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4:00 AM
I sneakily try do fire multiple shots without giving my position. Not to kill, but to scare the beasts.
Hmm. That sounds more like Flashy to me; why is it Sneaky?
It could go either way I think.
Are you mostly concerned about not giving away your position?
Or more concerned with scaring the wolves?
Scaring the wolves.
Okay, so that's Flashy. If you succeed by a good margin, you also get to stay hidden.
4:02 AM
4d6 + 1
The wolves will be defending with Clever, to recognise it as not really threatening.
Is that a miserable fail?
You got +2, they got -1. You succeed with style, which means you get TWO free invokes on the aspect you place on them.
May I suggest Scared of open ground?
4:05 AM
Could I change it for Scared of Unseen Enemy?
Sounds good.
Then I am ok with it.
I think Shalv had to bail, so @Pixie, it's Mara's turn.
@Shalvenay, you still there buddy?
yeah, kinda
Sirac will set up a shot on one of the wolves with his own laser carbine...
4:07 AM
Ooh, nice.
4d6 -- invoking his stunt for this
(gotta roll the dice with nothing else in the message.)
So you're Carefully laying down covering fire?
4:09 AM
The wolves will defend by Quickly trying to circle out of your strafing radius.
I got a +5... and you got a +6.
Do you want to spend a Fate point to invoke an aspect and make it a success with style for two invokes?
lets invoke that Scared of Unseen Enemy for 1 fate point then
Would you like to ask @Althis to give you one of his free invokes on it, so you don't have to spend the point?
sure...@Althis, wish to give me a free invoke on Scared of Unseen Enemy?
4:15 AM
As you please.
I just need one for what I have in store.
Excellent. Then, Shalv, please tell us what "covering fire" type aspect you're placing on the wolves with two invokes.
Totally Pinned Down ;)
@Pixie, Mara's up.
Thank you.
I wonder what wolf tastes like.
The jungle's a nightmare now: lazers and arrows fill the air, the wolves are snarling and yowling, the laser carbine's heating coil smells like copper over the dull rotting green smell of the jungle.
4:20 AM
Mara knows better than to get directly into the fray with the bullets, lasers, and arrows flying. She's going to mind blast them again instead, ignoring her headache.
That's a... +1 attack vs the wolves'...
... +2 defence as they Forcefully try to block out the intense pressures in their half-cybernetic brains.
Would you like to spend Fate points or ask for anyone's free invokes to boost your roll?
Ouch! @Shalvenay, may I use one of your Totally Pinned Down invokes?
4:23 AM
That'll let you inflict 1 shift of stress. If you go up to +3 shifts with another invoke, you can have Mara discover one of their aspects and get a free invoke on it.
I think I'll leave it there for now.
Okay. One of the two wolves takes 1 shift of stress.
(each wolf has two stress boxes.)
Top of the round... wolves again.
Confused by the static in their skulls but unable to find its source, and frustrated by Edward's quick escape into the canopy, the wolves focus their starving rage on Sirac.
Teaming up to Quickly direct lazer fire at Sirac.
That's a Quick lazer attack for +4 against Sirac, @Shalvenay.
4:28 AM
going to take this round to defend with my other stunt
so...going for the Metal Skin
(Could @Shalvenay use my free invoke on Thin hallucinogenic mists, under the rationale that he's been exposed to less than they have, if he wants it?)
@Pixie Yes.
I'll take it if it's available :)
4:29 AM
Feel free!
@Shalvenay Okay, Metal Skin needs you to sacrifice your turn's action to activate it, so you'll have to wait 'til your next turn to get the mechanical effect.
(Hey @Pixie, where did you spend your 1 fate point, again?)
@Althis I invoked my motivation aspect earlier.
alright, he defends Carefully and takes the free invoke
However, with the free invoke you successfully avoid the maddened wolves' lazer fire by Carefully observing their thoughtless panic.
@Althis, what's Edward doing up in the trees?
4:31 AM
Time to shine!
