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5:10 AM
6 hours later…
11:29 AM
just came across , any idea what the hell it is?
11:53 AM
I flagged this as NAA as it is just a link to a non-functional website. But my flag got declined. superuser.com/a/306119/393570
@JourneymanGeek @SathyajithBhat @DavidPostill
i'd ask in the SU mod room but its empty
Done the needful
i noticed it had a bounty applied to it, what happens to bounties on nuked answers?
@Burgi undervolting is the reverse of overclocking
you reduce the voltage on a CPU to make it run cooler
@Burgi I assume you keep it
Deleted the other link only answer by the user
the site looks like a badly broken domain squatter
thought so, the tag is used weirdly so it confused me. might spend a couple of hours this afternoon review them
12:49 PM
Off to reinstall this server
If I appear back online in matrix, you'll know I was successful!
what did you do?
watch out for abspestos
lol wow typo'd that
he wiped his server with dd.
12:50 PM
by accident
@Burgi Context:
19 hours ago, by bertieb
tl;dr the root LV had a very similar name to the LV I wanted to back up to
something something, changing my naming conventions this time around
...I'll come up with something
and the boxen lives elsewhere?
have fun at the data centre!
12:53 PM
wrap up warm and take ear defenders
1:24 PM
@bertieb rofl
1:36 PM
@bwDraco more or less my exact reaction
Hey ho
At least liveusb detects the VG
So I'm hoping for a straightforward redo
1:57 PM
wait... that looks like an attic
Or something
is it at your parents house?
But yea, it is cold and noisy
So your advice was good ;-P
grub problems
2:56 PM
so, compiling Xen takes a Long-Ass Time
3:42 PM
i'm flag blocked
> declined in the last 7 days - 3
one of which was erroneous
4:13 PM
@Burgi what ya want flagging?
doesn't matter now
4:31 PM
i tell you what, i do like the little timeline thing on all the posts now
@djsmiley2kindarkness actually i found the post again
A: Is it possible prioritize game packets without having admin access to your ISP provided router?

skNDstryIf there is the possibility of using ethernet, then use it. Using ethernet always prioritize your device's traffic

also the question needs nuking, there have been loads of similar questions recently
@Burgi Don't flag wrong answers just because they're wrong. That's what downvotes are for. Flag for plagiarism or spam or suchlike, not incorrectness.
It's not just wrong
it's wrong with no explanation of why the answer-er thought it was right.
@TRiG it was wrong AND poor quality
What on Earttttttth
Q: Is it a problem that my bathtub drains directly into the wall?

07mm8This is the drain in the bath tub: Here is what I see inside the hole My landlord said is ok. But I think water going directly to wall can't be a good idea. My question is how bad is it? Needs fixing right away? If needs fixing, how can I fix. The side of the bathtub is sealed and I hav...

@djsmiley2kindarkness i saw that, don't look at the pictures
its fecking grim
4:45 PM
lol I've got a house with two kids, I've seen worse
but yeah, wtf?
My penance is paid
That machine at your parents hosue or something?
5:07 PM
@bertieb Still on the Linux issue?
5:41 PM
The which?
I reinstalled :D
Saw the Grub error
6:23 PM
Ah that was just booting from the wrong drive
Confused things
@TooTea - I could be wrong but that looks like a weed net used in gardening. I am guessing it was used to catch hair and things so sump pump doesn't get it. It is funny that someone spent that much time doing something correctly that is so wrong. Whoever devised this gets an A+ for effort. If someone said "You aren't allowed to connect a shower to a sewage line" - this is a damn good way of doing it. — DMoore 22 hours ago
2 hours later…
8:49 PM
Ooooooooooooo did someone say just eat.

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