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12:26 AM
does anyone here know of a good ninja/shibobi type rouge homebrew
In what sense? What kinds of ninja/shinobi abilities are you looking for?
kinda like a movie shinobi which doesn't have that chakra bs. Super mobile, runs up walls, jumps long distances, call fall safely, uses hidden weapons and poisons
you know ninja stuff
not nessarily all of those but that kind of idea
Er... not sure what you mean by "chakra bs", but even the PHB rogue archetypes are ninja-ish. Thief can instantly climb walls, Assassin can make disguises, Arcane Trickster can turn invisible
you ever watched naruto?
Not much, but I'm familiar with the style.
They have all sorts of powers, so it's gonna be tricky to cover all bases with a single archetype. Is there a particular character or ability you had in mind?
12:42 AM
again not like naruto
So... not like Naruto? Ok, well if you want a ninja that's roughly historically accurate (to the extent that anything in D&D can be historically accurate), then the Assassin archetype's features are spot-on.
if you don't mind spoilers for the first episide of naruto watch this
even the thumbnail shows how bs that ability is
and trust me it get's much much worse
assassin doesn't really get much in the way of mbility
@MageintheBarrel do you want them to be a functional skillmonkey atop being a mobile, stealthy assailant?
@Shalvenay Isn't that what rogues already do?
just a mobile stealthy assailant
12:49 AM
@MikeQ many rogues, yes :) but not all
as I'm kind of wondering if a Monk/Rogue multiclass is a good option here
like an assassin but can get around
Have you checked out the scout from XGtE?
i don't have xgte so no
Scout rogues are very mobile. They can use their reaction to retreat from opponents, they get extra movement speed, and at high levels they can make 2 sneak attacks per turn
The D&D representation of shadow clone (in a sense) sounds like the mirror image spell (2nd level illusion) which would be available to a 7th level Arcane Trickster. You might want to look at that subclass and talk with your DM about reflavouring the spellcasting as "Ninja Techniques"
12:55 AM
@Someone_Evil I think he doesn't want the arcane trickery stuff going on
again i don't want ninjitsu
Arguably "Ninja" is just as much covered by Monk as by Rogue, have you looked at the Shadow tradition in particular?
I wanted to play a scout then I heard how they don't really fit my definition of a scout
@MageintheBarrel what is your def. of a scout?
someone who goes ahead to gather information and relay it
scouts feel like a speedy assassin
this homebrewed version of a scout fo example zerohitpoints.com/Guides/DnD-5-Class-Scout
1:00 AM
Because if all a PC actually did was scout ahead they would be doing so much less than the rest of the party, which wouldn't be fun for them.
@Someone_Evil yeah, not being able to contribute to combat meaningfully wouldn't be very fun for them due to the way D&D manages the spotlight
High elf rogue (scout). Choose to start with the Message cantrip. Now they can relay information to allies within 120 ft.
you also have restrictions on communications etc
Scouting ahead can be done with reasonable efficiency by a familiar. And if your character is replaceable by 10 gp and a 1st level spell (ignoring the ritual tag), that feels bad
look over the page i linked based on the description above I am 99.9% sure that they are not the same
would that be replacable with a familiar
1:03 AM
The Scout Archetype is written so that they can fill the scouting role, but still have other, cool (combat) features
@MageintheBarrel this is a bit of a digression though. have you looked at say Shadow Monk MCed with either Assassin or Scout Rogue, if you really need something that can't be filled by a single class+archetype?
I generally like utility support roles rather than combat or healing roles
@MageintheBarrel Scout Rogue sounds like a good plan then? you have the Rogue skillmonkey utility, good mobility from the sounds of things, and can make your influence felt in combat if the situation demands....
hey there @user56159, welcome to the RPG.SE lair :)
Or just use the homebrew archetype you linked, choose a background with disguise kit proficiency, call it a ninja, and there you have it
@MikeQ one thing I find interesting is that D&D has two very different styles of stealth within it
1:14 AM
i'm already using a custom race I based off the changling and got dm approval
being disguised isn't really an issue
1:27 AM
it's very ninja but not naruto ninja
i am forever inflicted with what i call "shiny and new syndrom"
1:44 AM
@MageintheBarrel It seems underpowered, actually. Most of its features are complicated and are too expensive to be useful.
if I new more about the game i'd probably make one that uses specialized tools and gadgets
Hey guys. Anyone here really familiar with 3.5e?
like caltrops, smoke bombs, poison darts, grenades
I'd like to get some feedback on a tweak I made to the incarnum rules.
ah just ask ...not sure if there are any 3.5e experts on atm
1:52 AM
@MageintheBarrel It's great that you're enthusiastic about TTRPGs. And it would definitely help you to learn and play the system a bit more, before trying to write and balance your own homebrew content.
@EmrysTernal Reasonably.
@EmrysTernal I'm...not great on incarnum though.
btw what part of homebrew i linked was expensive
The primary thing I did was made it so that, first, level-based essentia capacity is raised by 1 for each level that raises it (including the first). The 2nd and much bigger change is that "meldshaping is different" (a meldshaping version of "psionics is different"). This effectively means that meldshaping is neither magic OR psionics, but something else entirely unless the effect specifically calls out meldshaping (such as a suppress magic effect).
@EmrysTernal So incarnum classes have more essentia capacity, but not more essentia?
