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Q: Clarification: Paladin falls and chooses not to take the oath breaker class

HumanHickorytl;dr: How do you handle a fallen paladin? I have a level 6 player who wanted to play a lawful good aasimar paladin (oath of devotion). There have been several events which I believe have led to their fallen state. The player agreed that they're ok not being a paladin anymore. So I think that m...

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@JohnP Cool. I may not get to it tonight--two tests to grade. Then again, maybe I will =)
@nitsua60 "give in to the dark side of the farce ..."
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Q: What determines the level of spells a Ritual Caster can copy into the ritual spell book?

Zeiss IkonThe Ritual Caster feat provides for a character to learn and use a limited number of specifically marked spells from the spell list of another class -- for instance, a Sorcerer might take Ritual Caster and choose find familiar as one of the first level spells initially in the book when acquired. ...

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3:30 AM
Jamila R. Nedjadi has added community copies to all their games on itchio! "For every copy of my priced games sold, I put up a free copy for the community to pick up."
"Dragon Riding Is Easy, Isn't It?" by Hans Chun. "A game for Dragon Riders who definitely know what they're doing."
3:48 AM
@BESW I love that community copies are a thing
Probably as good a time as any to re-share this:
Sep 21 at 1:41, by BESW
Dee Pennyway has a Twitter thread walking through how they set up the discount and Community copies for Mnemonic on itchio.
Pretty much everybody else who's been using them has cited Dee as inspiration.
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Q: Can a Ranger Use Distant Strike to Pass Through Forcecage?

ninjahXDistant Strike is a Horizon Walker Ranger Feature which states: At 11th level, you gain the ability to pass between the planes in a blink of an eye. When you use the Attack action, you can teleport up to 10 feet before each attack to an unoccupied space you can see. Forcecag...

Q: Can you run, jump and flip and still attack?

Xero666A player the other night wanted to run, jump off a wall, flip over the other characters in front of him, land in front of the monster, and attack it — all in one turn. Is that actually doable?

7:27 AM
Hi all
All hi
Q: Can creatures use the Attack action without attacking?

MikeQSuppose a creature gets some benefits when they take the Attack action. For example, the Horizon Walker ranger's Distant Strike lets them teleport at will, but only when they take the Attack action. Could a creature take the Attack action and gain those benefits, without making attack rolls or o...

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In this question V2Blast makes a comment about something I should consider, then I consider it, make the updates to the question, and make a reply, then flag their comment as obsolete. Should I immediately delete my comment or will the mod look at the context and delete all obsolete comments in the thread?
@jgn Link?
Found it and I guess V2 is already on this :p
Can I ask someone opinion regarding what to do regarding a question?
I'm slightly bothered here:
Q: Is 20d6 sonic damage every turn overpowered compared to other 5th- to 7th-level character abilities?

ElmoserpeThe question is born from: Does taking the form of a Muse using Fey Form gain you the Sound Strike attack?. Is 20d6 sonic damage every turn overpowered compared to other 5th- to 7th character-level abilities? Specifically, this would be accomplished by turning into a muse using the fey form s...

