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1:02 AM
The Metropolitan Museum of Art released over 3750,000 images under the Creative Commons license, so Jacqueline Bryk is hosting the Met Open Access Jam.
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3:39 AM
@BESW okay the image release is cool enough, but the game jam also sounds awesome!
6:58 AM
Q: Does the Green Flame-Blade cantrip work with the Zephyr Strike spell?

MadWolfDoes the Green-Flame Blade cantrip work with the Zephyr Strike spell? Specifically, I am unsure as to whether the Zephyr Strike spell (XGtE, p. 171) requires you take the Attack action. Its description states: Once before the spell ends, you can give yourself advantage on one weapon attack r...

7:09 AM
Morning all
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greetings, traveler
8:37 AM
Q: Establishing bonds with NPCs

ShalvenayWe're at the point in our 2-players-and-a-GM Dungeon World game where one of the PCs is working with a rather regular cast of friendly NPCs in addition to the other PC. This means that the PCs don't always get to explore their Bonds with each other during the course of sessions, kind of starving...

Q: Are objects subject to critical hits?

KilrathiSlySay you attack an object with a normal non-magical weapon to damage an object, and you roll a natural 20. Do you roll double damage against the object's hit points? Or are objects immune to critical hits from normal weapons?

9:18 AM
Is there something about the system that I'm unaware of, or is this question opinion-based and/or for idea generation?
9:31 AM
@Nyakouai not familiar with the system, but it seems to be written like an idea-generation question
"This is the concept I have, how can I explain this part?", basically
It might be editable into some sort of acceptable form to ask about existing lore, but again, I'm not familiar with the system
10:12 AM
yeah, it could potentially be a system with mechanics that make this somehow a rules question but my gut says it's not
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12:24 PM
I've been thinking of whether a Robin's Laws-like categorisation of GM types and interests exists, and recently found that yes there is. While of course it's imperfect, I've found it of some use and figured it's worth sharing.
1:00 PM
It's worth the reading, but I have always been skeptical regarding those classifications. Mostly because they do not represent the problems that comes with each category IMO.
Example that come to mind: one of my current (and soon to be ex-)GM who is 80% a Duelist. But also an unsufferable ... (word with 4 letters beginning with a c) and tends to be quite petty.
You can match players/GM more or less with one or several of those categories, but you need to also know the problems that may come with it
I do think further development of the topic would be beneficial, including which problems are more likely with which type dominating a GM's mentality.
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2:30 PM
Greetings, programs.
@JohnP No! It's the MCP! Run!
Nah, MCP is so 80's. I'd be CLU.
Or maybe Sam.
Q: What are the ramifications of this change to upcasting spells?

Medix2I was looking at the Evocation Wizard's Overchannel feature which states: When you cast a wizard spell of 1st through 5th-level that deals damage, you can deal maximum damage with that spell. This requires that you use a spell slot of 1st through 5th level, unfortunately a Wizard has at mos...

Or Zuse. He was cool up until he got killed in the End of Line. Sadly, so did daft punk.
3:13 PM
Q: Can a Beast Master ranger choose a swarm as an animal companion?

Amethyst WizardThe Beast Master ranger's Ranger's Companion feature says: At 3rd level, you gain a beast companion that accompanies you on your adventures and is trained to fight alongside you. Choose a beast that is no larger than Medium and that has a challenge rating of 1/4 or lower (appendix D presents ...