That'll make incarnum races and feats much more desirable.
Hmmm...it also makes builds like the manticore belt totemist (that basically want to sink all their essentia into one meld) much more powerful.
That means that
* spell resistance doesn't defend against soulmelds,
* dispel magic doesn't dispel soulmelds,
* detect magic doesn't detect soulmelds,
* dead magic areas and antimagic effects do nothing to soulmelds,
* item creation feats don't work for crafting meldshaping-related items without a one-feat feat-tax (or taking a single level in a meldshaping class),
* you can still invest essentia in magic/psionic items as-normal,
* you can still bind chakras to magic/psionic items as-normal
And yes, increased essentia capacity, but not increased essentia
Oh, also relevant, I also use the PF progression for ECL-given feats, so you get feat slots faster.
To be clear, by "level-based essentia capacity is raised by 1 for each level that raises it (including the first)" I'm referring to that table at the start of the book that raises essentia capacity based on ECL, and is not referring to any specific class benefit.
Character Level ---- Essentia Capacity
1st–5th ---- 2
6th–11th ---- 3
12th–17th ---- 4
18th–20th ---- 5
2:04 AM
I don't have the book in front of me, but the incarnum classes all get faster progressions, right?
"Faster progressions" in what sense?
They gain essentia capacity faster than that table, I mean.
That *is* the new table.
The original table in the book is one less essentia capacity at each row.
All I did was replace the table
Essentially, everyone gets a free Improved Essentia Capacity feat without it being a feat on their sheet.
Ah, found it. They use the same table but get bonuses at certain levels.
Just the incarnate, actually.
Anyway, I was trying to make meldshaping not just attractive to play but have its own flavor. A beholder's antimagic cone can't do shit to lock down a meldshaper now.
2:14 AM
Yeah, I think the not counting as magic is definitely a good change.
So I'm trying to think of what could be done to horribly horribly break the game open with this change.
So that I can adjust the rules so that that can't happen.
or is at least, not cost-effective
In my game's world, antimagic fields and null psionics fields are commonly used as riot control, but the strongest anti-meldshaping effect in the game (from what I can tell) can only suppress one soulmeld at a time.
So you don't use magic-psionics transparency either?
I don't. Psionics is also different from magic, meaning any effect that merges or shifts energies between the two doesn't work, and the STP Erudite is banned.
There are edge cases between all three that does allow for some overlap, but they're specifically written to do that.
2:29 AM
Ah; I see your world hasn't seen the counter-strategy to anti-magic yet.
True polymorph a horde of high-level monsters one at a time into marbles.
Anybody using anti-magic field gets one thrown at him.
If you're trying to use it for crowd control, somebody's probably gonna try it.
That's in 5e, this is 3.5e. The Polymorph Any Object spell is banned for unrelated reasons.
3.5 has disjunction though
Mage’s disjunction was also banned because of-course it was.
2:44 AM
Nailed to the sky not banned though. That's gonna make star travel a lot easier.
Nailed to the Sky is an epic spell seed
it's hardly broken
2:59 AM
Oh yeah, I remember groups that tried to "fix" 3.5 with ban lists.
Is this an online group?
3:28 AM
I made a whole wiki for one group's game
in real life
Thing is, I'm not trying to "fix" 3.5e with a ban list
I did a massive overhaul of many of its core functions, most notably how spells, alignment, and shopping all work.
Ah. I ask because it's been my experience that ban lists are best used as methods of last resort--usually in groups that are too big and disjointed to use softer, more social methods, and those are large online games or FLGS walk-in games.
The bans are more "this would break my setting wide open more so than this would break the game "
Even the ones that are more for the sake of the game are things that very very obviously should be banned, like the mindrape spell.
Or kender, dvati, etc
Everything that's more fringe is still doable, just heavily heavily restricted (such as wish requiring a ritual procedure unique to the details of the wish)
hey there @JohnP
In my setting's case, a "ring of three wishes" only lets you "charge up the incantation for" a wish, where each specific wish has a unique ritual you have to acquire first, and takes a significant amount of time to cast.
So without the wish "incantation" ritual for what you're trying to do, the ring is essentially useless except as a macguffin
(and IMHO that's what a ring of three wishes should be anyway)
Imagine a ring of three wishes being acquired at level 1, and it's being sought after by The Big Bad because they do have a wish incantation ritual for a specific thing they want to do.
(Insert obvious Tolkien plot here)
3:58 AM
@Someone_Evil Scout seems cool. I was playing a tabaxi rogue in a Serpent Isle campaign and planned to go Scout but the campaign got put on indefinite hold due to DM availability before we hit level 3... it's weird that to avoid a proficiency being wasted, you have to be mediocre in Nature and Survival at level 1 and then suddenly become great at level 3.
@V2Blast It's just a +2 to each at that point, right? Assuming they don't multiclass?
@MikeQ You avoid picking Nature and Survival as skill proficiencies because Scout rogues get expertise (technically, you add double your proficiency bonus but it's not called "expertise" there) in those two skills at level 3 anyway. Thus, your skill mod is just the ability score mod (Int and Wis respectively) for levels 1 and 2; at level 3, your expertise increases the two skill mods by +4 (since your prof. bonus is +2)
Ah, ok. Missed the bit about x2 proficiency.
4:52 AM
Q: I've been swallowed and the creature has been Baleful Polymorphed; what happens?

