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1:04 AM
Morning all
My Power Ranger shirt arrived yesterday. I was rather excited. My gf gave me some weird looks though haha
Very cool :)
Actually the first Power Ranger shirt I've ever had
I was extra psyched that it fit so well
@Ben guess she isn't the biggest fan of power rangers then
1:22 AM
Haha nah she unfortunately missed out on a lot of those things. She doesn't not like them, she just doesn't know.
I take it green and white are your favorites
Biker Mice from Mars, Street Sharks, Power Rangers... She does know about TMNT though
Not sure why I guess that :P
@trogdor haha... Maybe :P
I was never all that big on Power Rangers as a kid but I did watch a bit of it
TNMT though
I was into that
1:43 AM
Q: Time to retire the [rules-as-written] tag?

mxyzplkWe have recently seen some issues around site users being unclear on how to use the rules-as-written tag and some unpleasantness broke out on the topic. Sadly, this has been happening for more than six years on this site. History of the RAW Tag Here's all the meta questions debating the RAW tag...

Oh man, this could be dramatic
1:58 AM
I feel like it's been a long time coming though
I didn't quite finish reading the post yet but I think burning the tag is reasonable
I mean, it is just a tag
If it's been causing these issues for years and no attempt to preserve it in a non-destructive way has worked then it isn't worth keeping around right?
But yeah there might be some,... Anger just over the suggestion
Eh, it's already banned. It gets removed from every question it's put on. This is just a statement of what's already happening.
"RAW" seems to be a per-interpretation situation in its own right
@Miniman but if it hasn't already been removed then this is the next logical step isn't it?
@trogdor That's my point - I don't see it causing anger and drama because it's already happened.
@Miniman could be yeah,... I just can't help remembering that one time it blew up really big I guess
2:16 AM
@TheOracle [reads votes and leaves]
@BESW Reads votes, and leaves, or reads, votes, and leaves?
@Miniman leaves
@trogdor Am I the only one thinking about pandas?
I'm thinking about Nate Silver staring at the bottom of a teacup.
2:23 AM
@Miniman well it has recently caused anger and drama
Though I agree. It should go.
@Miniman Reads: votes and leaves.
So, not to be rude but I am just very excited right now. After about 2 years of incredibly hard work, we finally managed to get our foot in the door with the mining industry in Australia. Now, suddenly, the American business we are working with have forwarded a contact to us, that were asking specifically for us.
Grats! That's big!
2:28 AM
@Miniman you were until you said that
[kettle boiling sounds as my excitement boils over]
@Ben lol
@BESW Thankyou! I am very very happy right now.
@Miniman That was the reference, yes.
@Ben oh wow
2:30 AM
@Ben What industry are you in? Sounds exciting
@linksassin I'm in IT. This particular venture is acting as a reseller/support for an EDMS system.
It's American based, so there are some issues with that, particularly for Australian Clients. We do have a few currently, but now that we have managed to get "in" with the mining industry, if this rolls out properly, this will potentially boom.
@trogdor very much so haha
@Ben chaching :D
@Shalvenay Definitely! Haha.
@Ben Cool. I'm in IOT connectivity and we're looking at some mining automation stuff at the moment. That stuff is big business. The numbers on the contracts just blow my mind.
@linksassin Oh for sure! Haha. I actually worked as a site contractor for a few months - we installed some evaporator fans for an open cut. In that first week when I got home, I bought myself a new bed, furniture, laptop, and the latest gaming console, and still had enough to live comfortably for another 2 weeks. Haha.
2:40 AM
@Ben Oh the contractor life... salaried engineers see none of the benefits unfortunately.
@linksassin That is the downside, unfortunately. But, at the ripe old age of 23, I didn't really need them haha
hey there @KorvinStarmast
hi shal
@Ben hope that all works out for you.
@KorvinStarmast Thanks! Me too :)
@linksassin Speaking of... I saw some images recently, that might tickle your fancy (and probably a few others' here as well)
@Ben mate please tags them with NSFW first... far out...
