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3:56 AM
4:45 AM
@Sathya you either didnt sleep long, or i have been up Waaaay to long :-)
@Psycogeek latter ;)
@Sathya Got a question for you, now that i can edit, If one stupid word is unreadable in a post, changing that one word, is not really a good editing? if the post also needs other help?
5:00 AM
@Psycogeek if the post needs other help, then edit all at once. If there's nothing else to change, the single change is good enough, if it makes the post better.
@Sathya Ok, I think that was stated before in meta. When reading I see one Whrong :-) spelled word, and think "i can fix that" then I look at the whole edit job, and think "better leave it up to the experts" (-:
5:23 AM
@Psycogeek no, no, if you can think you can fix that, go edit
1 hour later…
6:38 AM
@Incognito Firewall? That is the most common problem I see - if doing this within a lan, use the local ip - if doing it outside, use the internet ip and remember to forward ipsec and ltpt... also, try to use windows or something else for connecting and see what happens (if using standard protocol) as it can do a lot of logging
2 hours later…
8:18 AM
the internet is doing an insufficiently good job keeping me amused for a monday afternoon
@JourneymanGeek did you figure out the secret of the Uniclip? umm, the Clipicorn?
is there a secret?
@JourneymanGeek That is what they say, that only 1/2 of it is discovered? some easter egg (hidden secret)
that might be a april fools day joke too ;p
8:34 AM
@JourneymanGeek Ahhh, wize one. I was thinking maby is it some call to clippy? some secret text? but who is gonna type in random junk into a chat room to find out. I already do enough of that :-)
@clippy Need help now
also, the clipycorn seems network wide ;p
I dont visit the other places, Except during the bi-annual migration. they didnt have a clippy?
SF had it
@JourneymanGeek it is monday? did the job come?
guy hasn't called me back, and i have school today
so i forgot
probably calling him back tommorrow
1 hour later…
9:58 AM
225 drop in rep for @HackToHell - soon
10:13 AM
@Sathya: So you are only deleting his answer? (hope)
Q: Unable to connect to OpenVPN server

IncognitoI'm trying to get a working setup of OpenVPN on my VM and authenticate into it from a client. I'm not sure but it looks to me like it's socket related, as it's not set to LISTEN, and localhost seems wrong. I've never set up VPN before. # netstat -tulpn | grep vpn Proto Recv-Q Send-Q Local Addre...

10:43 AM
@TomWijsman all of it
@Sathya: If you do, I have to get past your again... :(
@Sathya Well, now I have one more useful flag instead. :)
10:58 AM
@TomWijsman some one has beaten you to it..
For posterity's sake - Fishy Question is now saved to PDF
2 hours later…
12:43 PM
Q: Finding torrents with spesific subtitles

OlavSay I want a film in original language (English) with specific subtitles (French). How can I search for such torrents or combinations of downloads? (Specific combinations of spoken language and subtitles). I know subtitles are often distributed separately, but I don't know how common it is, or ...