FeringRelated question but different game (D&D 5e): What happens when a creature that has swallowed another creature is polymorphed? We went into the water and a 5x4 creature attacked us. It had grab on a natural attack and swallow whole. I was... unlucky. One of the other players hit it with Balef...

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6:18 AM
how's everyone doing tonight?
6:29 AM
Q: Why is this question about 5e dragonborn homebrew locked as a content dispute?

the dark wandererSo, this question should maybe be locked, given the edit war or whatever we want to call that (I assume there must be edit history I can't see because otherwise the OP's obscene posts seem totally out of the blue with literally nothing having happened to trigger them), but I don't think the moder...

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7:31 AM
Or whatever time of the day you're having
3:30 am here
Late night with V2Blast O'Brien then
[insert laugh track]
[that video clip from Mac 'n' Me]

Damn. A system-agnostic question whose top answer is extremely system-gnostic (and whose reasoning breaks down catastrophically if applied in a system-agnostic question).
7:45 AM
Good catch
Can anything be done about that, other than leaving a hopeless comment? (I suspect not.)
Although it seems like it's been revised to change the tags a few times
Seems like it was originally tagged dnd-5e AND system-agnostic, then went through iterations of both tags alone.
It was tagged SA by the author from day 1.
@vicky_molokh ...and dnd-5e
@vicky_molokh yeah, part of the issue is that the previous question is specifically about a situation in D&D 5e, and then this question asks about the exact same situation but tags it as system-agnostic. (And as kviiri points out, it originally had both tags.) Not sure how best to proceed there.
7:48 AM
But it's a tricky situation, maybe start a meta about that
> The question has been edited. Please check if you feel any edits to your answer are merited in response.
2 hours later…
10:02 AM
@kviiri "they'll lose their spellcasting for 24 hours (as the rules state)" is edition specific - specifically there are no adverse effects specified in 5e, it just says they "will not" - hence the question that stemmed from the linked 5e question. – Dale M Jun 2 '16 at 23:56 Followed by "Ah, yes, this question here was tagged "system-agnostic" and so I forgot for a moment. – Lokathor Jun 2 '16 at 23:57"
10:36 AM
@kviiri It's not really tricky. The question isn't a system-agnostic one, regardless of what tags the querent chose to put on it.
@Miniman Dunno, seems to me it might as well just be a sys-ag question that stems from a rule in 5e.
Not a very good one given how different systems treat player agency differently, but still
I mean, we can make any question more complicated by ignoring things we know about it.
Well from the most recent meta guidance I know of here:
But if we have the context (we do), and ignoring it will make things more difficult for everyone (it will), why ignore it?
> If you are deliberately asking for cross-system techniques, put system-agnostic on it to shortcut people having to ask.
10:41 AM
@Miniman I would say that the asker has a better idea about the scope of the question the asker wants answered, than someone who came around and made indirect conclusions based on a reading.
Do we have any reason to assume it's not deliberate?
It's an interesting case of a wider question stemming from a narrow initial situation.
@kviiri Well, it's obviously deliberate.
> You should only ask practical, answerable questions based on actual problems that you face. Chatty, open-ended questions diminish the usefulness of our site and push other questions off the front page.
Choosing to ignore the context, even if you are the querent, isn't asking about actual problems you face.
I agree, but I don't think choosing to limit that question to DnD 5e makes it any less open-ended.
Besides, the querent gave the context of the question in the question, gave a system-specific answer, and accepted a system-specific answer.
10:46 AM
(I mean, as long as we're talking about "Your character wouldn't do that" in general, not the druid-specific case)
@vicky_molokh Or, to put it differently, the querent chose to accept this answer.
@vicky_molokh So you should perhaps take your own advice.
@Miniman I consider it a possibility that the reasoning of the answer may have turned out to be misleading the asker, but you do make a good point and I should review my line of thinking.
@vicky_molokh I mean, I may well have constructed a false dichotomy, but in my mind, if it's ultimately up to the querent to determine the scope of their question, well, they did.
Q: Is this alternate Draconic Ancestry trait (that grants flight) a balanced replacement for the dragonborn's Breath Weapon trait?

DmokA player with a Dragonborn PC recently requested that he be allowed to grow wings and gain a fly speed in our game. I didn't really like any of the alternate Dragonborn options that allow flight, so here is my current idea. Is this option balanced with respect to the Dragonborn as found in the P...