The OP asked a question (B) stemming from another one (A). The question A has "yes/no/maybe" answer.
The question B state a premise (answer yes for A) and I answered based on that premise.
Another answer came (along with a downvote on my answer) explaining the premise stated by OP was wrong and answering based on the answerer's correction
9:04 AM
Link: https://rpg.stackexchange.com/a/158203/59609
(actually V2 left my comment so I guess that answers that haha)
Now, apparently, some statement in the premise were not added by OP, so that person is not too bothered by the correction. But I don't know what I'm supposed to do there in the first place: should I refrain from answering, since I'm not willing to take a stance on A, or should I answer based solely on the question and its premises, thought it might be debated later?
@Nyakouai In my personal opinion the assertions of a question should be respected, even if wrong. However once the question is answered you can address a frame challenge. Eg: Yeah it's OP, 70 damage per turn is a lot. However, it doesn't actually work that way, you don't get to keep stats, etc.
Frame challenges seem to be generally allowed without addressing the question, but in this case the question is asked specifically in the context of the answer of another question. YMMV, good luck (please take my comments as conversational replies, and not me repeating policies or guidelines, I will not defend my opinion and you are entitled to disagree and I will not argue)
I'm just asking for advices, I doubt we have a guideline for that exact case ^^ Thanks for your input.
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@jgn Usually, if the comments are obsolete (because the suggested changes have been made or whatever), it's fine to delete your own comments and flag those of the other person as no longer needed. You could flag the other person's comments as NLN without deleting your own, but assuming it's part of a back-and-forth conversation, your own obsolete comments would likely be deleted once they're "orphaned" anyway. :)
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@V2Blast that's fine, I just don't want to delete my reply before flagging theirs, and I don't want to keep checking back to see if the other comment is deleted so i can delete mine haha
@V2Blast I try to delete my own comments as soon as they're unnecessary to the post they relate to, regardless of whether they'll make other comments seem weird. Comments are for their posts.
But admittedly part of that is because I know I'll forget to go back and look at them again later.
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Kickstarter: The Nuadan Chronicles - An Electro Fantasy Tabletop RPG by Broken Dice is entering its final days. Get in while you can and explore a post-post-apocalyptic world filled with magic, electric-powered steam tech, ancient ruins, and dark secrets.
the post-post-apocalypse is old hat
I want the post-post-pre-post-apocalypse
Oh, that's the Broken Earth RPG that Green Ronin is producing for NK Jemisin.
And with that, I'm going to sleep. Enjoy this sleepy cat:
TK Johnson is soliciting celebrations of TTRPG projects. The responses are awesome.
Q: How can I use Charisma instead of Strength or Dexterity for weapon attacks without being a Hexblade warlock?

FlotolkI am building a level 2 character for D&D 5e. For story reasons (I just had to break ties with my patron, in a very fun way), I can no longer be a warlock. Is there a class (Unearthed Arcana is allowed) that will allow me to basically use the Hexblade warlock's Hex Warrior feature with a weapon...