3:24 PM
@JohnP So we're ignoring TRON: Legacy then?
Oh, never mind, parsed that second time.
@Yuuki We should ignore Legacy and make Tron 2.0 the official canon.
Eh, I liked Legacy.
3:39 PM
Hey anyone got a idea for a cult campaign in d&d
Anti or pro cult?
In what sense? Would the characters join a cult? Stop a cult? Are your players part of a cult?
yea, I think that "pro cult" or "anti cult" is the most important part
@TrevorFait I'd suggest a diffi, though, regardless.
It doesn't have to be binary. The story could take a neutral or mixed stance on cults.
@TrevorFait Make it a KULT campaign. PCs are theicidic inquisitors on the hunt for the fellow who's been prophecied to become the next god.
3:44 PM
Some, I assume, are good cults.
D&D campaign idea: the PCs join a demonic cult, and begin worship by writing their own PCs to participate in a D&D campaign, which is also about demonic cults... Continue until you hit maximum recursion depth.
@Yuuki I did too
> If we go out there, the media will attack us, we're just a peaceful Cultist group, and*Town Hall erupts in laughter
@goodguy5 (a "diffi cult")
3:59 PM
@TrevorFait Thrill Kill Kult
4:18 PM
Speaking of cults, I came across a genre that has been described as "eldritch sitcom" and I love it so much.
> He says that in his house at R'lyeh, dead Cthulhu waits dreaming, but he's overslept by a few thousand years and he's a loser because of it.
4:33 PM
I have a question. Does this sound like a good game hook/
Whenever someone is outside at night the get dragged underground by somthing that can not bee seen
Sounds like your average Thursday night.
True True
@TrevorFait I think it depends much more strongly on how this hook is going to affect the story/game mechanics. Like, is this a threat the players might have to mechanically react to, or is it just a plot hook? Or some of both? Are they going to be immediately exposed to this premise as a pressing concern, or is this more of a long-term campaign thing, where over multiple sessions, the characters occasionally hear about such occurrences?
4:48 PM
@Xierema Some of both
5:08 PM
@JohnClifford - Did you see the clarification on the Pathfinder spells question?
Yes. Page 13 of the Hero's Handbook tells you to use the ability mod when you see an abbreviated ability name.
Use your ability scores and the table below to figure what your
Ability Modifiers (also called Ability Mods) are. When you see
an abbreviation like STR, DEX, CON, INT, WIS, or CHA, that means
your Ability Mod (–5 to +5), not your Ability Score (1–20).
Good evening
@TrevorFait What kind of a game are you looking for? That sounds like a fairly straightforward premise for some horror mystery at least
Ah. I will edit to reflect 6 not 20. I never used the beginner set. Do you still also get all zero level cantrips?
You get four: Detect Magic, Ray of Frost, Mage Hand and Read Magic.
If you make that edit I'll change my downvote to an upvote. ^_^
I would have posted my own answer but after that edit I'd essentially just be saying the same thing.
@JohnClifford Ok check it and see. Since I haven't used the BB, I missed that clarification on the INT.
5:19 PM
Looks good to me, have an upvote.
@TrevorFait Some non-malevolent cults are mystery cults. Groups of people that study or are fascinated with some subject or practice. They have initiation rites to protect their knowledge and membership. E.g. a cult of nature that has discovered a spring that has some mystical quality they study or use.
Careful with cults though. Some people really don't like exploring the delineation between cult and religion. Even if it is only incidental.
5:34 PM
> "Eberron: Rising from the Last War" is a 320-page exploration of the world of Eberron following the Last War. The book incorporates the material in "Wayfinder's Guide to Eberron" and adds a whole lot more. Here's more info about the book's content: #DnD — Jeremy Crawford
Interesting. So basically WGtE [has been declared to have been a] beta for this book then.
@Xirema What was the price tag on WGtE ?
