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12:42 PM
cutting the RSS feed for now. It might have a point when the room is full of people talking, but if nobody is there, it's only cluttering for no reason.
12:55 PM
Isn't there another SU room with another feedsbot?
1:19 PM
@random - indeed, there was already a SU room from the earlier beta:
Dupe rooms then. Needs merge, or they can battle it out amongst themselves over the one true SU room
or we can just delete the new one
though it has 100 as id
not bad
2:27 PM
I say keep id 100.
I've just found it easy to hide the feeds but with no actual conversation here it does look like a ton of noise.
2:49 PM
@Gnoupi You're famous now! The 6 mentions in 5 paragraphs is quite the touch. Closing a question as a duplicate seems to really strike a nerve with some people.
@chealion - yes, first time it happens to me :] Fixed it anyway
@Gnoupi Nice of you. :-)
well, I'm not sure he will appreciate the fix anyway.
I'm not either but I think that's the best option. A "newer" question is just going to get the same repeat answers.
Are you aware of any options for users to bring an older question back to the spotlight to get updated?'=
The closest I could find on Meta (meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/7046/…) is really only for the person asking the question. Being able to put a bounty on another user's question helps but won't help new users.
@Chealion - mostly the ones in the meta topic you linked to, yes
2:57 PM
Q: How to get attention for your old, unanswered questions

Eli CourtwrightI asked a question almost as soon as I get my account. I got a few decent answers, but I didn't get the information I wanted. The question has long since become buried by newer questions, and there's still no accepted answer. Unfortunately, because there are 6 answers, it probably looks to a c...

I'm trying to flesh this out before making a decision as to it's even worth posting on meta.
the bounty helps, indeed
the other solution is to ask a new question, link to the duplicate
and explain why it doesn't answer your need
and what different you require
2:58 PM
It shows you are aware that it was asked already, and you show why your question is specific
in this other guy's case, it was only asking for a list
Worth making an example of this on meta.superuser?
not sure. Maybe a FAQ on the meta.SO (supposed to become meta.SE anyway)
I think I'll go ahead and make the question as an example on meta.SO
Actually I really don't like that question you linked.
3:10 PM
the information is all scattered. It should read like an FAQ, (because it's such an important part of the site) and it simply does not.
@devinb: It's a bit out of date.
And makes it the perfect example for a new "duplicate" question. Hopefully people understand what I'm doing.
I keep trying to get up the energy to overhaul it, but I'd have to either post a new answer (which would be at the bottom) or re-write the top one, which is just as irregular
Also, no matter how good my answer, I feel like it wouldn't be able to generate the 144 votes required to beat the current top answer.
3:16 PM
Here goes nothing.
Q: How to bring attention to an old question you didn't ask to bring it up to date?

ChealionWhat options are available to new and existing users to promote an old question asked by someone else that may have fallen out of date, needs update, or it's two years old and I want to know if there is anything new? This is an extension of How to get attention for your old unanswered questions ...

If you start linking to the chat in an official question I'll have to start writing smart things, though.
Ha! Given the amount of activity seen here I don't think we'll have an issue.
3:36 PM
Dammit, my answer is going to be LONG.
@devinb - as opposed to your usual ones being short?
@gnoupi, no I'm saying, it'll be LONG for me.
try not to hit the post limit :]
3:51 PM
What is the post limit?
Well my question warranted one comment on a question I never found: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/54329/…
-1 Not a wall of text. ;-)
Sleep On It*
Hey, the problem could just go away... right? :)
*Please don't sleep at work
Dammit... I'm already at rep cap today.
4:02 PM
And that answer would be such a cash cow.
@Chealion you wanted more?
I suppose I could expound a little more on the bounty section.
But I was trying to follow my own advice.
Clear and Concise. Like I always am ;)
@devinb I think it's good. My comment about Not a wall of text is an odd compliment on actually formatting the question.
4:04 PM
Lol :)
Just messing.
I'm too used to equating long with wall of text.
lunch, be back soon.
@devinb - delete it and undelete it tomorrow :]
4:07 PM
Already 4 upvotes? Wow. It's definitely not on Super User.
end of working day, i'm leaving
Especially the tags I'm in. I'm lucky to see an answer get 4 upvotes in a week.
4 hours later…
7:48 PM
my room #37 is deleted ? Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo
8:42 PM
@Sathya - I put you owner of this new room when I deleted the other one (even though I'm not sure what that actually means in what you can do or not)
nothing much actually
nothing* actually, just means I can add the feeds, but so can you @Gnoupi
I liked the number 37 :(
oh well.
Yes, but I can also kick anyone out and edit what people write, so it's not really a good example, to know what you can do or not :p
heh yeah.
anyhow, did you get the T shirt ?
yes, I got, it's nice
still awaiting mine :/
8:46 PM
and now I'll never get it. the shipping address is set to India, and I've moved to US
you can try to ask again team@superuser.com, maybe they have one in storage, or maybe more can be done. Sending would be cheaper, if you moved to US, then. Worth trying, I guess
yeah, I suppose.
Took quite a while to get mine FWIW.
Received it middle of June.
Day after I got my Server Fault shirt.
Where are you based ? @Cheal
8:51 PM
not the same issues then, i guess
Q: Where in the world is my SuperUser t-shirt?

Mehper C. PalavuzlarI filled in the form to receive my SuperUser t-shirt on April 8th, but I haven't received it yet. It's been more than a month. Is there any way to learn if it's on its way to Istanbul? EDIT: Today is 28th of June, and I haven't received my t-shirt yet. What took Poirot so long to solve the crime...

Q: I'm losing my hope for my Superuser t-shirt

Mehper C. Palavuzlar Possible Duplicate: Where in the world is my SuperUser t-shirt? My hope for getting my Superuser t-shirt began with the form I filled on April 8th, 2010. Then on May 11th, I asked this question. Jeff told me in his answer that the t-shirts are on their way as of June 4th. Now it's July...

9:07 PM
Have you sent an email to team@stackoverflow.com?
To find out if it's been sent yet - I know mine wasn't sent until the first week of June.
Well after Jeff's answer on the first question you posted.
10:06 PM
@Cheal - haven't sent a mail yet, will do soon

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