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1:19 AM
@BESW I've been listening to a NZ metal band called Alien Weaponry. 2 of them are brothers, half Dutch, half Maori (don't know about the 3rd). They look "white" but embrace their Maori heritage & mostly sing in Maori language.
@Adeptus for some dumb reason, my brain interpreted "Maori" as "Maliwan", like from Borderlands
Not to be confused with Malian, of or pertaining to the nation of Mali.
1:34 AM
btw, I tried out an idea and I liked it a lot.

in 5e, inspiration exists. I was giving one out at the start of every game, and then another if you brought stuff (usually candy or beer). The problem was that I felt like players were hoarding them and not using them on others.

So, I posed to the group: How about instead of the one free one at the start, I give you two free ones, except you can only use them on someone else.

Achieved exactly what I wanted.
1:46 AM
@goodguy5 "Can only use inspiration on someone else" is a good idea in general.
and inspiration gained from roleplaying is still normal
Yeah, I really like "do good things for others" mechanics.
@goodguy5 I don't see how that's even necessary. I'm applying this to all inspiration next time I run D&D.
@MarkWells not necessary, but If I give an inspiration, I want them to be able to use it how they like
Might also allow players to give each other inspiration, like, what was it, Primetime Adventures?
2 hours later…
3:27 AM
@doppelgreener it's all part of learning how to earn a living, I guess. One step at a time ...
@NautArch yes, red
One last try: anyone have experience with Obsidian Portal or another (free) campaign website platform, and want to advise me on which to pick?
I have not, sorry. :(
huzzah, I just earned review queue privileges in Meta SE, which some of us think is soon to be shut down. We'll see.
Q: Is it okay to have a DMPC who is also the BBEG?

Charlotte I don't want to make my DMPC star of the show by any means, I realize how important it is to let the characters do their own thing. I want this character to act in the background and support the other characters from the side, not for party benefit, but because it benefits the DMPC character. The...

3:46 AM
@nitsua60 I've used Obsidian portal for an online campaign. It was a pretty nice wiki
went with the paid offering.
The failing was the same as any wiki... it's only as good as the people are willing to put time into it.
For the current table tops, the players keep their own shared google documents for notes, inventory, character sheets. That seems to be as much as they need.
3 hours later…
6:45 AM
Q: How do I handle players murderhoboism of giants in chapter 10 of Storm King's Thunder

JordiThe following question contains major spoilers for the Storm King's Thunder campaign. I'm currently running Storm King's Thunder for my party and I read up on chapter 10 of the book where the party visits Maelstrom. In this chapter the party is supposed to have an audience with the Storm King's ...

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8:02 AM
Nova Drift is 33% off ($9.99) on chrono.gg for the next 10 hours: https://www.chrono.gg/?=NovaDrift
It's an addictively fun game with lots of replayability. I would definitely recommend it. The developer is also quite active and responsive in the Discord (there's a link at the bottom of the Early Access box on the Steam product page), and the community is friendly and helpful. I'm personally not very good at the game, but I can't help but get sucked in each time I sit down to play.
(Full disclosure: I'm a mod on their Discord and subreddit.)
@Xirema "The image you are requesting does not exist or is no longer available." If that's your dead monk's eulogy, was his name "The image you are requesting"? :P
8:28 AM
Today in Why Are You Banging Your Head Against The Wall?
it's really nice
oh specifically the title page eh
8:45 AM
Yeah, the heaviest and lightest weights of my chosen typeface do that when Affinity Publisher exports a PDF.
I see the one you showed me normally
Yeah, that one uses the middle weights.
ah ok
9:13 AM
Interesting dichotomy. May be of use for those who don't like the term 'murderhobo'.
1 hour later…
10:23 AM
good night, folks
good morning though
It's always morning in the Internet.
11:01 AM
> What a Hobo is.
By the general public the term “hobo” is applied to all species of the tramp genus, but among the vagabonds themselves this appellation is restricted to a certain class. A “hobo” is a tramp who begs, but will work rather than commit crime. A criminal tramp who does not hesitate to commit larceny, robbery or burglary is known among the fraternity as a “yag.” The latter class never works unless under penal duress. The “yag” never affiliates with the “hobo” and each is proud of his exclusiveness. The usual salutation by which unknown tramps recognise each is the query: “Have
(that was tough to read, so here's my transcription.)
No citation or attribution, tsk.
I cannot find any dictionary acknowledgement of “yag” being used for anything other than a chemistry term coined in the 60s, or really any acknowledgement of it being used that way anywhere.
I mean the paper itself provides no citation or attribution, sorry.
@doppelgreener Can't say I'm surprised - dictionaries often miss out on the slang of small subcultures, especially in/from an era when less stuff was documented in writing than today.
Dictionaries also draw no such distinction between tramp and hobo (in fact Cambridge draws the opposite) so I suspect this person may have been doing the equivalent of our dear "but what's the difference between a wizard, sorcerer, and mage?" questions, where we'll see people diving in to making taxonomies rather than acknowledging they all mean the same thing, or informed by the same.
(Alternately word usage evolved in the last 120 years and diminished any difference, which is likely if that was ever true, though that means the definition of ≥120 years ago doesn't necessarily have any relevance to today.)
@doppelgreener I think the wizard/mage/sorcerer example actually demonstrates that terminology varies by subculture. E.g. to a D&Der, the sorcerer is more spontaneous and the wizard more scholarly, while to MtAer, the mage is the dynamic-spontaneous meaning and the sorcerer is the static-scholarly type.
11:11 AM
@vicky_molokh Well, yeah, totally. That's exactly how it is. They all just mean "magic user" and different fantasy canons have assigned those words to different kinds of magic users. But then you have people stepping back and trying to construct a magic user taxonomy in a void as if there was ever one universal one to begin with.
@doppelgreener So when talking about MtA, it's useful to follow MtA's way of splitting terminology, and when talking about other groups, it's useful to follow those groups' way of splitting terminology.
Like someone assuming that before all these fantasy stories rose up in the last 200-400 years, there was some specific difference between wizard, sorcerer, and mage that cleanly distinguished them as separate back them, and all these fantasy stories were just drawing upon those existing distinctions.
And then asking what those distinctions are as though they existed and have been carried through and still really exist to be found.
(Such distinctions never existed to begin with, and fantasy has layered all kinds of things on top of them.)
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12:31 PM
@GcL Thank you.
1 hour later…
1:53 PM
Q: What happens to a lich's soul when it dies with a Ring of Mind Shielding?

