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2 hours later…
2:40 AM
@Metool Sorry, I fell asleep. Screencap: prntscr.com/2bq82e
5:39 AM
Rooster has taken to wearing a button reading "X days since a friendly-fire incident" & the number has actually gotten to double digits #dnd
2 hours later…
7:20 AM
@Emracool I've seen that too once.
It's weird and I just refreshed to clear it.
We only have a month for the hats so look at it this way: you get to enjoy even more hats whilst they last
7:31 AM
I am increasingly loving how Space Ghost looks in a slightly tilted bowler hat.
It is ridiculously rakish.
I have learned a new word and I am very pleased it was used to describe Space Ghost in a slightly tilted bowler hat xD
Glad to be of service.
2 hours later…
9:32 AM
Due to a recent event I now have the hat I wanted but not the hat I needed
[tips bowler hat, and continues on his way]
Also I found out that I can use the UpDo hat to make Space Ghost eat a giant dorito
@JonathanHobbs You are an international treasure, sir.
@BESW Thank you I appreciate it
(And I don't even like Space Ghost or any of his associated partners or antics.)
@BESW that looks lovely
Albeit labor-intensive.
I'm not sure whether I should protest that explicit discussion of anyone's sexual practices is inappropriate for a 13-and-up chat... or if I should mention bifurcated penises.
Because marsupials, man. Marsupials.
10:31 AM
@BESW I have a friend it's perfect for. And he's got a birthday in two month. I think I have a ThinkGeek order in the making.
Thanks for the tip-off.
I do suggest that you do a quick check to see if some other place isn't selling it cheaper, though.
ThinkGeek sometimes does insane markups.
True, but they claim it's an original product of theirs.
A quick Google turns up no other sources.
10:36 AM
Only reviews for this specific model. No matter.
10:56 AM
I just hit my first +50 on a SF&F question.
A good 2/3 of LotR questions seem to be based on the notion that everything everyone says in any of Tolkien's works must be the literal and absolute truth.
No one is mistaken, misinformed, or covering up ignorance. No one speculates or believes too firmly in folk wisdom.
Ditto Harry Potter questions too, come to that.
@BESW So LotR answers generally involve letting the asker down lightly with the idea that people in LotR are just as often misguided and possibly quite silly?
11:11 AM
That's because it has such a rich legendarium and backstory. People tend to assume that if someone mentions it, Tolkien has written a 20-page epic poem describing it.
In many cases, he has.
@JonathanHobbs Yes, and then being berated by a half-dozen comments about how that's stupid/lazy/wrong and either ALL HAIL TOLKIEN or TOLKEIN'S HIDDEN AGENDA STRIKES AGAIN!
@AvnerShahar-Kashtan Aye, and he's framed it as part of the oral and written traditions, replete with intentional errors based on who the narrator is.
Example: Kingsfoil, or athelas.
It's a healing herb which is especially potent when used by a King of Gondor.
Aragorn proved his lineage using it, because "the hands of a king are the hands of a healer."
Someone's arguing that because it is called "kingsfoil," that means it's more potent in the hands of royalty.
I played in a MERP game quite a while back (well, technically a free-form Middle Earth we called MERP for short) in which the Elven heritage of Gondor's kings played a big role.
In fact, it's a classic case of folk etymology: everyone calls it kingsfoil because the Gondorians called it kingsfoil first and the name spread.
With the explicit callout that what, for Tolkien, was heritage and tradition, can be seen as racism is a modern framework.
(That last statement was deliberately convoluted to avoid anyone thinking I'm calling out Tolkien as a racist)
It's "kingsfoil" in Gondor because Gondorian kings have elven blood, and athelas is more potent when used by elves.
11:15 AM
I upvoted you on SF&F, so I won't go about starring you here, too. :)
Gondorians think of it as a royal-responsive plant, but if that were true it'd be an awful test of Gondorian royalty: any random prince of any realm could wander in to claim the throne.
We are told about athelas (elven for "healing plant") in LotR from the limited point of view of a society of Men who never had the opportunity to see an elf use the plant.
Tolkien's whole world was designed to provide a framework of history for his linguistic and orthographic constructs.
If you wonder why something is the way it is in Middle-Earth, look to the language.
"Kingsfoil" is little more than an exercise in folk etymology.
The entire subplot of how Aragorn proved his right to the throne is based on playing with an invented linguistic curiosity.
(If language doesn't explain it, look to Northern European mythologies.)