11:46 AM
Kickstarter: Twain: A Short Game for One by J Li s a one-player emotionally immersive larp about reconnecting and texting with a crucial part of your past that doesn’t text you back. It’s about magic in real life, and the difference between how we related to it long ago and how we relate now as adults.
12:24 PM
Chicken Coup by W.H. Arthur. You are chickens living in the Coop, a mega complex for chicken-kind. As young revolutionaries, your goal is to topple the pecking order, and remove the rooster patriarch from the top.
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@Gwideon howdy!
Your Highness ;-)
How is everyone also no I ain't no royal
Wasting time on non-relevant but interesting stuff @ work, aka "i want to optimize this minor workflow"
1:24 PM
@Erik Have you tried asking "Are you open to considering a paradigm shift in doing so?"
Nono, I myself want to optimize this thingy, though it is relevant maybe thrice a year and there's a non-elegant workaround.
I'm wishing I could get into my productive creative spaces more consistently, my art brain is pretty stand-off-ish lately.
i kinda wish writers block wasn't a thing
@Gwideon I guess you tried tackling the story from a different angle, like... inventing the world, while the story is lying around?
well it's writing for a campaign so um yeah I've tried different angels
1:29 PM
@Gwideon Where are you currently 'stuck'?
I read someone, I think maybe it was NK Jemisin? saying that she finds writer's block is an actively bad model because it attributes a cause to an effect: there's always something causing the block, "writer's block" is just a way to talk about the block without identifying the thing causing it.
I'm having to write how the crew might get into the center of a blackhole so the warlock can visit his patron. I don't know how to write it in a way that doesn't make it feel like a deus ex machina
I know what's up with my block. I'm exhausted, anxious, have trouble with prioritizing and scheduling, and more to do than I can possibly do. When I sit down for a creative task all the other things seem more pressing and important, and I'm too sleep-deprived and anxious to focus on my art anyway.
it's probably more stress for me and the fact that I don't feel clever right now
send them on a series of time-tight missions where they have to keep skirting the black hole, and making navigation checks.
1:34 PM
okay sounds interesting
When I don't know what to do next for a TTRPG thing, I ask my players. "So, how will you get to the center of the black hole?"
@BESW That sounds like a decent critique of the concept
@Gwideon Is there a reason you have to come with it? Why not present the situation and see what the players come up with?
@kviiri Yeah, it was good for me to read, at least. "Writer's block" becomes, itself, a block because it creates a rhetorical obstacle against accurate diagnosis.
If I'm understanding correctly, the Patron-meeting is a surprise
1:36 PM
@goodguy5 What level of Patreon donation gets a face-to-face meeting?
@BESW 100 souls and minds
I'm trying to remember... last time I ran a D&D campaign, which was admittedly a very long time ago, we had some patron shenanigans.
not really.
Patrons visited in dreams, in near-death visions, and on one memorable occasion was just camped out at the mouth of the dungeon waiting for the party to come out.
@jgn In situations like that I usually delete my own "thanks, good point, I've updated" comment right away. It still goes to the user's inbox (if you've @-mentioned them) so they'll see it even after you delete, and then I don't have to try to remember to go back.
1:41 PM
Um the patron kinda commanded the warlock to come to his temple
Also, the always-handy avatar or envoy: "I have a message for you!"
@nitsua60 I'm pretty sure the inbox message from a deleted comment goes away
@Gwideon Oh excellent, then I'd definitely just look expectantly at the players and say "That seems difficult, how will you manage it?"
@Someone_Evil I'm quite sure I've seen people complaining about "ghost" inbox pings.
There's not a huge harm in comments like that persisting until the next person sees it and flags as NLN, though: in the aggregate I like to think that they communicate to users the expectation that (a) others will chime in to help with posts, and (b) we should be gracious in receiving that help whether we incorporate it or not.
@nitsua60 I did not know that
1:46 PM
@Someone_Evil I think there's some sort of time variable there.
I'm pretty sure that's true. Let's experiment. I'll @-comment you, @Someone_Evil on some post where you've commented, then delete it a minute later. Then in a few minutes check your inbox.
hmm difficulty
(t=0: comment posted)
@Gwideon Where is the 'black hole'? Is this on the material plane? Do you have spaceships? Is it on Astral plane?
yeah you don't have to come up with the one correct way to achieve the thing, you can let your players come up with ideas and roll with whatever sounds plausible enough
1:49 PM
@NautArch Now I'm imagining it's the Black Spot from Treasure Island.
(t=1: comment deleted)
@Carcer That's usually my approach. I'll keep a couple potential ideas in my backpocket if they get stuck, but overall for big things like that I'd rather see how clever my players are :)
Because odds are, they are more clever than me.
@nitsua60 For science!
can one with darkvision see inside of a black hole?
There was a point in D&D 3.5 where in order to get my players to pause for even a moment I had to devise situations from which I could not imagine any reprieve.
1:52 PM
@goodguy5 Yes. Because there's a lotta dark in there. (he he he)
@goodguy5 Yes, but very briefly
@Someone_Evil do you have an inbox notification of my comment?
@NautArch it's on the material plane. they have a spaceship. it's not a natural blackhole. it was created by a super weapon that destroyed most of the sector it was in. The temple in the center of the black hole is the only thing that survived.
(as temples in black holes are wont to do)
(I'm looking at you, Takhisis!)
@nitsua60 No worries. Whenever is good.
2:03 PM
@Gwideon I'm definitely more inclined to come up with potential encounters and slip them into whatever plan the players come up with.
yeah I was kinda building off what the warlock was already doing as he sent the ship off course so he could get a magical artifact.
2:41 PM
@goodguy5 <3 Dr. Horrible <3
Did you know that they wrote a musical commentary track to it?
I need to watch it again
depending on what you mean
like the commentary is also a musical?
@goodguy5 Yes lol
"no, uh, I uh... love the air... hah"
is that Arcanist question properly stackable?
I mean, it's answerable.
It may be too broad and need to be split up
I dunno, they seem sufficiently close enough to be grouped together
I think it's fine. And there are definitely ways to word it so that it's not really separate things.
@Rubiksmoose they say you get to do the weird stuff
@goodguy5 Groupies: ♫ we do the weird stuff
3:05 PM
3:22 PM
@nitsua60 Nope, but three from chat :)
why are there so many new questions lately
Because if they weren't asked lately, then they'd be old questions
@Gwideon It's a good thing! But I'm also giving myself a self-imposed exile from questions for a bit :) I think i'm in a unhealthy place for that.
yeah I guess it is
3:40 PM
Q: Where are the NPC mages' spellbooks in the Lost Mine of Phandelver adventure?