11:01 AM
Hey @Shalvenay sorry I've been missing your messages. Currently been moving this weekend
11:59 AM
I'm going to jump on an old soapbox, feel free to tell me to shove off:
It seems to me an actual sys-ag question along DaleM's lines would be "I say 'your character wouldn't do that' all the time in sys1, sys2, sys3, sys4, .... It never causes any of the problems that I naturally associate with removing player agency. [those problems are... here's how I know they're not appearing... here are things I've done that have caused those problems...] Is saying 'your character wouldn't do that' actually denying their agency?"
Or "I've said 'your character wouldn't do that' and had it cause problems in sys1, sys2, but never in sys3, sys4. I can't understand if in some systems it denies agency and others it doesn't, or if in some systems agency denial is okay and not in others, what's going on?"
12:33 PM
@nitsua60 I'm not sure there really is a way to ask this question so generically - it's not even the system, it's the specific reason for the belief that "your character wouldn't do that that can influence whether or not this "takes away agency":
Consider: 1. Player is about to do something stupid (from the in-universe perspective) because the player lacks the full character's knowledge and expects an unreasonable outcome. "Your character wouldn't do that, because they would know that..." 2. Player is about to do something contrary to the speaker's understanding of their character "Your character wouldn't do that, according to my mental model of what your characters emotions and goals are..."
3. Player is about to act contrary to a code of conduct that is imposed on their character by the rules (the Druid example). "Your character wouldn't do that, because the rules say they wouldn't."
In each of these three situations, you can come to very different conclusions whether this is taking away the player's agency, but these can conceivably all happen in the same system (though not in every system)
1:16 PM
@Ben np
@Ben maybe catch you tomorrow?
2:04 PM
i'm trying to write a size comparison what would be a good comparison to the size of a basket ball?
in 5e
@nitsua60 @ACuriousMind
It's essentially a question about What is Agency in RPGs in disguise, which *is* a system-agnostic one. There's no *fundamental* difference between 'druids have a vow against metal armour; I decided to play a druid' and 'I decided to take play a PC with a code of honour (as a distinct disadvantage) against metal armour'. It's just a difference of the packaging.
It's possible to argue either that
1) All systems with mental disadvantages (such as vows or classes with vows) deny agency because one chosen, the player is restricted from some courses of action
2) That such systems do not deny agency because it's the player who decided to play such a PC or class.
There are probably other ways to view the matter too, not just these two.
That sounds prima fascia, as the content, answer choosen as correct and comments on answers by the author are all system specific.
It could be system agnostic, but the content is not phrased system agnostic.
I currently read it as "I have problem x which is system specific but I also welcome and am curious about system agnostic solutions to my concrete system specific problem."
Or to strawman the author: "I have no problem, but let us discuss a topic, dear forum members, which I have come across in system x which intrigued me, and I want to talk about it outside of the scope of that system."
2:20 PM
Interestingly, the author's own answer (third by votes) is much less system-specific than the top-voted one.
@vicky_molokh Love this line: "if they persist in their obstinancy you are quite within sensible bounds to rule that no matter how hard they try, they "
At its core the answer is still system specific, while wider than most other answers.
Terminology like "class", "DM" (instead of GM), "RAW", defined rulesets (incongruent with freeform etc.), direct answering of the concrete dnd-5e problem, etc. are all system specific - but there are wider terms that represent system agnostic "out of character", "mechanical limitation" but then in conflicht with the rules as raw dnd language.
The broader, agnostic angle is 'does this thing that some systems do (like e.g. ABC) count as taking away agency', and for this angle, the use of those specific terms and examples doesn't detract from examining the broader philosophical question.
2:35 PM
I would tag it dnd-5e (the problem, and answers), and system-agnostic (techniques).