@BESW Exactly. I remember when I discovered that the Akallabeth, the Adunaic word for Downfallen, or the fall (and literal sinking) of Numenor is, in Quenya, "Atalante".
Oh, and "kingsfoil" is also a meta-level pun.
It's like Tolkien created the whole First Age, the reward of man, the raising of the island of Numenor for Men to rule, the corruption by Sauron and the island's sinking beneath the waves, only so he could stick this atlantis pun in.
"Athelas" is inspired by the real-world Anglo-Saxon word for "noble"... and the Old French "foil" means "leaf."
"Kingsfoil" is a pun that requires knowledge of five languages, two of which are fictional.
11:24 AM
@BESW So, you know, pretty much par for the course, for the good Professor.
I love the man's dedication to the inanely nerdy, but it doesn't do him any favors as a storyteller.
@BESW The wonder is that great stories do come out, despite all that.
Even if, by the fifth rereading, I had learned to skim over some parts.
I dropped The Two Towers for months the first time I read that great cord of dead tree.
Eventually forced myself to plough through it.
But the fact that there was a fifth rereading (and at some phases in my life, there were yearly rereadings) means that I was pulled into the story.
This isn't even my +50 question. That one is about beards.
(And also includes a lot of "gently letting the asker down.")
11:31 AM
I am resisting the urge to viciously rewrite old answers of mine. For style, not for content.
scifi.stackexchange.com/questions/12448/…, for instance. It's not a bad answer, but I keep cringing at some inelegant phrasings or a badly structured passage.
But that's always the case with old writings.
You may have noticed that I usually spend up to 24 hours revising and expanding my answers.
And yeah, some of my early stuff could use a good solid once-over for style.
11:36 AM
Space Ghost has just unlocked something for Winter Bash
@Emracool Either/or!
Good morning!
He is confused about how this mask-on-his-mask should be worn and is going to stick with the bowler hat
Space Ghost, go home, you're drunk!
Okay now I am just giggling at that comment
More like Drunk Space Hulk.
Also hi.
11:38 AM
So at my last Fate game, there was a lovely aspect change from one of the more troublemaker characters (note: not a troublemaker PLAYER)...
@ProfessorLokiCaprion ooooer.
[leans forward, chin on the heels of his hands and elbows on the table]
She had previously "IT'S NOT MY FAULT!" which is something she'd always found herself saying when things caught on fire or exploded. It was akin to Mr. Green in Clue continually saying "I didn't do it!!!" Though in her case, she usually did...
[leans forward, then an elbow slips and takes the Space Ghost with it]
However, due to how Torg works with subplot cards, she always got the Romance card, which means someone takes a romantic interest in her character. It's lead to two different Villains falling for her (one of which had her kidnapped and dressed in a Cheongsam for dinner), and has one vampire coming for her because she stole his ring (not romantic).
So last game they passed a Signifigant Milestone, she decided "IT'S NOT MY FAULT" would turn into "The Girl all the Bad Guys Want".
11:43 AM
That's a pretty potent aspect. Is it her trouble?
It is, now! She had to rearrange a bit, because her Trouble was "Black Sheep of the Delphi Council", but because of what happened to cause the Signifigant Milestone, the Delphi Council stopped existing (which was her last chance to use "IT'S NOT MY FAULT!")
@ProfessorLokiCaprion Hee.
Bad stuff happened, and now a Steampunk Aether Fleet has descended upon Houston. It all started with them driving a 1930's gangster car through a mall in Japan...
@ProfessorLokiCaprion Previously, on Atomic Robo!
11:50 AM
@BESW Haha... that's the way Torg sessions tend to go. Mostly because players seem to gravitate toward the "action pulp 1920's reality" part, even if their characters aren't all from that reality!
@ProfessorLokiCaprion Well, apparently they are. Work that in!
@AvnerShahar-Kashtan Oh, I am!!!
And with the Fate system, each reality has an aspect that can be invoked or compelled on characters from it, or on ALL characters when they're physically in said reality.
The Nile Empire (which is the reality in question) has something called "The Law of Action". Invoked, it gives you a boost to do heroic things. Compelled, it basically says "hey, why are you doing this in such a BORING way?"
Wait, I have the jpg for this...
>Jotting this down for next game...
Dresden on the T-rex is another good example!
11:56 AM
Context isn't needed! That's just awesome.
Augh, that's not the right issue. Oh, well.
What might be amusing is that the guy in the suit has a brainsucking starfish attached to his head.
His name is Dr. Nemesis.
