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8:08 PM
on a different note: are there any other system tags on the meta site besides ? I imagine most aren't really needed there because system tags aren't really needed on/relevant to most metas
@V2Blast one was created for . Other than that, I haven't seen any. There is a generic
@V2Blast And I still don't think it's necessary for this one, either. I only created the heros-and-dragons because the 5e tag was put in.
@NautArch I mostly added the [dnd-5e] tag to that question because the tag already existed and the question was fundamentally about whether H&D was the same thing as D&D 5e, so it seemed pretty relevant
@V2Blast On the flipside, it also isn't a 5e question. It's a question about heroes and dragons. :D
@NautArch Is this question about this one game that's related to another game also related to that same game?
8:17 PM
@G.Moylan Relatably.
Q: Warlock Eldritch Blast Beam from single free hand?

Andrii PuhachHow do eldritch blast multiple beams work with a Pact of the Blade weapon? When I, as warlock, have my Pact of the Blade rapier in one hand and cast multiple beams to hit either single or multiple enemies, should I hide my sword to do these multiple beams with two hands?

8:30 PM
@goodguy5 What's the who, now? What post are we talking about?
I assume this one:
Q: How many creatures can attack (melee) a single creature at once (assuming all creatures are medium sized)?

DeahzgrexofeRegarding a hypothetical scenario where you have a party of 8 PC's and one enemy. Can all of those 8 PC's surround and attack the enemy creature (following a square 5x5 feet square grid) in one round? Another hypothetical scenario where an army of 1000 (all wielding swords) exists. How many me...

Q: What else can you do in the turn you ready an action?

FoffosIn your turn you ready an action to hit the enemy in front of you if he tries to hit your friend What else can you do in the turn you ready the action? NB:in the turn you decide to ready the action "hit the enemy", not as extra thing to do in the readied action ("hit the enemy and then move aw...

@Someone_Evil Aah, thanks.
8:54 PM
@NautArch And help you did. Well done, amigo. :)
@KorvinStarmast deep breaths :)
and of course, you're wrong, you're wrong, you're wrong. and i'm not gonna talk about it.
@NautArch Naturally. ;)
9:19 PM
@Yuuki, @nitsua60 Since you were excited to learn that Kareem Abdul-Jabbar branched out into fiction writing, you might be interested to know that he co-wrote an episode of the new season of Veronica Mars on Hulu.
@BESW Are you referring to the former Los Angeles Laker?
Jun 1 '18 at 2:53, by BESW
@SimonH. For something completely different, consider Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's Mycroft Holmes, in which Sherlock's brother goes to Trinidad to help his black friend expose a slavery conspiracy.
@BESW That's cool. There was a time when young men recruited to play college sorts took full advantage of the educational opportunity. I think he was one of those kinds of people. (But that's 50 years ago, the whole system has changed quite a bit with how TV money trickles down and infiltrates that system ... )
@BESW OOh, thanks for the link to Mycroft Holmes. That looks like a possible add to the reading list.
@BESW Nice
@BESW a generation later people learn that it doesn't always work out that way. (In re my point on taking full advantage ...)
9:39 PM
Q: Can the caster of Time Stop still use their bonus action or reaction?

Medix2The spell time stop states: No time passes for other creatures, while you take 1d4 + 1 turns in a row, during which you can use actions and move as normal. I am wondering what counts as "actions" in the above quote, is it only your action, or also bonus actions and reactions. Can the cast...

Re: "There was a time when X, the new kids don't do X anymore", said every generation since the dawn of time (though in this specific case I don't have enough background to say whether it's true or false, or what cause there is behind either path)
"There was a time when scholars had to learn and remember all their facts, the new kids don't do that anymore and are worse for it, because they're writing their facts down!" -Socrates or Aristotle, I don't recall which [paraphrased]
10:15 PM
@Delioth I'm kind of doing this in my planned campaign
Water is needed for life = water is life
'Divine water' comes in a massive deluge in the centre of the continent, and gives life to things, then reaches the ocean and 'dies'
So its the source of a bunch of divvine magic stuff
not all magic, but still :)
@Sirv I've become interested in how distinguishing between supernatural and non-supernatural effects is a relatively recent and largely Western epistemological development. Working on a few RPG settings which push against it.
10:39 PM
Q: How to handle not being able to attend as often as I'd like

DumpTruck614I've been playing with a group for about a year. I have no complaints about my group, I'm the problem. I'm the only one who has kids, and unfortunately for me my wife is not exactly supportive either. As a result, the rest of the group plays every week, I am lucky to make it on average every 3...

11:09 PM
@BESW yeah, it's something that is...peculiarly non-generalizable as well. (in EVE for instance, everything your ship can do above the base functions every ship has is implemented as some module)
11:44 PM
@Shalvenay I'm not sure I get what you're saying. I'm talking more generally about cultural epistemology rather than specifically about RPGs, but even within RPGs--systems like Fate simply de-modularize supernatural effects so that the only distinction is whatever narrative the players bring to the table.
And one of the most aggressively modular RPGs in recent history, D&D 4e, completely eliminated the distinction between supernatural and non-supernatural effects on both a mechanical and narrative level.
Many Indigenous epistemologies blur the distinction between natural and supernatural because they don't see a distinction. You can also see it in whether or not the culture's sense of "where supernatural beings live" is "right here among us" or "way over there" or "sideways in another space."
@BESW I'm saying that the notion of supernatural effects being distinctly different from regular ones is something that only makes sense within some types of world-lore
11:59 PM
Q: How can I deal with someone that wants to kill something that isn't supposed to be killed?

Maiko ChikyuTo clarify: By something that isn't supposed to be killed I mean things that are out of mortal's power range. As far as I can tell this isn't a system specific problem. I experienced the same thing with Call Of Cthulhu as well as World Of Darkness as well as D&D with a variety of people. I alwa...

What about Captain Wizard, the scientist?

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