It started out double-tagged like that, representing the origin of the question and its scope, but got one of the tags removed.
Yes, which by my account is an error - and if one tag had to be removed, I would remove the system-agnostic tag.
Which is what greener did back then with good reasoning, which then was overwritten by a "fixed tags" edit.
Compare rev. hist. 2 and 4.
"I provided a helpful answer, but apparently this site would rather remove helpful answers because of some minor technicalities than actually fulfil its stated purpose of helping users. And, of course, no room was left to discuss said removal. This is absurd. "Don't guess the system" is fine advice in theory but an answer relying on a fairly good guess is better than no answer at all, regardless of what some beurocrat might have decided."
There is a meta that answers this (and th search is fruitless so far). Does anyone have it at hand?
3:10 PM
hey there @Kuerten, welcome to the RPG.SE lair :)
morning ladies, gentlemen, and anything in between
Hello, @Shalvenay! Hello, everyone =)
btw @Glazius @ACuriousMind -- I was initially under the impression we had a game today, but now that I think about it, I'm thinking we may have cancelled for this week (I need to do a better job of keeping track of such things XD)
Yeah, sorry. Out for Father's Day.
@Glazius no worries :)
@Glazius and Happy Father's Day by the way, too
3:13 PM
happy Fathers Day
@Akixkisu I left a link to our meta about guessing system tags on edits, that should be a good starting point for the user in question
@Shalvenay Oh, yeah, I'm sure that's what he wants to read right now, our explanation on why we're right and he's wrong.
@KorvinStarmast have you run Murder in Baldur's Gate by now? Then you could answer your question from last year rpg.stackexchange.com/questions/125305/… :)
It's basically a bureaucratic hazing ritual at this point. You want to get into our treehouse, you have to learn the password.
3:34 PM
I kinda want to make like 3 more Wizards now
I want to make a Transmutation Wizard that carries random materials around on Tensers Floating Disc at all times. Just like a barrel of dirt, a bucket of water, some random rocks
4:08 PM
@Ryan one million wizards
4:38 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in body, bad keyword with email in body, potentially bad keyword in body (158): true-story of my life by Robert casandra on rpg.SE (@doppelgreener)
4:56 PM
@Akixkisu The group decided that they didn't want to play in the sword coast/FR setting, so I am going to have to wait for another group at another time. :( Oh well.
@KorvinStarmast dang
@V2Blast It's fine, we are in the World of Greyhawk and they are interested in doing the Saltmarsh campaign. Wheeeeeeeeee!
@KorvinStarmast Saltmarsh you say
Someday, I want to run that adventure, it's a neat one for a low level group
@V2Blast Yep. And my son joined us
IRL group I assume?
5:05 PM
I am doing a run tomorrow night before we take a few week's hiatus ... he is a dwarf barbarian, roll20 group, son in San Antone and I am not.
im starting Saltmarsh today but reskinned to Al-Qadim setting
I wish it was IRL, I can run a game a lot faster without all the clunky computer interface stuff.
bringing my new tiefling wizard, not sure how that will go
@Ryan Saltmarsh is (as laid out) IMO a decent mix of combat and investigation and problem solving ... but that's how I ran it in 1e ages ago, so maybe I am bringing assumptions with me.
nice! thats what im hoping for! though this is Adventures League and supposed to only take 3 sessions
5:06 PM
What I like about the 5e edition is that they spread it out for about levels 1-11 or so.
well this part of it is 3 sessions i guess. not really sure
Yeah, the first adventure should be pretty tight that way ... remember your 1e habits and paranoia! tee hee
but he said we might want to roll a monster race for it
Are there any 3.5e experts in here?
@KorvinStarmast oooh that makes me really want to roll an old school rogue. I hate how mundane dungeons and traps have gotten
5:18 PM
@EmrysTernal I'm not, but it might be best just to ask and see :)
in my last session I was only one who had a 10ft pole and mirror with him. So I gave it to our Rogue, who admittedly was a new player, but he had no idea what to do with it.
Actually I must be going now, so even if I was I wouldn't be of much use
5:38 PM
@kviiri I want to determine the most broken implications of this change to the 3.5e rules: hyperion-voyages.obsidianportal.com/wikis/…
6:30 PM
Q: Can a character learn spells from someone else's spellbook and then sell it?