I'm... baffled and confused
That means you're getting it.
I'm intrigued!
If you thought it made sense, you'd be missing something.
11:59 AM
Hell with it, next game I'll just send my players right into the Nile Empire for this.
There's this question about how to make a gish character and nobody mentioned polymorph spells... is there a reason like "bad in dead magic" I've not considered?
The starfish causes his every subconscious thought to be vocalized.
Ooooh, and thank you for THAT idea, @BESW!
For the record, Dr. Nemesis isn't really a bad guy... he's more like a Spark from Girl Genius.
His energies are boundless and irrepressible, and can occasionally be channeled constructively but never normally.
12:23 PM
The Circle line is suspended while we deal with reports that a passenger has claimed Die Hard "doesn't count" as a Christmas film.
The hell it doesn't!!!
Die Hard and Gremlins are Christmas Classics!
Not being Christian, the tradition of Christmas films is relatively distant to me... but Die Hard is unquestionably one, and among the best.
101 Dalmations (the original animation) is a great Christmas film, too, as is the novel it's based on.
(The novel actually has a Christmas miracle.)
Oh, I forgot that one!
Bill Peet was part of the animating team, and it shows.
Love Bill Peet's work.
Right now we're entering the tiresome season of TV Show Christmas Episodes.
Since I don't have any particular sentiments towards Christmas myself (again with the not being Christian or (mostly) growing up in a Christian environment), I find those episodes mostly sappy and annoying.
12:38 PM
And I'm entering the gleeful season of Not Having Cable.
Guam's very very Catholic, but it never had much influence on my nuclear family's holiday traditions. So it's mostly second-hand cultural osmosis.
Likewise. Americans export their Christmas, alongside other cultural artifacts, through their movies and TV. Vectors for cultural expansion.
Somewhat tangent; are there any artists in the room? Like drawy types? I need advice on buying my wife some supplies for Christmas!
@ProfessorLokiCaprion [raises hand] What kind of mediums does she use?
She uses coloured pencil and marker, when she's not using her tablet for digital art. Should I get her a set of that, or an easel type thing?
Oh, but she doesn't paint... grah.
More pencils or markers are always welcome, if they're a brand she likes. They get used up, so they'll get used.
What kind of paper does she draw on?
12:43 PM
I... have no idea.
Flat... white...?
mmm. Don't buy her paper, then.
A cool new paper would be an awesome gift, but the wrong kind would be useless.
Does she have a maulstick?
It's just a stick with a padded knob on one end. It's used to prop your hand above the paper so you don't smudge what you're working on.
She does not! Hrm, that's an idea! :D
If she doesn't have one, or if hers is a sock on a dowel, she might like a nice one.
Oh, she's started getting into painting wargame miniatures, too. (Last night we were playtesting an indie space wargame, even)
*(By the way, "Maulstick" sounds like something I'd like to have, but only because it sounds like a weapon!)
Also spelled "mahlstick."
And yes, it sounds a lot more violent than it is.
But it is really a great tool.
12:50 PM
Maulstick shall be considered!
What kind of subjects does she draw?
Landscapes, portraits, figures, still life?
Typically figures. She loves drawing characters.
Does she have a maquette?
Wait, wrong link.
The wooden manniquen thing?
12:53 PM
... I cannot spell that word. But yes, she has two!
That either means she doesn't need another, or she'd be delighted to add a cool new one to her collection.
....which is not helpful, sorry.
Haha, no no, this is useful. I'm already going to get a maulstick
There are some really awesome manikins, though
Horses, dinosaurs...
She does love dinosaurs...
Does she draw most from life, from models, from photos, or directly from her imagination?
12:56 PM
Right out of her head and onto the paper. I have no idea how.
(Also consider hand manikins.)
She has manikins. Does she use anything else to model what she draws?
@BESW If she draws mostly from life, and she loves drawing dinosaurs, then I want to live where she lives.
Hahaha! She doesn't usually DRAW dinosaurs, she just loves them.
You might also consider just getting her the Dinotopia book...
We do not live in Jurassic Park.
@BESW Oooh, that looks pretty!
1:00 PM
For someone who loves dinosaurs and character drawing, it's rich.
(Get the first one, Dinotopia: A Land Apart from Time. It's the best.)
That's the one I was looking at!
So yeah. Maulstick and Dinotopia. If more, a hand manikin or a dinosaur manikin.
[firm nod]
Sounds good! Thank you!!
Glad to be of service.
Oh, and yoink Dinotopia for game inspiration too.
