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12:00 AM
@doppelgreener Did I ever tell you: when my oldest was 3 or 4 I overheard him in the tub singing "do you know the muffin man...." When I went in to sing along I learned it was actually "do you know the admiral, the admiral, the admiral? Do you know the admiral? His name is Bill Adama."
@nitsua60 hahaha!
that's a great way to sing it
@eimyr At our University campus there's an unofficial but popular Moomin Monday event every week. They screen a couple of Moomin episodes for curious audiences to enjoy.
@nitsua60 Yes, I've been volunteering as a referee for the last few years. I'll be at WPI (among other places), and while my volunteer role hasn't been officially assigned yet, it's likely I'll be a ref again.
@PeterCooperJr. Excellent--thanks for your time, then. I need to get into VIMS. For many years I was the only mentor associated with my school's team, so I felt no guilt about not also volunteering. Recently, though, a few others have come on board and I've been able to step back a little, so I really should help out....
@nitsua60 I'm a bit of an odd case in that I don't actually have a team, I just remembered how fun it was from high school (I was on 190, WPI/Mass Academy), and started volunteering at events a few years back (as just a few weekends a year is a commitment I can make). And I'm geeky enough at liking rules systems that I like refereeing, and I understand it can be hard to get people for that role sometimes.
12:15 AM
@PeterCooperJr. 228, here. We're certainly contemporaries =)
(I was a founding member.)
How old's your oldest, again?
@nitsua60 Don't feel guilty about not volunteering at events; there are plenty to ways to contribute to forming kids' minds. :) Though if you want to, it's certainly a lot of fun.
@nitsua60 9.
@PeterCooperJr. FTC or FLL in your area?
@nitsua60 We're crazy enough to be doing homeschooling, though I've thought about starting up an FLL team at the homeschool co-op. But that's more of a time commitment than I can see doing at this time.
Okay, a picture of the 2.5D model the kids and I made is over in the Tomb of Annihilation room. (cc @Shalvenay @ACuriousMind @kviiri @SPavel)
12:58 AM
@nitsua60 not bad for a craft project
> Litterbug. You get +2 on your next attack if you throw down a personal item, like a cloak or helmet or weapon, to show how serious you are.
> Handy with a Scalpel. You get +1 on your next roll to Persuade if you use Precision rather than Social. You have an incisive wit, after all.
> Bumbling luck. When you succeed at cost, you also get a fate point which can only be spent to declare coincidental details that your character couldn't possibly have influenced.
@BESW Tintin's main stunt
1:10 AM
Hee, yes.
> Interviewer. Once per session, declare a professional skill that you once interviewed someone about. You can use Rapport as if it were that skill for the rest of the session.
Epicyon was the largest canid ever, measuring 1.5 metres long & weighing over 136kg. (Credit: Mauricio Anton)
@BESW wow that is crazy
@BESW sheesh, that's a big canid
(I think the world's largest dogs get close though)
> Haunted. Anytime anyone else is succeeding at cost, they may choose as the cost that this character is now near them, not yet in sight, and will soon begin to interfere.
1:27 AM
@Shalvenay The heaviest domesticated breeds I know of top out around 100kg.
@BESW yeah, I suspect that they do match Epicyon on length, though
(although dogs tend to be measured in terms of height not length)
BTW, @Shalvenay, here's a worldbuilding extrapolation for you: a world with plentiful helium, otherwise as close to ours as reasonable.
(Goal: casual safe zeppelin use.)
@BESW I'd think there'd be a lot of alpha emitters deep down inside, leading to large quantities of trapped helium in among NG formations that needs to be separated out (probably by condensing the NG and pulling the helium off the top)
hence, helium-a-go-go
nice and trapped where it can't float away
(otherwise, helium has this annoying habit of not being hung onto very well by little rockballs)
So there'd be more radioactive material in the crust?
