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4:03 PM
@JourneymanGeek ^
@ave remember digispark?
I got mine working btw
I just pretty much perfected the rubber ducky script of mine for a remote payload for windows: gist.github.com/rahuldottech/72630e6b2e8e50aa55dec0fc36398011
Almost completely invisible
Meta-discussion created
Q: Why was this Discord question rejected as off-topic?

Steven VascellaroA few months ago I asked on Meta Super User whether questions about Discord belonged on Super User or Web Apps. I asked this because I noticed that both sites were voting to close Discord questions for migration. At the time it seemed like the decision was that Discord questions were on-topic. H...

This will never not fail to amaze me
4:18 PM
@BenN I'm doing a phone interview right now for a sysadmin with powershell experience position and I'm like eeeeeeeeeeee do I remember enough PSH to properly screen this guy
@allquixotic ask him stuff from here :P learnxinyminutes.com/docs/powershell
@allquixotic is his name Ben?
4:34 PM
@XKCD not sure i get this one...
@Burgi me neither
if its not load bearing and you want it removed you can throw hammers at it...
4:49 PM
@Burgi wot
nawt funniz
not funny, he said
have you never thrown hammers at a wall?
@Burgi regardless, bad humor
throwing hammers is even a fracking sport
not sure why you find it offensive
4:54 PM
it's not funny.
sports are dum
@Burgi lol no
right... home time
@Burgi offensive? no. Crap humor? definitely.
5:10 PM
@JourneymanGeek just saw this
welcome to the club I suppose.
@Ave :/
@rahuldottech hey
@Ave hi
5:12 PM
if I enjoy it then what's :/ worthy?
I need to see your BTC tweets since you've been talking about it @Ave as I'm curious what you have to say... it seems to be the headline lately
@Ave I don't know. I don't think it's a thing to be particularly enjoyed. But that's just me, I guess...
it's up to $17k O_O wtaf
I'm kinda scared and not knowing if BTC is going to climb climb climb or tank or what
it went up to 19
then went down to 15
5:13 PM
then went to17
same day
btc is not stable
I wanna invest in BTC, but I got nothing to invest so yeaaaah
@allquixotic in economy that's called a bubble.
and btc IS a bubble forming rn, so don't evne think about investing RN
@rahuldottech nod, same
i would throw like a few hundred quid in happily, but i don't have anythhing
@Ave is it really that hard to type right now?
makes you appear.... lazy or something
I'm sorry my hands hurt a lot
ah ok fair enough :)
go ahead and abbrevate everything.
(hense why I asked)
5:15 PM
@djsmiley2k People have their moments. Sometimes I don't feel like typing properly either.
@djsmiley2k *hence
also why is my avatar not showing his christmas form yet :/
@Ave ooooooo you've got renards, or renolds, or what the fak it's called
I know two friends who have it
@Ave I have a different thing which gives me jaw pain while eating and a weird sensation in my back while doing exercise in winters. I should probably get it checked out.
5:16 PM
we call it "akdeniz anemisi"
Also my intense back pain
@djsmiley2k don't go down the rabbit hole that is looking up symptoms on the web
hahaha i haven't
5:17 PM
i just have a number of things wrong with me, and a number of unexplained symtoms.
on that interesting point @rahuldottech, is any investment truely 'safe'?
I can't actually think of anything, other than maybe helium.
@djsmiley2k Any in my future! GIMME CASH! :P
> Even as an investment vehicle, Bitcoin is terrible. Robert Shiller, an economics professor at Yale who won a Nobel prize for his work on bubbles, said Bitcoin is “the best example right now” of a bubble. Compared to other investments, Bitcoin looks more like a get-rich-quick scheme than a long-term, stable investment. Stable index funds have historically returned about 7% every year on average and are a good place to park your money—not an unpredictable, wildly unstable asset like Bitcoin.
@ave is right
one odd thing I've had, which no ones ever been able to explain is my middle toes, on both feet
when really cold, would go white,
but just the middle toe
it's like the circutlation to just that toe, stopped
recommended reading material: Attack of the 50 Foot Blockchain
updates her goodreads
are those free books links still live?
don't know if you've seen then @Ave / @rahuldottech ?
5:22 PM
@djsmiley2k which ones?
can't remember who shared it
@Burgi got snow yet?
it's snowing heavily in wolves appently but then again they stick their heads in microwaves with concrete so...
@djsmiley2k I saw it in another chat room, posted it here when I saw it
5:40 PM
Attack of the 50 Foot Blockchain was a good read
6:35 PM
thanks @CanadianLuke
i passed it on via facebook
@Burgi I thought you meant he declared war to Israel or something...
close enough
He should have kept his mouth shut. Now he awakened the monster!
1 hour later…
7:59 PM
welp. Tightened the memory timings. This was after finding that the system simply could not run the memory at 3200 MT/s.
Rated CAS latency is 16-18-18-36 at 3200 MT/s; currently running at 14-16-16-36 at 2933 MT/s. The system completed a full pass of Memtest86+ without errors. (14-14-14-34 failed during testing.)
Cinebench R15 scores increased measurably, but by less than 1%. Not sure how games will perform, though; Cinebench isn't particularly sensitive to memory latency.
8:13 PM
@CanadianLuke Oh good. I totally needed a free e-book on "Non-overlapping Domain Decomposition Methods for Three-dimensional Cardiac Reaction-diffusion Models and Applications"
8:28 PM
Well, how else would you learn it, and become the "Non-overlapping Domain Decomposition Methods for Three-dimensional Cardiac Reaction-diffusion" expert on Super User? Now I gotta make it a tag...
8:47 PM
@djsmiley2k Meh I stared at the sun for half an hour as a kid and can still see fine.
I guess that's the benefit of Asian slit eyes
I actually still have above average vision
I guess that's the benefit of cat slit eyes
9:07 PM
@Boris_yo he sort of has...
@djsmiley2k no
don't think it is wet enough here
2 hours later…
11:25 PM
(login required, age-gated 17+ [ESRB compliance])
Bethesda Softworks on their commitment to high-quality single-player game experiences.
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