Stephan KolassaIn Lost Mine of Phandelver, the party comes across (and presumably defeats) multiple mages. These are not specifically described as Wizards, but their spellcasting is Intelligence-based, and they know spells from the Wizard spell list, so it sounds to me like they are Wizards. (If it quacks like ...

@NautArch oh yea? what's up?
Is it the Mystery Oreo Flavor?
@goodguy5 Just finding myself more argumentative, and it bleeds over to daily life (or vice versa.) THis is my high-stress travel season for work and I think it all adds up. So i'm removing a piece that actively is about debate.
Instead, i'll just hang in here and chat.
@NautArch great selfawareness!
@NautArch The prequels were good. fiteme
what's our view of old questions that don't fit our model anymore? planar merchants
3:56 PM
Does anybody know why the solid line you can use to separate parts of text doesn't appear in my question here: rpg.stackexchange.com/questions/158249
Before the three lines at the end, in the raw-text I have written "----------" but on my screen I do not see a separating line in the actual question. I have this happen a lot, perhaps there's just some formatting thing I don't know about
@Medix2 I can see it just fine, maybe your screen's contrast is turned too high?
@Medix2 I think it's something with chrome versions, but I'm not sure. Some users see the things
@goodguy5 That could also be a thing, I have no idea.
@goodguy5 I liked the third :)
It's there in incognito-mode... interesting
4:01 PM
@goodguy5 It's okay to issue close votes for them. Sometimes questions like that might be candidates for Historical Locks, though probably not that one specifically.
@goodguy5 probably not worth worrying about unless it becomes active for some reason, then treat it appropriately
4:33 PM
@Carcer "appropriately" in this case I assume means "with extreme prejudice"
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5:39 PM
Calling a Pathfinder (1e) expert.

are there any rules for sitting/crouching?
I couldn't find any
I believe that would be the Prone condition
surely crouching and being prone are different
Up to the GM then. Otherwise no, I'm unaware of sitting/crouching rules.
crouching is possible via the use of d20pfsrd.com/magic-items/wondrous-items/c-d/…
(more seriously I don't believe pf has any general rules for crouching, you're either standing or prone)
@goodguy5 I can't speak to Pathfinder specifically, but at least at my table in 5e, the only difference I'd entertain is maybe reducing the penalty for standing up to a smaller fraction of the character's total movement.
5:41 PM
one assumes that you crouch as the situation demands and that's abstracted into normal movement and hit difficulty
Knowing PF, maybe a creature needs some obscure combat feat in order to crouch
Perhaps a chain of feats so that they can crouch without penalties
armor class modifiers lists prone as granting -4 to melee AC and +4 to ranged ac.