1:34 AM
probably could be accomplished relatively easily by changing the relative isotopic distribution of transuranics
@doppelgreener lol
Helium (from Greek: ἥλιος, translit. Helios, lit. 'Sun') is a chemical element with symbol He and atomic number 2. It is a colorless, odorless, tasteless, non-toxic, inert, monatomic gas, the first in the noble gas group in the periodic table. Its boiling point is the lowest among all the elements. After hydrogen, helium is the second lightest and second most abundant element in the observable universe, being present at about 24% of the total elemental mass, which is more than 12 times the mass of all the heavier elements combined. Its abundance is similar to this figure in the Sun and in Jupiter...
If helium was a significant "fuel", I'd kind of expect that it'd be as easy to "mine" as the gasoline/oil/coal/etc. that we use for other energy sources. Though that's without really looking at any numbers.
hmm... that was supposed to fast-link to the paragraph about how radioactive crust-material produces earth's helium.
Oh, it did. It just doesn't onebox the linked section, I guess.
@nitsua60 Yeah, chat ignores # when oneboxing.
1:37 AM
@BESW Too bad. Would have made me look a little less of a patronizing jerk =)
@nitsua60 Yeah, so I'm trying to figure out how else a world would be different, if it met the requirements for casual safe zeppelin travel.
What would the world be like if we had that much more uranium and thorium in the upper crust?
> Ancient language. You can read and speak an old, dead language of a collapsed civilisation, but can be compelled when you do so to say or mumble what accidentally turns out to be a magical incantation.
I don't think it's a lack of helium that prevents casual safe zeppelin travel
@doppelgreener I think I have the second half of this stunt sometimes
I wish I had the first half
@PeterCooperJr. If helium had been more plentiful, the Hindenburg might not have exploded, and the modern need for speed in travel associated with jet planes might have been mitigated by alternate lighter-than-air options.
The Hindenburg disaster came at a crucial point in the popular consciousness of what personal travel was about.
A modern day where zeppelins are common air vehicles would also likely be a modern day where commerce and economics are slower and more human-maintained than our contemporary faster-than-the-brain computer-maintained economy.
1:50 AM
@BESW more geologically active. the trick isn't to crank up the quantity, it's to alter the isotopic distribution so that the decay chains produce more alphas and fewer betas on their way to lead
Specifically, it was the US restrictions on helium which prevented the Zeppelin company from using the safer gas. If the gas had been more plentiful, they wouldn't have had their trade deal with the US interrupted by war.
(See also: British lighter-than-air projects were scrapped because of similar hydrogen-based disasters.)
mm sounds similar to the rubber restrictions during WWII
Yeah, WWII tanked zeppelins on multiple fronts, in large part because the necessary materials stopped being traded internationally--but also because they found airfoil designs were more effective at bombing runs.
But first I'd want to build from basic principles to find out how much the world would be fundamentally different, before I started tinkering with specific historical events.
i'm not entirely sure that a difference in that one event would make zeppilins more common anyway
also hats are gone :"(
2:09 AM
If we'd had one more day I would've done Detective Toshimi Konakawa.
Crap! I forgot to update the photo album. I only took pictures of about half of them =\
welp, time to change the avatar then XD
we had a nice run
2:43 AM
hey there btw @nitsua60
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3:48 AM
ah yes, finally, dragon time again
4:05 AM
hey there @Ben
4:25 AM
4:43 AM
I recently posted a question about the possibilities of upgrading the hardware of my server to allow for faster network speeds. The problem is that even though the server has access to a 1 gbit/sec connection, the speeds it is showing are little better than 100mbit/sec.
The issue is that basically, the server is hosting virtual servers. this means that they are all sharing that connection, choking the speeds of each server.
So after explaining all this... everyone asks me about the VOIP phones on the other end, which I purely mentioned as reference. Yes... I understand that they could be choking the speed... but I removed them as part of the test (as I explained)... with no reward.
5:34 AM
The Usambara 'eyelash' bush viper from Tanzania is a vulnerable species with horn-like scales above its eyes. (Photo: Matthijs Kuijpers)
5:53 AM
The PENINKULMA is an obsolete unit of distance once used in Finland, that was based on the furthest distance at which a barking dog can still be heard—roughly 3.3 miles.