Dfvx990mq321plWhat happens to a lich's soul when it dies with a Ring of Mind Shielding? Normally, a lich's soul goes to the phylactery. But the Ring of Mind Shielding also takes a soul. Does the lich choose where to go or does one overrule the other? My interpretation is, the ring takes the soul. The wording...

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2:58 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in answer, bad keyword with email in answer, email in answer, pattern-matching email in answer, potentially bad keyword in answer (348): How does the ability to cast healing spells affect a monster's CR? by Daniel Bohm on rpg.SE
Deleted in 25 seconds. Very nice lol
Is it just the power of smokey's algorithmically enhanced powers that gets those deleted, or do any actual users have the chance to pitch a flag in?
@Someone_Evil It can be either, but in this case I used a diamond on it.
The why does it show as deleted by the community user?
Ah because I flagged it as spam instead of just deleting it. When spam-flag deletions happen they are attributed to Community. And flagging spam is always the way to go since it feeds into the spam rammer.
3:15 PM
So it got two spam flag (based on the downvotes) which were yours and smokey; which deleted the answer as deleted/destroyed the user. Would this be counted as moderator or community actions with re. the by year statistics, do you know?
@Someone_Evil Well the destruction I have to do manually. So that's a separate process and will definitely count as moderator action.
The deletion I'm not entirely sure actually. According to Shog9, it only counts as a moderator action if it is unilateral. I'm not sure what the system counts the community user as, but I'm guessing it isn't counted as a moderator. So I would guess it would count as a community deletion.
It's probably moderator, because your flag deletes it (when it would have required more flags if it were just normal users). But because it was deleted through flags, it is attributed to community
I guess if we wanted to know for sure we would have to ask SE, but I'm not sure it is worth the effort. At least on my part
3:32 PM
@Someone_Evil From what I understand, to take a normal case, if 2 users vote to delete and then the moderator casts the final vote or even the second vote, it still counts as community.
Right, @rubiks. Mods == one mod vote to close. Comm == 1 to n non-mod votes. A thorough analysis of how closing is done on a site must usually involve other data. — Shog9 Jan 4 at 19:01
Yeah, this is presumably in the "answers flagged by moderator" category, of which there were 102 last year, which actually explains what kind of activity that is because you have little other reason to flag answers, no?
@Someone_Evil We certainly don't flag many other answers, but I do occasionally. Only the red flags will automatically delete. I'll throw the occasional NAA or other flag out there.
Of course R/A flags as well.
4:08 PM
Rolling 2d20 on the Kobold name table allows for a rather amusing result in my language
(In dnd 5e)
Do tell!
Roll 11 and 8, you'll be known as "Molo Irtos". The English equivalent'd be roughly "Dick Fellof"
Short for Richard I presume
how do you get Dick from Richard?
(har har har)
If you're asking about Grayson, all you need is red hair, energy blasts, and an alien heritage apparently.
4:14 PM
Honestly puzzled me for ages but it's not like the only weird name thing ongoing :>
the punchline is "ask nicely", kviiri
> The Germanic first or given name Richard derives from the old Germanic words "ric" (ruler, leader, king, powerful) and "hard" (strong, brave, hardy).
Well, there it is.
whatever the etymology, for personal reasons I'm glad it's not a popular nickname anymore
@Carcer I have heard of another version of this but let us not go there (:
Thanks, I hate it.
4:16 PM
> Turns out, calling someone Dick instead of Richard is a somewhat recent evolution of the nicknames Rich and Rick, both of which we also use instead of Richard to this day. As the video's host explains, it's sort of like one of those "knee bone connected to the thy bone" progressions. In the days of writing everything by hand, Rich and Rick emerged as common nicknames for Richard, and apparently, people also used to like to come up with nicknames that rhyme.
> This gave rise to nicknames like Dick and Hick around the early Thirteenth Century, but unlike Hick, Dick continues to stick around today.
Another theory^
@Rubiksmoose ~The thy bone's connected to the thou bone~
@Yuuki XD
@Yuuki Extremely Griffin McElroy voice How would it even happen like that???
@Xirema The phrase "Extremely Griffin McElroy" tickled me quite a bit.
@Xirema griffin is an absolute unit
4:25 PM
Reminds me that I need to catch up on TAZ from like, two years.
I've started listening to MBMBAM though and that's quite fun.
4:46 PM
@Someone_Evil when smoke detector is very confident it's found spam it can use actual user accounts to cast a limited number of spam votes. I can't remember how many, maybe 3. That's entirely opt-in from the users and smoke detector advises us as well that it's doing this.
But it's also got a highly vigilant distributed community with dozens of people available to respond at any given time.
Spam barely stands a chance.
Fun fact: the average time-to-deletion of spam posts detected by Smoke Detector is just below 17 seconds. (metasmoke.erwaysoftware.com/graphs) Nope, I was reading the graph wrong. It varies between 3-6 minutes depending on time of day. Still pretty good.
5:08 PM
@doppelgreener Dang, that is impressive.
@doppelgreener I am not sure you are reading that graph right?
if you're looking at the dotted line on those charts that is representative of the current time GMT
@Carcer I am not sure either now
as x-axis is hour of day
y-axis is time to deletion