@GcL $20. It never got past being a PDF though.
(I think. I'm hoping Cunningham's Law will help me if I'm wrong...)
What's that one about?
It's that the best way to get the correct answer online is not to ask about things but to assume something and wait for others to correct ye.
> The best way to get a correct answer is to post a wrong answer and wait for someone to correct you.
AKA my excuse every time I say something that's incorrect. =P
5:49 PM
So the conversation gets more correct as it goes on? until it hits that rule about someone bringing up hitler?
@GcL That would be Godwin's Law.
Except when it's about the Oven of Akhnai, when Law wins [over] God.
@GcL It's more like asserting that the power of pedantic nitwits on the internet to get aggro about mistakes and misconceptions is more powerful than our innate sense of desire to help people. XD
@Xirema Cynical but sadly often accurate :(
AKA every C++ programmer on Stack Overflow.
5:52 PM
If you could generate electricity from self-righteousness and ego the C++ programmers on Stack Overflow could power the universe.
Yeah! THOSE PEOPLE ! sharpens text pitch fork /S
The backup generators would be powered by the people in the sci-fi SE any time someone asks a Truman Show question.
howdy howdy
Is this question a dupe of this? It seems like it is if they're including damage and not just modifiers.
Nah. What's the biggest bonus and what's the highest value are related, but not the same question.
Even though I would expect the same answer, maybe there's a neat feat or situation where the highest bonus doesn't give you the most damage. E.g sneak attack
@GcL Right, but they seem to be asking to include damage and not just the modifier. By equating a feature that provides max damage to a modifier, then isn't it asking the same question?
6:05 PM
Also, could be some magic items that do a bunch of damage, but aren't adding to the damage bonus. Maybe they add damage dice.
@NautArch If max damage that can be done is equal to the largest static damage modifier, yes. I don't think those are the same though.
Sneak attack isn't a static bonus to damage, and maybe it out damages the highest static bonus.
Or a magic item that inflicts damage dice or poison or whatever.
@GcL Okay, so it's reasonable for the question to include a feature that maximizes damage rolls to be considered a static modifier?
I mean, anyone can ask what they want with the assumptions they want, it just seems weird to think of it in that way.
Do any of you handle crits differently from the rules? I don't like that sometimes a crit can end up doing crap for damage, so I generally do it as a full-value damage die + a rolled damage die.
So at the absolute minimum the crit deals 1 damage more than a normal attack would have been able to.
(in 5e, should say)
@JohnClifford We don't, and it does feel very underwhelming when a crit delivers less damage than a 'normal' hit.
@NautArch That sounds pretty variable to me. I don't think a feature like that is in the static damage question.
or at least sounds dependent on a roll.
@GcL Not sure if your agreeing or disagreeing with my thoughts now :)
6:14 PM
So...evidently I will be transitioning to a new role as Scrum master for a couple of teams at work.
@JohnP I guess you've done lean/agile dev work before?
@NautArch Speaking as a dev, I've never been in enough shape to be considered as doing "lean dev work".
More like "a few sandwiches short of fat dev work".
@NautArch I do not think the questions are duplicates. The static damage question appears to be asking for the largest static +X that can be applied. I don't think there's a feature in the question that talks about maximizing damage rolls.
@NautArch Some, yes. Not to a SSM level, but they are providing training as well.
@Yuuki The goal is just one more pizza away.
6:16 PM
I had a pizza for dinner; I'm hard at work keeping the dream alive.