2 hours later…
7:31 AM
@BESW ah, if only no snakes were poisonous I would find this one much cuter
still not great for it to be endangered though
Yes, I would like for it to be un-endangered very far from me.
meanwhile the brown tree snakes that live here can go away and die
that would be cool with me
No one invited them to the Marianas party, and they're eating all the hors d'oeuvres.
they are eating things that no one brought to the party to be eaten
they are eating the party hats
7:58 AM
I've decided that today is the day I show my scrombled face in the Chat of the Game of Playings Role.
8:24 AM
it's perfect
8:45 AM
Does anyone have a good suggestion for a level 3-ish adventure for 4-5 people?
Asking for a friend who needs recommendations but has too few recommenders.
@kviiri System?
If it's D&D 5e, Sir Poley's City of Eternal Rain seems perfect - it's generic, designed to be slotted into an existing campaign or used as a campaign starter, and aimed at 3rd-level characters.
9:04 AM
If it's 4e, Keep on the Shadowfell is divided pretty nicely so that its dungeon levels match up to character levels. You can run the last section of dungeon as an independent game with just a little background expostion.
9:42 AM
@Zyerah greetings! This is a good day.
9:54 AM
@Miniman Oh yes, 5e
10:15 AM
Thanks for the suggestion too :)
10:27 AM
@kviiri You're welcome! I haven't had a chance to run it myself yet, but it looks great and I definitely want to.
If your friend does go with it, I'd love to hear how it goes.
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11:31 AM
This avatar has been throwing me off a lot and I need to change it.
Fun fact: diamond moderators get a separate diamond notification menu that gives us alerts on moderation info, as well as alerting us to new meta questions.
(this is why we respond so often & so early to meta questions; we get pinged about every single one, and at that point it's usually very tempting to answer them)
But that's not a diamond in your avatar! It's a garnet holding a peridot. Totally different.
@BESW That's true! But! The diamond lights up blue whenever there's a new notification in there. So I keep spotting a presence of blue in the upper right, which usually means there's a new notification for me to take a look at -- and it's just my avatar. :P
Blue? That doesn't make any sense. Mods are green.
@doppelgreener ooooooh
I agree! I told them that, they won't listen.
11:35 AM
wow ok that must really screw with you yeah
I would be going crazy
The Fuzz Peridot has a different-enough shade of blue, so I'm gonna switch back to that :D
I am fine with this
classic is always good
11:56 AM
@doppelgreener Fuzzidot?
12:09 PM
@BESW Perifuzz!
Actually I like Fuzzidot even better :)
'cause it leads with fuzz
1:02 PM
Told my boss I'm leaving the company. He was cool with it. I feel resigned.
@kviiri haaaa
also, if that's not 100% a joke, congrats
@doppelgreener Thanks!
(I wonder if it's a good sign my colleagues also replied "congrats"...)
Probably! It's a bold step toward new options and leaving means you're ready to head toward those.
1:23 PM
Unless you think they might mean "you managed to get out! wow! great work!" :)
:D I'm not sure
1:54 PM
I'll miss some of my colleagues though. One of them in particular is probably one of the best friends I've had.
Aww :'(
1 hour later…
3:07 PM
@kviiri Congrats! It can be an awkward conversation.
When I resigned from my last job, it was shortly after a colleague used a competitor's offer to leverage himself a promotion to VP level and a hefty raise, so my manager had no patience for shenanigans
I think he expected me to do the same thing, but I just shimmied out of there
Suddenly, everyone wanted to take me out to lunch and confirm the rumor that I was leaving!
Bunch of gossips, that office.
3:26 PM
Last time I resigned a job, it was because I was dealing with an awful lot of pressure and stress, mostly from dealing with too many different (often contradictory) requests on what I must be doing with my time. And then I was put on a performance improvement plan (the dreaded PIP) because of the effect that pressure and stress was having on my work. And that PIP exacerbated the pressure and stress I was experiencing, and added new, additional requests for what I must be doing with my time.