iaminsensibleCan a character learn spells from someone else's spellbook and then sell it? The character is a 3rd level Warlock - spellcaster - and he decided to visit a library in the town they're currently staying at to find spellbooks or scrolls. I had him roll a die to determine what spells he would find....

@Shalvenay Yeah, we skip this week because of what your country thinks is Father's Day ;)
@Ryan It depends on the DM, but I agree with you, that facet seems to be less emphasized for the current generation. (I blame 30 years of CRPG and video game experience for that ...)
I have always found that traps, when I designed a dungeon or cavern complex, needed to make sense. "This trap is here to protect .. what?"
@KorvinStarmast yeah, I think you're about on point there
I personally don't have quite the head for mechanical things needed to do a lot of the clever-but-traditional trap-based gameplay well
It has been my experience that for many players, traps are a largely ritual thing that's there because "there's supposed to be traps", without enough consideration for how they affect gameplay. As a result, I've mostly encountered pretty bad traps in the games I've played, usually amounting to little more than an extra attack roll or something for not rolling well enough or not declaring we check for traps every five minutes or so.
@kviiri yeah. trying to make meaningful trap/puzzlework is something I haven't really run into good sources for, at least at an in-depth level
6:43 PM
I think there's many good kinds of traps too, they just require more effort and thinking from the GM than just "ok this square attacks you"
7:08 PM
hey there @BlackSpike
Q: Synaptic Static - when to roll the d6?

