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@Ash I love how she insists that it's non-fiction. I saw a lot of noses get bent out of joint over that one.
12:30 AM
> noses spines get bent out of joint
12:46 AM
Q: What is the better use of concentration for a ranged valor bard with elven accuracy, greater invisibility or swift quiver?

k-g-longAssumptions: the bard has 20 dex the bard is shooting with a longbow another player can consistently provide the help action for 1 attack with advantage every turn the bard has elven accuracy The bard is level 10, so a +4 proficiency. The bonus action would generally be used to either cast He...

1:43 AM
welp this is just fun
Q: Can the target of Feign Death speak, move, and dodge a fireball

Austin The Feign Death spell begins with this line: You touch a willing creature and put it into a cataleptic state that is indistinguishable from death. I read this as flavor, since ‘cataleptic state’ isn’t defined by the game. It is still a very evocative description of the spell effects. Here’s...

@jgn That is what votes are for. Trying to micro manage answer quality ahead of time is not the purpose of this site. And if you go back to SO's root competency, an XY problem needs to be called out so that a useful answer can be arrived at.
2:45 AM
I'm not sure if I agree, high quality answers are better.
@jgn (I'm not sure what you were responding to, but...) no problem =D
@Gwideon what up?
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About to stream our D&D 5e actual-play podcast momentarily: https://www.twitch.tv/events/Z67IW3lNS-6jdTtC3ouRmA

In a universe adjacent to our own lies a world known as Runia. This world, once peaceful and idyllic, is now threatened by a monstrous being from its prehistory. A group of adventurers known as Whiskey Company have risen up to do what they can to fight this entity known only as Nagat. They have trekked far across the mortal realms in search of the shards of Barrinoth, the Titan of Justice, in hopes of returning him to his full power.
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Bonjour mes amis
6:01 AM
Por que no los dos!
Helan går
That's a very cool wiki page I just looked at.
6:47 AM
I'm starting to miss academic song culture
@kviiri Sorry, is that (academic song) culture, or academic (song culture)?
The latter, although many of the songs are fairly academia specific
7:07 AM
In informal contexts, the singing is a semi-organized thing of chaos where someone proposes a song, usually through a short speech relating to it. There might be different verses known to different people and it somehow automatically resolves itself, and there are a few shared command words like "tempo" to speed up and "mellan sup" (Swedish for "between-drink") to call for a small drinking break between verses. And "skål" ("cheers", again Swedish) to signify the end of the song :)
In formal contexts people typically stick to only the verses in the song book, so everyone has the same set.
Most of the songs are well-known tunes with lyrics related to drinking, the academic life, history or revelry, and most faculties have whole songs or verses relating to their own fields. Casual racist and sexist humor used to be prominent too but many student organizations have stopped that. Of course many songs still promote lots of drinking which I don't really agree with, but I think there's been an updraft for alternatives there too.
7:27 AM
Salut la société !
7:37 AM
Humble Bundle has 2 RPG book bundles going on right now: Vampires and Werewolves - A World of Darkness (active for the next 2 weeks), and Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader by Cubicle7 (active for the next 3 weeks - includes core rulebook)
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10:51 AM
I'm actually somewhat tempted by the Rogue Trader bundle albeit I don't expect to ever actually play it
^ me with most of the board games I want to buy.
Does it go against the rules of this forum to modify a question in response to other peoples answers?
@Youjay depending on the nature of the change it may be disapproved of
if you're updating the question to make details more clear because answers seem to be missing the point, probably okay - if it alters the nature of the actual question a lot because an answer has made clear your problem is actually something else, best to ask a new question instead
okay, i'm asking about the balance of a homebrew spell, someone made good points that convinced me to change elements like its casting time and spell level (and purhapse its "At Higher Levels" effect but that might be pushing it.

Okay well then ask a new question would probably be better thanks @Carcer
@Youjay As a side note, there's no such thing as a "concentration check" in 5e. Concentration is normally represented by a Constitution saving throw.
