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12:00 AM
I guarantee you. If I do that I will find it about 5 minutes later after I spent 20 minutes writing it :$
That's still ok
tomshardware.com/news/… That article is so terrible I don't know what they actually did
it almost sounds like they stored a stripped down copy of XP in a disk image "on the blockchain"
I know "it's ok" but I swear I wrote an answer because I notice every answer that did exist was the same (vague instructions that never mention actually having to click on the username in the list to set the default user).
Even articles on the subject don't actually mention that step :$
3 hours later…
2:40 AM
no no no no no
Snipping tool is one of my favorite tools
Don't tell me that they ruined it
oh god
they ruined sticky notes, too?
"Snipping Tool is moving..."
It's also still there, just probably not for long.
And it's not the default for Win + Shift + S anymore
@MichaelFrank man, I'm so sick on microsoft and all this UWP BS
They're ruining win10 imo
Or, they're making it better!
You ever run a program that couldn't fit in the resolution you were currently using?
@MichaelFrank only ones that hadn't been updated since '08
3:37 AM
@rahuldottech It does work slightly better with a pen....
also for complaints about sound mixers...
just switch to eartrumpet ;p
6 hours later…
9:34 AM
@JourneymanGeek I have never used a pen with a Windows machine in my life, and I never plan on doing so either
9:55 AM
I rather like UWP in general.
As long as I never have to see another 90s UI again, I'll be happy.
As for pens, they're nice for notes.
Wish I had one in Uni... might've actually been able to read my maths notes
10:20 AM
@rahuldottech ??
/me wibbles
the text recognition stuff in handwriting apps these days amazes me
10:37 AM
this is so wrong
and 'why'
also arabic
@Ave wat.
Well, with this discussion of hidden feedback, I found out my answer has 17 hidden upvotes
how do you find that?
Q: Is anonymous & low rep vote information accessible?

fixer1234Low rep and anonymous visitors who vote on posts see a message that their vote was recorded, but the information isn't visible anywhere. There is some reporting of this available to a limited number of users in the Moderation Tools (10K users), but that has no explanation, and it seems incompreh...

10:54 AM
7 upvotes, lol
A: MicroSD card is write protected

djsmiley2kBack your data up off this card NOW! Due to the way the cards work they have a 'hidden' number of spaces it can rewrite data when it fails to originally write. Once this run out something like this is put it by the manufacturers to make you aware that the card is reaching the end of it's usable ...

11:18 AM
lol. One of my answers (actual score +79) has 157 helpful and 161 not helpful
hm, 172/75
144/4 o_O
worst one is 111/129
11:54 AM
@djsmiley2k INR vs $
12:47 PM
Guys, please help me. How does one simply operate windows.
How do i combine these 2 free spaces?
@Sam Delete them and create a new volume out of the raw space you free up.
how do i delete them?
Right click on one.
That will delete any data on them btw.
yes that is the plan
it doesnt say delete
it only says "nieuw eenvoudig volume" that translates to something like "new simple volume"
Well, there should be a "Delete Volume"
idk what it'd translate to
12:51 PM
but it isnt a volume anymore
i already did what you said, i have 2 free spaces
open cmd, run diskpart
run list disk
note the disk number
run select disk=# where # is the disk number
and run clean (will destroy the partition tables on that disk)
(you can use list partition before the clean to check what's there)

There is no disk selected.
Please select a disk and try again.
sorry, space after select, I typo'd it

DiskPart has encountered an error: Het apparaat is niet klaar.
See the System Event Log for more information.
12:55 PM
"Het apparaat is niet klaar" = "the device is not ready"
...hm. that's new...
what kind of drive is this?
detail disk
and list disk only says 14gb... that is only 1 free space... it is supposed to be a 16gb sandisk usb
that error would usually suggest a hardware issue of some sort
1 free space is 2gb the other one is 14gb
can you paste the full output of detail disk?
12:57 PM
DISKPART> detail disk

SanDisk Cruzer Blade USB Device
Disk ID: 11FC6CBC
Type   : USB
Status : Online
Path   : 0
Target : 0
LUN ID : 0
Location Path : UNAVAILABLE
Current Read-only State : No
Read-only  : No
Boot Disk  : No
Pagefile Disk  : No
Hibernation File Disk  : No
Crashdump Disk  : No
Clustered Disk  : No