Asaf SitnerThe description of the synaptic static spell (XGtE, p. 167) reads: After a failed save, a target has muddled thoughts for 1 minute. During that time, it rolls a d6 and subtracts the number rolled from all its attack rolls and ability checks, as well as its Constitution saving throws to maint...

7:43 PM
@vicky_molokh To me the reasonable reads given by ACuriousMind, vicky, akixkisu, miniman, me, dale themself, &c. all point to the tag trying to to a lot of lifting: if the question had actually contained in it the system-agnosticism that the tag is supposed to describe (not proscribe), we'd all be on the same page. I think.
Q: What to do when an edit guesses the system being used rather than waiting for the querent to clarify?

WibbsWhen the question does not specify a system, but an educated guess can be made, other users often edit the tags themselves without waiting for the querent to confirm the system they are interested in. Is this appropriate? If not then is it OK to roll-back the edit and comment? At what point is ...

Oops... looks like Shalv got there. Sorry for the errant ping.
Anyone know what book or a website that would have more common items beyond the Players Handbook just for ideas?
Q: Are there any specific non-magical ways to create areas of heavily obscured vision?

SeriousBriInspired by this comment which states that beholders can't use eye rays in heavily obscured areas I started thinking that things like fog cloud would be cleared by their anti-magic eye which would limit the benefit. So, is there any way that a similar effect to fog cloud can be created that will...

says there's smoke grenades for example in the DMG but I'm not seeing them or any list really
Anything in Xanathar's Guide to Everything?
ah well found smoke grenades but its under future tech
not that Im seeing in XGE
Burn a pile of damp leaves?
7:53 PM
XGtE introduces common magical items (beyond scrolls and potions), I assume you are talking about common mundane items?
i decided to go School of Conjuration after a lot of thinking about what would be both fun to me as a player, make sense to the character, and be useful
looking for ideas for Minor Conjuration
Have you looked at the Trinket table in PHB?
@BlackSpike how'd the candyland go? or is that yet to happen still?
Tomorrow night
ah :)
7:56 PM
Got lots of ideas now, thanks!
@Someone_Evil yeah not too many useful ideas and a lot are vials of things which I don't think is allowed
not really sure seems a downside to Minor Conjuration is how DM dependent it will be
Now I have to stat-up the "Vampire". He's high-level, with Vamp bonuses, so I might just give him a flat stat-line, and whatever skills seem appropriate, rather than fully build a"PC-like" character :D
Need a "thing" for him. He's "Toreador". Unrivalled stealth, Impressive Combat and Athletics. But what's his Edge? And what's his "theme"? Obviously he wears a long black trenchcoat (that swirls behind him as he moves), but he needs a bit more of a personality. he's got a Big Revenge thing against the PCs,
(It's not actually V:tM, I've just stolen the imagery :D we all played 1st ed, A LOT, so know all the tropes :D )
8:13 PM
surely a katana
and the stock phrase "nothin' personnel, kid"
are all you need to make this a truly dastardly villain
heh. Although this is all VERY personal! The PCs just burned his gang, destroyed his turf, and have now invaded his Private Lair! (after a "rogue" from the PCs gang 'accidentally' did loads of blood-experiments on his gang ...)
(and tho this sounds like a Major Thing, it's actually all a side-plot! A bit of a distraction, to make the world feel Action-Filled, there are consequences ... not really the Main Plot. The player's were stalling, while they split lootz from the last raid, so I "Charlie" burned some of their turf, and ran off! Standard "nothing happening? BOOM! NINJA!"
8:30 PM
@Ryan generally speaking it can be anything mundane (nonmagical) that your character would know about/be able to have seen
> an inanimate object [...] This object can be no larger than 3 feet on a side and weigh no more than 10 pounds, and its form must be that of a nonmagical object that you have seen.
8:55 PM
Does someone know on the fly the category differences of locked:0; locked:1; and locked:2?
@Akixkisu What's the context/where're you seeing it? I know in search locked:0 and locked:1 are "not locked" and "locked." Where'd you see "locked:2"?
It is a seacharble tag in the extension list that I'm using, might be dead though or it doesn't apply to rpg.se
@nitsua60 If combined with is:question it gives the exact number of rpg.se questions which lets me assume that it doesn't apply to rpg.se
I can't find anything on it in meta. I'll gladly ask in the mod/staff room, but a bit more context might be helpful. Like which extension, does it seem to modify any results, and I don't know what else might be helpful.
What about on SU or SO? They're big enough that if it's going to do anything, it probably does it there.
@nitsua60 thx, but I guess it isn't really relevant. No results that deviate from is:question, but thanks for the offered help!
(I am assuming that locked:2 is used in this list because locked 0/1 exclude each other)
9:30 PM
I think so far this is my favourite historical significant lock (195 views):(rpg.stackexchange.com/questions/58965/…
It is especially remarkable if compared to the historical lock of this question rpg.stackexchange.com/questions/267/…
10:04 PM
This might be my favourite comment exchange so far (the answer was not edited): I'll... But I'm commuting to work – HufflepuffBR Feb 18 '16 at 8:07

