today to resume talking. I am hoping we can reach an agreement soon. I don't know if we will but maybe we can make a good start so I and many others can have transit again.
I saw we, but I'm not actually part of any of it, short of riding the bus every day.
@Ash I hope that works out well for the union.
Same, I hope the region understands how valuable these people are and how we do need to treat them better.
2:45 PM
Why on earth would those people be valuable, they only provide the necessary work of providing essential transportation of people needed to keep the county moving. /s
3:00 PM
is there a way to do in-line spoilers in answers or are they all block quotes?
@G.Moylan All block quotes.
All they do all day is sit in a chair and turn some knobs and levers, anyone could do that! If they wanted good pay they should get a real job. /s
(side rant: the "get a real job" response is terrible; it acknowledges that of course this job is important and someone needs to do it, but says that whoever does it doesn't deserve a living wage for doing it.)
@doppelgreener "Get a real job!" -- People who've never struggled a day in their life or are vastly out of touch, or both
@doppelgreener also boo. I'll make it work
i get the impression more people in my generation (milennials basically) have either done food service work or have close friends that did, than people in older generations
and we have a better understanding of what a nightmare those jobs can be
well, everything is certainly romanticized as being "better back then" but I would bet that food service has always been crappy. The fact that minimum wage hasn't adequately increased to make jobs like that livable anymore is what makes them particularly rough these days
It used to be viable to work a summer job and pay for a year of schooling
but then government-backed student loans came along
and just like insurance companies, schools realized they could milk the crap out of the government, so they did
I didn't even get a cost of living increase this year
3:15 PM
honestly, i didn't give anyone a raise this year, but i've always given a pretty decent raise over the past years. THey numbers just couldn't support it and we pay well above minimum wage.
not getting a cost of living increase is literally losing money. I take home to same # of dollars I did last year but they don't go as far
@G.Moylan I'm a fan of insisting people "get a haircut and get a job" while they're in a meeting with me and obviously have both. I find this especially useful after mentions of "millennials" or "lazy users"
@GcL #justboomerthings
Hasn't come up yet, but I'd probably use it after a mention of "boomer" as well.
Cost of living increases shouldn't be viewed or treated as raises, IMO. They're a necessity in order to keep up with livable wages
3:20 PM
@G.Moylan Somewhat agree, but you also need to look at it from the other side. If the money isn't there to pay more, then that's a problem.
@NautArch A response to that might be that you then can't afford the people that you have. If the employees can't be fairly compensated because you're paying too much otherwise, there's an issue in budget priorities, presumably.
@G.Moylan So you'd recommend lettingsomeone go so that I can pay the others more?
Or should I stop providing healthcare?
I know it's more complex than that, and it's easy to complain without being constructive. I think I'm just salty because I know my company makes enough to manage a miniscule raise and I'm already underpaid
nothing is easy and there are multiple sides and issues that need to be considered.
even with the strike there are likely specifics that may sway from one side to the other.
and the raise isn't just for you, but for everyone, and that plus taxes adds up.
I know. I think I'm just argumentative right now. I'm not trying to start anything. My apologies.
3:25 PM
I guess i'm just saying I try to do right for my employees, but sometimes there are hard decisions we all need to accept.
me too :)
and i can just let you vent :)(
I'm just frustrated. About a lot of things.
There are a lot of things to be frustrated by
@NautArch Like the difference in number of buns sold in a package and number of franks!
@GcL I've seen that recently beginning to change
@G.Moylan the franks come in smaller packages for the same price, so it isn't much of an improvement, but at least you're buying fewer buns
at least certain brands. Not sure if all yet
The weather today is yucky. There's a thick slush on everything
3:47 PM
one might make an argument that if your business can't afford to pay your employees a decent living wage then your business is bad
@NautArch usually the issue is the concentration of finance flow at the top
i.e. the company overall has enough money going out to employee paychecks that it can pay everyone a living wage and then some, but the allocation of pay is instead divvied up such that the folks at the top get an extraordinarily large share to the extent that other peoples' shares have to give way beyond reason
@doppelgreener Yeah, this is generally my sense. When employers say "I'd have to let people go to pay you better!", that's generally a false choice, designed to protect the profits of the bosses.
but I personally prefer to make the argument that the state should provide a basic income to everyone to accommodate the cost of living because that would be trivially affordable under a progressive tax regime
then it becomes impossible for an employer to pay you too little to live on
i would also dig that, there's a lot of places experimenting with it
3:49 PM
there have been a few experiments in places but the grip of neoliberal economics is stronk
I don't expect anywhere to actually go ahead and implement it.
at least not this decade.
@GcL I just use regular bread, fold along the diagonal and it fits pretty fine. Saves money, uses less carbs, and is a great use for the ankles of the loaf.
I'm still paying myself less than I earned years ago before running my own company. Yes, I make more than the folks at the lowest level, but I really do try and make it so that everyone can live while working for me.
@Carcer I've seen it implemented on local scales.
@DavidCoffron I don't eat bread much anymore anyway. I seem to recall a Steve Martin bit about it though.
@DavidCoffron I know of places that have done small-scale experiments involving a limited subset of their population, but nothing widespread and long-term
3:53 PM
@Carcer Ah true, the examples I've seen were short-term
and it doesn't really work unless you can get everyone to buy into it, it's kind of about changing the value of the relationship between employers and employees
@Carcer Right, if an employee is less reliant on compensation from the employer, then the employer has less power in the dynamic.
(not commenting on whether that is good or bad, but that's how it shakes out)
@DavidCoffron yeah, the employer cannot keep you working in crap conditions under the threat of destitution
@doppelgreener I was a short order cook at age 15, and my first job at age 12 was sweeping a mopping floors in an apartment complex. for pay.
but also, the employer may not actually have to pay you as much as they currently do anyway, because your income is already subsidised by the state
3:57 PM
@Carcer That's one of the criticisms I've seen for the trials of UBI. If not everyone is receiving it, you don't see the reaction from employers (or whether there would be one in practice)
@DavidCoffron yeah. I don't believe you can viably test it at a limited scale, and I don't expect small-scale tests to encourage broader takeup
On one hand, a truly universal bonus sidesteps the worst of the tall poppy objections to it. On the other, I don't think it's proof against discouraging quality work. E.g. if I were receiving a kilobuck for doing nothing, odds are high that I would quickly ditch productive work and would dedicate my newly freed five workdays to hobbies, which would only be incidentally productive (or not at all).
UBI isn't meant to be enough support your luxrious lifestyle
it's basic living expenses
you still have to work to be able to live well
as automation increasingly reduces the amount of actual work required from humans, as well, I think we are ultimately going to get to a state where there isn't necessarily anything productive for every given person
@Carcer Right, but that could see many people working only part time and just settling for lower living expenses
I'm unsure whether American society (where I am) could subsist on 3- or 4-day workweeks (or shorter workdays), since many jobs require overtime as a result of high labor standards
I get that. But it creates a big motivational entry hurdle. It's a choice between, say, 0 and 10 units of work done, but only a move from 10 to 20, or, depending on exactly how much UBI is being proposed, from 10 to 11 units of reward.