11:02 AM
ofcourse silly me, thanks
ah, it's homebrew review, too! I think there's explicitly a meta policy somewhere about good homebrew review question asking, but yes, if you're making some changes to your homebrew based on answer advice, it's considered the right thing to do to ask a new question iterating on your homebrew and link to the prior one, don't edit the question and possibly invalidate answers
@Youjay In the specific case of asking about homebrew, checking some meta posts such as this one is recommended
@Youjay I've yet to play with a group that doesn't say concentration check every time it comes up :D
@Miniman it's one of those terms which is pretty well embedded by earlier editions, I think. Like "attack of opportunity" vs "opportunity attack"
@Carcer Even players who never played an earlier edition, honestly.
11:12 AM
very well embedded.
Well it is a roll to check if you maintain concentration so it's not exactly strange to call it that
11:26 AM
Yeah--the plain language is clear. Unfortunately, though, it clashes with the games terms of art.
...this is why I use ALL CAPS for game terms in my prototypes, and I usually bold them in final copy.
(bold is more accessible than all caps for people who use reading devices, but all caps transfers more easily between programs as I'm working)
12:02 PM
Would a magic item that requires attainment (say a necklaces for example) that has detect magic spell active at all times without concentration be too busted? say at rare or very rare.

If too broken would "cast at will" as a rare item be any better?
@Youjay D&D 5e?
yes 5e
...what does rarity mean in 5e?
The DMG says something on rareity of magic items and spell they provide. I don't remember the page number
@BESW almost nothing
12:09 PM
@BESW Rarer items should be awarded less often and to higher level characters, but have more juice in em'. It's mostly a recommendation
Q: Is item rarity really tied to how powerful it is?

MołotAnswers to questions like What should the rarity rating be for this homebrew Healing Brick? are usually based on comparison of effects of an item. On the other hand, there are questions like The power level of the Sword of Sharpness doesn't justify its very rare rating - am I missing something...

its a scale used to compare power levels pg 135 DMG
yeah a recommendation for player character levels
rarity is theoretically a measure of how powerful an item is and in the normal rules informs how rare such items are and how much they cost to acquire, though in practice it's pretty well established that the actual rarity rankings given to items are very loosely correlated to how powerful/useful they are.
4e had rarity for part of its run and I thought it was pretty silly. You've either got the item or you don't, the fact that you're more likely to have not gotten it doesn't matter to power balance.
@BESW Right, but for intraparty balance each character should get roughly equally powerful items = of equal rarity
12:13 PM
How's that different from the way we distribute all the other items?
@BESW Which items are you thinking about?
All the loot drops. For intraparty balance each character should get roughly equally powerful items, rare or not.
If I gave every player nothing but rare items, but the same amount of rare items to each player, intraparty balance would be the same as if I gave each player one rare item, or none.
The rarity doesn't influence the balance.
There's also a factor where rarer items give features which can "break" adventures/negate certain challenges, up to Deck of Many Things as possibly the worst offender (it also has other issues)
You guys are talking past each other, because @Someone_Evil is assuming rarity is a measure of power level, and @BESW is talking about how it isn't.
Yeah, 4e had that, it was called artifacts, they were story-defining items that usually boosted the entire group's efficacy in some way regardless of which individual held them. They got handed out about one every five levels, making sure to spread them around the group so nobody felt left out over the course of the campaign, and over a few levels they depreciated or escalated until they made a massive Story Moment happen and then they went away.
4e also had rarity, which was just slightly more expensive and slightly better than normal loot of the same level and a set of complications and calculations to tack onto loot tables, one of the most streamlined and elegant GM-side mechanics in the edition.
12:23 PM
I don't remember 4e rarity, where was it introduced?
Again, no real reasoning behind making it artificially scarce because --unlike artifacts-- the power balance was dependent on everybody getting the same amount.
@kviiri Essentials, I think. Which is plus ironic.
Specifically Mordenkainen's Magnificient Emporium, if I'm remembering correctly.
@BESW Nah, lots of items were completely non-ferrous.
4e artifacts were awesome and doled out carefully not so much because they'd create power imbalances --although many of them were designed to break rules in amusing ways to enable a particular kind of campaign which otherwise would've been boring or horrendous-- but because they were physical shards of story that you got to carry around and be heroic about. Glutting the game with them would've overcrowded the narrative.
4e's rare items were just "you get the effect of wearing a necklace and a half in one necklace."
@BESW Ah, so sort of like the dragonmark feats? Still level-appropriate, but sufficiently character-defining that they needed to be more limited?