2:47 AM
Hey, can anybody think of movies that are really defined by showcasing just the most cringeworthy awkwardness of high school, but aren't comedies?
Hahaha. I like to look at these when I'm feeling stressed out
@BESW Saved? Maybe?
It's not technically a "comedy"?
@BESW Why? What you looking for?
It's for my double feature project.
Cutting out comedies really lowers the pool on that one
2:50 AM
Inspired by Mikey Neumann's Deep Dive on Twilight, where they rightly observed that its real strength is in leaning into awkward embarrassment scenes and just going for the cringe without catharsis.
Juno? Maybe
So I'm thinking that it'd be easier to get people watching Twilight with new eyes if I prime them with another high school awkwardness film.
A counter argument might be that it focusses more on the characters than "highschool life"
But maybe it doesn't have to be highschool, any film that values cringe as a theme unto itself could probably do the trick. Suggestions?
Cringe that is specifically like highschool cringe or any kind?
2:52 AM
@BESW Sharknado
Lol no XD
Or Crank
@trogdor I guess any kind of film that values cringe the way Twilight does.
That's a comedy
Sharknado I mean
@BESW Twilight really is in its own league in that regard haha
2:54 AM
The Room?
Sorry had to throw that one out there
And/or Disaster Movie
It's full of careful, deliberate, well-acted and directed (though often badly scripted), which make you ache for the people on screen because their in such embarrassing situations, such awkward conversations, making such mortifying choices.
Hmm I keep thinking of things and they are comedies
This is not "so bad it's good" cringing at the movie itself: it's high-quality film depicting cringeworthy scenarios.
@BESW yeah I know, it was a joke
2:56 AM
Because for all Twilight's problems, there is some really good craft there and actors who are doing a great job living inside extremely flawed characters.
@BESW I think the problem is that when I try and think of those kinds of movies, I immediately realise that the only thing I remember about said movies, is that they're all repressed in my memory. The only specific thing I remember is that I felt myself cringeing while watching said movies.
@Ben If you have the time, I highly recommend the Deep Dive linked above--and all the Deep Dives, really.
I think my problem here is I've experienced this most from comedies
Couldn't be helped
2:58 AM
The premise of Deep Dive is that Mikey gets some friends to watch a movie that's famously disliked, and they try to find reasons to like it with breakout confessionals.
@BESW Fair enough
They aren't trying to say things aren't bad if they're bad, but they find some really interesting perspectives and ways to value movies that aren't usually valued.
I think the only movie so far where they were really struggling to find much good in it, was Doom.
Also, I really don't value a story with tons of cringe and no catharthis
@BESW The first person section - I like to grab a controller and pretend I'm playing.
@trogdor Yeah, it's definitely got a niche target audience in that sense.
3:00 AM
@BESW Doom was definitely skating by on nostalgia
@Ben Yeah, they enjoyed that bit.
I recently re-watched some of the Tobey Maguire Spider-Man films and in some scenes he's trying to achieve that "I am awkward be embarrassed for me" quality which Twilight achieves quickly and sustains for... pretty much the whole run time.
@BESW Spiderman 3
But I prefer Twilight's version because it's not "laugh at my embarrassment," it's a sympathetic portrayal of being unable to say and do the right things and having to sit there in the middle of it.
Like Bella's relationship with her dad.
I feel like Spiderman 3 was trying to take itself seriously?
@BESW that's my life though, to some extent at least,... I don't want more of it even if it's experienced through proxy.
3:04 AM
And it was just... excessive, which made it bad
@Ben I haven't seen 3 for a long time... but 3 had... problems behind the scenes.
I tried to watch that deep dive and it akwarded it's way right out the door
Sam Raimi doesn't really do movies that sustain a self-serious attitude? But in many ways that's not Raimi's movie and you can tell he wasn't able to do what he wanted.
True, but I'm not sure that really bled through into the performances
@Ben I would expect it did
I mean, if you're getting pulled in several directions it can mess up your ability to do even things you are good at
3:08 AM
Basically what I'm saying is that S-M3 was a hot mess of executive meddling that resulted in a film that couldn't keep its own tone coherent.
