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latest citation needed is pretty funny
@JourneymanGeek hm?
youtu.be/H2J1vOpzOI0 about en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turra_Coo (citation needed is a 'game show' where a panel of folks try to guess facts about a wikipedia article the host has in front of them)
#Windows10 needs to handle color customization better. Some custom accent color hues are unusable because Windows automatically selects a bad Start background color with low contrast and I cannot manually set it separately from the accent color. https://aka.ms/Rrxs5g @Windows
@JourneymanGeek lol
12:51 AM
@JourneymanGeek rofl thanks for that
@FMLCat ?
1:17 AM
@DaniCE: Josh Smith: If you put ten software architects into a room and have them discuss what the Model-View-Controller pattern is, you will end up with twelve different opinions. …sll Feb 13 '12 at 20:30
I wish CUE was able to visualize the volume setting on the number keys when I change it. That's one setting I seriously miss from ROCCAT Swarm.
@bwDraco in theory you could chain commands to do something like that on a macro
I had a ugly thing I built with @Bob's help that actually used nircmd to read out and change the input
Maybe an external application that uses the CUE API?
or something ;p
welp grand tour was.... meh
1:30 AM
or have CUE run a thing that acts as an OSD as it changes volume
I don't normally link youtube videos buuut
@JourneymanGeek so far I've added two entirely new projects, one of which has probably at least triple the amount of code as growler/toaster, and I'm still not done
gdi microsoft
youtube.com/watch?v=h6hvsqUEtZ4 this is a bit crazy - dude trying to mount a full sized CPU heatsink into a video card...
@JourneymanGeek Mounting a video card heatsink on a video card doesn't sound crazy at all
tho its strange that the mounting holes were in exactly the right place
1:40 AM
@Bob the fragmentation is so confusing
2:06 AM
@Ramhound so... I noticed that Hashim doesn't quite seem to like you. Naturally we need to deal with this at both sides but - mind if you could refrain from commenting on his posts? I mean, editing them in those cases would be fine and all, but this might be a way to reduce friction. Its not an official request or anything.
2:36 AM
@allquixotic ya, I'm dabbling in WPF right now (and going WTF at some of this :P)
V and VM are easy. M is weird.
Hashim doesn’t even like it when I perform editor duties associated with their questions.
True but that's easier for me to deal with than streams of comments ;p
@Bob are you doing GUI as code, or XAML?
i will attempt to refrain from submitting comments to Hashims questions although I think it’s slightly unfair that because they have a problem I must do that. They have proven to be slightly paranoid with regards to me.
@Ramhound this is less a modhatted "Thou Shalt" and more "dude, you two have issues" ;p
2:50 AM
I am guessing my rant about submitting information in a comment instead of editing his question is the source of this request. Hashim should know better regards to comments
@Ramhound and his response.
I know I have issues but they have nothing to do with any user
Anyways I think I can get over my ego and whatever else making me believe that request is unreasonable
Perhaps 2017 has had enough of me....Might take my ball and go home for a few weeks.
3:17 AM
ehh, its less to do with ego than conflict resolution. ;p
thats the thing it’s only a conflict for one person, I am going through the stuff, I clearly don’t possess the ability currently to identify a conflict exists
personally I really dislike the culture of question/answer authors being so possessive of not wanting others to edit them, even when the corrections are obvious, correct, and improve the Q or A... the edit function is there for a reason
people treat SE like a forum when it's supposed to be more like Wikipedia... instead we have the forum-like splatter of 10-15 answers, each with about 1/10th of the true answer, so to get a proper picture in your head of the best possible answer you have to assemble the jigsaw puzzle from at least several non-perfect answers
@allquixotic I recommend editing in the specific situation ;p
if editing were more liberally accepted you'd have fewer, better answers
He had some information in the comments, ramhound mentioned it should be in the question, he got annoyed...
I edited it in cause its his intent
(and if he gets annoyed at me at editing, another mod can deal with that ;p)
3:25 AM
I am more then willing to edit the question for someone but in this case I still never got which case they were using. Wanted to look up the case and motherboard, see how many fans it had, and answer the question
Well, interestingly, according to the ATX specification...
@allquixotic the problem is when an edit changes the meaning in a significant way - that can impact the reputation (not just the "rep points" either) of the original author. And when multiple solutions are possible but merged into one answer it can also make voting/ranking less useful.
Now I admit I showed my frustration with a user with so many questions and answers leaving information in a comment (considering I think he even complained about comments disappearing)
@Ramhound the comments will keep disappearing ;p
I am not a word smith. Which is the reason I keep my edits simple (removing “please help me” and “John Smith” from questions
3:32 AM
Anyone want to help with a bizarre ask?