@Miniman Yeah. But if everybody gets a dragonmark feat, nobody notices.
If everybody gets TWO dragonmark feats, nobody notices.
12:29 PM
@BESW Doubleplus.
KRyan has so many badges, he broke site design. :D
And hello everyone. :)
If everybody gets an artifact, everybody notices. If everybody gets TWO artifacts, the game lags and crashes.
@WilliamMariager [wave]
Been a while, what's new?
The 4e separation of normal magical items, meaning the "plus X" stuff one normally collects a set of, and Artifacts that represent stuff like the One Ring or Very Special Magic Weapon or somesuch is pretty sensible.
Not a ton. Just flowing through life. Moved a while back, so haven't had a proper RP session in a while which I miss.
I definitely feel like running games was a good creative outlet for me. Feels like I'm overflowing with ideas lately.
@kviiri It helped me understand Fate, too, where you just ditch all that +1 gear stuff that doesn't make the story interesting, and only assign mechanical value to stuff that has narrative value.
@WilliamMariager Write 'em down and sell 'em on itchio?
12:35 PM
Hehe, I don't think I'm skilled enough for that. Not really a writer.
I work for a game studio now, so finding a group shouldn't be a problem. Just have to do it.
I'm missing my old Big Long Session games but I've been lucky enough to get a few friends who play cozy games for an hour or two most weekends and that's very nice.
Yeah, it's been a long time since I've had a proper long session. Before I moved, we met up every other week. But with everything going on in our lives, a lot of time would be spent just talking and catching up. We'd probably have a total of 2-3 hours of play time.
Two to three hours is more than enough time for a lot of games.
I've been considering making an actual prepared adventure for my players. So when I'm home next time, we could find a weekend to play through it. But I just know my players well enough, that preparing too much is dangerous. :D
12:50 PM
oof. feels bad to have my 6 score answer accepted over Matt's on that mad mage question
@WilliamMariager I'm more and more a fan of staring at my players and asking them what happens next.
since I stopped using maps, I don't prepare nearly as much
@Rubiksmoose well, that was a delightful listen
My current campaign (dnd-5e, Curse of Strahd) has gone pretty off-course, I've had to improvise most of the content in the last 2 sessions
Which is for the best, we're having lots of fun
Well, Medix just gave me another knockoff spell. Wading Bond. If the target were to become wet, they only become damp instead, and you also become damp.
@goodguy5 Yay! I haven't listened in a long time but I still think of some of the songs sometimes :)
1:00 PM
I don't think I'll spontaneously sing any of the songs except maybe "Better than Neil"
@goodguy5 Do you have more of these ?
these are the ones where I haven't written descriptions, but think have a good idea of what they do:
Magic Mist Aisle
Detect Weevils and Food
Meatier Swarm
Wizard’s Focus
**Wall of Ire **
You create an invisible wall on a solid surface within range. You can make the wall up to 60 feet long, 20 feet high, and 1 foot thick, or a ringed wall up to 20 feet in diameter, 20 feet high, and 1 foot thick.
Any creature within its area when the wall appears or at the start of its turn must make a Charisma saving throw. On a failed save, a creature becomes angry enough to resort to shouting, but not quite angry enough to come to fists unless already hostile.
**Loemand’s Portable Outhouse**
As Leomund’s Tiny hut, except an outhouse, complete with luxurious toilet paper. Any object left inside of the Outhouse when it disappears is transported to the Swamp of Oblivion. Any creature inside when the spell ends is shunted to the nearest available space and takes 1d4+1 force damage.
@Sdjz Thanks for that too
I'll see if I can make some up in french for my Naheulbeuk campaign, it'll be a laugh
Btw the Naheulbeuk canon already has a spell named "Poule de feu" (fire hen) instead of "Boule de feu" (fireball)
1:13 PM
howdy howdy!
I finally started reading the Star Wars 5e PHB. Even though the core mechanics are the same, the new classes and races are definitely complicated.
Not sure my 7 year old is really able for something like that...yet.
@BESW, that's exactly how I did it with my players. They were very good at driving the story, so I often just manage the overarching stuff and then they make sure everything moves along.
I also give my players a lot of power over the story. It's rare that they need to clear anything with me. If your character lost his parents in some tragic back story, then the guy responsible will exist somewhere. Or maybe they're searching for this and that artifact and I'll play into that as well.