So, I am going to jump down the trees on top of a Totally Pinned Down wolf and Forcefully try to Bite his whole tail cybernetic out of him.
Beautiful. Are you trying to take him out of the fight entirely (attack) or just make him unable to use his lazer (create advantage)?
And I am just saying, we are totally going to try and equip the thing in me, if I do not damage it too much.
It is hard to fight without a spine, you know?
For the +2 from the stunt, great.
4:34 AM
(God, I love RPGs...)
Are you attacking the wolf that's taken stress already?
Okay, roll it!
I have a lot of advantages, I think I can probably take out the other one.
4:35 AM
There we go.
That's a raw +6! Let's see how the wolf does.
His only recourse is to defend Forcefully through virtue of his tough cybernetic body.
That is a total of +7.
Wait, you are right, that is +6.
4:36 AM
...I got +2.
Got my Forceful and Quick switched there.
So. Can I keep the laser mod?
Pretty please?
That's 4 shifts of stress, which the wolf can absorb with his #2 stress box and a mild consequence.
Would you like to spend a free invoke? You only need one more shift to take him out utterly.
@Shalvenay, can I use your Totally Pinned Down to take him out for good?
Then ye ded wolfy.
I take old ye spine metal thingy with me jaws.
Green liqued streams down me jaws.
And I savor every bit of it.
4:38 AM
Edward lets out a horrible scream as he leaps from the trees and sticks the landing on the back of a wolf, digging in with all four clawed limbs.
Mara nods approvingly. This is why she likes this guy.
With a mighty shake of his muscled neck, he rips the wolf's tail--and part of its mechanical spine--free, making the animal collapse in a twitching heap beneath him.
@BESW, can we account for the mental stress in any way?
I mean, the other wolf was already pretty scared.
And that is NOT a nice thing to see.
If the second wolf survives to his next turn, he's going to run.
(If you are a wolf, that is.)
(For us, that was pretty awesome.)
4:41 AM
@Shalvenay Sirac's up!
alright, Sirac's going to keep the heat on the other wolf
Wait, what's he doing? Still laying down covering fire?
4:42 AM
That's a +1 on your roll, then, vs the wolf's...
Another free invoke on Totally Pinned Down!
The smell of copper from the carbine's heating coil permeates the fight. Or maybe that's what cyborg wolf blood smells like, it's hard to tell.
@Pixie Mara's got a chance to take out this wolf before it runs, if she wants.
The taste is amazing btw.
Very umami.
Now that the battlefield's cleared out some (and she feels the need to show off a bit), Mara is going to go all out, aiming to punch the wolf right in the face.
4:47 AM
(Lol does he just swallow her hand whole as she tries to punch?)
The wolf's gonna try dodging the blow Quickly.
...actually, no. I like that.
(It was a joke!)
The wolf will attempt to Forcefully grab her hand in his teeth mid-punch.
(Sorry @Pixie)
4:48 AM
For +2.
Mara's got +1 at the moment.
Mara will invoke her high concept (she's a forceful battlemage, gosh darn it!) to turn it into a +3. She doesn't even care. She keeps punching, right into its mouth.
@Pixie I'm going to spend my free invoke on your headache and spend a Fate point on Mad with Hunger to get a +6.
(We are getting into anime grounds here. I love it.)
(Beating your +3 with style.)
4:51 AM
Hmm. I can take it, or I can invoke I'll stop when I'm dead. to soften it. What would be more interesting...
I'm going to take it. Let's see what kind of trouble this gets her into.
I get a boost. I'll make it Biting the hand.
(Biting the hand that punches)
Pixie pummels the wolf until it snaps at her fist and catches her whole hand in its mouth.
@Althis Yessss.
It's now the wolf's turn. He's going to concede the fight: you get what you want (not being eaten, and a lazer tail) and he doesn't get what he wants (a meal)--but he's not dead!
The wolf uses its grip on Mara's hand to flip her toward Sirac, giving it cover from the lazer carbine long enough to slip into the mists of the jungle.