@trogdor Oh well yeah, I suppose I meant intentionally.
3:22 AM
I'm not sure how intent would factor into this
I mean, you don't go into a major production like that and try to make it bad
Not trying to make it bad, but you use a different style of acting for different kinds of films.
Like how Joss Whedon uses the same actors over and over because it's really hard to find actors who can deliver his dialogue.
I'm a little confused about what mentioning intent was about
@TheOracle Oh, jeez.
In the first place
So if your actors are acting for one kind of film, but your editor is cutting it for another kind of film... well.
3:26 AM
You know what I want to see? Firefly Retirees. Mal and Jayne and everyone in their retirement - working smart not hard.
None of those people live to retirement
@BESW Harold and Maude?
@Ben There's a Dark Horse comic about that.
3:29 AM
@nitsua60 Black comedy is still comedy?
@BESW There are certainly some nervous-chuckle+cringe moments in there =)
@Miniman [raises an eyebrow in curiosity]
There are a LOT of Firefly comics.
@Ben It's called Better Days.
@nitsua60 Pinged you in Discord, btw.
Yes, you did!
3:37 AM
So - thoughts on retreating from a Boss Encounter?
Safely, often, and extremely well.
I am thinking of making it a possibility for my campaign. The ability to retreat if the need calls
@Ben Stunning strike, then everyone gets away.
The mechanical ability is, IME, much less of a concern than the table-level question of how/when do we decide to retreat.
D&D, I assume? (Games like Fate have that concept built in already.)
3:40 AM
@BESW Yeah. My 5e game
Depending on how mechanically-focused your group is, you might borrow the narrative balance of Fate's concession feature and just use that as-is.
At any time when you are not in the middle of being attacked, you can choose to concede. Concession gives your enemy at least some of what they want, but you get to narrate how they get it so that you can make sure you escape to fight again.
For example, in Black Panther when Killmonger throws T'challa off the waterfall.
@BESW Right, ok
Killmonger wanted T'challa dead. T'challa's player conceded, and narrated being presumed dead but getting found by Mbaku.
3:43 AM
@BESW This sounds like the successful resolution of every fight in my marriage =)
(Yanno... except for the "enemy" verbiage.)
In Fate, you also get a fate point for every consequence you got during the conflict before you conceded.
@nitsua60 that reminded me of something that happened last week. In my EDMS, you can link documents together, which is called a "relationship". Sometimes that link can be broken, and I said "Fixing a broken relationship is easy". The guy I was talking to chuckled and said "famous last words". Haha
in Fate chat and game room, Oct 15 '15 at 4:53, by BESW
It's now the wolf's turn. He's going to concede the fight: you get what you want (not being eaten, and a lazer tail) and he doesn't get what he wants (a meal)--but he's not dead!
@BESW Yeah. I like that idea, I'm just thinking of how I can potentially run that... The idea is they want to be able to retreat, and potentially get back to town - unfortunately the idea is that it's just the party that is alone in the dungeon.
@Ben Definitely look at the DMG's chase mechanics, rather than retreating in combat-time, too.
3:51 AM
@nitsua60 Chases were a thought. Then leave the boss to roam the dungeon at will.
Are 5e's chases similar to Fate's contests?
'cause that was another thought I had.
I prefer to use skill challenges over the chase mechanic
Matt Coville has a great video on them
@BESW I think so? I think I've done a couple of chases, but since I was the player, not DM I can't really say
Chases are a bit boring and one dimensional. A skill challenge encourages players to think outside the box
In savage worlds, our DM has been doing chases like "multi-stage challenges". You need to achieve a certain amount of successes in order to achieve the goal, over 5 different ability checks. If you get a high roll, that counts for an extra success, etc.