One of the last games I played was Space Goblins, where the GM for the spaceship raiding part of the game rotates based on who didn't do the chores.
1:23 PM
how are you
@Gwideon howdy!
1:29 PM
nothing much
There's some really loud construction works about 200m away from here
I can hear them loudly through my headphones, and I'm indoors too. Can't even begin to imagine how loud it's there on-site...
I actually can also feel it. The building is vibrating because of that drilling.
Just hope they don't disover oil, otherwise you'll be liberated within 48 hours.
Faster than that. We're quite close to the airport y'see.
Now I'm imagining some sort of "Oil Response Team" in the military. :D
Ready to liberate anywhere on the planet in less than 12 hours
Yeah, and there's satellites in orbit which can smell new oil sources.
And once they discover something worth liberating, there's black alert?
1:42 PM
Something something mycelial network
Hence the quick response time.
Related, I actually visited an interesting company once. They were experts in setting up camps in emergencies. They could setup a camp with water, electricity, rooms, etc for I think 30 people, pretty much anywhere on the globe in less than 24 hours. And within 48 hours, they could scale it up to 300 people or something.
Very very expensive service, but also used when it really mattered.
Like, spontaneously visiting in-laws^^
Before visiting, I never thought a private company could specialize in that. Seems like such a rarely used thing. I thought that was just something governments did.
There's enough use-cases I think. Natural disasters, explorations, maybe (private) military stuff, movie shootings...
1:46 PM
Yeah, that was pretty much much of their business too.
And just because they can set it up with 24h notice, doesn't mean they have to. Longer planning maybe decreases the price?
Ah yeah, that's true. So it's like a premium plan, but it's likely not their main business.
Woo I can create tag synonyms
Best SE privilege
> 0 questions
Slightly disappointed
1:56 PM
@PierreCathé But can you see why kids love cinnamon toast crunch?
@Erik No, but it looks terrible
@Gwideon Hi
how is everyone
I for one am well
I've just unlocked the ultimate SE privilege
I have had cinnamon toast crunch during a visit to the USA
And I love it
2:01 PM
Unwilling to do the paperwork which comes with most projects at work
And cinnamon is the best spice.
@doppelgreener I'd probably put paprika or pepper above cinnamon
I just don't use it much
@doppelgreener I've got an Australian friend who dislikes cinnamon and does not understand the American fascination with it.
Whereas life without paprika or pepper would be... diminished
@NautArch I do not understand your friend
2:03 PM
@NautArch It's the Pennsylvania Dutch dessert tradition. Apple pie has to have cinnamon.
I certainly don't dislike it, I'm the first to appreciate an apple pie with cinnamon, or some kanelbullar
But to put it up as "best spice" when I only eat some once or twice a month is... just no
I like cinnamon in cakes.
But I don't like cinnamon candy or cinnamon gum.
Horrible stuff.
@WilliamMariager Ew yeah definitely with you here
Cinnamon is pretty prevalent in Danish cakes and baked goods, so might be why that makes sense to me.
Cue Sir Cinnamon joining :|
@doppelgreener :)
2:08 PM
@SirCinnamon I mean no offense of course
@doppelgreener Preaching to the choir :)
@WilliamMariager I love cinnamon candy and gum. That spicy spicy.
Well, considering what candy we eat in the Nordic countries, I can't judge.
When I brought candy to the office in Irvine it was described as soulless and willful self harm.
They questioned our entire country's health as if we ate that for fun, what did a bad day look like?
@WilliamMariager Tell me more...
It's just salty licorice :P
These aren't even the worst ones, they're pretty tame.
These will give you chemical burns if you eat too many.
Salty licorice is indeed both good stuff, and a great way to scare foreigners.
2:15 PM
Yeah. It wasn't until I started traveling I realized how confined it is to the northern Europe.
@SirCinnamon :D
hrm.... I'm not a big fan of most licorice things, but I'll try anything twice
@NautArch @WilliamMariager Cinnamon candy is hit or miss for me. Mostly miss. I suspect good cinnamon candy exists but I have not had it.
Spiciness is good, but I am not sure I need spiciness in candy.
@doppelgreener What about the simple Red Hot?
Or Big Red chewing gum?