my reading would be the average deletion time varies from 10 minutes to 3 minutes depending on time of day
That sounds a more likely interpretation than what I wrote but I still have no idea if it's the right one, so I'm going to open a ticket requesting they add some axis labels. :P
yeah these are not well-labelled graphs
5:14 PM
I always forget that
1. Everything in my house is either kludged or halfassed.
2. any home task, regardless of #1, takes me about 10 times longer than I expect
I had to replace a light switch that should have taken 10 minutes and took me about 2 hours
i have been recommended unf*ck your habitat as a source for keeping things orderly in a home
and I'm guessing time to deletion is actually the whole lifetime of the post rather than gap between detection/deletion
@BESW So I picked up a copy of BOOM Studio's Power Rangers, Vol. 1 yesterday.
Trying to figure out what I need to read before the Shattered Grid event because that looks interesting.
And the collected volumes are unhelpful in that they don't tell me what issues they collect.
Also picked up volume 1 of the New Superman because Chinese Superman interests me and it's written by the guy who did American Born Chinese.
Oh man that sounds very interesting.
@Someone_Evil One thing about flagging answers is that it also gets logged in (a mod-visible place of) the users' profile. So it can be easier to get to a list of posts by a user where things have gone off the rails when using flags than just by spelunking through their posts.
(One of the first things I did as a mod was notice in my own profile a new link that said "7 posts flagged" and thought "whoa, what?" Then I saw that a couple were ones I'd flagged myself to ask a mod to help with something, and a bunch of others were ones where community casts an auto-flag based on 10 answers in 2 days, or 20 comments in an hour, or other such triggers.)
5:34 PM
Coming back across our greatsword question from yesterday I've been reminded of something.
A while back I got a brief longsword lesson from eimyr, who's been practicing for a while. Turns out the point of using a sword is not usually to swing it around your body. Instead, the sword has a center of mass just past the handle: if you move the handle one way, inertia makes the center of mass want to stay in one spot, so you wind up rotating the sword around that center of mass and the tip of the sword moves the opposite way to the handle.
So the point is usually to keep the center of mass relatively steady and leverage it. It's nearly effortless to make very fast swings and adjustments if and when you're rotating the sword around its center of mass like this. It's much slower and takes much more effort to swing the whole thing around using your body or arms as a fulcrum.
@doppelgreener I don't see how this relates to my case
Naturally you can't stay like that, and you have to actually move the sword and its center of mass around, and part of the training is learning ways to do that effectively so that you don't get stabbed or exhaust yourself.
@goodguy5 it might not, i guess
Oh, I mean "home improvement task grunt grunt", rather than like "cleaning", but that's good too. thanks!
@doppelgreener ohhhh! This makes so much sense.
5:49 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Few unique characters in body (94): Is the Alchemist class presented balanced? ✏️ by Xavier Pendragon on rpg.SE
@Rubiksmoose Sorry, I accidentally rolled back your rollback :P
@kviiri No worries :)
@Rubiksmoose that's also why in Pirates of the Caribbean, Will Turner makes a comment about the blade being perfectly balanced. That's important!
Its center of mass is resting on his finger there.
pay no attention to the missing wall candelabra
5:58 PM
@kviiri Alas, it seems that OP of that question was driven away by all the stuff around their question, so it might be better off being deleted by them.
@doppelgreener :O
6:29 PM
@doppelgreener Yes, that's also the reason for a split grip (Esp with katana type blades). Rather than baseball swing, you do a "push/pull" with your hands to transmit force and move the blade.
7:01 PM
So pseudodragons are still draconic?
I'm trying to see if there's an equivalent to a Nakarkos, a creature from Monster Hunter that uses the bones of deceased wyverns to camoflage itself as a dragon when it is in fact some kind of cephalopod.
7:16 PM
@Yuuki Yep. DNDB lists them as "tiny dragons"
Tiny dragon, neutral good
So technically it's a pseudopseudodragon?
@Yuuki - Also, a 5e Monster Hunter Monster Manual (Obv homebrew, but it has the nakarkos)
Pretty cool but I'm less thinking of bringing in the Nakarkos and more whether there's already a monster that pretends to be dragons for one reason or another.
@Yuuki Mmm...closest I can think of off hand was the mimic, but that generally mimicked inanimate objects.
7:41 PM
Monster Hunter has some pretty cool monsters and biology/ecology.
8:14 PM
hello hello
i don't know why you say "goodbye", i say "hello"
I say, "Hello, hello, hello"
I just came across the tag
Seems... weirdly specific, and yet vague. It's not like we have a tag for "swinging a sword" or something. but idk
Six whole questions and no description tag.
yeah. it's on 2 Shadowrun SR5 questions 1 Savage Worlds question (no further specification), and 3 others with the SW tag and the Deadlands Reloaded tag
And all but one from 2015. I don't usually exercise myself over tag maintainance, but that's a definite burnination candidate.
Also: "Now I have Site Analytics Privs. Ho. Ho. Ho."
8:24 PM
@Novak who knows, someone might use to tag their question on how to banish a Qing Dynasty subprefectural administrative unit.
@Novak enjoy
Syn with ?
@doppelgreener I stumbled upon "yegg" which might be more known and matches in meaning
@Someone_Evil Might have some scope issue with pyromancy.
8:40 PM
Q: Are there rules for flying in difficult weather?