3:55 AM
In Fate a contest is used when two parties are competing for a mutually exclusive objective. Each individual narrates how they're going to use a particular skill to get toward their goal, and rolls it. The side with the highest individual roll gets a win. If there's a tie, the circumstances of the contest change at the GM's discretion (like how a James Bond chase scene might suddenly jump off a train onto boats). The first to get three wins, achieves the objective.
So say there's an obstacle to get past. you can use athletics to climb it, or acrobatics to parkour over it, etc. If you pass the DC, that's a success. A crit might be a double success
I've used contests for retreats in Fate, it works pretty well. If you fail the contest, the opponent catches up with you.
I suppose there's enough room for movement there. I could use maybe one or two concession events, and chases.
@Ben That's a skill challenge. They were introduced in 4e.
I use them a lot. You can adjust both the DC and the number of checks required to suit the flavour
4:11 AM
Yeah :)
Fate contests are kinda like freeform skill challenges.
For long slow travel I use lots of low DC checks. For high intensity high risk moments I use fewer high DC checks
It is always 3 fails for a fail though.
5:05 AM
Q: Is it feasible to let a newcomer play the "Gandalf"-like figure I created for my campaign?

Regress.argI'm writing and DMing a campaign based around members of a nonprofit organization in a province of a decaying empire undergoing a civil war. The premise The player characters are new members of the NGO, who are being given an orientation by their Program Coordinator (basically their boss) when ...

1 hour later…
6:08 AM
@ColinGross Luckily no
This is my ex-military Spiderman character: The Huntsman
A cool little feature on Mr. E's (https://twitter.com/ethanschoonover) school and his D&D club there.
1 hour later…
7:38 AM
Apologies @MikeQ for pinging you on discord. Lol
2 hours later…
9:25 AM
@nitsua60 Should that get featured?
There’s an elemental system in here somewhere #Tacobender
The God of Roadside Memorials. Part of a project on obscure gods and spirits I’m slowly working through between jobs.
9:51 AM
@BESW A Lucky Luke comic facetiously suggested the god of digestion, which is one the most sensible polytheistic joke gods I've ever heard
2 hours later…
11:34 AM
On a different topic:
Hey, @nitsua60, or anyone else with 10k rep, would you be interested in helping a newcomer feel more welcome on the site?
I'just got a message that may be worth addressing, and that makes me concerned about said newcomer.
@vicky_molokh I'm not sure what can be done here. Do you have something in mind?
'you seem intent on blocking this question' looks like the poster felt pushed away, especially given that I didn't even vote to close this question, but rather tried to encourage improvement that would give it a chance of reopening.
Also not exactly a newcomer, 14 questions asked, member for 1 year and 7 months
Ah, I had the impression of the poster not being acquainted with the stance on lists and ideas.
Well that happens, the user took it badly but I don't think you did anything wrong
11:39 AM
(And probably misread the rep value, or am misremembering it.)
@trogdor (working on it...)
@nitsua60 cool
@vicky_molokh Yeah... I'm not sure I see what to add to your helpful comments. Not knowing the system I can't add anything about the suitability or how to improve it.
@BESW Oh, I don't know =\
@nitsua60 I'm not acquainted with the second edition of the system, and Tilts are one of the new things added in 2e.
(Maybe they've been added in the late days of 1e though of some splats, not sure.)
12:01 PM
@Ben righteous
12:29 PM
@KorvinStarmast Thanks, it is not.
@doppelgreener Ah, good, glad I brought it up then. Thx.
12:55 PM
Should this be system agnostic?
Naah, it should be system Baptist. 8^D
@goodguy5 No, because of community norms attached to Pathfinder play.
@goodguy5 I think that we ought to let the asker choose the tag ... that fits their problem.
well, really "should I ask the user if it should be sysag?", but doppel answered both
1:11 PM
RAW tag chats need to stay in the Not A Bar so other topics can breathe here. Thank you.
Q: Should we add the citation requirements to our Tour?

NautArchLooking at the tour, I realized (after reading a comment), that our Tour doesn't include best practices and requirements for how to answer a question that includes citations or good subjective/bad subjective information. Because of that, new users may really get put off by seeing downvotes from ...