How much *is* being proposed?
4:09 PM
@DavidCoffron Also, if not everyone is receiving it, it's not UBI.
@vicky_molokh In American politics (what I'm familiar with), it is typically around $1,000/month from what I've seen, but different circles give different numbers.
@DavidCoffron Ah. Well my above analysis was based on the exact same number ('a kilobuck').
@vicky_molokh Right. If I, personally, got $1000/month I would try to work half as much (presently I work 40 hours a week). If all of my coworkers did likewise, the business I work for could not persist with the current number of employees.
@Carcer This is the big underrated point about UBI: As productivity increases, the amount of necessary work each individual human needs to do gets a lot lower, to the point where if our labor is only organized around necessary work (like it still is) then people are going to become jobless and homeless through no fault of their own.
(Is a big reason why we're going to need UBI in some form, even if we don't otherwise reorganize society around Socialist ideals)
@Xirema Interestingly, the productivity is still increasing (as in the number of goods and services provided), so really what is happening is the money that these extra goods and services make are being siphoned to particular parts of society.
4:17 PM
@DavidCoffron Also very true.
@Carcer I've never found a lack of work to be done. Automating stuff usually just frees up people to do more important work... like interacting with other people.
@KorvinStarmast Oh, yeah, I definitely don't think it didn't exist. And I find I can get along a bit better with people who've worked service jobs lol.
So I am glad yet not glad you've experienced some of the pain :P
I've done a bit of those too and they're good jobs.
@GcL One great example of that is bank tellers. When ATMs and computerized transactions happened the job of the bank tellers just became more about customer service and sales
I think my favorite question is usually, "If you didn't have to work on these spreadsheets, what do you think you could get done around here?"
@DavidCoffron Yeah. That's usually the kind of answer I get. Something along the lines of helping people not gum up the works in the first place instead of turning cranks to fix stuff.
4:52 PM
@GcL sure, at the moment there's still enough work to go around that automation is broadly just changing the distribution of jobs overall
but it is, eventually, going to start overall requiring less work from humans.
5:29 PM
Q: Was this question closed because it was about realism/verisimiltude?