I need to programmatically insert a USB flash drive into a device. I have, effectively, only physical access to said device*. A script running on another device needs to connect the flash drive and disconnect it automatically w/ no physical movement
So you want software running on the device to plug a storage device into said device? Using no physical movements, just that include, mechanical movement?
Worse than that! I can't put software on the device itself.
This storage device will remain plugged in?
@Undo I'm assuming you can add hardware?
@Bob I can add whatever I want to the USB port
(this is for software testing; one of the conditions is what happens when a USB drive is inserted or removed)
3:38 AM
I don’t understand
So I'm wondering if someone sells an off-the-shelf device than I can remotely disable. Failing that, can I put a relay or something in a strategic place on a disassembled flash drive?
@Undo If you want to go for the 'full' solution you'd need a device that can act as both USB host and peripheral (Arduino-based, maybe, or some RPi models can do that).
@Ramhound Sorry, yeah, it's a super weird use case and I can't really give background.
If you want to half-arse it, you can probably get away by just switching the power pin on/off using a relay or transistor.
@Bob half-arseing is the name of the game here. If I can get away with doing that it'd be awesome
3:39 AM
Technically it's a bit undefined what happens when you have the data pins connected to an unpowered device but that probably isn't a practical problem.
@Undo usb hub with a switch....
You can do a better job explaining. Way to late for me. I am out of here.
then use a relay for the switch?
@Undo Take a USB extension cable, cut it open, splice a relay or transistor switch into the V+. Leave the data lines alone!
There we go!
I can build that. Or, ideally, buy one off-the-shelf
3:42 AM
What's going on?
@bwDraco I'm trying to get a USB flash drive that I can switch on and off through software
@Undo Well, if you buy a USB-controlled relay the software side should be easy and the hardware is as simple as a knife and a screwdriver.
Saves you having to figure out how to control the relay.
Hmm. Never dealt with anything of this sort before.
Unless you have something with GPIO handy (RPi?)
@Bob I do, but simplicity is good too
@bwDraco I never have either. It's an interesting problem, wish I could share details.
3:46 AM
@Bob some soldering required most likely ;p
so strange
@JourneymanGeek ...no?
Most relays have screw terminals
yeah, just get something like gearbest.com/development-boards/…
so many people doing stuff vaguely related to what I'm mucking with now.... if that stuff would just arive
oh yeah
Or build one for expediency while waiting for China to ship stuff
that is what I'm waiting on
3:48 AM
@Undo nothing local on e.g. ebay?
@Bob Haven't looked
@Undo at least here in AU lots of these things from chinese sources also have local resellers on ebay... shipping's usually decently quick.
if you're in the US Amazon might be an option too
I'd suggest making sure the one you buy has at least some documentation on how you're meant to control it :P
probably via a COM port for simplicity
yeah, and then you find gems like this on the product page:
> Thank you for your inquiry,it won't work with windows10.Have a nice day.
maybe one of those FTDI clone chips that get bricked with some drivers
3:57 AM
Looks useful, thanks
it's rated for 100000 operations :P
if you need more than that (?!) there's a more expensive solid state relay option
like... then what? Fire? :P
probably just fails open
I think with these relays it'll fail in whichever direction it was last set
@Undo The only problem with this approach is it might not work without switching the data lines ... which is much harder. Before you buy anything, you should probably test it - just manually connect/disconnect the power line and see if it works :P
@Bob How often do you need to cycle the relay? 100,000 operations isn't easy to exhaust within a few years' time unless your application needs to actuate the relay hundreds of times a day.
5:00 AM
@bwDraco depends on whether he's stress testing
(the relay or the device? Who knows?)
5:31 AM
@bwDraco It's rated for 1800/day (30/min)
> albacore is a suite of Rake tasks to automate the process of building a .NET based system. It's like MSBuild or Nant... but without all the stabby-bracket xmlhell.
> stabby-bracket xmlhell
5:52 AM
google pls
6:18 AM
omg it feels like it's 800ºC inside...
@MichaelFrank are you a glowing pile of melted goo?
@Bob actually, I think relays fail 'normally'
they have 3 terminals - normally open and normally closed and ground
so in theory either its stuck in one state, or something else goes poof
@JourneymanGeek depends what kind - some require a current to stay in one state
@Bob well, presumably its a mix of springy metal and an electromagnet
so there's probably one normal state unless its stuck in between
I'll science the shit out of this once I get the stuff I ordered ;p
@JourneymanGeek Nah. There's two types of relays. Some are NO/NC. Others are toggles (latching).