We need a piracy tag
1:36 PM
superuser.com/questions/407607/… prowebmasters or webapps.se?
anyne got any preference for a bootable image I can use to tidy up a widows pc ?
@Sathya NOOOOO !!!
Was gloating abt 1k rep :'(
1:52 PM
@Iain: viruses or other things?
2:23 PM
What kind of house do you live in @Aarthi?
I mean, does it need to cover an apartment or an entire home?
@IvoFlipse <500sqft apartment
but there will likely be lots of routers nearby
right... ft :S
If that's the case, make sure it has 5ghz (dual channel) too
because not a lot of people have 5Ghz, so you'll have less interference
BUT it also has a smaller range, or at least goes through walls less wall than regular 2.4 Ghz wifi
but given that its dual channel, you don't have to pick, you simply have both :)
what devices would it need to power?
@IvoFlipse Hmm.
Laptop, cell phone, tablet, and possibly a game console
2:26 PM
I mean, do you have like an xbox/ps3 to stream to the tv (wireless or not), a bunch of computers
I'm streaming media on almost all the devices
right, well the first three will take whatever you have
true. I don't own the console yet (I'm in the market for one)
ok, so at least it should make streaming easy, though I reckon they all won't give any problems
that's the problem with my current router; too much streaming (skype, youtube, internet radio) and it will just crash
2:28 PM
@Aarthi How old is that one?
@Aarthi If you get an xbox, you can easily drop your current streaming device
though you'd probably need xbox live gold, which will cost you extra money
@IvoFlipse Current router is ~5 years old.
@Aarthi voila, any upgrade would be better than that
@JourneymanGeek just files/defrag etc - it's a friends old PC - it may be easier to reinstall everything
and if it'll last another 5 years, then its a bargain
@IvoFlipse exactly, that's what i'm hoping will happen, which is why price isn't as much of a concern for me, though I don't want to overpay
2:29 PM
@Iain: livecd , get files off, rebuild
@Aarthi If you get a cheaper one, you'll simply replace it a bit sooner
if its a simple refresh, jkdefrag occationally does miracles on a 'slow' system you want to put off reinstalling
@JourneymanGeek that will probably be the easiest if sh knows which files she wants
then, ccleaner for a little bit of cleanup
and uninstall crap
@IvoFlipse I'm leaning towards this ASUS one: amzn.com/B0049YQVHE
2:31 PM
@Aarthi Linksys E4200 Maximum Performance Wireless-N Router <== that's a good one (apparently)
My biggest problem with Asus would be, that its not really a router company
@IvoFlipse True; they're computer parts specifically, iirc.
i'd buy an ASUS netbook without question, probably.
but the reviews are positive though
I'd just go for it, it sounds good enough
:D woo! plus, if it breaks, I return it and get the Cisco one. no harm, no foul
Thank you, Ivo! :D
2:33 PM
Ah I looked up a review on one of my favorite sites
and they gave another Asus model a gold recommendation, they don't do that easily
slightly different model, but I'm sure it'll be true for either
I'm sold.
So pick whichever is A: cheapest. B: supports DD-WRT or Tomato
and it seems RT-N56U is supported
so you're good to go
\o/ yay!
2:35 PM
it helps to buy it at a 'local' store if possible, that when its not supported, you might be able to return it
with Amazon, that's a bit harder
@Aarthi glad to have been of service
hmm. I can hit up the best buy by my apartment tonight, check if it's there.
and if you run into any problems during installation, ask those on SU ;)
hahaha will do
slash, i'll run into this chatroom begging for help
from my mobile phone
since i won't have internet
:b No but seriously -- much obliged. :D
@Aarthi You can always stick your old one back in :P
or tether to your laptop
what phone do you have?
Samsung Captivate Glide -- here
I actually really like it.
I've had it for about 3 months now
2:39 PM
running Android right?
the hardware keyboard is great when I'm tired, the touchscreen is nice and responsive even with the protective shield, and call quality is solid
I don't really like iOS myself
not my preferred interface.
I'd prefer a hardware keyboard too, I suck at software keyboards
Well it should support wifi tethering, so if you don't have a connection, at least you can chat on your laptop :P
you're right -- I should just hardline into my laptop from the router directly
@Aarthi That too
because its a nightmare to set it up without a direct connection
truth. glad I have like 4 extra ethernet cords. my father's over-preparedness comes in handy
2:52 PM
Can anyone else post their SMART data, wanna see how good my HDD is ?
@HackToHell I could troll you by placing my SSD SMART data here, would've done so yesterday. :P
@TomWijsman ;p HDD !
Mac book pro ?
Why why ?
Why Mac book pro?
2:55 PM
Cause it's got an SSD built in and geeks seem to like it
@HackToHell Got SSD + HDD.
And how do my values compare with yours ?
sucky or better
Ok thanks .. now to compare
@HackToHell Read error rate is slightly higher, but what would you expect when I used it 10x as much... :P
Other than that, still quite stable if it only differs by that small bit.
3:01 PM
@TomWijsman lol That drive is gonna die fast in your hands
So my HDD is in good condition
Need an new HDD though 500gigs is not enough... but I will save it for college
3:16 PM
@Sathya Deleting that question did not remove my badges ;p ;p ;p ;p superuser.com/badges/19/enlightened?userid=71027
@HackToHell yeah, that's by design
;) nice !!
so thats what mini crowbars are useful for ;)
3:31 PM
lol I stole your crowbar

Still remotely sad that rep became an joke
@TomWijsman superuser.com/questions/407641/… That nt!, is it from Native API?
taking wtf to whole new levels
totally freaky
@HackToHell Windows API, residing in files like kernel32.dll etc...
@HackToHell: Placed an answer on that one.
@TomWijsman But according to wikipedia it's Native API en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Native_API
@TomWijsman You are a mad hacker ;p
3:53 PM
@Sathya yowsers man
A: Altering specific configuration values in the On-Screen Keyboard of Windows 7

Tom WijsmanWhere in the code does it find our key? Using Process Monitor, digging into the for the ETL event reading out that value stack trace gives us: "Frame","Module","Location","Address","Path" ... "3","ntdll.dll","NtQueryValueKey + 0xa","0x7fbce17344a","C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\ntdll.dll" "4","KERNELBASE...

