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12:00 AM
I can't really answer most of those questions, but the answer is likely 'no'. There's a lot more going on with application installs.
If they are Steam games, you can copy the steamapps/common (I think that's it) folder and drag it back.
@salbeira Backing up Appdata is probably a good idea though.
12:40 AM
Something is seriously broken with one of the telco towers nearby...
On one network I get: -110dBm / 0-1 asu / UMTS
and on the other I get: -97dBm / 43 asu / 4G
2 hours later…
2:58 AM
Booting into a cmd from the install stick I was able to remove the pending.xml
removing that I was able to repair the component system with sfc and dism
Doing that allowed me to finally install the 1903 update
Well done!
3:30 AM
heh. I might want to try that ;p
@JourneymanGeek ^
4:17 AM
if you make an image of a disk in macrium and restore it to another hard drive, does macrium copy the flag for active/boot partition from the active/boot partition? or do i have to use something like gparted for that?
4:29 AM
@barlop I think it does
3 hours later…
7:35 AM
@salbeira now post this whole thing on the site, and self answer with all the steps we've tried.
7:46 AM
^ this please
I might throw in a bounty if it actually works for me ;p
8:10 AM
8:22 AM
@tereško hm?
9:02 AM
2 hours later…
11:32 AM
@JourneymanGeek I just checked in gparted, and interestingly macrium didn't copy the 100MB partition... what it did was it has given me, a 101.98MB unallocated space, followed by the partition with all the stuff on it, followed by an unallocated space. I thought I imaged the disk and picked restore disk. But it didn't do that.. maybe I didn't , who knows.
But if I had selected just the partition with all the stuff, it's interesting that it put it in around the same location on the destination disk
11:49 AM
How can I see Clippy in chat?
Okay. It still works. Cool.
12:33 PM
it sounds like you restored the partition only @barlop
but it's preserved the partition sizing info, because otherwise that'd be useless too
12:46 PM
Is there any way to recreate the 100MB partition for a Win7 installation to be detected, without a Windows USB? e.g. can Hirens do it?
1:15 PM
That'd be a good question for the main site, I don't know.
user image
1:47 PM
@salbeira what a beautifully detailed question and answer
1:58 PM
@salbeira Thanks for following through on that :)
cc @JourneymanGeek
hey guys, I have a dell inspiron 16 GB , 1TB Win10 laptop... I have internet download manager, when I go to task manager it shows that IDM is hogging 10Mbps of bandwidth, but in IDM itself download speed is barely excwwding 900kbps, am I missing something here?
Julia Silge on October 16, 2019



years of professional coding experience,

what kind of coding work you do, and

the technologies you use professionally.










@SamIbraheem Bits vs bytes maybe?
2:57 PM
oH GOOD, I fdound out what was causing my cronjobs to fail
they were failing..... because they were running
3:29 PM
3:55 PM
some how all the cronjobs, had been copied to .txt files in the cron jobs directories
and because cron didn't care what the file was named, it was running both, at the same time
4:44 PM
Good to know! None of my cron jobs have a file extension at all
5:16 PM
Linux (and Unix systems generally) don't really care about filename extensions.
The canonical way to determine file type is through the file(1) command.
@bwDraco Yes, I know Linux doesn't care, but a lot of software that requires files of a certain format expect a file extension (i.e. *.conf vs *.cnf)
Desktop environments may care about the extension. The system internally doesn't care.
Beat me to it :P
(to a degree, Windows does, but that's less of an issue)
Windows only cares so it knows how to open a document
Otherwise, it's up to the damn developers
5:22 PM
(technically, under Windows, it's the shell's responsibility to process the filename extension, and that's usually either Windows Explorer, cmd, or PowerShell; the NT kernel doesn't really care)
...welp. VirtualBox just got updated yesterday.
3 hours later…
8:14 PM
Did it break?
8:35 PM
No, things still work as before :p
@bertieb ^^ still sorting music :D
I have no clue how far through I am either :/
> tim@musha ~ $ find ./media/sorted_music/ -type f -print | wc -l
tim@musha ~ $ find ./media/music/ -type f -print | wc -l
Oh, lord.
9:05 PM
Right, cleaned up some albums I really don't care about
now down to....9862 total
hah that's hardly helped.
I blame @bertieb
9:41 PM
How much music do you have?! :P
10:13 PM
> Everyone rags on the US for using imperial, but can we talk for a second about how weird we are here in the UK for using both inconsistently?

You buy a pint of milk or beer, but a litre of coke and 25ml of whiskey

People know how many miles to the gallon their cars get, but you buy fuel at pence per litre.

You watch the weather forecast and the temperature is in Celsius but the wind speed is in miles per hour

Most people can tell you their weight in kilograms, and their height in feet, and if they can't give you kilograms they can probably give you stone instead, which is even older t
We just use metric (well, SI) everywhere :)
Except temps. We don't do Kelvin, for obvious reasons.
...didn't we have this conversation a few weeks back!?
I'm sure I remember those exact words
Yeah we did, lol
Thank goodness
I couldn't find anything obvious in search
And thought it was another Maurice moment
A search for "thermometers" brings it up
10:48 PM
11:03 PM
How long should it take to make an image of a 250GB SSD to USB? If it takes 1hr 30min is that a long time?
This is the second night in a row my internet has dropped out after midnight
Curiouser and curiouser...
Looking at ping graph it seems last night it was pretty much exactly an hour
Guess there's a maintenance window
11:39 PM
@barlop I would expect it to take about that long.

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