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8:16 AM
morning all
has his eyes on the keyboards >_>
One day we'll make a Mac OS X challenge – and only 10 users will participate, lol
hmm fun, I messed up my windows 8 install
@slhck: gentoo challenge!
Only the patient will make it
8:19 AM
what? ;p
Man. I have an unhandled flag on Photo.SE that's been sitting there for two days. I wonder what's their average handling time.
I really need to go pick up a $300 computer or something to experiment on :\
8:36 AM
or a dumpster darling
Don't really see computers getting thrown into dumpsters :\
There was one on the street a couple of years ago but it had no HDDs and I didn't have any spare. I still have the DVD drive and PSU somewhere though :P
People throw away computers all the time here, you'd just need to hang out at the garbage dump for a while
Last time my boss and I brought 10 PCs, and actually you're only supposed to throw away household stuff, so we were like, "yeah… we're computer sciencists, yknow".
8:52 AM
universities tend to be great for that >_>
no that was actually a consulting company I was working for back then, not even university
they have their own recycling program I guess (i.e. sell old stuff to students, overpriced™)
I have a spare PIV mini itx in a box around here somewhere I totally forgot about
nice, although not the most power efficient I guess :P
Meh. Another spam influx.
8:56 AM
there's a reason I'm not using it
the atom is not running as well
I wonder how many Watts my QNAP box draws
Never measured that or looked it up actually
I still haven't entirely gotten over my hardware hoarder stage ;p
I remember you posting a picture once with tons of hardware on it. Or maybe it was someone else, but I'm sure you have a lot lying around.
@slhck: there was a point where I wasn't allowed to buy new stuff unless it broke
So anything that even vaguely worked, I kept
now.. I am so busy with school my desktop is on hold ;p
1 hour later…
10:28 AM
It's probably not a good thing that I'm so surprised by Firefox using under 1 GB of RAM...
10:54 AM
11:15 AM
@Sathya I've added a wiki text for , is what I wrote correct?
Hello @I'll-Be-Back!
Will he be back?
11:39 AM
@slhck yeah that looks right
@jokerdino I guess not :P
now he'll be back and say in Arnie style, I'll be back
He'll deliver.
11:58 AM
Yay, the OCR plugin in Greenshot finally works :D
Pretty horrible results...
12:23 PM
Time to sell old computer garbage on eBay \o/
Is it working garbage?
@slhck Yes
@OliverSalzburg good eve dude.
hi every one
@avirk Cheers :)
@OliverSalzburg Sell it to me for 1€ :P
12:27 PM
@OliverSalzburg I was missing you so much as I've some questions regarding android :P
@slhck It's mostly IDE HDDs
@avirk Ask away :)
@OliverSalzburg How often have you DBANned them before selling them? ;)
@slhck once, 3 passes
@slhck: you only need to wipe em once
I should know this ;p
12:29 PM
I DBAN'd drives all week 24/7 :P
@JourneymanGeek I know, </sarcasm>
Was actually my first time using it
Was pretty scared to wipe my laptop :P
I always get that scared when formatting a computer
This is why I have backups
Even if I have like … 3 backups
12:30 PM
Because what if the backup doesn't actually work
my cousins wipe their systems like once a month
@JourneymanGeek I think that's a good idea... :D
That is why i test backups
But testing backups doesn't make me feel better either :P
12:30 PM
@TomWijsman: first part of the challenge is getting it set up
@JourneymanGeek second part is not getting fed up while doing so
@slhck that's too much I think it should be for 1 INR :P
@slhck: yes
then you realise..
12:32 PM
@TomWijsman "Quick install". What an euphemism!
you need to re-compile the kernel cause you followed the instructions and didn't compile in X related things.
@OliverSalzburg I have rooted my phone finally and I want to backup all the data and stock ROM how can I?
> You might want to recompile your whole system twice to make full use of your latest configuration changes
Sure, why not! What the heck!
@JourneymanGeek Since when do you need to compile X related things into the kernel?
And my kernel recompiles in a few seconds so I don't bother. :P
@TomWijsman: well, thats what happened with me, see the part in the handbook about setting up X ;p
seriously I will get a gentoo box up some day, and use it.
this is just not the day ;p
12:33 PM
Hey guys my this answer should be in the contest however its old one :D
A: Change the Windows 8 product key after installation?

avirkJust follow these steps to add/change product key using Command Prompt and slmgr.vbs: Launch Command Prompt as an Administrator. At the command prompt, type in slmgr.vbs -ipk(insert your product key here) and click Enter. To activate windows, type in slmgr.vbs -ato and click Enter. All inf...