Atomic fireballs?
2:17 PM
You might be right. It's not the cinnamon taste I dislike. It's mostly the spiciness. If I could get a mild flavored cinnamon snack, it might be nice.
I do like Jägermeister, though
@NautArch I think I have had it but opted not to have it a second time. (Either that or atomic fireballs.)
Like, I could imagine maybe something like a cinnamon toffee could be decent.
cinnamon belongs in something called a bon
Oh, yeah. I would not want to eat a mouthful of raw cinnamon powder; the flavor is not good. Cinnamon candy tastes like that. But cinnamon is amazing as part of something, so I could be totally on board with cinnamon toffee.
2:19 PM
@doppelgreener the fireballs can be a little much :) I feel like I may have aged out of those.
Now I want cinnamon salted caramel something. The best spice in the best treat flavor.
@doppelgreener You had me at toffee
@goodguy5 cinnamon rolsl yessssss
rolls even
Actually, I'm making homemade toffees soon ... maybe I should try a small cinnamon batch.
sounds like a plan
consider also a small amount of fennel seed and/or star anise
2:26 PM
Cooking rice with cinnamon, anise & kardamom is great.
@WilliamMariager I started liking salty licorice after I re-mapped it in my head from candy to salty treat
It's a national stereotype we Finns like that stuff but when someone refers to some candy in a mixed bag as "bad-tasting ones" it invariably means the black licorice/salmiack ones.
For some reason many candy bags have em, mixed with normal ones.
@Erik I just tried that the other day! (But I didn't have cardamom so I just used the first two with a splash of fennel.)
It was lovely, and it came through even in the brown rice I used.
@kviiri I actually work with a Finnish guy where I am now.
He's my main source of salty treats currently. :D
@doppelgreener yeah, it definitely spices up (haha) simple dishes.
2:37 PM
I mostly make it go with Indian food
@WilliamMariager Always have a dealer ;)
2:52 PM
@doppelgreener I use nutmeg in my coffee and cinnamon in my oatmeal/porridge
I haven't prepared cinnamon/nutmeg porridge yet.
I do plan to put together a couple of jars of eggnog though for the christmas season. :)
@doppelgreener When I was first making home made chili con carne, I used to add a bit of cinnamon, but one has to be careful about that or it will overpower some other flavors
Oh, yeah. I used to do that too. :D
@doppelgreener My current iteration does not have it, but my Christmas chili always does.
I would add it to the meat while it was still warm from browning just before it went in the broth.
2:56 PM
Exactly, yes,
Oooo. A lovely idea.
@doppelgreener I have a friend who is a great cook/foodie, and he has me doing the Indian style of putting most of my spices in the oil as the oil heats, and then adding meats / onions into that to max out the flavors. It works.
Particularly with my chili and my wife's home made spaghetti sause
Oooooh. I've never tried that, that's a great idea.
@KorvinStarmast I've definitely added cinnamon (and chocolate) to my chilis.
It was a real awakening for me. His wife mostly cooks vegetarian with occcasional chicken, and that's her default beginning, so it works on less meatier dishes as well
@NautArch I tried to bake a chocolate + habanero cake one time; my cousin had made one. His tasted great, mine was ... not so good. Not sure what I got wrong, but we didn't do it twice.
2:59 PM
@KorvinStarmast hehe. My old man stomach can't do habaneros. Heck, I also feel like I"m starting to move that way with garlic. And that makes me super sad.
fear my culinary prowess for I have mastered the dark art of combining PASTA with a CAN of SOUP
hey sorry if my new question isn't very good
anyways how is everyone doing
3:14 PM
Looks good to me, although you're probably going to get the "no gaming is better than bad gaming" answer
@NautArch My wife and I became addicted to garlic when we lived in Italy. We cannot live without it.
Plus, she hates vampires.
@KorvinStarmast Hey, some of my best friends are vampires !
it is, but that answer is less helpful when the circumstances make "just stop playing" a difficult solution
Ugh that "surprise" question
Arguing rules semantics instead of arguing common sense
3:20 PM
@Gwideon Just as a pre question, have you addressed your concern directly to your friend? Over a coffee, or something "Are you getting payback for a TPK/Character death here? It kinda seems that way." (Or something like that in casual conversation away from the table)
@KorvinStarmast I haven't as I don't want to appear rude and um I'd like to avoid conflict.