@BESW Thanks.
5 messages moved from Not a bar, but plays one on TV
Q: Does asking a player to not to do something violate their agency?

Maiko ChikyuThis is something I am rather conflicted about as I have met with several gamemasters and I was told that asking players to not to have their character do something breaks their immersion and violates their agency. To clarify what I mean: I usually run games that have no true villain with ever...

1:27 PM
I feel like the HNQ threshold is too low
We keep bumping our heads on it.
1. "heh"
2. I agree
Morning all.
1:43 PM
@BESW yes
I don't get that one at all.
Context is some clickbait article about how many chuggas and choos there should be in the vocalization.
Hey out-of-the-blue question...
What race/subclass combo would you say, gives you the most amount of "non-consumable" features, as in features you can use over and over again without losing anything of having to spend something to use it (like spell slots)?
@BESW sits in their happily lawful neutral space
1:56 PM
@Ash Apparently I'm lawful neutral.
(my dear husband says there is no number because drive train and whistle are separate systems and I am pondering if that is grounds for divorce or not ;))
@Youjay rogue
@BESW I knew we were friends for a reason.
@Youjay It massively depends on what system you're talking about. Maybe ask how to best ask the question on the site
Bonus actions and skills out the wazoo
1:57 PM
5e sorry i keep forgeting
@Youjay that would be easier to specify in a question ;)
@AncientSwordRage I find TN an acceptable deviation, particularly in a hurry.
I figured the question would be "too broad", would that be the case?
Unless you wanted to refine your criteria.
@ColinGross Maybe there is a way to write it more narrowly?
1:58 PM
E.g. do proficiencies count? ritual spells?
Sum of ritual spells that are knowable gets most casters up there.
okay, how about "What's the most amount of unique class ability's a PC can get, that don't have a consumption cost?"
define 'consumption cost' ?
@Youjay unique? So ritual casting is out
So is extra attack.
@Youjay Rogue probably wins. Other than the lvl 20 feature, everything else is at-will. But I'm not sure how you count "abilities"
That's an interesting question... how many abilities are unique to particular classes. Some class features, e.g. ritual casting, are not unique to a class
2:01 PM
like for instance, you can run out of spell slots, you can run out of ki point's, you can run out of action surge, wildshape, lay on hands, bardic inspiration and a whole lot of things. What are some things you can't run out of and which subclass has the most?
ritual and extra attack are definitely something to mention, but multiple classes can do that.
@Sdjz Unless you count ritual casting. Wizards have like two pages of those.
@ColinGross exactly the more unique abilities that better
Do you include the UA artificer, because all of that is unique.
@BESW Finally, alignment explained. We owe the author an immense debt.
@Youjay more unique? Unique is boolean as far as I know. Either it is unique or it is not.
2:03 PM
@KorvinStarmast First alignment chart I can really get behind.
Hm but do you count each ritual spell individually? And because you want 'unique' do you count only ritual spells exclusive to the wizard list?
True but spell slots potions and ammo can run out.
@Ash As an engineer, I concur with your husband's analysis.
the only thing thats un-consumable would be mechanical servant stuff
@ColinGross more as in most number of
2:05 PM
Thanks. Quantity of unique abilities.
ritual spells are definitely a biggy, but i fell like that would turn the discussion to "which has the most amount of ritual spells" plus they take 10 minutes, so i'd say it counts but as 1 ability as not to clog up the question
With a clear criteria, @Youjay, seems like you could do the legwork yourself in pretty short order.
Ritual casting is not unique though.
that's true
fair point
@Youjay What about cantrips? Only count those exclusive to a class?
i don't particularly mind too much about it not being "unique" the main question is about "non-consumable"
2:07 PM
So no unique requirement. How do you count spells? Each spell counts as one?
Cantrips + rituals are going to push wizard up there pretty quick. What's the target level for your evaluation?
I suppose cantrips would count, but i'd put them in the same realm as rituals as 1 ability.