@doppelgreener A PIP is not for improvement, it's to build a case to fire you or drive you to leave.
@SPavel Yeah, that worked. I figured they were more likely to fire me than keep me, so a few days before the PIP period was up, I decided I wanted to at least save face and leave on my own terms.
Some other requests they made during my PIP period made it seem abundantly clear they were deliberately trying to increase pressure still and reduce my chances of success, and drive me out.
Were you able to quickly find something better?
@SPavel Yep. :) I spent a week off just to recharge, then visited my home town in Australia for a couple of weeks just to recharge and reconnect with family and friends (a vacation that'd been planned for a few months, so good timing), spent another week preparing for the job hunt -- then actually started my job hunt and was at my first day of a new job two weeks later.
That week off to recharge made me realise just how thoroughly exhausted my job had made me. I was running on fumes.
Wow, that's a fast job hunt
3:33 PM
I know right?
I'd been looking on and off for a while by that point, was in talks with a company for a few months when they decided to go in a different direction and eliminate the role I would have been hired for even though they'd basically decided to hire me. Another company kept saying that the team hasn't had a chance to evaluate the candidates, for months..
Turns out I have some in-demand skills. During that trip to Australia, I met up with a couple of different older software engineers who were friends of my dad, and we talked about my impending search for work. They helped me spot where I should be looking, coached me a bit on how to handle the job hunt and interviews, and how to market myself.
Both the coaching and the actual job hunt were some nice confidence boosters.
Then I got a response from my current place, got an offer within 2 weeks, let the previous people know, and they immediately called me. Within 1 day the team suddenly decided they wanted me after all, but didn't get a contract to me in time for the other contract's deadline, which they knew about.
Then I spent about six weeks in visa hell but the less said about that, the better
@SPavel Yay!! Snoozers losers.
@SPavel fair enough :)
And now I have a 15 minute commute and a salary that is frankly a little ridiculous
3:39 PM
Aw yesssss
Honestly the break from work was kind of nice but I was extremely bored
Spent about 2-3 hours each day walking around the park catching Pokemon
I did stuff like go for a run every afternoon. Then on my first few days at my new job, every day at about 4pm I couldn't sit still, my legs were wanting to be moved....
Psh, look at this guy, being healthy and stuff
man ugh this other guy going outside and walking for hours pff
All of that was traded off against delicious craft beers
3:52 PM
being able to have delicious craft beers is a good reason to go out for exercise.
I've been cutting back on my alcohol consumption by getting rid of "ritual beers" and substituting them with very low alcohol ginger beer. So far it's been an excellent choice.
@kviiri Ritual beers?
@SPavel My name for beers one has when doing X, just because one always has a beer when doing X. Mexican food beer, cleaning beer, sauna beer, software release beer, game beer...
Hah, I've never thought of tying beers to activities
For gaming, I like tea
For video gaming, same, but for RPGs, my usual group tends to grab gaming beers.
And I adopted the habit for a while too... now I've adopted the habit of being the only sober guy among sliiiightly tipsy individuals!
As a beginner GM, I found it somewhat easier to relax for roleplaying when I had a beer or two over the course of the session, but I cut that habit because I think it's more sustainable to practice loosening up without intoxicants :)
3:57 PM
For tabletops, the only correct option is mead.
Drunk out of skulls.
This all makes me sound like a heavy drinker I guess, but I didn't really do any of my "ritual beer" activities very often nor drink very much on any given day. The reason I decided to cut back was one week when we had a release at our company on Monday, a pub quiz event on Tuesday, sauna on Wednesday, RPGs on Thursday, Friday on Friday, sauna again on Saturday and RPGs again on Sunday... it started feeling a bit stupid.
you should meet kviiri when it's mexican gaming sauna night.
I do really need at least one beer to get the RP juices flowing, DM or player
@doppelgreener Vamos a la sauna
@doppelgreener We occasionally have those at our company to celebrate software releases (eep).