@PierreCathé Yeah, that can be frustrating
@KorvinStarmast It is
@Gwideon it's an idea, and I must emphasize that it needs to take place away from a game session unless your whole group wants to "do an intervention" ... I am not suggesting creating a conflict, my suggestion is to talk as friends, and share your side of the story.
3:22 PM
With this guy's ruling you could just keep a rat in a cage everywhere you go and say "Oh I can perceive a threat therefore I'm immune to being surprised"
What you've shared with us in the question, in terms of how its coming across, in terms of style/game tone ... Session 0 and all that. (Session 0 can happen at any time)
@Gwideon But yeah, you have to discern in your gut your social/relationship aspect of the gaming group. That's IMO more important that any of the games you'll play. Personal opinion.
@Gwideon I suspect any realistically helpful answer is going to involve you having to talk to your friend about it, and you're probably going to get answers recommending you stop playing with this friend/walk away from the game if they're as unapologetic about it as they sound
@KorvinStarmast I just don't want my group to kinda fall apart at this point.
I recognise your local social dynamics might make that difficult though.
@Gwideon Has anyone else volunteered to DM?
3:27 PM
it does seem like the problem person doesn't really enjoy the game as a player and nobody else is enjoying the game when he DMs
I'm hoping I'm wording this right, but this problem player of yours doesn't seem fun to be around, nor really like a friend.
You know them better, but the things you share with us seem not great
@goodguy5 eh, that can be complicated. I've known people who were plenty good friends most of the time but there were certain social situations where they became somewhat intolerable.
like taking boardgames/cardgames/videogames etc. way too seriously, so on and so forth
@Carcer completely true and I have those same people. but that doesn't change how things seem
@goodguy5 to put your observation in context, we had a DM who played a lot of gotcha on us in AD&D 1e, was a bit of a rules lawyer, and almost took delight in the theory of "always give a monster an even break." He was also one of the best DM's our group ever had. Weird dichotomy. A lot of PCs died in his games. I have a note book somewhere, sort of "the hall of heroes" that has over a dozen retired by death character sheets.
@Gwideon When in doubt - no D&D is often better than bad D&D (one makes you want to play and scratch the itch, but the other actively causes stress)
3:30 PM
@KorvinStarmast I'm my groups usual dm. this was just a couple of one shots but he has plans to maybe run a campaign
@Delioth that is true
(though I'm admittedly jumping in in the middle of this chat and haven't looked at the whole context, but it always worries me when someone justifies bad D&D by "I don't want to lose the group")
@goodguy5 All of us players had at various times asked for a time out and asked him "Are you playing agianst us? Because if you are trying to win, this isn't the right game to be playing."
@Gwideon That campaign for sure needs a session 0. Maybe even same page tool.
@Delioth oh i'm not justifying his actions. I'm just saying that I don't want this friend group to dissolve because of how this situation is going
@KorvinStarmast Are you telling me that same page tool isn't always a good idea?
@Delioth I think he's pointing out the difference between. "necessary" and "good to have"
3:34 PM
@Gwideon Oh yeah, not justifying his actions; justifying sticking it out with the group despite his actions
@Delioth Yes, I am. We have had a lot of Q&A on that tool, and IMO it is great for some groups of people, and for other groups won't advance the conversation.
@KorvinStarmast THat sounds similar to my past DM. THere were some awful things they did, but then so much else was a LOT of fun.
I like what is behind it, in terms of Bankuei's thought process that arrived at it.
@Delioth the group itself is a good group it's just this one person who's been repeatedly problematic. sadly this guy seems to be the subject of most of my questions
@NautArch In re that hard but also fun DM, I stood for him as groomsman at his wedding. He flew in from across the country for my wedding, Etc. the guy who played the dwarf in that campaign, and I, are still in touch .. etc.
3:36 PM
@Delioth I suspect this is a high-school-age friend group that's started playing D&D and in that social context walking away from bad games or ejecting problem players is a lot more difficult
apologies if I'm off the mark there
no you're not
@Carcer heh, one wonders if GSF is at play ... hard to say not knowing the people.
@KorvinStarmast GSF?
Geek Social Fallacy
Sorry, there's an infamous blog post about Geek Social Fallacies ...
