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2:51 AM
Intel's roadmap looks interesting
If Intel has proven anything they are king at iteration. Although I do worry about Intel's "If you can't have the first product on the market have the best product to market last" strategy.
I mean there is something to improving what you can make today, by using yesterday's process and continue to make it tomorrow, while you perfect tomorrow's process.
9 hours later…
11:34 AM
@CaldeiraG I see. Thank you. Is there any tablet, that is of similar form factor, that you would recommend to consider?
11:58 AM
@Ramhound Honestly? This "back porting" is new. Intel used to tie architecture to process, which is one reason their overall progress stalled when they got stuck working on their 10nm process.
Since then, Intel's learned their lesson and is hoping this kind of issue doesn't happen again.
Their tight vertical integration is a blessing and a curse.
@Eugene I own a Mediapad T5 10'' from Huawei, find it quite nice for streaming and light gaming, I bought it for my sisters so they're not exigent either on it.
Samsung's ones are nice but a little pricey
Hardware Recommendations is a good place to ask :)
It's worked really well for them right up to about 2014, when they started running into process issues.
1 hour later…
1:25 PM
How do I force a PDF reader to stay on top while I'm busy writing code in another window?
OMG, an apparition appeared, a paper clip
OS? Reader? on top of what exactly?
If it was me, I'd size the relevant windows to work side-by-side
at least that's what I do with latexmk
1:59 PM
Are Philips SHP 9500 overrated?
if you have an option, go with Sennheiser instead
@Boris_yo I've never heard of them
@bertieb Ah, sorry! Windows, Foxit Reader ))
I also solved it by repositioning the windows to work side-by-side
1 hour later…
3:18 PM
Donna Choi on December 11, 2019

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3 hours later…
5:48 PM
how come sex bots work in snapchat but bots to bulk add girls don't (apparently)
like im blocked from logging in if I use snapchat in bluestacks emulator
6:11 PM
Hehehe. 7 hats :) well in front so far on SU.
6:31 PM
@JourneymanGeek I went with them. The word of mouth was strong with them. Paid $55 and they are pretty good for that price.
7:06 PM
Hmm what's the difference between Windows 10 activation key and Windows 10 license key? Are they not the same.
7:46 PM
@CowperKettle Get Always on Top
It's the dodgiest looking app ever, but it's basically an AutoHotKey turned .exe file
3 hours later…
10:23 PM
would love a few more duplicate votes here: superuser.com/questions/1413748/disable-login-with-google
Which is the dupe? The newer one of the older one?
@pkamb You have flagged the old question as a dupe of the newer one
We don't usually do that
And since both questions have multiple answers, it's better to do a merge
You can do that, right? @JourneymanGeek
I put a lot of work into writing a canonical question with SEOable explanations, etc. Everything I've read about Stack Exchange says the exact age of the question shouldn't matter in that case.
@pkamb Let's just wait for a mod to weigh in

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