Sitting or kneeling offer -2 and +2
so it at least acknowledges it
@goodguy5 There are for kneeling.
@JohnP other than the AC part?
@goodguy5 I'm looking. be patient padawan
5:46 PM
@JohnP It's hidden here. Ctrl+F for "Kneeling or sitting". I honestly didn't know this rule existed. Yet I'm not surprised.
@Xirema does crouching trigger the dis/adv rules?
@NautArch The Prone condition does. You get disadvantage on attack rolls, melee opponents get advantage on attack rolls, ranged opponents get disadvantage on attack rolls.
@MikeQ Yeah, I'm trying to find the sourcebook to see if there is more. There are a couple 3rd party references also I can chase down if needed.
@MikeQ I saw that, but how does one enter or exit sitting/kneeling?
5:50 PM
So if we rule that crouching is mechanically identical to being prone, that's how that plays out.
@goodguy5 No idea. "How do I sit?" might make an amusing mainsite question.
@Xirema Right, that's why I was asking how you rule "crouch".
@MikeQ Ok, it's in the core rulebook - No addition beyond that chart.
ah, gotcha
so it is mechanically equivalent with a slight change in movement cost
In that case, why would anyone choose Prone over Crouch in your games?
@NautArch Emphasis on maybe, I've not had to actually make a ruling on that before.
@NautArch Well, most of the time people don't choose to be prone. They get knocked unconscious by an attack and wake up prone, or are knocked over by a spell or effect, or get shoved to the ground.
5:56 PM
or if they're facing a bunch of ranged enemies that cannot attack this turn. prone grants +4AC
I don't think it's unreasonable to say "well, you chose to be prone by crouching, so the movement penalty doesn't need to be as steep".
@goodguy5 Disadvantage in 5e, but it's the same concept otherwise between that and pathfinder. =P
oh sorry. yea. in 5e. no reason to be prone voluntarily if you allow a "crouch"
hey there's one game using a modern setting that gave a person advantage with snipers for going prone. I don't remember were I read that
5:58 PM
@Xirema True. I can't really think of an instance where I've ever chosen to go prone.
Not like in Iron Kingdoms where my build used it.
sorry if i'm not really contributing
Yeah, there's pretty much only two scenarios I'm aware of.