@slhck Which is extremely small in that point of the guide.
3 hours to re-emege system (the base) and 8 hours to re-emerge world (the rest) on my current system, might miss an hour or 2 so you can suppose it to take slightly longer than half a day, but I never need to do that.
@avirk Do you have ClockworkMod Recovery installed?
And well, new options like the new gcc LTO I just let them gradually get through my system as packages update
12:38 PM
@OliverSalzburg No, I searched it for on play store but no luck.
@JourneymanGeek Hmm... Tomorrow then? :)
@avirk It's usually installed with the ROM or when rooting the device
@OliverSalzburg I've rooted my device with stock ROM.
A: How to root the Xperia Mini ST15i

avirkRooting 4.0.4 build version 4.1.B.0.587 & 4.1.B.0.531 ICS ST15i For this I have tried many threads and finally got the steps for this and its very easy for me and you after following this. I decided to post it as an answer to help out the other who don't familiar with the rooting........here...

@JourneymanGeek: But honestly, the trick is to first make sure compilation runs at its best first and then install the system. Cuts a lot of time from it.
Parallel compiling and emerging, ccache, build dirs in tmpfs, ...
@avirk Nice
12:41 PM
@OliverSalzburg thanks!
@nhinkle: Seems you've got to watch out for @studiohack. :D
@TomWijsman: sometime after I get a job, maybe if i am stuck at home
@TomWijsman I think there is a way to resize the tiles in metro
That's basic usage.
@TomWijsman so he wants to resize more than it?
12:51 PM
It's unclear from his post.
@TomWijsman you can ask him about this.
@OliverSalzburg if you can send me the apk of CWM I'll appreciate it.
@avirk It's not an APK, it doesn't run inside Android
@OliverSalzburg so now how can I use it with stock kernel :/
@avirk Sorry, I have to deal with my own issues right now ;D
@OliverSalzburg :(
1:18 PM
I heard that IE 10 will release in Nov 2012 for Win 7, is it true?
Neither Dropbox, SkyDrive not Google Drive will sync 11 photos from my phone to my desktop right now...
I guess I don't have enough solutions for that yet...
Come to think of it, they're more of a problem than a solution :P
@OliverSalzburg why will they not sync those 11 photos?
@avirk Dropbox doesn't do anything when I click the Upload button, just closes. SkyDrive took 10 minutes to upload 5 photos, the other 6 failed and there is no option to retry a single uploaded file. Google Drive synced the photos instantly, but the Desktop app exists instantly when I start it
I did something incredibly rad now
...connected it via USB
@OliverSalzburg the easiest way to do it :P
@OliverSalzburg but I'm not sure why is dropbox closes?
@avirk Seems like it, yeah...
@avirk Don't know either
1:23 PM
@OliverSalzburg have you face it before?
@avirk No, I only installed Dropbox and SkyDrive on the phone right now because GDrive is acting up
And the Google KB has the best advice: reinstall!
Sadly, that doesn't do anything to resolve the issue
@OliverSalzburg bad news!
Well, now I have my photos, the oldschool way ;P
@avirk :D
1:28 PM
Well I've a photo of your in my phone desktop :P
@avirk Well, that settles it, I'm famous :D
@OliverSalzburg lol
and personally on my device :P
@avirk Mine usually lists @Sathya
@OliverSalzburg hmmm but he is not in my circle so he can't be on my device :(
Man, the stuff I'm putting on sale "Western Digital Caviar 80 GB,Intern,7200 RPM,8,89 cm (3,5 Zoll) (WD800BB)"...
2:06 PM
eBay is such a crap site it's amazing they still exist.
2:19 PM
@avirk I see what you did there... Also, nice Firefox icon. xD
No, I mean. Go find two pages that visually look somewhat the same. Not put together like Frankenstein's monster over the course of 17 years.
@slhck Indeed. I don't think they've changed the image upload dialog in 10 years
And it was crap 10 years ago
eBay is the perfect example of how not to design a website.
Oh well, now all the products are entered. I just gotta wait for the cash to roll in!
2:41 PM
Nice. The contact form of this website I'm on treats ? as a forbidden character in the message field...
man we should really get rid of that rep limit for posting an image
Q: facebook notification checkbox disabled