DronzWas this question closed because it was about realism/verisimiltude? Or some other reason(s)? Is it possible to wield a 'greatsword'? Not that it's a great question, or isn't easily answerable by searching the web for the many articles and videos that discuss the general subject. It's marked ...

Anyone else getting a different color in the dropdown box for rep changes?
@NautArch It has turned a reddish orange for me.
@Xirema yup
@NautArch It also turned green on the Code Golf stack. Apparently the color is now the same as general hyperlink colors on whichever stack you're on.
@Xirema nods Same for me
5:54 PM
I believe there is an MSE post about the bug.
Q: Notification links sometimes showing in wrong color on some sites

tchristWhen you check your notifications, they can come up the wrong color. This is brand new, and it depends on the site. This is on ELU: Whereas this is on MSE (or SO): and this is on Mi Yodeya: It’s also been reported to happen from a cell phone, where some links are red and othe...

Hey look there it is ^ lol
6:51 PM
sigh Bus strike talks netted no movement, strike continues until further notice, no new date for negotiation.
7:12 PM
@Carcer That's the dream. Hopefully. I've yet to run into that. I think the big problem now is moving or training people. Having an automated system cover most of what used to occupy someone's time is great only if there's a plan or mechanism that allows them to transition to something new. People are valuable, but really difficult to move around.
7:23 PM
Thanks to @KorvinStarmast and @Someone_Evil for chainmail tips. Still awaiting supplies. Fingers are itching to get some work done! :)
@BlackSpike You may want to put something on your fingers so that doesn't bother you when it's time to get to work :P
@NautArch :P
I'm reading everything I can find about it. All the weaves, tips'n'tricks, looking at some of the amazing creations people make ...
and then looking at my 2" square basic chain ...
7:41 PM
something something "the longest journey begins with a single step"
@goodguy5 Isn't that true of the shortest as well? or do those being with a mis-step?
I mean, yes, but that's not as inspirational
True. More un-spirational. I think dungeons should have those posters in them. "Don't worry. You're not the first adventuring party to fail" or "Fleeing is always an option. Tell your friends."
7:53 PM
I wrote a eulogy for our dead monk.
A murderous tear in me eye
aw man. PCs
can't live without em
can't live with em