There's a whole Reality I could use that with; The Living Land
Dinosaurs and living jungles and flying starfish with tentacles (I'm not even making that up)...
1:07 PM
Dinotopia has some great broad strokes, but its power is in the details. The daily life stuff.
Which can be useful!
Oh so much.
And it's got some pretty great ideas.
Oct 28 at 6:09, by BESW
"You of the West," Malik said, "think of time moving in a straight line, from past to present to future. Your eastern brothers regard time as a circle, returning endlessly in a cycle of decay and rebirth. If you were to combine geometrically the movement of the circle with the movement of the line, what would you have?" He snapped his mouth shut and peered at me with an uncanny resemblance to my old schoolmaster.
"The spiral?" I ventured.
"Yes, yes. Or the helix. They are our models of the passage of time.
We passed through another door and entered a chamber inside the spherical dome. A creaking wooden device, powered by water, turned a gigantic stone pillar, and as it revolved, a mechanism climbs up the spiraling ledge, reading with its sensitive fingers a series of notches and carvings. At intervals, colored flags would rise, whistles would sound, or pebbles would drop down on brass bells.
"What time is it?" I asked, reaching instinctively for my pocket watch.
Malik took a step back. "Time for Kentrosaurus to hatch. Time to plant the millet. Time for the magnolia buds to open. Professor Den
Ummm. Avoid the YA novels and the TV miniseries at all costs.
Oh! Will do! :x
The former are flaccid and simpering, the latter is inept and generic.
1:18 PM
@Aaron Allo.
@ProfessorLokiCaprion Oh, another gift notion: if there's an artist she admires, a book of his work is always welcome.
Picasso's One-Liners is memorable.
@BESW I wish I knew of any! :( I'm terrible at remembering those sorts of things.
@ProfessorLokiCaprion pro tip. start a google doc and keep notes
(also ask her to make an amazon wish list)
If I had more confidence in my ability to recognize style influences I'd ask if any of her work is online.
but really, the best thing you can do is surprise her with something she wants, that she told you about 6 months ago that she things you forgot. And for that, you've got to take notes
1:27 PM
@BESW If Dinotopia is what I think I liked the mini series.
@waxeagle I'm going to have to start writing these down!
One of the best-received gifts I ever gave was a photo of an empty booth in a food court.
@ProfessorLokiCaprion Indeed just remember small things that she mentions. A good example was my ex told me she had never done bumper cars before. We went to a carnival a few months later and I saw bumper cars so we got in and rode them like 5 times. She was ecstatic!
There are gifts which are useful and show you know the person's habits--like a maulstick--and they're great. But the truly best gifts are the ones which combine personal effort with evidence that you pay close attention to the person.
Like adding an origami dinosaur you folded yourself to the Dinotopia gift.
1:38 PM
@BESW I am doing that, because she just finished the game Heavy Rain that featured an Origami Killer!
... we're a strange couple.
TOTALLY unrelated note to this shopping, but related to the chat; my wife and I have also been talked into trying a Pathfinder game.
@ProfessorLokiCaprion No, dammit, I'm too late!
@Metool Too late... for what?
o_o Um.
Well... anyway... apparently, I'm going to be a Rogue-type, since the only way a spellcaster would fit in the group is to be a Druid and I do NOT WANT TO DO THAT.
So, um... what can Rogues do? I know about as much about Pathfinder as I do about art.
@ProfessorLokiCaprion Fit in?
1:43 PM
@ProfessorLokiCaprion What I like about PF is that there are many archetypes for each base class.
@Metool The group already exists, we're joining after the fact.
@ProfessorLokiCaprion stabbity stab stab? (that's the general D&D trope for Rogues)
@ProfessorLokiCaprion A Rogue is meant to be the skill monkey, but also stab things in the back.
sneaky stabby skilly
Well, I do like stabby!
@ProfessorLokiCaprion Okay, and what makes a spellcaster not fit in?
My wife is going to be a Bard; I had this idea we'd be siblings, and she distracts a crowd with entertainment while I rob them.
@Metool The DM claims they already have too many spellcasters.
@ProfessorLokiCaprion In that case, check out the Acrobat or Carnivalist archetypes.
Or Charlatan.
@ProfessorLokiCaprion The rouge in our group is a ninja. He built his character around being able to sneak up on a foe and kill them with one blow. He prestiged into an assassin class and now has the ability to literally kill any foe he sneaks up and hits if they fail a fort save.
Lots of different focuses.