@TomWijsman You are trolling me with your knowledge ;p
@HackToHell But... Your name... It should not be rocket science for you.
@TomWijsman It's supposed to be catchy, "Do not judge a book by it's cover" applies both ways ;p
4:03 PM
I am 17, you are 22, gimme a break, besides I know basssiiiccc Olly.
BTW anyone looking for a SD card, Amazon is doing a huge sale on SanDisk
4:26 PM
@studiohack howdy.
4:37 PM
@Sathya How did you make that screenshot?
@OliverSalzburg I use an extension called Explain and Send screenshots, it's very nice & awesome!
@Sathya Neat! Thanks :D
@OliverSalzburg welcome! Been using it for over a year! Probably the only paid extension that I have! (it's free, you'll have to pay to remove the header & footer, but I paid since it was worth it - use it extensively on SE)
1 hour later…
5:52 PM
Quick responses. :)
I wonder if this downward trend is concerning or if it's more a consequence of more and more users...
Source of above Super User statistics: hewgill.com/~greg/stackoverflow/super_user/stats.html
oh dear lord.
Super User statistics, showing how Vista wasn't really much adapted and that people still try to stcik with XP.
(cc @HackToHell @JourneymanGeek)
@Sathya Clicking through it, what the...
Like the spike the day the developer preview was released.
Seems they are pretty equal.
, hmm...
2 hours later…
8:31 PM
Yay. Raspberry Pi preordered :D
9:19 PM
Bypassed Sathya and Dennis, again... hides questions and answers
9:51 PM
Q: How to remove SECURED protection from a PDF file

AMDIf you know the password - then can remove it in Adobe Acrobat. If you do not then a good work around has two steps - assuming that you have Microsoft XPS document writer installed as a printer. 1) print the file to XPS format. 2) Open and print the XPS file to PDF format with Adobe Acrobat or ...

Answer instead of question. :(
@TomWijsman Nice...
10:06 PM
A: PHP Input Output is stuck?

Tom Wijsman1 is the first value from the first row from your table.

Stating the obvious. :D
10:24 PM
@TomWijsman a how to, i believe there are some "password protected PDF" questions, it possibly could be sent to?
It probably would be considered "workaround" also, as many aspects of the original might not be maintained.
@Psycogeek: Should just be deleted, imo...
@TomWijsman then where is it when i need to follow it :-)
@Psycogeek At 10k reputation.
@TomWijsman thats a 1% solution :-)
maby there is a question. (if i look closer) "but the XPS route will work and results in acceptable quality." . . . . How do i print it so it does not look like crap?
Here is a question, it might fit onto
Q: print a print-protected PDF file

Michal PlškoI have a 70+ pages PDF file that is protected so it can not be printed by standard tools like Acrobat Reader etc. Is there a way ho I can have this printed out? Preferably except GhostScript if possible, if not, GS solution is also welcome :)

lol, cant print to xps
Q: Is there a way to unlock PDF documents?

NoCatharsisI realize most PDF documents are locked for a reason, but I spend several hours a week editing datasheets provided directly from my vendors to be sent to customers. Obviously it's very annoying and somewhat of a show-stopper when I download a datasheet in PDF format, then I am not able to draw bo...

being able to alter edit locked docs, but this doesnt fix that either, because it doesnt maintain editable format
Q: Is it true that strongly-password-protected PDF can be cracked?

xportI want to protect my PDF with a strong password. But I heard that it can be cracked. Is it true that strongly-password-protected PDF can be cracked? Edit: This is my real scenario. I want to sell my ebooks on the web. Recently there are many sites that shares ebooks. I don't want it to hap...

10:56 PM
... The hell?
Just leaves this one, specifically doesnt want them to "remove the content" and have access in other ways
11:11 PM
Been so busy I've hardly been on the past 2 weeks... I miss this place D:
11:24 PM
binary Question of the week :-) superuser.com/questions/407840/…
@Psycogeek I put in a comment
lol. go to yahoo games, get into a card game, after show of hands, the first high card that the player recieved wins
pick one of 2 sports teams for the week, whatever toss they get on the field.
Anyone see Google Multitask?
@Luke everyday, got 2 searches open now :-)
11:59 PM
I love the part about the architect... And the two GMails open (Who's dave?)

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