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1:22 AM
@JourneymanGeek There's precedent! meta.superuser.com/questions/5930/…
1:37 AM
Oh, @TomWijsman changed his gravatar
Me internet died?
Nah, all gud
1:53 AM
@djsmiley2k: correction: Firefox Quantum release date is in November, not October.
Not sure how I mixed the dates up.
A: The MetroSE Sandboxing Question/Answer

rahuldottech💩 Sorry, had to be done...

2:11 AM
@BenN, @bwDraco — do you want to chuck those other suggestions into github issues?
Kinda busy right now, give me a few moments...
@bwDraco no rush
@rahuldottech It is a ... shitty post
@JourneymanGeek rather crappy, eh?
I mean... I just dumped what was on my mind
A rather dirty mind
soiled and stuff
2:21 AM
@rahuldottech "shit-for-brains" has just taken on a new meaning :P
@BenN I'm beginning to feel maybe I should just use the API
otherwise Stack Exchange turns into a teapot
2:44 AM
dammit. I have to wait 5 mins :P
2:56 AM
Oh my god...
That was brilliant
I've never seen a TV show handle an awkward situation this well
If anyone ever needs a laugh or mood uplifting, go watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine
20 minute episodes guaranteed to take you straight outta unhappiness
3:25 AM
bleh, my last set of edits isn't far down enough the front page yet
sudden craving
3:43 AM
@JourneymanGeek lol. unfortunately a timer-based script won't help there. I was actually thinking of adding a "at least X other posts" option :P
but the more immediate problem I'm running into is auth :\
@Bob whatisthat whatareyoudoing iwantin
Q: TrickleEdit: Queuing edits to prevent flooding

Bob Is there a thing to queue edits and automatically apply them slowly (assuming there hasn't been a preempting edit)? — Ben N on chat Let's write a script! StackApps (placeholder): https://stackapps.com/questions/7617/trickleedit-queuing-edits-to-prevent-flooding-placeholder Repo: https://g...

3:59 AM
@rahuldottech ???
@JourneymanGeek Sorry, I thought I found a bug
Then turns out it was...
4:25 AM
@rahuldottech what about it?
also, looks like ava didn't load. Happens
4:44 AM
@JourneymanGeek Doesn't loading on reload either
And I've been seeing this a lot the past couple hours
(lot=4 times)
> German companies are sometimes identified by the initials, AG, which means "Aktiengesellschaft" ("stock company"), or GmbH, "Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung, ("company with limited liability").
@Bob This happens when the CSRF token is missing (source)
Does the extension need to more thoroughly mimic the user opening the edit window?
Huh... I was just wündering what GmbH meant today while downloading Teamviewer
But it might be easier and more reliable in the long run to switch to the API
@Bob Will do, in the morning :)
5:02 AM
@BenN I'm kinda torn, because I can currently capture the FormData as-is and replay it. Very simple.
Using the API would require an OAuth flow
@BenN That's what I thought but AFAICT the fkey seems correct. Except my user ends up logged out.
<== confused
Does the extension need the cookies permission?
That's a thing for Chrome extensions IIRC
@BenN I'm currently testing within devtools' network monitor.
Cookies are definitely being sent.
Ah, are there any other differences?
I'm effectively replaying the same request (fkey doesn't change, doesn't seem to need to).
The replay works if done immediately after.
@BenN Also, on fkeys, Cavil scapes it off the chat page and uses it.
AFAIK Cavil uses the same key for his entire lifetime.
Indeed, the PS chatbot does the same
5:06 AM
@Bob I awoke on Fri, 22 Sep 2017 16:43:07 GMT (that's about 6 days ago), got invoked 70 times, learned 1 commands
Maybe the chat key lasts longer
Approximately how long after getting the form data does it fail? I'm trying to see if I can repro this
@BenN ...rough guess, 1-2h. but I can't repro now.
It was kinda random.
Hm. I'd guess that the fkey changed, but I need to zzz soon
@BenN Should also note, I was logged out after. Not sure if as a consequence of the teapotting.
5:18 AM
That is weird. Might your IP have changed in between?
@BenN nope, I'm proxying through a server with a fixed IP
Probably the fkey then; I'll see if mine is different in the morning
ah, there was text in the response:
Suspicious request