1:45 PM
@Aaron Ninja is a Rogue alternate class, mate.
@Metool I thought it was an Archtype
@Aaron Nope. Too different. Rogue Talents got replaced, and it's a class-spanning feature.
My bad I am not into the sneaky sneaky classes. I play a character who wields a Huge (Literally Huge size category) Hammer so he can't sneaky sneaky with THAT on his back.
@Aaron Sure he can. It doesn't provide that much of a penalty, unless it's plain encumbrance.
Charlatan -sounds- nice!
1:48 PM
@Metool We play that if you really can't do it you can't do it.
Just by the name; I've no idea what they do.
Like some DMs allow people to hide no matter what. Our dm says if there is no where to hide you can't hide.
@Aaron You need concealment to begin hiding, yes.
Of course our ninja got around that with a ring of invisibility. And due to his feats he doesn't loose the +20 bonus for moving while invisible.
1:52 PM
@BESW that is incredibly strange and wonderful poetry
@JonathanHobbs Daleks are strange and wonderful beings
It's also a 40-year-old pronunciation argument.
No episode's been able to get "Omega" pronounced the same way for a whole scene since The Three Doctors first introduced the poor guy.
@BESW gotcha, didn't know
I'm not sure if that's Dalek Thay's intent, but it amuses me.
At any rate, it's a pretty accurate summary of the plot of the first multi-doctor teamup episode.
(One of my favorite stories ever, hands-down.)
good morning
2:03 PM
@JoshuaAslanSmith good morning
hmmm hats not updating WHAT WILL I DO
@JoshuaAslanSmith some of them take a minute :)
Has no one uploaded a cat avatar yet?
I now have a catface.
I would think that'd be the obvious thing to do during Hat Season.
2:04 PM
But I want that silver mask! DX
yeah I just got frosty the snowman hat yesterday somehow
@ProfessorLokiCaprion We are brothers-in-cats.
On an entirely unrelated note, I am saddened that none of the 101 Dalmations films ever did anything with the scene from the book where they break into Cruella's house and the walls were papered to look like meat and they shredded all her furs and when Cruella discovered it she was so stressed the white part of her hair turned green and she had to pretend she'd dyed it on purpose in order to save face.
@BESW That sounds amazing! And also like something that would have fit in with the films.
... side note, I have to look for meat wallpaper for my own house.
And all their food tasted of nothing but pepper.
I can understand not having it in a film, that kind of thing is a great character scene, but it does nothing to move the plot forward
2:08 PM
It was the final vengeance.
Character scenes can be good, though!
The heroes' defeat of the villain, destroying her ill-gotten gains and driving her out in shame.
Or you could go the Tommy Wiseau route and make it nothing but character scenes.
Granted, she was a lot nastier in the original novel.
(Is "Paizo" synonymous with "Pathfidiner"?)
2:09 PM
@ProfessorLokiCaprion for all intents and purposes yes
there we go, got my frosty hat on
I need to get a silver badge somehow.
@ProfessorLokiCaprion Paizo is the company that publishes Pathfinder. They do a handful of other things, but Pathfinder's their main stock in trade.
I need to get a bounty somehow, but Ive already talked about the moral decline hats is having in my mind
If you asked a dude on the street (or more a dude in a gameshop) what paizo is they would say pathfinder
or theyd just point to one of the organized play posters for pathfinder hanging in the shop
@ProfessorLokiCaprion You could try the Hobbit 2 method.
2:12 PM
@besw gnashing of teeth, tearing of hair at a movie trilogy being made from a very, short novel
@JoshuaAslanSmith I'm okay with it. Their choices of what to draw out are a little weird, but it's not like the original Star Wars trilogy would've been much longer on paper in the same style.
@BESW How's that?
@ProfessorLokiCaprion ....spoilers.
Eh I dont know if I feel that is an apt comparison simply because empire and jedi are cash-in sequels from the standalone star wars despite lucas' plans thats what they were. The hobbit has an extremely strong heroic journey arc and splitting it up doesnt do it any justice
If you've seen the end of the film, you know what I mean.
2:16 PM
@BESW Curses! I didn't want to see it, yet, as it's Christmas Season and I don't like being around people.
If asking a question in English.SE, don't say "I couldn't be bothered to look at a dictionary".
Q: What is a marauder?

SteThis question honestly has nothing to do with hats, but... I saw that there was a hat award called "Marauder". What is a marauder? Whilst I do have access to this site, I can't find any dictionaries or etymology sites on the interwebz... Thanks.