I've gotten into cocktails recently; if I were to have a drink with my gaming group (and also if I had a gaming group) I'd whip up a round of Greyhounds
4:03 PM
They changed the alcohol law here on New Year. Now I can get gin long drink (gin mixed with grapefruit lemonade) from my regular grocery instead of having to go to the booze shop which is right next door.
do not whip greyhounds, they are good boys (or girls)
@doppelgreener A greyhound is tea-infused vodka, grapefruit juice, and honey syrup, very easy to make and delicious
I like most things with sweet vermouth.
@SPavel Sounds good except for the Vodka part
@SPavel sounds nice.
4:06 PM
The previous iteration of the law had a rather unusual (I guess?) clause that mixed alcoholic drinks were only legally sold in Alko (the alcohol monopoly) and this means the normal shops only carried a bad-tasting fermented version of said drink. Yuck.
i'm a fan of rum & whiskey, and of amaretto and amaretto sour (being a cocktail made with amaretto, not a type of amaretto).
They did sell a mixed version too, but that was only 2.6% ABV - that's below the threshold of counting as "alcoholic", so it was legal to sell in normal grocery shops.
@kviiri oof. yes, good change.
@SPavel Tea-infused vodka? Okay, now I have an idea I'm going to bring to my bartender this weekend.
@doppelgreener rum & whiskey is not a cocktail!
4:08 PM
@SPavel but they are spirits
@Yuuki Yeah, two teabags per bottle, shake once a day for a week
And being extremely Asian, I can bring my own tea leaves.
@SPavel Ew, teabags.
Genmaicha vodka is excellent as well.
My girlfriend likes this cocktail: genmaicha vodka, simple syrup, lemon juice.
I think it's a 4:2:1 ratio or some such
If you use loose tea, you must filter the vodka before re-bottling, cheesecloth or a fine strainer both work well.
@doppelgreener Yeah. Sometimes I wonder if people who don't pay attention to the law that much even knew about the difference between the grocery version and the proper stuff (apart from the ABV)
Banana white rum is great as well, you can make an extra-tropical mojito
4:10 PM
Yeah. I'm looking at a recipe for tea-infused vodka and it recommends steeping for 18 hours.
18 is too little
This is for loose-leaf.
@kviiri In Australia, alcohol can only be sold in alcohol stores. Wine, beer, spirits, etc. The one exception I can think of is bitters which gets handled like a flavoring (because that's all it's really good for) and which is part of one of our iconic drinks:
Lemon, Lime and Bitters (LLB) is a mixed drink made with lemonade, lime cordial, and Angostura bitters. The lemonade is sometimes substituted with lemon squash instead. It is often considered to be a non-alcoholic cocktail (or mocktail) due to its exceedingly low alcohol content, though some establishments consider it to be alcoholic and will not serve it without identification or proof of age. == History == Lemon, Lime and Bitters is commonly consumed in Australia and New Zealand where it became customary for golf players to have a drink of LLB after a match of golf. It is made to order in most...
the packaging was rather similar between the two kinds...
4:10 PM
Which tends to be stronger in flavor than tea bags because it's all leaves.
For loose-leaf I like to do 5 days
Most if not all commercial teabags tend to have flavorless components like stems and whatnot as filler.
When I arrived in London and saw alcohol being sold in supermarkets and behind the counter in convenience stores I was amazed. I'd never seen the like.
@doppelgreener The description made me think of Chartreuse :P
If you want to steep it for a shorter time, you should use more tea.
Of course, you can just get a bunch of small jars and experiment with both variables
4:12 PM
@doppelgreener In the US bitters are having a resurgance. Mayn of them have issues getting approved because they taste too good and thus would qualify as an alcoholic beverage instead of a flavoring agent. As it stands, one doesn't need to be of age to purchase bitters unlike most other types of alcohol stuffs.
And then -- then!! -- I saw pubs where people were standing outside on the street! With beers in their hands! Outside the pub premises! With beers! Alcohol in Australia isn't allowed out past the pub door.
@Rubiksmoose It's fairly easy to make bitters yourself, easier than, for example, beer.
But yeah, extended steeping might be a problem that I'm not sure how to solve.