As quickly as it started, the fight is over. The jungle is deathly quiet except for the drip of blood from Edward's jaw and the ping of the carbine cooling down.
Also, perhaps, Mara's mad laughter.
4:55 AM
"Wanna a bite, fellas? It is actually rather nice."
That's a good place to end the session, I think.
Yep! Thanks for running it. That was a lot of fun.
It was.
@Althis, I'm going to suggest that your tail, in addition to narratively allowing you to attack from a couple zones away, gives you this stunt:
> At the beginning of any conflict, as a free action and before anyone else acts, you can attempt to Flashily create an advantage that demonstrates how impressive a combatant you are.
(This stacks with the +2 to do that kind of action which your feathers already give you.)
Don't we have to test anything to see if we can mod me?
4:58 AM
...would it be interesting to fail?
It's cool, so. :v
It's just that it doesn't make much sense. We are in the middle of nowhere.
We are in the middle of nowhere as Umdaarian archeonauts.
You're already a cyborg.
Good point.
4:59 AM
You've probably got a universal port that it can plug into.
Yeah, then I am going to go with that.
With a slight change.
Everything is USB-based these days.
We actually programmed a Flashy mode in the tail, that creates a freaking lasershow when I use that stunt.
So imagine me, with my mane up, and lasers coming from behind.
Making the lighting just so, that you can see the gloss of my teeth and my yellow eyes.
5:02 AM
And yes, Umdaar in particular is designed for ridiculously awesome stuff.
Now I know where Sharknado came from.
Last session of it I ran, the PCs surfed on a flash flood to escape a collapsing canyon... using one PC's giant cyborg vulture wings as a surf board for all the rest of them.
That must been an awkward situation for the cyborg guy.
Well, she was a cytyr like Edward except her bottom half was snake.
It is interesting playing with you @BESW. You run games very differently from the way I do.
I think mostly because you have way more understanding of the mechanics than I, so I freeform a lot more.
5:06 AM
I hope you enjoyed it! My chat style is a bit different from my IRL style, too; I'm less comfortable in it because I have a lot less experience.
Sometimes I forget to create aspects for advantages for example, I just let people remember what the situation is like..
@Althis This is like a dramatic flash of lightning haloing the hero of the moment... except it's lasers from your tail.
(Also I chose a high-crunch scenario--a conflict--because it matched our stunts and would help avoid too much fiddling around with "why is this mismatched group together anyway?" that's fun to explore in longer games but for a one-shot...)
Also, I tend to allow for comic failure as well, so for example, on that situation with the tree, I would totally make that a roll for the comical effect of the failure.
@doppelgreener I am always prepared to look awesome.
No matter the situation, weather or lighting conditions.
@Althis Even if it's stormy and windy and there's terrible lighting, you'll just look even more awesome and flashy.
You could probably even invoke all those things for looking even more impressive.
5:11 AM
Also, I am a walking rave.
We just need @Pixie to create some mind-music.
And we are set.
@Althis I have an unfortunate tendency to get lost in the minutia of the mechanics if given the chance, so I like the way Fate constantly reminds me to push for narrative first.
@BESW It is not bad, just different. I loved my time today.
I actually wish I had your understanding of the mechanics, so I would be able to adapt the way I play to the way my group thinks.
I'm glad! And I'm glad you were able to join us, it was better for your presence.
@Althis It'll come to you with practice. I've been using Fate for... three years? And doing a lot of intense study and thought, and talking with a lot of people smarter than me about it, and doing a lot of experiments, and using the system for different purposes in different contexts.
(And long before I started Fate, I was --first unconsciously-- learning how to feel my group's needs and desires and adjust my GMing to meet them, and then later to invite everyone to be part of that process consciously.)
Anyway. That session was really fun, thanks to everyone who played and everyone who helped.
When are we meeting again?
It was. I know I was a bit sluggish (as usual), but I enjoyed it a lot.
5:22 AM
@Althis I dunno. I was only able to do this because the class I was supposed to teach today got cancelled.
Anyone else is welcome to pick up the story thread, though, without me.
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