Sorry, your request could not be completed because it looked suspicious. If you meant to perform an action on Meta Super User, please return to the previous page and try again.
Yup, CSRF protection
@BenN yea, probably
5:22 AM
I just realized that I'll need to implement CSRF protection myself for the (unrelated) web app I'm starting
That seems like the kind of thing web frameworks could handle automagically
@BenN Many of them do :P
@rahuldottech Aktiengesellschaft sounds painful, and something you need a doctor for.
5:48 AM
... the BFR seems really cool
@JourneymanGeek ?
@Bob the proposed new spacex rocket
Big F____ing Rocket?
Totally reusable, 2 stage rocket bigger than the saturn, and allegedly cheaper than anything else for the payload
also. Looks... cool
6:00 AM
@JourneymanGeek pfft, tell me when they have a rocket bigger than the saturn :D
@Bob biggest rocket humanity's built. Sadly... we never followed it up since.
@JourneymanGeek the joke is the saturn refers to the planet :P
As long as it ain't bigger than uranus...
also theverge.com/2017/9/29/16383048/… intra planetary transport by space ship...
which is cool too
but that won't make sense unless they have VERY short turnaround times on the rockets.
7:13 AM
@Bob This is what I originally read too ;)
7:36 AM
The orville is an odd show
Its a terrible comedy, but its actually a pretty good seriousish sci fi show...
Has anyone watched 'The Tick' on Amazon video?
I need something new to t watch, currently i'm watching glass making videos from the Corning Musuem of Glass...
not yet
I have no clue what it's about tbh, but as they are pushing it quite hard, it maybe worth a watch I figure.
looks good
8:19 AM
@JourneymanGeek I'd normally jump in, but I don't want to mess up with se :P
so a fair bit of planning and research
eh, There's a good reason why I made sure the CMs knew ;p
not sure if the whole scrape and submit thing is allowed though
if nothing else, they will tell us, to tell you. Less stress like that
they probably want us to use the api
pretty much suspect that's the case
8:21 AM
oh well, non-api lets me a poc up faster
@JourneymanGeek what's the case?
that they prefer people to use the API ;p
that's why its there
@JourneymanGeek eh... everything about it seems more targeted towards external apps and server-side
@Bob well, it was primarily written for SE app I think...
I'm acting within the context of the browser
i donno. You know how little I know about software development ;p
8:41 AM
work so too quiet, i don't like it.
8:52 AM
@Bob Yes, 2 months ago
1 hour later…
9:59 AM
when you choose 'NAT' in VirtualBox, it doesn't let you choose which interface to place it behind? ;/
But it does when you choose bridge, grrr
1 hour later…
11:05 AM
@djsmiley2k I think you can from the virtual network editor
Briding is purely per-VM
NAT creats a global NAT interface, and then you assign it per-VM
there's no option to choose which interface/vlan I want it to sit on
I have 4 vlans connected on this machine... so I definately need to select the right one
I might be remembering VMware
> 9.11.4. Binding NAT sockets to a specific interface
> 9.11.4. Binding NAT sockets to a specific interface

By default, VirtualBox's NAT engine will route TCP/IP packets through the default interface assigned by the host's TCP/IP stack. (The technical reason for this is that the NAT engine uses sockets for communication.) If, for some reason, you want to change this behavior, you can tell the NAT engine to bind to a particular IP address instead. Use the following command:

VBoxManage modifyvm "VM name" --natbindip1 ""
Do VBoxManage commands work on windows o_O
hmmm nope o_O
@djsmiley2k Of course they do
You just need to either add the dir to PATH or use the absolute path
11:10 AM
ah rugh
Q: VirtualBox - Bind to specific VLAN/Interface for NAT purposes

djsmiley2kOn my machine I have 4 Vlans on a single interface, and when setting up networks in the GUI of Virtualbox I can see no way to choose which interface it will sit 'behind' when I create a NAT, or tell it to use NAT for a single VM. The manual at Virtual Box NAT Configuration states I should use ...