Blaze TamaI don't want keep getting email from facebook's updates. So I go to notification setting in my facebook account, but this is what I get So I get all the checkboxes and the save change button disabled What should I do?

don't see the point
if it's pr0n it'd get killed faster than you can get a boner anyway :/
What is it with this contact form? There are two buttons "Clear form" and "Send", when you send, it redirects you to the contact form with all fields cleared and no notice that a message was send. If you clear, you get a clear form without a redirect.
I have no clue how many email I sent now because I assumed I accidentally clicked "Clear form"...
@OliverSalzburg which one?
2:49 PM
@Sathya DHL
Well, their German portal for private customers
Which is actually pretty awesome
It's weird because it seems to contain all the stuff one could want. That's confusing :P
I swear I have new and wonderful ways of breaking the blog every time I use it ><
Sometimes I don't know if something is stupid or genius. This registration confirmation email I just got, has a section "This is where you can write down your password: ____________________"
I guess they're assuming people will print it out and put it "in their records"
Anyone know why superuser.com/a/490009/19841 isn't counting towards the Windows 8 challenge for me?
@DarthAndroid No idea
3:09 PM
who wants help with the tile challenge? I got votes
lol, I wouldn't say no
but I'd say just voting as per normal would be the fair thing too
well, i barely vote. so let me read some posts on SU
actually I'm wondering
how does SU keep track of who shared a link?
the url
the last part is user specific. that ties to my account
darn, I NEVER use that
3:16 PM
@Sathya Always my argumentation.
Go make it a feature req.
3:28 PM
@JourneymanGeek I was actually going to bounty that VHD question if it didn't get a good answer, lol. The only reason I didn't answer it is because I wasn't sure I could find a way to boot from VHD on Windows 7 pro.
@r.tanner.f: funny thing was so was I.
And I didn't realise how similar the processes were until after I posted the answer
4:10 PM
9 hours ago, by Sathya
do you really need all that stuff?
@DarthAndroid you answered it on 16:35 UTC - the contest started at 17:00 UTC
... crap.
Oh well.
@Sathya I guess I didn't really try it. =S I wonder how much of the install process can be done from inside Windows 7? I imagine what you're talking about is simply running the install after mounting the iso?
I thought I remember Windows XP requiring you to boot in to the installer while it copied files to the drive. Since then I haven't bothered starting an installation from inside Windows.
Did Windows 7 actually fully install from a mounted iso? O_o That would have saved me a lot of pain in the past...
4:32 PM
@nhinkle granted though, your questions are deeper and involve more complicated stuff, so I think your votes are hard earned. I'm just asking basic Win8 questions for those who don't know...
but thanks for the congrats :)
Q: Right Click Menu - add "Move To" item

I'll-Be-BackOn Windows Explorer, I would like to select a few files/folders and then click on "Move To Pictures" from right-click menu. How to add item "Move To Pictures" on the right-click menu? I saw a article on the internet like this http://www.groovypost.com/howto/windows-7-right-click-menu-add-comman...

4:46 PM
@Sathya what? Can I ask SE for a new router??
On Windows Explorer, I would like to select a few files/folders and then click on "Move To Pictures" from right-click menu. How to add item "Move To Pictures" on the right-click menu? I would like to add a few its items such as "Move To Pictures", "Move To Documents", etc.
@I'll-Be-Back techrepublic.com/blog/window-on-windows/… Does that help?
@I'll-Be-Back Maybe even better: howtogeek.com/112225/…
The second link have dialog browse popup which I dont want
I will try first link see if that work
sorry i mean second link
@r.tanner.f yes
@r.tanner.f I've done that before. Mount using Magic Disc, start the install, done
5:01 PM
@OliverSalzburg No luck, both did not do what I want.
@Sathya Hmm, just crashed trying to do it... Let me try again and I'll edit my post. That would be rather silly if there's no advantage to using imagex.
@r.tanner.f noooooooooooooooooooo you're gonna be stealing my precious repzzzzzzz
lol you gonna add it as an answer? xD
(j/k, in case you still didn;t get it :P)
that would be funny. I'd totally accept it.
5:03 PM
@r.tanner.f na I doubt I'll make the time to test it out.
gimme a day
if not, all yours :P
5:21 PM
Damn! I just wanted to ask what that little hole in hard drives was for! :(
Q: Do not cover this hole?