Or, more precisely, when you troll, you start a trolling avalanche.
Im also ultimately of the opinion that the hobbit should be a childrens movie (but not in the way they are popularly thought of) given the source material
I'm guessing it's someone going for a specific hat.
its crazy that there is a tumbleweed hat
I have a tumbleweed badge.
It's a sad, sad, lonely badge.
2:17 PM
@waxeagle quite so
@AvnerShahar-Kashtan yeah that'll get you whacked quick
It's easy to get a tumbleweed badge in StackOverflow due to the high traffic. Harder in other sites.
@JonathanHobbs I love your spaceghost avatar
2:24 PM
@JoshuaAslanSmith me too and I'm glad BESW made it green even
as if you were spaceghost talking to us over his screen
No, just because @JonathanHobbs needs to have a green avatar.
Can I just say that dungeon world may have supplanted fate as my new favorite system
while there is still that huge paradigm shift from a game like 4e http://rpg.stackexchange.com/questions/15847/is-there-the-equivalent-of-a-skill-check-in-dungeon-world

I find that its easier to transfer people into than fate as narratively its a similar game
Pathfinder: So can Charlatans not backstab, or do they ONLY lose the Trapfinding abilities? I'm just reading the blurbs off that site.
They lose trapfinding and trap sense, but keep rogue talents and sneak attack.
If something is not mentioned in an archetype, it is assumed to remain.
2:33 PM
Got it, though Carnivalist gets A MONKEY!
... this is how I pick classes.
@ProfessorLokiCaprion fits your concept well too
monkeys are common companions to thieves who work crowds :)
@ProfessorLokiCaprion Pretty much the best way to choose.
I get a monkey that steals. Thief monkey beats all other classes.
indiana jones flashbacks
2:34 PM
@JoshuaAslanSmith That's exactly part of my mindset, now.
Well, that and The Hangover.
Does Pathfinder do Prestige Classes? An Arcane Trickster with a monkey just sounds amazing.
@ProfessorLokiCaprion It does, and they are mostly the same!
Arcane Trickster is in core, even.
@ProfessorLokiCaprion Prestige classes aren't as important as in 3.5, since the base character classes have a lot of alternate options and choices, so you can differentiate between two different Rogues, even mechanically, right from lv.1.
@ProfessorLokiCaprion I thought the party didn't want any more spellcasters.
@AvnerShahar-Kashtan Rogue magic talents can qualify one for spellcaster PrCs, I think.
It's 1/day SLAs, or similar.
Actually... Can we get RPG.SE to check that?
Prestige classes are not as important but they are not glorified feat trees as much anymore in pathfinder.
ask and ye shall receive..... an answer
2:40 PM
@Metool Maybe, but it kinda loses a lot of the mechanical advantages of Arcane Trickster, doesn't it?
Also, I don't think you can get a 2nd level Arcane spell, even as an Advanced Talent.
@AvnerShahar-Kashtan Oh, by the time I get to Arcane Trickster level, I'm sure some casters would have perished.
Completely not becuase of my backstabbing wizard monkey.
@ProfessorLokiCaprion Backstabbing Wizard Monkeys only want what's best for you. It's in their nature.
@AvnerShahar-Kashtan Damn, that's right...
@AvnerShahar-Kashtan Next time I play Rock Band, I'm naming my group "Backstabbing Wizard Monkeys". I'm pretty sure that'll be one of the names of Andy's band in Parks & Recreation.
@ProfessorLokiCaprion I really do hope you give him a small hat and robe
and a wand
2:42 PM
Oh, action economy...
@waxeagle He puts on his robe and wizard hat.
Thank you, internet:
user image
@AvnerShahar-Kashtan now imagine a tiny old man for his familiar holding onto his cape for dear life
Looking for group never fails to have a morbid sense of humor when it comes to Richard.
I wonder.
2:56 PM
@JonathanHobbs Kracken
@Aaron oh. well, that's not so bad then i guess.
Could RPG.SE build Richard with pathfinder classes I wonder.
@JonathanHobbs Baby kracken just hatched a few hours ago.
@Aaron oh no ;_;
they never even got to turn into horrible monstrosities
I think I just sent Jonathan on a roller coaster lol. He was oh no, then ok with it, then back to Oh no.
2:58 PM
well, giant monserising ones
@Aaron well I remembered Kraken are basically just Octopuses if they were also Eldritch monstrosities
@JonathanHobbs do you read LFG?
and octopuses are kinda the best animal
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