Since I get my cocktails at a local cocktail bar.
And I'm not sure they'd be okay with me bringing a bag of tea leaves and saying "you mind steeping these in some vodka for about a day?"
@Yuuki Just buy your own vodka
Also, if you're a regular and the bartenders know you, you'd be surprised what you could get away with
@doppelgreener Oh wow, this takes me back to last Summer. One of the pubs in Helsinki had a parklet extension outside, with a few tables and chairs and so. But the sidewalk separated the parklet from the pub proper, so the customers weren't allowed to take their beers to the parklet - leaving the pub's premises with the drink would mean the pub is retailing alcohol instead of just serving it.
So the customers had to leave their beers on a small table, from which the pub staff would pick them up and carry them to the parklet (a distance of about three steps).
4:19 PM
@kviiri This seems like a problem that can be solved with needlessly reckless parkour
"Hold my beer!" * does trick * "Ok, now I can drink my be- oh, dang."
@SPavel It could also solved with wormholes!
now you're drinking with portals.
Just be careful that you don't accidentally have wyrmholes
@SPavel That sounds vaguely sexual.
@doppelgreener as a non-drinker this looks awesome. THe resurgence of high alcohol content bitters has been very frustrating for me. I basically have to ask for angostura or risk getting something i don't want.
@SPavel Most definitely! I've done it!
The bitters making that is.
4:31 PM
My next project, I think, will be mead
It's the first alcoholic drink, it should be easy
Whack in some of that sweet farmer's market honey and watch the magic
@SPavel Now you're talking! I have a book on mead-making but haven't dug into it yet. My wife's boss does mead making as a hobby.
@SPavel "should be easy" famous last words XD
@NautArch ooer. yeah, agnostura bitters is the staple bitters in australia.
lime cordial, lemonade (e.g. schweppes), and a few drops of bitters and a couple of ice cubes, and there you have lemon lime & bitters.
alternately sprite & bitters & ice is theoretically possible since sprite is already a lemon+lime soda, but i've never seen it done that way.
possibly because lemon lime & bitters is so common people know what proportion of lemon & lime cordial they want to drink or serve, and so we get a choice if we mix those separately.
@doppelgreener /r/ooer?
How is ooer even pronounced?
@Yuuki i don't understand this subreddit at all and yet i love it
4:41 PM
@kviiri After several meads
@kviiri It's pronounced "oh god, my eyes".
@SPavel Ah, I know that sound then.
@doppelgreener It's basically "your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could that they didn't stop to think if they should" but with CSS.
@Yuuki And yet we still can't center things vertically
@SPavel we can now!
4:45 PM
Also, woo: RPG.se recently broke 25,000 questions!
@doppelgreener That's what they say every year
(not that break)
And yet we are ultimately stuck doing display: inline-block and vertical-align: middle
like savages
@SPavel Yes but this time we really truly can, and the layout module available to do it is supported for virtually every browser back to IE10 and the original versions of Chrome and Firefox
Congratulations, it is here, it is real, the thing exists.
4:47 PM
Leibniz was right, this truly is the best of all possible worlds.
@SPavel vertical-align: chaotic
At least that's how it works for me.
works for absolutely any arbitrary content inside #thing
@doppelgreener Good, now to get my engineers to learn this
Last time I checked they were still writing !important inline CSS
@doppelgreener it's generally the staple here as well. But I've got a local distiller that makes bitters that many bars locally use here. And it's got a high alcohol content.
@SPavel Also! "But!" I hear you say. "Aha! Yes! Veritcal centering! But we haven't solved that whole take-up-all-remaining-height problem now, have we!?" Flex solved that too: jsfiddle.net/tw7fhyrr/2 - Adjust elements on either side to whatever size you like, and give the "fill up the rest of this space" element the attribute of flex: auto. If you have multiple such elements, they will evenly divide the remaining space between themselves.
4:55 PM
@doppelgreener I already knew about that part
@SPavel Nice.
Although it still has problems with some distributions I want for nav headers
But maybe I can nest flexboxes?