oKtosiTeOn many hard drives, there's a text warning to "not cover this hole", sometimes adding that doing so will void the warranty. What is the purpose of this hole and why would covering it cause damage or increase the likelihood of drive failure? (Image source)

At least we got a couple of photos now ;P
@Sathya It seemed to add some extra downtime vs using imagex, but it definitely worked
So I guess it's internet speed vs HDD speed one that one
I can download WAIK pretty quick on my line, but my 5400 RPM 2TB drive does not like copying a windows installation just for funsies...
Might edit my answer later to reflect that, unless you feel like posting it as an answer. If you do, please add a trollface. =D
More file synching \o/ box.com/download-box-sync
Does anyone know how to do this? On Windows Explorer, I would like to select a few files/folders and then click on "Move To Pictures" from right-click menu. How to add item "Move To Pictures" on the right-click menu? I would like to add a few its items such as "Move To Pictures", "Move To Documents", etc.
@r.tanner.f =D
1 hour later…
6:56 PM
I spend way too much time here.
There, I said it.
@slhck Do you keep track?
@OliverSalzburg Hell no
Hm. I guess it'd be at least a couple of hours for me, but then again, checking flags isn't really taking much time.
7:56 PM
> You completed Level 1 in the Windows 8 Challenge!
Yay, T shirt... <3
@TomWijsman Congrats :D
@OliverSalzburg You making a black style?
@TomWijsman I started one, not sure if I'll finish it
"Top Questions" can be white and I think the X buttons of the tags at the right hand side can have the circle darker with a white x on it.
Other than that it's quite good!
@TomWijsman Well, it's still the original delete icon, but it now has a :hover. I like it :D
But, yeah, a different icon would be better. But that goes too far
Tags are kinda nice too:
Argh, damn search box :D
8:13 PM
Should every stark cartridge allocate the mummy?
8:42 PM
I think almost everything is covered now...
@OliverSalzburg you mean questions? yeah, people are going to be crazy trying to answer them
9:04 PM
@allquixotic What? :D
I was referring to my new su theme :P
9:32 PM
anyone have any product recommendations (note how I didn't ask on SU) for an extremely reliable laser printer and scanner with a form feed tray and working Linux drivers? prefer one that's long lifespan, not something you throw away after printing 10 pages like my $50 inkjet
not too picky on quality, just want it to actually print using all colors and black and white every time unless it's literally out of toner
10:32 PM
@OliverSalzburg ...I'm loathe to ask this, but where do you find those stats? =S
@allquixotic I don't have a product recommendation but I reckon Samsung printer products are optimal quality/cost, and are well supported in linux
10:49 PM
@allquixotic Samsung printers have worked very well in Linux for as long as I can remember. I have no idea about their multi-function machines. Right now I have a Brother MFC-something which works fine, but you have to go get the proprietary Linux drivers from Bother's website.
11:07 PM
@OliverSalzburg: that theme is smexy
I am one upvote away from hitting level 2 ;p
@JourneymanGeek Done :P
thanks ;p
Wait... maybe not
link me? :P
I think you did, it just didn't update yet
11:21 PM
ah, k
11:43 PM
Q: What happens if insufficient people reach a certain challenge level in the Windows 8 Challenge

Journeyman GeekWell, I doubt it'll happen, but hypothetically, how would Stackexchange deal with it if no one reaches a specific challenge level, or if there's less people at a challenge level than there are prizes?

@JourneymanGeek Now with adjusted sprites.png \o/ i.imgur.com/Jj3ri.png
I like that so much i wish that was an official theme ;p
stylish or greasemonkey?
11:59 PM
@JourneymanGeek Stylebot
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