1. You're trying to avoid damage from ranged attacks
2. You're trying to hide behind cover for stealth reasons
@goodguy5 Specify crouch vs 1 knee kneeling vs 2 knee kneeling.
@Xirema Yeah. I guess my wizard could do this and just use toll the dead so I don't get disadvantage issues. But if something comes up on me in melee...ouchies.
alhtough with my AC of 10, i'm getting hit no matter what usually.
@NautArch doubled chance of critical hits though. =3
6:04 PM
@Xirema yeah, and no want that!
Low AC, but good HP. I just try and stay out of the way as much as possible.
1 hour later…
7:10 PM
@MikeQ I want Supine rules. Prone-only is sooooo limiting =)
what should I do to make the ultimate healbot at level 10 for D&D 5e?
anyone have any ideas?
oh for reference we only have the PHB and XGtE
@Himitsu_no_Yami Level 9 Celestial Warlock, Level 1 Life Cleric. The Life Cleric dip is just to boost the healing of all your spells. Caveat: highly depends on taking at least an average amount of short rests to fully maximize Spell Slot recovery.
If your party tends to have 5 minute adventuring days, the warlock levels probably aren't good.
If you want to make a healbot, your only option is Artificer.
we're gonna be running part of Tomb of Annihilation
I don't think any other class has features that allow it to make robots.
7:17 PM
Good point
@Yuuki Speaking of, our Alchemist has been getting a lot of work out of her Homunculus.
btw, in reference to the standing, kneeling, prone thing for Pathfinder. We always ruled in my games that going from prone -> kneel or kneel -> stand didn't provoke AoO, so you could do it over 2 rounds with no issue.
Seems like every time she rolls for Resilience, she rolls like 12-14 TempHP.
@Xirema So I assume I max out CHA and take every healing spell I can?
Granted, the average roll should be about 11, so it's not that statistically anomalous, but it's still been a very powerful 3xday feature.
7:21 PM
@goodguy5 Taking two rounds to get up from prone to avoid AOO seems like a good trade.
and should starting class be Warlock of Cleric for proficiencies?
Hmm... I don't know much about the build, but my gut reaction is Warlock until you get your first subclass feature and then dip Cleric.
@Himitsu_no_Yami To a degree, but Celestial Warlocks don't get a ton of unique healing spells, so the idea is really just to spam out Cure Wounds at high level.
But I forget what the Celestial's first feature is.
@Himitsu_no_Yami It doesn't really make a difference, multiclassing into Cleric gives most of the same proficiencies.
7:23 PM
@Yuuki first feature is the pool of d6s to use a bonus action to heal
Warlock→Cleric and Cleric→Warlock both give proficiency in all armors (including heavy because Life domain) and proficiency in all simple weapons.
what are clerics skill profs then?
Cleric: two of History, Insight, Medicine, Persuasion, and Religion.
Warlock: two of Arcana, Deception, History, Intimidation, Investigation, Nature, and Religion.
perfect, starting as cleric then
Well, there you go.
7:27 PM
thanks for the help
Note that celestial warlock won't get the big healing spells, like Heal, Mass Healing Word, or Mass Cure Wounds
my goal is primarily keep everyone alive at all times
Yeah. It does somewhat depend on what kind of utility you need.
Like, if you need strong, bursty, single-target healing, the Celestial Warlock will be excellent.
Up to 10th level. Past that, celestial warlock doesn't really get more healing stuff.
But if you need at range, AOE healing (or healing over time) you might prefer Druid, Cleric, or paladin.
Or honestly just more reliable healing, since the Warlock will burn out both of their spell slots in a single fight against a really strong opponent. Again, see my comment about five minute adventuring days.
If your sessions spread out combat over multiple short rests and (probably) encounters, the warlock will be a lot more effective.
But if you're expecting fights will mostly consist of noncombat→repeatx20→boss fight, the warlock probably won't perform as well.
7:32 PM
Yeah, in a long fight, the celestial lock has very few healing spells, each of which won't heal as much as the cleric's higher level healing spells
