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12:07 AM
Ask a Mod has been frozen btw
12:24 AM
I know, it's freakin' cold out
12:39 AM
While yer here
or anyone else
what's the right way to do ssh jump hosts again?
I seem to remember something about ProxyCommand or somesuch
but now there's a 'proper' way to do it?
That's the badger
12:55 AM
> Bus lanes are for buses. Are you a bus?
(MTA NYCT bus lane enforcement campaign)
1:39 AM
@bertieb Are you thinking of a bastion host?
I might be!
If I knew what that was
I was just wanting to ssh to a machine behind another machine
so just added the second as a ProxyJump of the first host
You can certainly do that
I still have old entries in there from the ProxyCommand / nc days
You can also edit your ssh_config file to say that when you try to connect to a certain hostname to use the Proxy server first
That's basically what I did... I think
I'm not sure what the difference between a bastion host and what I did is
WP says bastion tends to be 'specially hardened'
which mine isn't
2:23 AM
Is this the right place to ask a question about iptables o.o
Chat isn't exactly. THe site might be
but if you're trying to rubber duck a problem, with the goal of asking a question... maybe...
Short story long, I'm trying to setup express vpn DNS to work with my smart tv in my living room so I can expand my netflix options but I cannot customize the DNS on my "smart" tv.. I'm running Pihole on a home server here and I thought maybe I could redirect the DNS request from my tv to forward it to express VPNs servers so I found this unix.stackexchange.com/questions/144482/… but doesn't really seem to be working
Just wondering if that is not the correct solution to my question and if I should look elsewhere
Ok, you have piqued my interest :D
sudo iptables -t nat -A OUTPUT -p tcp -s -d -j DNAT --to
This is kinda what I had but when I check on ExpressVPN's site it says it's not configured
2:29 AM
i did TCP as well as UDP entries
> I cannot customize the DNS on my "smart" tv
where does it pick up DNS from? Can you check what DNS server it uses? Is it using DHCP?
It's using DHCP which tells it to use the DNS server that my router says, so I had pictured it going TV > Pihole > Redirect > ExpressVPN
@Datsik so... for all intents and purposes
your pihole is a router
(someone will correct me if I'm wrong)
lol they always do
(well practically - having built a router myself...)
A pihole is a DNS server, but it can also handle DHCP
2:33 AM
I was having issues with pihole detecting devices, it was just logging everything under the main gateway, so I changed it to be the DHCP as well and disabled it on my router
ugh. I am having trouble imaging your topology
yup, that's sensible
ironically the actual IP tables part I'm not too sure about
So basically goes Modem > Pihole > all connected devices
its running on an old PowerEdge R610*
You're running a power hungrier, simpler version of my setup :D
haha maybe, I'm just not sure how to get this to redirect properly to express' dns
I'm not as familiar with pihole as I want to be though
Ya, I think its actually a good question
2:36 AM
I feel like pihole is irrelevant like it doesn't matter in this case I feel that the iptables should be able to override any request before pihole tries to do anything with it
But I don't know for sure
let me review my setup and think :D
Should I just open a question? I thought the answer would be super simple so I thought it might just be a waste
Its been a while
Yes you should lol
FWIW that's my setup
but essentially pihole does what the DNS and DHCP servers do...
@Datsik wait, does your pihole actually act as a router/do ip forwarding?
2:41 AM
It should yeah
A few people here also built their own routers :D
they might be of help as well
but yeah, ask the question, I'll try to give a few hints if I can on betterering it
I'd also be willing to put a bounty on it on the usual rules :D
(1. You keep an eye on the question and let me know if an answer works 2. You let me know when its eligible)
Q: How can I redirect DNS requests to a different DNS server with iptables

XCriticsI am trying to get my living room TV to use ExpressVPN's DNS servers so that I can expand my options.. The only thing is my "smart" TV does not let me change the DNS settings it just uses what the router gives it, which in this case is the IP address to my small server running pihole. Is it poss...

so, network topoligy would help here
I abuse this for quick and very dirty network diagrams
2:56 AM
the one time I need to find a ASCII flowdiagram I did
I keep finding my windows 7 network map and... something I did in visio
I was hoping for a more useful search 😁
4:32 AM
TIL HDMI cables can be directional: I bought a portable monitor today with a Micro HDMI input and my Micro HDMI to HDMI cable doesn't work on it. The computer detects it but no video signal gets to the monitor. It only works when the Micro HDMI end is the source, which is typically the case when attaching something like a camera to a TV. It doesn't work when the Micro HDMI end is the sink.
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5:46 AM
If system has been infected with virus or malware can they detect password that I enter in LastPass when logging in to websites?
5 hours later…
10:17 AM
Q: What is this RAF biplane, and where was the photo taken (possibly in the 1920s)?

tim091 My grandfather is in the middle row. He joined the RAF as a boy entrant in 1920. He served in Iraq 1924-27 and India 1927-29 so I suspect by the uniforms this is from one of those postings.

> On another picture I think I recognise the dog on the right in your picture (but now a bit older)
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12:26 PM
@Boris_yo yes
if the system is infected, you've already lost.
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5:52 PM
This is on topic at the current site, but is it high enough quality for a migration? I would presume troubleshooting the window splay store would have much more expertise here if it’s welcome as is...
Q: Why am I unable to install iCloud from MS store on windows 10?

SacrificialEquationI am trying to install iCloud for windows 10 from Microsoft App Store but it is not installing. When I click on the "Get" button of the iCloud on the Microsoft store page it changes color from blue to gray to blue again. Nothing happens. No software is downloaded or installed. I tried multiple t...

@bmike It looks OK, but I thought questions with answers are not normally migrated? Feel free to send it over ...
It’s not normal, op didn’t ask yet either. Lemme check with the answered if they’re cool to let it go
thank you for the quick response :) @DavidPostill
@bmike NP :)
6:13 PM
@bmike Yeah, I'd agree with the migration. It's about a Windows device and is more or less tangentially related to Apple. The problem seems to be related to the Microsoft Store or how Microsoft Store apps are installed...
@bwDraco phew. Thanks as well.

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