6:34 AM
The KT-450 in that link doesn't specify but it's probably NO.
NVIDIA Volta GV100 is starting to reach (quasi-)consumer cards.
@JourneymanGeek "How do I make sure my laptop charger is safe" sounds fairly on-topic..?
> limited to two per customer
they're taking the piss, right?
6:50 AM
NVIDIA TITAN V: 5120 CUDA cores in 80 of 84 SMs on Volta GV100 @ 1200-1455 MHz; 12 GB HBM2 @ 1.7 Gbps over 3072-bit bus; 13.8 TFLOPS FP32 with fully-enabled FP64 (1/2 of FP32)
@Bob ehh. Maybe?
But but
"Is that enough for electrical safety? From what I understand, these are self reporting certificates and as such... worthless?" feels POB
Primarily Opinion Based
...not really?
What in the name of Akatosh... fully-enabled FP64? Seriously? On a consumer/enthusiast card?
6:55 AM
@JourneymanGeek I dunno, seems to be partially asking if those certifications require third-party testing (which to be sure is more of an EE.SE question, but ... context of laptop charger). That's not opinion.
@bwDraco this is about as "consumer" as ... I can't even think of a suitably non-consumer comparison
Yeah. This is stretching the limits of what would even be an enthusiast card.
An enthusiast would find more uses for a server CPU than this thing
It's best described as a workstation/AI dev card, albeit one capable of gaming.
Its a volta compute card with video outs and a blinged out case. ;p
6:59 AM
@JourneymanGeek needs more LEDs
throws 10m of LEDs on it
We're making progress!
Auto-detecting the path, and the installed DLL version
except I just realised I haven't been setting the assembly version attributes so all existing 'versions' will be
Well, this is "big Volta". It's primarily aimed at AI development workstations, though a few enthusiasts may get this card for extreme desktops.
is "extreme" a synonym for "as pricey as possible"?
Its a F1 car. Its awesome marketing, but you don't really want one to pop by the shops for a bag of kibble and some milk.
7:03 AM
Kinda; some just want the absolute best at any cost.
There probably will be gamer-oriented Volta graphics cards in the coming months.
I am not planning to replace my GeForce GTX 1080 Ti just yet. It performs just fine for high frame rate 1440p gaming.
if anyone, @JourneymanGeek possibly should
$$$ XD
Actually literally $$$$
$3,000 is three-quarters of the entire cost of the Astaroth system.
That thing is probably more expensive than my nutty threadripper idea
@JourneymanGeek with a bit of luck only $$$ for the more mainstream stuff :P
7:05 AM
@Bob exactly
and 4k's likely to be a baseline soon so you'd have more cost effective stuff being designed for it
(I kinda look forward to 1440p being the 'shitty' resolution, and 4k being 'eh ok' ;p)
It's a halo product.
1080p will still be mainstream for years to come. Entry-level is still 720p.
Its a halo product
@JourneymanGeek baseline? nahhhhh... not as long as 1080 looks fine and is cheap
@bwDraco naw, TVs are pushing towards 4k
which means panels get a lot cheaper in numbers
@Bob eventually!
@JourneymanGeek TVs are much bigger
(and usually higher latency)
7:07 AM
@Bob the panels themselves tho, are about the same no?
I'm not replacing an $850 graphics card simply because there's something "new". The clock frequency on GV100 is far, far lower than GP102 or GP104. TSMC 12nm is not mature.
(also, I'm half certain the crossover has TV guts)
@bwDraco why would you? it works
I wouldn't have gotten the 980TI of not for the monitor upgrades, even then, was a close thing
Again, my goal was to drive a 1440p display at high frame rates. I'd rather not sacrifice frame rate or rendering quality for 4K.
7:09 AM
@bwDraco I kinda got 4k/27 inch for text
Dyslexia - crisp, large print makes my brain literally happier ;p
I have a 1440p display right in front of me. 4K gaming isn't ready for primetime when game developers are targeting 30 fps.
Me? I prefer higher pixel density, higher frame rates, and a display doesn't take up too much space.
eh, It handles 30-40 fps ok.
Hence, the 24" 1440p monitor.
@JourneymanGeek not really... >30" TV panels vs <=27" computer panels
@Bob for now!
(damn it, let a dog dream ;p)
7:14 AM
@allquixotic, right on time.