on account of the murder
So to the people who helped me last night, thank you and we've got something worked out for my character with some help from both the DM and the author of the book i'm pulling the character from
8:10 PM
what're you working with, yami?
@Xirema The joke, of course, is that the "dismantling of the order of a sovereign city" references a single event, where the monk freed a prisoner who was about to be executed in an extremely inhumane way by a corrupt judiciary, and my character's response was "I, too, enjoy breaking the law"
I'm playing a fire genasi but both of my parents were human. I was marked from birth by a goddess of fire. The DM added this part: The people feared you when you were cast aflame, killing your mother in labor. It's as if fate played some sick joke on you. It wasn't until you were a few years old when you first saw her [the goddess] in your dreams.
Sounds like Hiei (Yu Yu Hakisho), except you're not a murderous cretin.
@Himitsu_no_Yami Personally I feel like I might have some issues with that god.
idk I like it personally
8:12 PM
I mean, could she not wait an hour?
A cleansing fire!
@Himitsu_no_Yami I, for one, like less mother murder. That just doesn't sound like fun. It's like the children our fantasy settings always seem to end up okay... even if the players have to literally divert an entire river into an oncoming army to make it so.
@Himitsu_no_Yami Plenty of other sick jokes that don't involve that. Like cute ones... like a baby that hiccups little bursts of fire. It's cute until the drapes are on fire. Then it's a real problem and protection from elements becomes a necessity.
I know of at least one DM I've played with who would have no qualms killing all the children too
@Himitsu_no_Yami Probably a clue that might not be a person you want to spend a lot of time around.
8:16 PM
I had already said in the backstory that my mother died giving birth to me, DM just decided that was the way it happened
Peas in a pod I guess.
@Himitsu_no_Yami I mean it's fine, dying in labour is a thing that happens and I don't think a story that has that but in a magical way is inherently bad
I just reckon that character might have some grievances to discuss with the ol' godly benefactor
"It's nice to meet you and everything, but did you absolutely HAVE to kill my mother?"
Do you want Kratos? Because that's how you get Kratos.
"how was i supposed to know you'd be premature? with all of these half-elves, half-orcs, and half-whatevers running around, guessing the gestation period's a toss of a coin to your witcher"
@goodguy5 Oh yeah. That guy killed like... a dozen deities.
8:29 PM
Does God of War ever touch on what happens to religion and prayer after basically removing entire pantheons?
Like, villages and cities that prospered, they thought because of their piety, suddenly fall out of favor for, at the time, unknown reasons?
God of Fwar takes place years afterwards so they don't really get into it.
8:41 PM
@goodguy5 "Hello. We have received and appreciate your prayers. Unfortunately Ares isn't in right now on account of being stabbed to death. Please try again at a better time."
@GcL Well, they rebranded to Kratos.
Currently headquartered in Scandinavia though for tax reasons.
@GcL "I've tried praying to the gods, but my prayers keep getting returned and someone's written 'not known at this address' on them"
@goodguy5 Deicide causes null pointer exceptions, so prayer might crash the engine if there isn't proper error handling
@MikeQ [achieves chim]
@Carcer unfortunately, capitalization is important here, therefore you have zero summed...
8:52 PM
@MikeQ Reasonably sure he also killed the god of locomotives, so starting engines is probably more of a problem now
Q: Can the target of a Sanctuary spell use the help action in combat?

aaron9eeeI have a Life Cleric who would like to help the party "Big Guns" be more effective in combat, but do so in a way that (hopefully) doesn't increase my healing load. The Sanctuary spell forces enemies to make a Wisdom save in order to attack me, unless I end the spell by “If the warded creatu...

9:13 PM
can anyone savvy in ssh meet me in not a bar?
I want my bashrc settings to be persisted across ssh.
I'll pop over
9:39 PM
Related question: Can we SSH into not a bar
we? no
someone likely can
@MikeQ I think that usually happens in a library when you're being too loud.... and since a library isn't a bar... yes.
2 hours later…
11:57 PM
Q: How can I have a Roll Macro to show different Results in Roll20?

TorstenI would like to roll for the random Chaos Bolt (first level spell) damage type, which is variable. In play, I have to roll 1d8 and as a result I get the damage type of the spell: I guess it should be something like: &{template:default} {{name=Damage Type}} {{[[1d8]]|acid|cold|fire|force|lig...

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