3:37 PM
oh i've never heard of that. can I get a tl;dr
basically - being excessively inclusive, even to the group's detriment, because nobody wants to be the person to tell the bad guy to leave
... and while it is hardly based on scientific research, it seems to hit the mark.
@Gwideon I'll get you a link
side order of feeling like everyone needs to be invited to everything
oh that seems interesting
3:39 PM
Q: Is this Homebrew "Protective Aura" spell balanced?

YoujayInspired loosely by the Witchers Quen Sign, I've created this abjuration spell that's designed to completely negate the damage from a single attack (or similar instantaneous instance of damage like a fall or spell), a whole body shield that dissipates after one use. While concentration is kinda r...

@KorvinStarmast I'd forgotten how long the list was
also this person isn't a bad person outside of game. i think I need to emphasize that. we're all good friends and um yeah.
@Gwideon Conflict has already occurred. At this point, you'd just be avoiding resolution.
I guess you're right
Confrontation is inevitable. It's just a matter of how you confront them about it.
3:41 PM
@Gwideon Personal anecdote. IN our shared campaign, I sometimes DM and my Brother sometimes DM's. I am more mechanically expert, in terms of having gone all in trying to figure out how this editions works, and I also keep an eye on long/short rest rhythm since some classes have things that recharge on short rests.
@Gwideon Conflict is hard, but it's unavoidable. What makes it 'easier' is in how you approach actually doing it. The fear of conflict is often greater than the conflict itself. And you'll feel MUCH better afterwards - regardless of the outcome.
All of the others in the group play.
Our styles are similar but different.
@NautArch oh yeah
in my own experience of anxiety procrastinating about doing a thing/dealing with a problem and letting myself stew always made it way worse
I tend to ratchet up the challenge, and I also "err in favor of the players" because I like to keep the pace of play moving.
My brother does a lot of "Hmm, let's roll a d20 and see what happens next" which can result in some hilarious and random stuff happening. But it's not how I do things. Our group, though, is very much a beer and pretzels group, and all of the players are adaptable.
So both of our styles of implementation work, and the campaign continues.
3:47 PM
Um i admit I usually run a fairly easy game when it comes to combat. to me combat is more about making the players feel cool while fighting cool monsters. my campaigns tend to be more story focused while still allowing for quite a bit of silliness.
@Gwideon Is that also what the table likes (and what about the player in question?)
Bye all
I tend to run very combat-heavy and strategy required encounters.
@PierreCathé au revoir!
These sort of TTRPG systems mean different things to different people, so everyone has their own expectations. For some, it's about surviving the DM's challenges. For others, it's about story and feeling cool. The key is to make sure everyone wants to play the same game.
that's what most of the table likes. I try to throw in a pretty challenging encounter every now and then as that's what the player in question really enjoys and I try to make my bosses fun and interesting.
3:53 PM
@MikeQ ^^
Yeah - no game's going to go well with 2 players who want to exclusively fight bigger and bigger monsters, where 2 other players want to roleplay building a tavern
Sometimes the solution is to compromise. Or to feature different styles of game in the same session. As long as the players understand that some parts of the game will be catered to them, and other parts will be catered to the other players.
@Delioth "The tavern you've built comes to life!"
@MikeQ Yes, this is a good approach.
@goodguy5 Arrgh, Mimics do vex me!
@goodguy5 scribbles "tavern mimic?" in my campaign notes
3:56 PM
With a suit of animated armor or something serving as the innkeeper
yeah that's what I try to do. I guess I'm just not very good at it
actually.... isn't that already a thing?
Yeah, there's a chance that specific setup might work if the players are permissive and willing to compromise, but it becomes less and less tractable as needs/desires differ further
@Gwideon I think it's less about running the session, and more about communicating and synchronizing expectations among the players
Both in terms of listening to players, and explaining the expectations to them
3:58 PM
@Gwideon It's okay to not get everything right! It's more important to check in with the players and get feedback (which is often hard to get.) But the more you know what you need to do differently, the more you can improve.
ah, there's an old ad&d monster called the house hunter.
@Gwideon but you've also got to go in with confidence about the session and encounters. You are effectively a leader in the role as DM - and you've got to play that part :)
It's a great opportunity to help build your confidence
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