23 mins ago, by bwDraco
NVIDIA TITAN V: 5120 CUDA cores in 80 of 84 SMs on Volta GV100 @ 1200-1455 MHz; 12 GB HBM2 @ 1.7 Gbps over 3072-bit bus; 13.8 TFLOPS FP32 with fully-enabled FP64 (1/2 of FP32)
All this is reminding me of why I didn't do an installer in the first place :P
Look, 815 mm² die on the most advanced process TSMC has to offer. This cannot possibly be cheap to manufacture.
> 815 mm²
Do you realize how absurdly large this is?
Manufacturing cost increases exponentially with die size. Not only do you have fewer chips on each wafer, yields are significantly lower because similar defect rates will render a larger proportion of larger dies unusable.
For comparison, GP104 (GeForce GTX 1070 and 1080) is 314 mm².
7:33 AM
Lots of f bombs bur... maaan youtube.com/watch?v=7tCiAru6iqg this is terrible
2 hours later…
9:20 AM
and it's friday night
tomorrow is time to unbox the UAPs and actually set up the ER-X :D
@Burgi What pushed you to say this?
@Boris_yo me mentioning my car was alive
then almost immediately after, xkcd does a 'cars are alive' post
9:36 AM
Finally... Friggin' summer was replaced with cool winter. I can breath and thrive.
I'm not sure when winter offically starts here, but it's definitely arrived. We have snow on the ground, in december, for the first time in a loooooong time
proper snow.
@djsmiley2k Yeah but how does Estonia make a difference?
don't know about that
you linked to him saying spooky conicidence
@Boris_yo we had been talking about living cars
or do you mean the statement after that?
well trump has singled out israel as a target for literally the rest of the entire
personally i wouldn't want to live in a warzone
in other news there is no snow in the UK
@Burgi Oh crap...
Didn't know.
Yeah, Estonia would be timely now.
WTF is with that Trump? Who's his handler?
I will call the rocketman then.
@JourneymanGeek Yes... I am most definitely a glowing pile of goo.
10:22 AM
@Burgi lies
it's not snowing here, but there is snow
1 hour later…
11:32 AM
@Burgi there's plenty up north, Inverness is still snowing and is in the UK
I.... what?
Hey all o/
Hey, Cavil's back
So, let's say I'm adding a few (6) drives to the ongoing loft server, and I was wondering about SATA expansion.
Should I go for two PCI-to-SATAx4 or one PCIEv2-to-SATAx8 card? (in the spirit of the one-horse-sized duck vs one hundred suck-sized horses)
I'm a bit hazy on the details about lanes, throughput etc
The latter (PCIEv2) is more expensive, but it's a card that's hopefully going to sit in there working away for $years, so cost (over time) isn't the main consideration unless all other things are equal
suck-sized horses xD
Curse my fat fingers!
But yeah, there's a phrase never to Google
12:40 PM
@bertieb Your mobo probably doesn't even have PCI slots if it's recent
PCIe is common
@Bob Aye good thought, but it has 2xPCI, 2xPCIE, 3xPCIEx16 (Z68 Extreme4) :)
I'm thinking I'll split the difference and go for two PCIE-to-SATAx4 cards
1:14 PM
@Bob or had it in a bass ackward place...
like right next to a x16
@JourneymanGeek Bingo (Will need to move the graphics card which is in there for reasons which I forget)
1:48 PM
@bwDraco holy shit, 12 GB of HBM2? Volta? wow, man! almost 14 TFLOPS? hmm. you know that's super tempting
the only problem is, the most graphically intensive games I play right now get above 60 FPS at 3440x1440
and with G-Sync that's plenty
the Titan V might give me another 20 FPS, but I don't care unless that 20 FPS is from 40 to 60, or 20 to 40... 60 to 80, or 100 to 120, doesn't matter
2:04 PM
and wife has my car for 5 seconds and breaks it, wonderful
catlike typing detected
NOW i'm all depressed :/
user does not meet minimum age requirement detected
what. the Titan V is $3000???? STICKER SHOCK. fuck that.
I would pay maybe $900 for Volta performance with 12 GB of HBM2, but no way in hell I'm paying that. Nvidia can suck it.
Jen-Hsun Wang just wants to buy a damn island
2:21 PM
@FMLCat its just started here
2:31 PM
kill me now
@Burgi nice. Edinburgh is set to miss out again, we just get the freezing cold and wind.
the christmas songs have started on the sonos :(
Also woohoo, fifth time lucky. I've FINALLY managed to get hold of a Z5 Compact screen protector with an actual oleophobic coating not a fake one that claims to have it but doesn't
Has @ave been online recently?