Guillaume F.There are multiple player races that can fly, including the Aarakocra (comes with a 50' fly speed). Are there any official rules on how the flight of these races is affected by difficult weather conditions, such as a storm or extreme winds?

Quick question. Is the throwing hammer in the Dwarf proficiencies the same as the Light Hammer?
8:52 PM
@Eternallord66 yes, see errata
It's weirdly ominous that this star has a small chance of producing a gamma-ray burst upon supernova and it's pointed in our general direction and it's in the constellation Sagittarius, or The Archer.
9:09 PM
pew pew
9:23 PM
posted on meta:
Q: Should the [shooting] tag be burninated (or synonymized with another tag)?

V2BlastThe shooting tag currently has no tag wiki/excerpt. Currently, the tag appears on 2 shadowrun-sr5 questions, 3 questions with the savage-worlds and deadlands-reloaded tags, and 1 question tagged with savage-worlds (with no further specification). It's not entirely clear to me what the specific p...

@Yuuki ooer
that's spooky
9:39 PM
Q: Should the [shooting] tag be burninated (or synonymized with another tag)?

V2BlastThe shooting tag currently has no tag wiki/excerpt. Currently, the tag appears on 2 shadowrun-sr5 questions, 3 questions with the savage-worlds and deadlands-reloaded tags, and 1 question tagged with savage-worlds (with no further specification). It's not entirely clear to me what the specific p...

@Yuuki What you talkin' bout Willis?
@Someone_Evil Which Errata?
@Eternallord66 We're all returning to stardust.
@Eternallord66 I'm just wondering why it couldn't have been in the constellation of The Blinded Man or Guy Who Just Picked Up A Bow Yesterday And Couldn't Hit The Broad Side Of A Barn.
@Eternallord66 To the PHB: “Throwing hammer” has been changed to “light hammer.”
2 hours later…
11:19 PM
@Xirema What?
I, for one, am definitely returning to Stardust. It's always worth listening to again!

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