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1:14 AM
I've been away for a while.
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5:14 AM
6:11 AM
@XKCD "Sorry to see you go"
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9:06 AM
Sorry if this isn't the right place to post this. I recently got scammed. Found the scammer's IP. It goes to the domain "buries.knishfare.com". I've done the standard "dig" and "whois" to get as much info as possible, and, from what I can find, the building to which it's registered belongs to an eyeware place. The domain's down, which makes things even odder. How likely is it the guy's using a VPN?
i suspect that its part of a botnet
report the incident to your local law enforcement and bank then change all your passwords
9:53 AM
@LysanderCox what @Burgi said
you'll never find the person.
if possible use a password manager like LastPass, dashlane or 1password
We've got dashlane now at work
I'm not impressed.
i use lastpass, i have no really opinion on it
looks like it would be a massive hassle to swap platforms though
I used lastpass before - it had it's (terrible) moments, but I found it a lot more usable than dashlane.
oh i almost forgot... @LysanderCox enable 2FA on EVERYTHING
9:59 AM
Also, remember you're the weakest link...
2 hours later…
11:57 AM
Say goodbye to productivity with beta.aidungeon.io
> A Hunting Rifle: This is a weapon that fires bullets made for killing large animals such as bears or other big game. It has two barrels, one for each hand and it shoots bullets at a faster rate than normal weapons.
> You quickly grab the knife from your belt and rush towards the building. As soon as you reach it, you stab the man holding it hostage through his eye. He screams and falls backwards, but he isn't dead yet.
Oh lord.
Wot dis?
and why does it need an email address?
oh, a randomly-generated [M]UD?
why would you hold a building hostage?
12:13 PM
He said something about going to "kill the mall"
Is it a bit... odd in places?
> He turns around and sees you. He doesn't even notice you until he's almost hit by your car. You jump out of the way and start running again.
markhov chains?
oh yeah, could be
good shout
I am reminded of the chatbot that worked by saving other users responses
> You start breaking the tree apart until you finally manage to get it together enough to move it aside. Then you throw the pieces at the wall. A loud thud follows and then silence.

The next day, you come home and see that everything is gone.
> Tip: Start an action with ! to stop the game from putting "You" in front. Ex "!Suddenly an ogre appears"
Yeah, this is a bit odd
> You run after Jim and catch up to him at the police station.

"What happened?" you ask.

"The girl left with some other guy named John." Jack replies.
My 'action' was "Take Jim to the police station"
12:30 PM
It's 'AI' generated... bit weird.
So yea
neural network created from loads of scripts from games
and suddenly you realise, AI is just markov chains
Burgi was pretty much right
except instead of Markov it's GPT-2
> > Call out "Neo, where are you hiding?"

He smiles and replies "In here, sweetheart."

You both hide under one of the beds and wait for dawn. Eventually, you hear footsteps coming up the stairs...

The sun rises over the city and you realize that Neo has escaped.

> Go searching for Neo

You rush downstairs and find Neo hiding behind a dresser.

"What are you doing?" you ask.

He shrugs and says "I dunno, maybe I'm afraid of the dark or something.
12:31 PM
Neo keeps killing me xD
It bugs me when folks describe Markov as AI
"I fed an AI Harry Potter books and this is what it wrote"
> > eat the food before Neo can

You sneak around the room and grab a piece of bread from the table. You bite into it and immediately spit it out onto Neo's face. He gasps in surprise as you pull out your knife and stab him several times across his chest.
That escalated quickly
Because it's maths, not AI
but anyway
Oh, the code's on GH
That's cool
> hide neo's body in the cupboard

You hide Neo's body in the cupboard and lock the door. You don't know how long you spend looking for anything else useful, but when you come back upstairs, there is a note on the table saying "Sorry about this, I really didn't mean to scare you like that."

> turn the note over

You turn the note over and read it:
Dear Neo,
I hope everything turned out well for you. I was just scared, that's all. Goodbye.
I find it gets pronoun-confused easily
and not in the "angers-SE Inc" sense ;-P
it seems to lose track of who is "you"
Ah, welp
the thing I linked to does say that
> Other times the model has difficulty keeping track of who is who, especially in dialogue.
12:38 PM
> You search the bodies and find a pistol, a machete, some food and water, duct tape and a crowbar. You also find a note saying "I'm sorry about last time."
@djsmiley2kindarkness If you have watched forgotten weapons...
Pretty. damned. big.
Jake Goulding on January 20, 2020

Rust has been Stack Overflow’s most loved language for four years in a row, indicating that many of those who have had the opportunity to use Rust have fallen in love with it. However, the roughly 97% of survey respondents who haven’t used Rust may wonder, “What’s the deal with Rust?”