@rahuldottech she's been tweeting a bit
2:33 PM
@Ave Hiya
@JourneymanGeek "a bit"
@allquixotic as I said, that's pretty much new machine money
I bascically filled up all your TLs with tweets defecating on btc
@Ave I used to be british. I use understatement slightly liberally
2:33 PM
@rahuldottech hii
@Ave How're you doing?
doing okay
got in a relationship again
got a potential referral to a job opening. I need to deliver this project on weekend basically so I have a non-crap project on github.
\o/ too
2:35 PM
job is php.
work is work?
I need money
makeup is expensive
I wouldn't know. ;p
I paid like
half a grand last time I went to buy some sooo
do you like PHP?
2:39 PM
@allquixotic kinda
it's not the worst language
I like PHP
I mean, it's tougher to secure and stuff
But once you get the hang of it
Michael Larabel loves PHP... it's what Phoronix Test Suite is written in... lots of desktop-side PHP stuff @_@
It's actually pretty fun to work with
and presumably his website is PHP too
2:41 PM
@Ave Good for you :)
@allquixotic It is
wait... you spent 500 turkish monies on makeup?
Apparently they use... Liras?
500 Turkish Lira equals 97.17 British Pound
@Burgi I'd spend money on stuff that makes me feel good too if I had any :/
tbh £100 on makeup is reasonable
2:44 PM
@rahuldottech if you had anything that would make you feel good? or money? :P
turkish economy is not the best
@Burgi well also depends on how much money you make
@allquixotic I'd spend money if I had any
On stuff that makes me happy
what makes you happy?
2:44 PM
@JourneymanGeek true i suppose
@allquixotic I'd really like an Arduino. And some other equipment for this project I've been meaning to work on for months but don't have any resources for.
@allquixotic to crush my enemies... oh wait.
@rahuldottech Its not the 'stuff' Its the process ;p
@JourneymanGeek bite 'em
@JourneymanGeek Process of waiting?
Oh dude. duuuuude
I am the worst about waiting
The process of doing.
2:47 PM
i bought my girlfriend a slanket....
@JourneymanGeek I'm nowhere near getting to a phase when I can "start doing".
I should buy one of those for myself
@rahuldottech Like this?
@allquixotic Nah, more specific (non-generic) components
I have a pretty good idea of what I want, I've been planning for months and months
@rahuldottech I have most of the stuff I need for my MKIII bias lighting (and spares) in the mail ._.
2:50 PM
Also the constant fighting at home is getting to me, so I've sorta blocked people (family) out, except that I'm not sure if being indifferent is really helping me.
What am I doing with my life
3:07 PM
What do you get if you cross Santa with a duck?
> A Christmas quacker
!! s/e/I'm a bot. Beep. Check meowt./g
@allquixotic !!tumblI'm a bot. Beep. Check meowt.wI'm a bot. Beep. Check meowt.I'm a bot. Beep. Check meowt.d (source)
3:22 PM
@DavidPostill I'm a bit confused why this discord question was rejected as off-topic
Q: How can I add custom emoji to my Discord server?

haykamI own a Discord server and would like to add custom emoji like other servers have done. In the below screenshot, it shows some indicator emoji that I cannot type, such as :blurple_h:.

I thought it was established that Discord questions were on-topic?
Q: Do questions about Discord belong on Super User or Web Applications?

Steven Vascellarodiscord is a voice and text chat program similar to Skype and Teamviewer. It's available both as a downloadable desktop application for Windows/Mac/Linux, and as an in-browser Web Application. My recent question How do @everyone and @here work? What's the difference between them? currently has 2...

@StevenVascellaro I surmise because it's strictly about managing a Discord server, not about using the client app
@allquixotic The client and server are a single application
discord does misuse the term server a little
@StevenVascellaro that's not true; you may be able to customize your server from the client app, but the server is a conceptually separate entity owned/controlled by Discord... otherwise, if you shut down your PC, anyone else connected to your Discord server would get dropped
I've posted a few questions about discord 'servers' before superuser.com/q/1212923/358766
3:30 PM
the server runs on Discord's infrastructure, not your desktop
I think this might need another meta-question
The answer to that question also seems to have dissapeared
it got deleted, but I can see it
Which means the answer to a 26k question is gone now
Did the user delete it, or was it deleted with the failed migration?
I'm fairly certain failed migration questions get deleted entirely after a certain amount of time
3:32 PM
that's all I can tell as a non-mod
dosen't actually say who deleted it on the timeline 0_0
i think it was automatic cause the post was rejected
I didn't know that SU covered discord
I'm kinda good at discord
apparently neither do we ;p
and On zat bombshell, I'm going to bed.
3:52 PM
Does anyone here have enough rep on WebApps to see when this was posted? webapps.stackexchange.com/posts/105224/revisions
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