@GcL Thta was my thought, But an answerer askeda bout including 'max damage' as a static modifier and OP confirmed. Which made me think that if they're asking for damage+modifiers, it's a dupe (even when damage is static as max...because that's often the assumption in those questions.)
@JohnClifford The wife and kids left today for the week. I plan on Xbox, Totinos Pizza and beer for tonight. :)
You play Dauntless?
@JohnP we had a power outage a week ago and I haven't been able to get my computer to turn on :(
@NautArch If it's any consolation a lightning strike fried my router a couple of weeks ago and I had no internet for a few days.
6:18 PM
@NautArch The OP should have changed their question to ask what they actually wanted. As written, doesn't look like a dupe. The accepted answer on the static damage question looks like a straight +X answer.
@JohnClifford I haven't played any MMORPG's since early NWN. Right now I'm playing the new Darksiders, and wondering how Bioware is going to screw up Dragon Age 4.
It's not really an MMORPG so much as Monster Hunter-lite.
But it's pretty good for being free. You should grab it just because you can. :P
@JohnP With great effort and exceptional cost?
I want to play Dauntless but I own MHW and I just look in the mirror and ask myself why.
@JohnClifford I'll look for it.
@GcL Evidently. Another lead designer on DA4 just left the company.
6:20 PM
@Yuuki It's worth it if you ever get tired of the "in between" bits in MH or wish the weapons were faster
@JohnP If Anthem and Andromeda are any clue, they'll say they've in development for five years but really they've been sitting on their thumbs for three years and actually only done about 18 months of development.
But other than that, you're probably not missing anything.
@Yuuki I've never played MH, so this should be fun.
@GcL OP just changed their selected answer, but yeah. I agree that as it stands it is asking for modifiers without damage rolls (whether or not they're maxed.) Which is definitely NOT a dupe. But if they were to include (as one answer did), then I think it's a dupe.
@Yuuki Of which 5 days is devoted to beta/bugfix, before they officially launch and begin the "Buy our game and playtest it for us" phase.
6:23 PM
Can you imagine if the game developers of 10, 20 years ago put out products with the level of unpolished bugginess today's do?
@vicky_molokh thanks for the link, I see elements of my style all over that page, and my brother he has nailed as plot-meister. (Sadly, only two of the seven of us respond to that. My nephew and me; the rest need a beer and pretzels Gm or a Duelist (which is what I do when I sub in).
@JohnClifford Wasn't exactly unheard of
fondly remembers the time he could play a game by just inserting it in the console and turning it on without having to download an update bigger than the game itself
True, but the ones who did were properly taken to task for it.
@JohnClifford You mean, the Lion King for SNES?
Oh god that game was a mess.
6:25 PM
@JohnClifford Ah yes, those halcyon days ... damn arena.net and their micro patch innovation. :) (Guild Wars)
Is it a port of the one that was also for Sega MegaDrive and for MS-DOS?
I believe so, kviiri.
I played that a lot as a kid. When I watched the movie with my current girlfriend, she found it amusing when I kept groaning "aw this part sucked in the video game" in the weirdest moments (since it so happens that some of the toughest parts of the game are based on musical numbers)
I don't even mind DLC and microtransactions are a concept, generally, as long as they don't permeate the game or make me feel pressured to make purchases because it ain't happening. What I do take exception to is when they lock features that are already present on the game disc you bought.
And then she tried the game and absolutely aced the "I just want to be king level" despite usually being far worse than me at video games :P
6:26 PM
@NautArch Can an answer make a question a dupe of a different question?
@kviiri That level can go and do things to itself I can't say here because cussing is frowned upon.