  Volume ###  Ltr  Label        Fs     Type        Size     Status     Info
  ----------  ---  -----------  -----  ----------  -------  ---------  --------
  Volume 6                             Removable       0 B  Unusable
well, at least it hasn't gotten itself listed as read-only (that usually means a drive has died)
what happens if you re-plug it?
then list/select again
I think I've gotten the "device is not ready" error from a dead flash drive
still says 14gb...
the only thing i did with it was burn an iso using rufus..
rufus just reformats it and writes some files
unless the drive was a dud
yes, thats what i find odd about it
12:59 PM
so, clean almost always works
the drive cant be a dud, i bought it for 30 euros
the only times I've seen it fail were from hardware issues (bad connection, bad drive...) or, once, when Windows somehow held a stale device entry - restarting cleared that one up (and my 60 day uptime :( )
it was from the "action" tho, thats kind of a best-buy store in the netherlands, it imports everything from russia and china
@Sam that ... sounds really overpriced o.O
it was a while ago
1:00 PM
cruzer blade is ... well, it's bottom-barrel when it comes to flash drives
and everything is expensive here
{f-word of enthusiasm} i did it somehow
it think
in the gui version of diskpart, it now says 14,91 GB niet-toegewezen (14.91gb unallocated)
but i wonder where my 1.10gb went
now that part is fairly normal
oh i see, they count different
14.91 * 1024 * 1024 * 1024 = 16 009 490 595.84
thats why
thanks guys, made my day 👍
if i can slip a tiny question through if i may, what file system is best for windows?
i doubt ntfs, so what about fat32 vs fat?
since linux has ntfs, and i couldnt read my linux drive with windows
1:14 PM
@Sam I use exFAT
But NTFS should work just fine too, on windows
(iirc you can't use exFAT by default on most GNU/Linux distros)
FAT32 is ok too unless you're dealing with files over 4gb
FAT32 is probably best for compatibility with GNU/Linux
1:31 PM
NTFS drivers on linux are really good
if upto date linux....
ntfs, fat32 are both 'safe' bets
nearly all FAT type file systems are FAT32 (and you can format bigger drives with third party tools, and read them natively)
There was a time when a 4Gb file was unheard of
and usb slots were soo slow you'd never use one for that
2:19 PM
beer was also a penny a pint
2:56 PM
good times
@Burgi Luxureh!
I had to get up at half past one at night in the morning, half an hour before I went to bed. Eat a bowl of flaming hot magma, go to work in 'mill eighteen hours a day seven days a week; and pay mill owner for privilege of working in mill, and when I came home our dad would murder us- in cold blood, mind. Then he'd dance on our graves singing "Yes Sir, I Can Boogie"
1 2 3 4 5
@JourneymanGeek this is the PC I'll be using as my daily driver
Just installed the GPU. I thiiiink I did it right.
The problem is that it doesn't have any bays suitable for my EVO SSDs
and it had those.. thosee.
I hate those side mounted drive bays
Honestly? Just stuff em somewhere
3:08 PM
For expansion ports, it has: PCIE_X1, PCI, PCI_X16 (being used by GPU).
@JourneymanGeek no need to stuff, LOTS of empty space in here
Q: How vibration sensitive are hard disk drives?

Journeyman GeekI've gotten my hands on a seriously cheap laptop grade 2.5 inch drive. I'm intending to use one on a desktop that doesn't have 2.5 inch bays as a boot drive. While I know there are adapters available, I know its fairly common with SSDs to simply velcro/tape the drive somewhere. I'm wondering if I...

@rahuldottech do you have any proper 3.5 inch bays?
I don't mean those side mount riotworthyword pieces of censorted
I'm half jokingly tempted to just suggest drilling your own mounting holes
@JourneymanGeek nup. Just lots of space
does your PSU have enough plugs?
just put them on top of the CD drive
@JourneymanGeek yep, three extra PSU connectors. Two extra SATA connectors on MB.
easier than my old dell then ;)
3:14 PM
@JourneymanGeek yeah I was worried about having to get a PCI card for the disks
And honestly on top of DVD drive should work perfectly, lmao
So what cool stuff can I use the PCIE_X1 and PCI ports for?
eh I've hardly used mine
I'd love a RAID card for storage, but I can't find a decent one on Amazon India.
Oh, there's an extra USB header connector on the MB
How do I tell if it's a USB2 or USB3 header?
Not really worth it on that case
@rahuldottech they're fundamentally different
Q: Usb 2.0 header into 3.0 on case

user552114I have a USB 2.0 header on my motherboard so can I plug that into my 3.0 port on the front of my case? I'm not sure if it'll work and don't want to spend £100 on my case and motherboard and have it not work since it is my first,budget build.