You can nest flexboxes
Sufficiently asinine code is my forte
Sufficiently asinine code is CSS's forte
4:56 PM
No problem is too hard to be solved using Mongolian hairspace glyphs inserted into plaintext entry fields
@NautArch There's actually a reason for that in the US at least. Angostura and peychaud's bitters are basically the only ones to have survived prohibition.
Then again, the reason for the Mongolian hairspaces was that I needed to intelligently parse copy-paste input from Bing
@SPavel Is your timer going off??? XD
@Rubiksmoose and thankgoodness for that! But a great piece of info i can share :)
@NautArch They survived by essentially rebranding as "health tonics" lol
5:00 PM
@Rubiksmoose snackoil snake oil
@NautArch not exactly snake oil. Digestive aids I believe was the term they used.
But yeah basically. I'm a bit disappointed that snack oil isn't a thing btw.
which it kinda is.I also drink it when my stomach is upset
and yes, snack oil sounds awesome.
Yeah I think there is something to it for sure
Around here people believe that a particular orange soda cures upset stomach and hangover.
@kviiri flat coke is kinda like that here, too.
5:06 PM
@kviiri Is it Irn Bru?
@NautArch Flat cola meaning cola after it's lost its bubbles?
@doppelgreener Hartwall Jaffa
@kviiri basically. also known as more syrup, less bubbles.
@kviiri Are you sure it's not cola made in a London apartment?
@Yuuki No, I really am not. I'm not that good with my soda terminology :<
Context: Apartments in the UK are called "flats".
5:10 PM
that was bad
@Yuuki I was aware of that much :P (although I honestly thought it's pretty standard English?)
@doppelgreener You should take out the trash more often if your Hefty is groaning.
I don't think I focused on the right skills for a post-apocalyptic nuclear hellscape.
Maybe I've just been staring at too much British telly
@Yuuki i'm instinctively trying not to comprehend the pun i'm sure you're making
5:14 PM
I've been drafting some ideas for a tactical combat RPG and I posted them to my friends on the IRC. One of them said "Will you stop trying to fix DnD already!" :P
@Yuuki whyyyyy
@Yuuki The "Small trash" marking on the box reminds me of a very honestly labeled box my SO's grandmother has: "Chinese Pirate Junk". (and it's a jigsaw puzzle depicting exactly what it says on the tin)
@doppelgreener Some people are DMs, I'm a PM. A Pungeon Master.
5:18 PM
@Yuuki We designed a Pungein, or rather, a Pun Mansion once with a friend. It started out as a fairly normal haunted mansion with all sorts of space-time warping, never-ending corridors, rooms changing places and so on, but then things got out of hand.
The Living Room was actually alive, the Guestroom was actually just visiting, there were skeletons in the closets, the shower showed things, the grandfather clock had children and grandchildren, the sofa was so good, the stairs stared and so on... to defeat the mansion, the players would need to defeat the Master Bedroom.
The mansion can also fly because it has two wings, duh.
i remember that!! :D
did you have flying buttresses?
"On second thought, lets not go to Camelot. Tis a silly place."
@kviiri What about the elephant in the room?
5:43 PM
holodeck stuck on text adventure mode
how do i get the babel fish
@doppelgreener GOLD
@SPavel Brilliant!
This is among my favorites
@kviiri this is great.
@doppelgreener I started watching TNG fairly recently. My girlfriend is a huge trekkie and I always thought Star Trek was the smart space adventure franchise. Now, having watched most of TNG's first season, I think it's a space adventure franchise.
5:51 PM
TNG gets better after the first season.
@NautArch I believe it gets more serious, at least. But the first season is probably the best Star Trek parody I've ever seen.
@kviiri Hahaha, yes.
Was looking at Alarm spell in PHB 211 and found this on 220 m.imgur.com/a/o0bPA
Roman centurions force Riker to fight a gorilla. There's no room for a side story here: the main plot is too epic. Also: it's a 3-parter.
It IS Eleven. Down to her looks and even with the Call Lightning spell
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