@kviiri The original Myst had a lot of those types of elements, sound was a big factor in that.
@GcL Nope :) But it was unclear if OP actually did want that. but appears they didn't, so all is good now.
@JohnP Yeah but I mean, there's a certain irony to two particularly nasty levels of the game being based on really cheerful Disney musical romps :P
@JohnClifford My biggest disappointment ever (and the only game I ever complained about to the manufacturer, actually got a refund check) was Roberta William's one Phantasmagoria.
6:28 PM
I mean, Hakuna Matata means "no worries" but you better worry because you're in a jungle so lethal it puts Tselinoyarsk to shame
At least it gives you something fun to sing while you're being utterly annihilated by flora and fauna.
Forget your worries for the rest of your days
Ok, I am evidently a non gamer. I had to look up Tselinoyarsk.
I don't think I actually finished Phantasmagoria.
@kviiri Just hold a match up to Poomba. Defoliate the place.
6:29 PM
I actually learned the English lyrics to the song only fairly recently, and the first time I heard them I misheard that phrase as "for the fist on your face"
@JohnClifford I finished it in about 6 hours. Some ungodly number of DVD's, I was all excited and it was just plain stupid.
Kakuna Rattata
I had no idea why Timon and Pumbaa felt they needed to include a casual violent threat in the song but hey, I'm not the one to judge their life choices
I mean presumably the fist on your face wouldn't have any worries. You on the other hand might.
The aforementioned fist being one of them.
@kviiri Disney retconned them to be lifemates ala JKR and Dumbledore. Or Bert and Ernie.
6:34 PM
JKR and Dumbledore were lifemates?
The Finnish lyricist for Frozen made a pretty good job at least in the refrain to Let it go, which was translated as taakse jää, which could mean "stay behind", "[it] gets left behind" and "behind me, ice".
I got most of the subtle references and puns in the Let it Go lyrics the first time I heard it, though it wasn't until my third listening that I got "A kingdom of ICEolation".
At least the castle wasn't an ICEore.
Icy what you did there.
@KorvinStarmast What combination of types would you say the beer-and-pretzels GM is?
6:42 PM
Also uh. In case someone else here likes Kerbal Space Program, and heck, even if no one does... there's going to be a KSP 2. youtube.com/watch?v=P_nj6wW6Gsc
It's on my to-do list now that I've fully finished Human Resource Machine.
Though I need to pick up 7 Billion Humans as well at some point.
@vicky_molokh In this GM category model, are categories mutually exclusive?
@MikeQ Of course not (says so in the intro). Exclusive models seem not very viable anyway.
I recommend KSP heartily to those interested in space exploration and physics topics. I got into it after I saw my SO play it (she actually understands orbital mechanics well, unlike myself) and I've learned so much playing it. And I've loved it all the way
If you like programming and corporate dystopia I highly recommend HRM
6:46 PM
I've heard passing references to it. What'd'ya do in it, exactly?
If it's similar to eg. Factorio you can use that as a reference point. I've played some of that.
It's not quite the same. Basically in each level you have an inbox of items (numbers and/or letters) and an outbox, and have access to a series of simple programming commands (take from inbox, put in outbox, copy to, copy from, add, subtract, bump up, bump down, jump, jump if negative, jump if zero)
And there's a goal you have to make a program for, like multiplying all inbox values by 8, or outboxing every 3 items in order from smallest to largest.
You start out with just a couple of commands, and in later levels you get the ability to do copying/bumping by reference rather than specific slots (you get slots on the floor you can store values in)
@Medix2 The inflict wounds portion of your answer was still great in my opinion.
Was watching a video of someone playing KSP and laughed way harder than I should have at this comment:

"If we just build something that looks kind of like a rocket, maybe it will work"
I heard NASA is hiring
@JohnClifford Huh, this sounds like the only flash game I still semi-regularly find myself playing: Manufactoria
Although it uses an exaggeratedly simple model of computation even compared to that.
In Manufactoria, you basically construct queue automata from conveyor belts, branches and stampers. The earlier missions give assignments to either accept or discard objects based on their tape contents, but later there are also missions where one has to manipulate the tape contents.
7:03 PM
Yeah, sort of a similar concept.
Lots of the difficulty of Manufactoria comes from its unusual model of computation: branching mechanisms consume symbols from the beginning of the tape, while stampers that add new symbols put them at the end of the tape. This mechanism is Turing-complete, giving the designers a very wide assortment of problems to throw at the player... but also makes even the simplest task a challenge of creative bookkeeping.
There was a game kind of like this where you have to give simple instructions to a robot to reach a goal. I forget the name of it.
LightBot! That was it. lightbot.com
Oh yeah, Lightbot. We used to play that a with my SO but I can't recall why
I mean, she had some concrete reason... maybe she was going through stuff to teach kids in the game programming club she hosts
Have you played any of the games on Codingame?
Not that I know, no
7:10 PM
The premise is that the site has games on it but they're incomplete and you have to write code to finish them so they work as described.
There are loads of programming languages you can do it in, and you get ranked on how well your program works in terms of efficiency of code and stuff.
7:23 PM
@DavidCoffron I'll undelete and edit it back in later on
@Medix2 I think it's undeletable if you keep it to the modifiers and not have the bits on max damage. But up to you :)
@kviiri How am I supposed to do something like "approve if at least 3 blues"? Once the robot is checked at a B/R branch it removes the dot, so I can't see how I can account for all possible combinations.
Ahh, I get it now.
Yeah, you need to leverage "work memory" or as it is usually called in automata theory, "state" to get those.
(in this case, defined by the bot's position)
WOW I actually have a save in this browser
7:38 PM
Mm, I remember I have solved this one where you need to place a yellow dot in the middle of the string
@NautArch What edits do you mean, pretty much my entire thing was on maximized damage from Overchannel
@Medix2 Well, then I guess it's up to you if you want to keep it up. But since OP is asking purely for modifiers and not maximized damage rolls it doesn't seem like it's answering the question they're asking.
Also, is this a dupe again now that they've changed it :( ?
7:55 PM
Anyone watch JoJos Bizarre Adventure?
@Medix2 Wait, doesn't the edit to that Q on dice and maximisation mean Overchannel is valid?
I think
@TrevorFait Is this going to be a JoJo's reference?
Kono Dio Da
@vicky_molokh I think the provider covers about 80% of it, but there's an element of whimsy that may be missing from the description.
7:58 PM
@Someone_Evil Ugh, it is. Yeah, I guess go ahead @Medix2. Up to OP to include, but very much seems like adding in max damage via a trait is still adding in damage beyond modifiers.
I'm pretty sure overchannel is less damage than just Wild Magic
That question is turning into a bit of a mess. Or rather, an example of why optimisation questions often have a bunch of constraints
@Someone_Evil I was just thinking that and wondering if a vote too close was a bad idea...
@Medix2 I dno't think it's a bad idea, but a late one :(
8:13 PM
Better late than never
true dat
at least gives OP time to address it without getting more answers in that aren't necessarily applicable
Not sure if too broad or unclear though
i'd probably lean unclear.
because we're not clear on the constraints :)
Oh that's definitely true
It's just funny that a lack of constraints is what makes it too broad
Hwy does anyone know how many levels are in Joust (the game) I need to know for a school prodject
8:28 PM
@Medix2 I tried to create a summary answer, but couldn't beat your numbers for spell attack; are you okay with me referencing your answer?
@DavidCoffron Definitely, go right ahead
@TrevorFait That would be a good question to ask on Arqade (the StackExchange site for video games)
@DavidCoffron I knew there was a solution with moonblade in there somewhere, good find!
Joust doesn't really have levels in the usual sense, it tracks "waves" but occasionally platform arrangement changes between waves.
@DavidCoffron Does a moonblade not to infinite damage?
8:32 PM
@Medix2 Right; higher damage the more runes
@DavidCoffron I assume you used moonblade like you did in your answer here: rpg.stackexchange.com/a/119115/36521
@TrevorFait What's your school project?
@Medix2 It's a different rune (the 1d6 elemental damage only rather than that and the 1d6 slashing damage), but its the same result
@DavidCoffron I can't wait for the OP to clarify the criteria and I'll just be deleting my answer probably and others will be editing theirs
8:48 PM
It for my eSports class and we need to write about joust
8:59 PM
@KorvinStarmast Huh, interesting perspective, not one I imagined but I suppose it makes sense.
9:41 PM
@TrevorFait That's the premise of Scream of the Shalka, so it'd probably make a solid Cthulhu Dark adventure.
10:16 PM
hey there @KorvinStarmast, how're things going?
10:57 PM
@V2Blast So after all their promises about "if you buy WGtE you'll always have the newest version", they're just straight up giving the final version a different name so they can make people pay for it again?
I found out how to get the DMs guide for free
Everything in this chat is permanently and publicly recorded, so unless whatever you're talking about is legal, it's really better if you don't share it.
Obviously they mean receiving it as a birthday gift
No its not illegal
unless photo copying it to a doc is illegal
If you own the book, photocopying it is legal, but sharing that copy with anyone else isn't.
11:12 PM
ok well better delete it before the fbi catches up to me
hey there @TrevorFait, welcome to the RPG.SE lair btw :)
Thanks :). Its nice to be here
11:48 PM
Q: Does the Symbiotic Entity damage apply to a creature hit by the secondary damage of Green Flame Blade?

XiremaFor a Circle of Spores Druid, they are able to add 1d6 Poison Damage to their Melee Weapon Attacks while their Symbiotic Entity feature is active. At 2nd level, you gain the ability to channel magic into your spores. [...] While this feature is active, you gain the following benefits: ...

Q: How many spells can a level 1 wizard learn?

Polar019 the BearI’m kind of new to the game and I want to make a wizard, but I can’t understand the part of the hero’s handbook (pg.29) where it says: “Pick a number of spells from this page equal to 3 + INT” I have 17 + 3 INT, so what do I do?

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