The short answer is that Rust solves pain points present in many other languages, providing a solid step forward with a limited number of downsides.

I’ll show a sample of what Rust offers to users of other programming languages and what the current ecosystem looks like. It’s not all roses in Rust-land, so I talk about the downsides, too.  …

12:53 PM
didn't rust die in 2015?
> but stop when you see a man walking towards you. It's Mrs. Pines, she looks like she has been crying since you arrived at the house.
Mrs Pines.... you've... changed :D
she's let herself go recently
1:07 PM
@Burgi The facepunch game or the language? ;-P
1:35 PM
Can we just take a moment to appreciate that this video from 2009 can be viewed in 1080p?
@rahuldottechsupportsMonica Aye, it's really cool to see the detail in the dinosaurs
and the VFX is really good for the time it was made
I mean, if you look carefully you can see where it shows its age, but most folks can appreciate it
2:03 PM
remember 1993 when dinosaurs were cool?
They still are
socks with sandals notwithstanding
those were never cool
2:20 PM
Tl;DR: Private Keys that allowed Netgear Routers to MiTM routerlogin.com and redirect to router config page have been leaked
It's not really a big deal?
But whatever
2:36 PM
Q: Http through ssh?

Catch_0x16I'm currently working away from home and have only my laptop and phone with me. At my home I have multiple pc's, as well as a Linux (Ubuntu 18.04) server, all running on the local network. I have ssh access to the server. I would like to set up some port forwarding on the router for a service I ...

> I'd also like to check the active devices on the network to see if my wife is still sleeping with the next door neighbour.
@Burgi that seems... fishy
thats what i thought
@rahuldottechsupportsMonica hmmm, it could be o_O
Commented :D
and its true
My phone sometimes connects to one of my mesh routers ._.
25 floors down
Can I just edit out the stupid bit?
2:49 PM
We could totally lock it too if there's a rollback war :D
close vote queue should be sorted by oldest flags then by posts with the most flags
1 hour later…
4:14 PM
I have a question
I'll google some QA sites for ya
Let's say I have an NVMe drive in a system that I'm accessing over the network. Will it be a bottleneck if the OS is installed on a SATA drive in the system?
Or will it not matter?
It has the most bizarre options
"I think I found him," you say as you run towards the sound of gunfire. "Come on, let's get out of here."

The man is lying dead with his throat ripped out.

> dance the macarena

You don't know why you do it, but every time you dance the macarena, your heart beats faster and your mind becomes more focused.

It doesn't matter if someone else is watching or not; you can feel yourself becoming more powerful as you perform this ritual.
It had an entry for "dance the macarena"
@rahuldottechsupportsMonica My magic 8 ball says "Shouldn't be", but it's a complicated question
complicated as I don't know intricacies of how Windows handles file access
but my gut says no
4:32 PM
Yeah I don't think it should either
4:42 PM
When will this Intel processor shortage end...
1 hour later…
5:59 PM
network accesses won't use DMA
but, there'll be no noticable difference unless the OS is so loaded that it can't handle the request sanely
at which point you've got bigger issues.
@ThatBrazilianGuy this is where I think the AI comes in
it has an some words that make sense around the words "dance the"
nothing there is specific to the macarena
> You don't know why you do it, but every time you dance the polka, your heart beats faster and your mind becomes more focused.
6:12 PM
> You don't know why you do it, but every time you dance the Gagnam Style, your heart beats faster and your mind becomes more focused.
6:26 PM
gagnam style sounds like some kinked up craziness.
7:02 PM
@djsmiley2kindarkness Actually, SMB3 supports DMA over the network
7:21 PM
You need Windows 10 Pro for Workstations and suitable networking hardware to take advantage of this, though.
Or, Linux running Samba
8:27 PM
and nic support?
8:56 PM
Busy, busy, busy!
Cleaning house in the run-up to Chinese New Year.
My work schedule is a bit of a constraint this time around but I've been cleaning out loads of stuff in my room...
9:54 PM
5 days left to Chinese New Year...
10:48 PM
@rahuldottechsupportsMonica You gonna take it to the next level like this person did? imgur.com/gallery/tWkYnjA
Oh I saw that today lol
I wonder if that's something you Verified or Official channels can do... just upload better quality versions of their videos but keep the view counts etc.
11:42 PM
@MichaelFrank Prooooooobably not?

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