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12:46 AM
@rahuldottech mergers are messy if done wrong
and closing old questions as new ones can but are rarely a thing
the questions are only 2 days apart btw.
does Super User have different close vote totals? seems like it should be dupe'd now, at 5+ dupes.
Those are comment upvotes, not actual close votes.
oh, I've always thought that seamlessly added to the total haha
feels like twitter just dosen't want to moderate anymore, so reinvents mastodon :D
i think additional flags do/did upvote the existing comment. But upvotes to the comment don't flag. Confusing!
1:12 AM
You might be right there
8 hours later…
9:30 AM
@CaldeiraG thank you
10:29 AM
i reAlly don't like the new post flagging reasons
10:46 AM
nobody does (assume you are talking about "close reasons" and not "flag reasons")
They don't care either
1 hour later…
12:01 PM
@CaldeiraG i don't mean to be a grump but... not sure that your comment was needed
i know i probably shouldn't but i refer back to the old CoC and use the "Be Nice" philosphy. you never know the guy might come back :)
@Burgi I agree but it's a indirect way to say I flagged it anyways :)
fair enough :)
@Burgi Assume good intentions is probably the best rule that was out there
12:24 PM
@CaldeiraG not everyone agrees
this is terrifying
Q: Is there a time when browsers will not support HTML4

jens freudenauI want to know when the browsers will stop supporting HTML4. My customer has a website with a lot of frames and framesets and we have to plan the migration.

frames died out at the turn of the century!
12:40 PM
@JourneymanGeek Well of course, it's gone now
@Burgi <frame> or <iframe>?
@JourneymanGeek this needs migrating before it gets too old... superuser.com/q/1491945/393570
@CaldeiraG <frame>
although i hate using iframes
ah ok then :)
its always a cludge and they deliver a poor experience
@Burgi will need to do it at home. Flag and say it has my approval for MSE please
already done
12:47 PM
Make a command to destroy/end your data cap at once. For example, wget "someUrl" > /dev/null.
btw don't forget to go and vote if you are in the UK!
@Burgi will try then. For some odd reason I cannot migraine to mse on my phone
1:10 PM
@JourneymanGeek Sounds painful!
Ducking autocucumber ;-P
2:01 PM
2:31 PM
@Burgi Apparently MSE isn't a migration target
wait.... what?
can it go to MSU then to MSE?
@Burgi apparently there's a wierd little quirk of custom migrations that kicked my tail ;p
good to know :)
3:06 PM
Ryan Donovan on December 12, 2019

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3:28 PM
@Blogbot wtf is this crap?
4:10 PM
...welp, time to update the graphics driver on this laptop, now that Adrenalin 2020 is out.
1 hour later…
5:32 PM
I chose to flag this software recommendation question as off topic instead of answering it.
5:48 PM
Well... black screen. The system still accepts inputs. Basically had to download the AMD Removal Tool, put it onto a portable SSD, plug it in, and blindly input the correct commands. Yikes.
I'm falling back on the last Adrenalin 2019 release.
2 hours later…
7:53 PM
@Burgi Haven't you ever needed a dedicated keyboard for entering IPV6 addresses?!
1 hour later…
9:01 PM
My Christmas wishlist is to be able to run VSCode as a normal user, but then attach an Admin session to the integrated Powershell terminal so I can "Run with (Admin Terminal)"
My wish is to get it to do Git properly...

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