@rahuldottech there's actually a post with both headers ;p
3:24 PM
Yeah I also saw your answer here superuser.com/questions/587895/…
These appear to be USB2
@JourneymanGeek :( I can't afford a better case or mobo or PC for at least four years
Till I'm done with college
@rahuldottech drives also cost money
as do raid cards
@JourneymanGeek I have two new SSDs already.
And I can save a few k. But not enough for a new computer.
@JourneymanGeek hm. How about a WiFi card at least, lol?
I went with USB
(actually something I need more of)
3:27 PM
I could get this
Since I have headers anyway
oh lol
I have one of those
I cannot remember where it came from
I probably should install it at some point
Honestly? Right now I have 2 wifi adaptors, a really cheap single band N and a USB 3,0 AC one that was pricier
I've not owned a pci wireless card in ages
I use something like this a lot
don't laugh
@JourneymanGeek I'll have lots of USB peripherals on this PC, so... I might as well use the PCI? Is there a disadvantage?
@rahuldottech cost I guess
3:30 PM
@JourneymanGeek about the same as a good USB card
the low end of the USB wifi price range is looooow
~USD 8 for the one I linked above
@JourneymanGeek oh I've used those a lot too, lmao
also I use it to troubleshoot
Can the ones I've marked in pencil be broken off?
Because otherwise idk how I'll get both the USB one and the WiFi one to fit
they're meant to be
its a cheap way to avoid proper slot covers
3:35 PM
Hmmm okay thanks
those things can be sharp though
so exercise caution
Lol, I'd use this, except I actually want a DVD drive
I also need a floppy drive, but I guess I'll get a USB one since there's no place to fit it in here.
Also no mobo floppy connector as far as I can see
About the cooling situation...
There's only one fan in the back
And a vent in the front
No extra fan connectors either on the mobo, afaict
and the PSU
that's all you really need
@JourneymanGeek hm? I'm lost. I think a message or two might not have come through.
The PSU and one fan is basically the ATX minimum for cooling
3:49 PM
Can I go beyond the minimum?
This is the front of the case with the plastic plate taken off rahul.party/files/20190718_211951-8793.jpg
Practically... Eh
Maybe. There's molex to fan adaptors if you just want.more air all the time
@JourneymanGeek no molex available here
There's one extra SATA power connector tho
There's one molex to SATA x2 out of which one is being used by the DVD drive
Another molex to SATA x3 - one being used by HDD, two that I plan on using with SSDs
That leaves one extra
4:04 PM
Fan splitters?
@JourneymanGeek I'll have to do reverse SATA to Molex → Molex to Fan
oh my god this stuff is so much fun
Sara Chipps on July 18, 2019

“Caustic community for new users. There is no excuse for not being kind!”  – 6 years coding

“It feels too scary and unaccessible for new developers” – 3 years coding

“People could be less brutal” – 6 years coding

“The attitude is not beginner friendly. Askers are expected to have done a lot of research before asking a question (re: both question format and content), even if they are completely new to the community or topic. Not everyone can understand or even know to look for documentation when they’re completely new to programming.” – 12 years coding experience  …

Hmm. SATA to Molex to the SAS connector, plugged into a SATA drive ?
@Hennes wait what
4:50 PM
re your rahuldottech @JourneymanGeek I'll have to do reverse SATA to Molex → Molex to Fan
SATA -> Molex, then the molex in the SAS cable.
An the SAS cable to the SATA drive
And no, SAS data + separate power was not an option. The cable supplied both data and power
5:26 PM
Okay so idk what to do
Can't install driver unless card is connected
And if card is connected, then neither onboard graphics nor GPU video out work
What am I supposed to do now.
I tried hotplugging the GPU in after booting into windows
But that caused a BSOD
cc @jou
1 hour later…
6:40 PM
6:50 PM
someone halp
idk how to get this computer to work
7:07 PM
Hot plugging GPU? 0_o
If you're installing a GPU, could you remote in via VNC?
Or is it the network dealie that's causing the BSOD?
7:18 PM
@bertieb hmm. that might work.
will try tomorrow
7:45 PM
no probz
\o/ remember how my wife had a weird account that would crash HSBC cash machines?
Well turns out, I've broke them too! I can't transfer money in / out of these accounts, but I can see them :/
8:05 PM
speaking of banks
my bank won't accept username@domain.tech as a valid address
8:46 PM
"TLDs can't have 4 letters!" -Your bank, probably.
@rahuldottech Check in your BIOS to see if there's a Default Graphics Adapter setting. Normally you'll have an option for Onboard or IGP. Make sure it's set to Onboard.
1 hour later…
9:52 PM
@MichaelFrank I b roke their systems when I set a 9 character password via the app once
the website only allowed 8 inputs
I've run into you can have any length you want, but we only check the first 8 before.
Because office furniture must be expensive.
2 hours later…
11:55 PM
@bclarkreston I think you’re going to struggle to find anyone who’s actually dropped fossilised sharks teeth out a Cessna 172 in cremation bags. — Tim 27 mins ago

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