Though admittedly that's generally true of warlocks in general, regardless if they're trying to fill the healbot role or not.
@Himitsu_no_Yami I know your campaign is really tough, so maybe it matters more. But in general, healbots in 5e aren't really optimal in any way.
@NautArch this is gonna be a different campaign actually
@Himitsu_no_Yami but who keeps you alive?
Well we haven't started yet but we're gonna be running Tomb of the Nine Gods and starting at level 10. There's two players controlling two characters each
7:34 PM
@NautArch I mean, also this. The only true healbot in 5e is a Druid spamming Healing Spirit, which you may struggle to convince your DM not to ban the moment they realize how broken it is. ;)
@Himitsu_no_Yami Then i'd really recommend against it. Most of the time, healing for big heals is done outside of combat.
5e really seems built for killing the enemies and not for keeping the party healed. If you have a choice to do some heals or take out an enemy combatant, the optimal choice nearly always will be the latter.
Which brings you back to a Cleric or something that eventually gets Mass Heal. You can do all the combat stuff and when it really matters, you drop a high level spell to heal and go back on the offensive.
@NautArch That is something I've been noticing. Virtually all major healing solutions heal less than the amount of damage an enemy can deal in a single round. So if you're trying to deal out spot healing, you're probably just slowing down the fight on resources better spent elsewhere.
@Xirema Yes, and this has been true in past editions as well.
This healbot is just gonna be used as an "oh shit this isn't working how we thought" button which is why I'm making it
Of course, you could play a Celestial Warlock like the guest player we had in our session this week, who cast Armor of Agathys on himself and ran away from the Wraith, leaving our Fighter and Paladin, both HP drained, to continue to soak hits. XD
7:40 PM
@Xirema I'm facepalming so hard at this guy
The other reason combat healing isn't great is because everyone else will expect you to heal them and clean up their mistakes, and will rely on your healing as a crutch instead of actual strategy.
I'm gonna be controlling two characters so I can use the healbot for one of them
@Himitsu_no_Yami I still think that's suboptimal. If the combat is balanced for all the characters, then removing one to focus on 'healing' isn't going to work. And if that character is dropped, then you've not only lost your healer, but you're still down a combatant.
I'd just focus on being a cleric, using healing when you need to, but otherwise being another damage dealer/controller.
I can understand that and I've got a character like that but I do still want to have a healbot
The most effective in-combat heal is healing word.
brings your buddy back to fight again at the cost of a measly bonus action.
@Himitsu_no_Yami nothing wrong with suboptimal decisions - as long as you understand it's suboptimal :)
7:45 PM
suboptimal decisions are sometimes the more fun decisions
@Himitsu_no_Yami In his defense, his spamming Sacred Flame was easily the highest damage of the entire group, who were all limited to non-radiant damage (the paladin was out of spell slots), and AFAIK, Wraiths have resistance to everything except Radiant, Force, and Psychic damage.
@Himitsu_no_Yami How many encounters/short rests do you typically get per day with the DM?
@NautArch I don't actually know, in the last campaign everyone died before they could get a rest. We haven't started this one yet, and I haven't played any others with him
@Himitsu_no_Yami May be worth asking the DM how they approach that. It'll be a big factor in creating a character.
But just make sure that whatever you pick, they can cast healing word
@NautArch meaning I'll probably need Cleric cus I don't wanna do Bard or Druid
7:55 PM
@Himitsu_no_Yami heh. I think you're underappreciating the bard :)
BUt clerics are really powerful
8:12 PM
@kviiri Tilting
Unless you mean evening in the time sense, in which case good evening to you as well.
Good evening and good odding
Good evening and good especiallying.
Good evening and good adaming to everyone
Wouldn't it be adamning?
8:18 PM
Q: What does "a spellcaster level" mean applying to monsters?