It'll still be here when you have the time to answer it fully. – BESW Feb 18 '16 at 8:09
@BESW Forgot to say: FAE is good if you know what are you doing as a GM. If you're a newbie, maybe you should compliment it with some setting. Some of the bests IMHO for FAE are (in no specific order) Do - Fate of the Flying Temple, Young Centurions, Strays, Masters of Umdaar, Nitrate City and Good Neighbors – HufflepuffBR Jul 5 '17 at 19:36
10:16 PM
Morning all
It has been very misty this morning, was quite a spectacle
Bucket list achievement: Get a post over 100 votes
@Ben congrats
10:31 PM
Haha no not yet. I've just put that on the list haha
My highest is 69 votes.
I do have a few questions and answers around there, 65-69 votes across different sites, and I may have received an answer on one question over 100 votes, so by association, I got there haha.
But it'd be nice to see one of my own posts with triple digits on it :D
ah, ok
my highest answer has 60
@V2Blast That site-wide?
10:46 PM
@Ben what do you mean?
Like, not just on RPG.se
My highest is on sf&f.se
I've only ever been particularly active on RPG.SE
my highest reputation on the network is on RPG.SE by 2 orders of magnitude: stackexchange.com/users/1597106/v2blast?tab=accounts
Ahh fair enough haha. I've been here and there a little bit. I started on Stack Overflow, moved to Arqade, then came to rpg. I've been around a little bit haha
Hullo @nitsua60 @BlackSpike
hi @Ben
:50702139 Hehe yeah. The phrasing is ambiguous there :P
10:59 PM
Guy is fixing the servers at work, get's everyone to start chanting. Boss walks in
>"Are you starting a cult?"
>Yes, Praise the Machine God
>"Ok, just checking."
I might also add "Get a post to be starred 10 times" to the list of things to achieve as well. I've got one post on 9 stars so far
@Ben Let us dedicate these bytes of text to the omnissiah
Toll the Great Bell Once!
Pull the Lever forward to engage the
Piston and Pump...
Toll the Great Bell Twice!
With push of Button fire the Engine
And spark Turbine into life...
Toll the Great Bell Thrice!
Sing Praise to the
God of All Machines
11:18 PM
And let us say, [Y/n]
@MikeQ Fanfic or binary response? Lol
Fanfic is heresy. I meant it in the Unix prompt sense of "by default, I agree".
@MikeQ Ahh
I knew it was of such inclination
11:49 PM
Just had a PC call in sick on a Monday morning
@Rubiksmoose have you been down to the London Chop House?
@Ben Have you tried turning it off and back on again?
@GcL The battery was holding a trickle charge and needed to be "flushed". Basically, remove everything them plug everything back in.
Unfortunately this particular laptop needed to be puled apart just to get the battery out
@GcL So, that's effectively what I did :P
Have you tried blessing it? Or installing more mechanical arms?
@MikeQ I actually did as I put it back together haha.
We ran out of mechadendrites recently, unfortunately

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