I guess another way to think of it as which class gives you the most options on turn 100th turn of combat.
spells wouldn't count anyway except for rituals and cantrips because of spell slots.
Lets say around 7th or 8th, but I'm open to hearing suggestions at higher levels.
@Youjay nth turn of combat is meaningless as I could just assume all consumables are held until nth turn.
fair point
So ability to cast cantrip = 1. Ability to cast rituals = 1.
okay after all consumables are depleted, which race/subclass would give you the most amount of options in 1 turn.
2:11 PM
@Youjay Wizard Spell Mastery counts as 1 or 2?
Yes, we'll see how it pans out but for now "ability to cast cantrip = 1. Ability to cast rituals = 1." answering which class has the most amount of cantrips/rituals would be a question for another day.
@Youjay wizard gets the most cantrips/rituals
@Sdjz 1
@ColinGross Why so, which subclass and also what race?
@Youjay The number of rituals knowable by a wizard beat most other classes 2:1. I think druid is the runner up. Race doesn't do anything but add a small constant to the number of knowable rituals/cantrips. Is there a racial ritual ability?
okay yes wizard has most cantrips, but as stated previously cantrips and rituals (for the sake of discussion) count as 1 ability each.
for the sake of not turning this into "which class has the most rituals" lets just stick with them being a single different ability, would that still put the wizard on top? or would other classes have more unique non-consumable ability's?
2:20 PM
@Youjay Sounds like you've got a clear enough criteria to make a quick count through chapter 3 of the player's handbook.
@Youjay Do you count passive abilities? Things like uncanny dodge. What about reactions?
Yes, passive and reaction ability's count, so long as they're not consumable
@Youjay Expertise counts as 1?
also don't forget races count aswell, which race give you the most non-consumable abilitys?
and subclasses
@BESW it's trains, I'm happy.
2:22 PM
@KorvinStarmast Not gonna tell him that ;)
@Ash grins
@Youjay Those are a simple add. Pick the class with the most. Pick the race with the most. They're independent.
actually I'll un-count passives, because this is most about what abilitys "Can you do".
which race has the most?
i'm currently going through all the classes
@Youjay Yeah, when you're going through, I suggest an outline with a tally. That way you can get the subclasses all in one pass.
@Youjay In the core books, I think it's the tiefling. The supplemental material races seem to have a lot of options, but I'm not all that familiar with them. They usually get in the way of story telling when they're chosen for mechanical reasons.
a lot of the supplement materials for teifling is once per day spells and a can-trip. a high-elf has that too.
2:29 PM
@Youjay hellish rebuke is a reaction, but consumable.
2:40 PM
2:41 PM
Okay without subclasses (for the time being)
Barbarian has Reckless and Extra Attack [2]
Bard has Cantrips, Rituals, and countercharm [3]
Cleric has Cantrips and Rituals [2]
Druid has Cantrips and Rituals [2]
Fighter has Extra Attack [1]
Monk has Deflect missiles (kinda, specific cercumstance) Extra Attack [1.5]
Paladin has Extra Attack [1]
Ranger TPH has Extra Attack and Vanish [2]
Rouge has Sneak Attack, Cunninng Action and Uncanny dodge [3]
Sorcerer has Cantrips [1]
Warlock has Cantrips
Wizard has Cantrips and Rituals [2]
I have concluded that there are a lot more out of combat and consumables than i thought
I need to look into this more but right now I'm going to bed.
3:35 PM
@Rubiksmoose I was wondering how long it was going to take you to edit my answer on that warlock question.
@ColinGross A few days apparently! Who won the betting pool ;)
@Rubiksmoose You realize there's an inherent conflict in editing the other answers to a question where you have posted an answer, yes?
@ColinGross Sure, but just because I have an answer on the question doesn't mean I can't improve other answers as well. And I hope that I have been around long enough where I wouldn't be thought to be tampering in bad faith.
@Rubiksmoose Sure. You and I know that.
The improvements had to be made otherwise the question just looks like a mess to future readers.