enkryptorThere is "a spellcaster level" mentioned in the MM: A monster with the Spellcasting class feature has a spellcaster level and spell slots Does "a spellcaster level" means basically "a sorcerer level" or "a wizard level" or any particular class level from the PHB, with all its features and r...

Adama is a much better ship's captain than Kirk.
Define "better" in this context
@JohnP I never watched Starship Troopers.
8:30 PM
@MikeQ No. I'm not nitpicking intent.
@Xirema ...
@JohnP ;)
@MikeQ If I want to start a minor holy war, I'm giving as few specifics as possible.
@Xirema 'S'okay, they made a TV show of it. Tim Allen's the captain in that one.
The only thing I know about Battlestar Galactica is that things seemed to perpetually go south at every opportunity, so my assumption is that Adama is not better than Kirk.
But I say that as someone who has watched a single digit quantity of episodes of both series.
@Himitsu_no_Yami Personally, I'd look at proficient saves before skills. Skills are so easy to jigger around.
@NautArch This.
8:35 PM
@Xirema That's...pretty much the entire plot of Star Trek as well.
@JohnP I am extremely open to the high probability possibility that I am mistaken.
"Doc, I feel sick"
"Here, have a flu shot"
<Entire crew devolves to primordial forms>
Well, that escalated quickly.
@Xirema No, you're correct, everything does go south at a moments notice. I'm saying that's no different than Trek. :)
@Xirema I watched the original Battlestar Galactica when it came out. (Late 70's, with Lorne Green). Adama had a very different problem than Kirk had; he was escorting a whole load of refugees. Kirk had one ship. I think it is an apples to wing nut comparison.
@KorvinStarmast Those are the best kinds. Much better fodder than vi vs emacs.
I loved the Viper fighters. Fun fact: the F-16 flying falcon was nicknamed the Viper ... at about that time. ;-) Coincidence? I think not.
25 years later the F-16 pilots I was working with referred to their aircraft as Vipers.
8:42 PM
@KorvinStarmast You know Vipers became a reality, yes?
Wiki even caught on to this The F-16's official name is "Fighting Falcon", but "Viper" is commonly used by its pilots and crews, due to a perceived resemblance to a viper snake as well as the Colonial Viper starfighter on Battlestar Galactica which aired at the time the F-16 entered service
Either as a new aircraft or a retrofit.
@JohnP The AH-1Z is also called Viper, officially. (The latest version of the Cobra, but this one with 4 bladed rotor system)
@JohnP FMS, I think.
(Foreign Military Sales)
@KorvinStarmast Wiki says Marines, but we sell everything to everyone.
One of my old triathlon training friends designs rotors (So does his wife), but I forget which company. Here in Phoenix, though.
AH-1Z sales to very few people is confirmed. I hear Australia may replace their attack helos with Vipers soon, but the FMS for them has been slow. (I think either Czech or Poland bought a dozen)
@JohnP Probably Mesa Arizona, so Boeing.
AH-64 Apache and IIRC, MD-500 series helicopters
8:48 PM
@KorvinStarmast Ah, no. I was mistaken. They contract to Boeing, but he runs his own company.
@JohnP Cool, though being a sub in the aircraft industry, and particularly the rotary wing industry, is kinda tough.
@KorvinStarmast I think they are doing ok. They debuted at the Paris Air show this year with some new blades for Hueys, IIRC. I haven't talked with them in a while.
TILT - You need a pilots license for a hot air balloon.
Kicktraq has Colville only projected to pull 8M as of today; that's down from the 20M projected as of yesterday and well up from the 2M I'm projecting, personally.
Still not a bad couple-days' (visible) work =)
9:49 PM
Laser Kittens by Glittercats Fine Amusements is a game about about foster kittens learning to use their lasers.
@BESW Okay the game itself sounds amazing and also the company name is quite good too
10:05 PM
So a coworker of mine showed me this site and it inspired me to take another look at this question of mine to try to put it in there but now I'm struggling just due to how many dice are possibly being rolled
and then I would need to (if I hit but only if I hit) represent that subsequent attacks would have advantage
I tried punching in d20(d20(d12(d10(d8(d6(d4(coin))))))) and it failed to generate the distribution, so I don't think it has any value whatsoever. =P
(TBH that's probably the kind of app I should be building out of my probability engine...)
so far what I'm working with (and it still needs tweaking) is (d20 + 5 AC 15) * (5d8 + 8) xcrit2 (10d8 + 8) + (d20 + 8 AC 15) * (1d8 + 8) xcrit2 (2d8 + 8) + (d20 + 7 AC 15) * (1d8 + 7) xcrit2 (2d8 + 7)
10:35 PM
@KorvinStarmast I believe that post is in the FAQ, I've read it before. I big disagree on the basis that at best it leaves a question with partial answers. Maybe the frame challenge is somewhat acceptable to the asker, but what about future readers? When a future reader sees "What's the fastest steed?" and the answer is "take the crow instead", maybe that doesn't answer their question. That answer (on the meta) doesn't even consider future askers. It doesn't seem to present any "best practice".
@nitsua60 I see, thanks!
11:05 PM
Q: What is the cheapest way to damage myself and trigger the effects of the Fade Away feat?

ShaughnFor clarity, I mean cheap in the sense of the action economy. The ideal scenario would be to damage myself with a free object interaction or a small amount of movement. Here is the relevant text of the Feat: Immediately after you take damage, you can use a reaction to magically become invisi...

Ah, thank you! I knew it was one of the specfic authors I follow on Twitter...
Honestly I should've known it was Okorafor, that's very much a runner's attitude.
I just typed "writer's block" into Firefox's address bar, and Firefox figured it out based on my browser history (since Twitter uses the full tweet as the page title itself) :P
I must've only read it on my Twitter app, then, 'cause I tried the same thing.
Now I'm going to re-read "How Nnedi Got Her Curved Spine".
11:35 PM
@BESW Oh, I love this story.

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