3:39 PM
It's okay. I'll solve this issue by adding my own answer and then editing BOTH of your answers to be terrible. Then I shall have all the karma and be UNSTOPPABLE!!!
@Xirema *reputation :-P
NOOOO! You've discovered the one neat trick for infinite RPG.se power!
Mods hate him!
@CTWind ...... Crap. I can't use reputation for my evil plan! This ruins everything!
@Youjay doesn't deflect missiles cost a ki point?
@ColinGross The fact that anybody can revert my edits is a pretty good check on that and I think if my answer was dis-improved by a competing answerer I would be sure to fix it.
3:42 PM
Sure. If they're paying attention.
And know they can revert.
Well so can any other attentive user.
I guess I'm just kind of confused what you are saying I guess?
I'm happy to take whatever feedback you are giving, but I just don't think I'm getting it at the moment.
As an inattentive user, I can revert an edited answer for no reason at all, but I rarely do since I'm usually not paying attention. It all comes out in the wash.
Pointing out the optics of editing answers to a question where the editor also has an answer.
I think that question was a hot mess that should have been two different posts.
@ColinGross As with most of the Networks features, it is easily exploitable for evil, but there are ways to catch people who do that, and people who don't will use it for good.
Not evil. Just looks like a one user essay. There's four posts and a single user is the last to touch the content on all of them including their own answer.
3:52 PM
I agree optics could be an issue there. On the other hand, nobody is complaining, the improvements are (As far as I can see) inarguable. And one user even thanked me. So while I do think one should be carfeul not to give the appearance of tampering with answers to benefit your own, I don't think that is an issue here.
So who wants to start an edit war. Per the SO blog on that topic ... Edit warring is the confrontational use of edits to win a content dispute
sounds delightful! I'll start a few ;)
4:17 PM
@doppelgreener do you mind deleting and re-posting your meta comment from fifteen seconds ago? To de-interlace it with my overly long comment?
@nitsua60 Done
4:49 PM
@nitsua60 I saw that tx in the side bar and thought you all were taking about Texas. But we see that is not the case ...
5:47 PM
ugh my head feels like it was run over by a bus. (got teeth removed on Tuesday) super super don't want to be awake and working right now
Q: Does grappling negate Mirror Image?

Blake SteelInspired by What happens if I try to grapple an illusory duplicate from the Mirror Image spell?, what happens if I succeed on the grapple of the wizard? Is the wizard's spell negated because I'm grappling him? Mirror image states: Three illusory duplicates of yourself appear in your space. U...

@KorvinStarmast Not the deflection part, only throwing it back does.
6:15 PM
Hey, does anyone know any good resources on the Greek pantheon? Im trying to find good information about Nemesis but cant really find any
@KDodge All of the classical Greek literature.
All of it.
Put it all in a blender and then drink it up.
Mind pointing me where I can find them?
(I suspect Xirema was joking there - reading all of classical greek literature would be quite the task lol)
(good cause I really didn't want to dig into that whole mess)
If I google "greek pantheon god nemesis" I get a lot of pages:
6:27 PM
That 3rd link is helpful, I can work off of these I suppose, I had already been to the first 2 im just trying to get a better understanding of who Nemesis is and what her principles are beyond that basic layer of justice/vengeance and distributor of dues
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DRM-free download, no key
@KDodge If you have a local library nearby, I suggest visiting that and borrowing out an Encyclopedia or a book on the Greek pantheon. They may be much more detailed and rigorous than texts on the internet.
thanks for the assist anyways
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@Szega aah, right.
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@KDodge gutenberg.org/ebooks/4928 Alternately, here's a text on the Internet that's a pretty solid product.
Q: Can you use Vicious Mockery to win an argument or gain favours?

Victor BThough I know that RAW states that Vicious Mockery is initiated through a "string of insults", my question is about what would happen if you used it elsewhere than a tavern brawl or the like. As a reference, the cantrip Vicious Mockery is written as: You unleash a string of insults laced wi...

@HotRPGQuestions I love the answer on this question.
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@V2Blast Witness is a good game
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