If you wanna answer @Bob else I'll self answer shortly
@djsmiley2k I ain't gonna turn down free rep :D
@djsmiley2k Oh wait you already listed it in the Q. Never mind :P
sure, hense why I offered :P
I already used half ur answer
no, you told me HOW to run the command
The answer will just be "use the correct path" :P
You might as well self-answer
11:13 AM
*goes afk*
k weird
http doesn't work still
not the proxy either :/
/me confuse
oh, urgghghdghsh
/me facedesks
12:14 PM
@djsmiley2k mi actually
fair enuf
12:50 PM
> >>
1:06 PM
@Avery If you're ever feeling down... Go watch Brooklyn nine-nine. Short, sweet, hilarious episodes
and if you like that
youtube for 'thelonelyisland'
Also Terry Crews is awesome too
Jess Pardue on September 29, 2017

By now you’ve probably heard about Stack Overflow’s commitment to making remote work, well… work. If not, you can read about it here, here, and a whole page of links here. Seriously, we care about it a LOT. At Stack Overflow we want to hire the best person for the job, even if that person is in Salt Lake City, Utah; Berlin, Germany; or Sao Paolo, Brazil. Promoting remote work promotes diversity, and we are committed to improving both.

However, this isn’t going to be another article about why we believe in remote work. I’m here to tell you about how we pull the whol …

1:29 PM
@Blogbot makes me laugh concidering how every job i've seen them advertise is based at one of the offices...
1:58 PM
sup @Burgi
its such a chore trying to get steam quake to run
you get two options, software render quake which is stuck in 320xsomething too small
or glQuake which crashes immediately
@djsmiley2k Depends on the team I think
Sales is heavily office bound.
Everyone else.. less so.
@Burgi that kinda sucks
2:18 PM
apparently you need to get a 3rd party render engine to get it to work
which sort of defeats the point of buying the game in the fracking first place
Other than the WADs
i am wondering if the GOG version is better
GOG probably runs on dosbox or something
which won't have 3D acceleration
@JohnCarmack stop playing with stupid VR headsets and work with Bethesda to launch a version of Quake that works on win10
.... I feel dumb.
2:26 PM
I just worked out how to get tamplermonkey working on this
It works with chrome addons, and the web sidebars are a useful thing
how so?
i remember them being a thing in FF3 and never quite figuring out wtf they are for
@Burgi it emulates mobile mode so I can shove chat in a side bar in the same window
2:32 PM
based on viewport size i guess
@JourneymanGeek This was for CM's I think
actually no, it reports itself as a mobile browser I think
@djsmiley2k almost all the CMs are remote.
@JourneymanGeek what render engine does it use?
hmmm ok
god knows what I saw then
2:34 PM
@Burgi blink I think, but not sure about the web-console bits
anyways :D
@Burgi its very nice for persistant "tabs" too
are they like pinned tabs in chrome/ff?
not quite
User Agent
Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; Android 6.0.1; SM-G920F Build/MMB29K) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/59.0.3071.90 Mobile Safari/537.36 Vivaldi/1.91.867.38
That's the useragent for the sidebar
i wish they would standardise the useragent string
2:38 PM
I think it identifies as a samsung ;p
can i get a link to the tavern on the meta? or a invite?
Its on the MSE chat server
I don't have blue powers there
why doesn't it show up in my room list :/
is this some se hackery again?
Its a different chat server
2:42 PM
I mostly hang around there cause its useful for SE gossip ;p
One of the guys there keeps an eye on movements within SE
> We've a short text (about 520 words) that needs translation to Russian, Polish and Turkish. Will pay $5 per language. Need this finished in few hours. Only experienced natives.
from what, english?
@DavidPostill Remember this question: superuser.com/q/981956/191162 ? Check the answer once.
yay! got quake working!
3:04 PM
well that was possibly expected @TheLittleNaruto
never fail to estimate dodgy hardware cabability to make things 'weird'
yeah at that time I couldn't figure out
nice of you to come back and explain it
Thank you :)
3:19 PM
its really annoying that google can't tell that i am on holiday this week is still giving me traffic updates
google is till giving me time to my old job
Kicks @JourneymanGeek and runs away quickly...
leaves gift in @TheLittleNaruto's shoes.
leaved shoes behind as gifts sound suspicious
the gift isn't the shoes. Its in the shoes.
3:26 PM
its warm (initially) and soft
ikr? But I was too quick to think
The second half is a WIP, but once that's done... it'd be pretty easy to implement browser-in-a-sidebar.
Yo Bob
(It's actually doable now but then the remote page gets privileged access, which is a big no-no...)
3:33 PM
I want split window browsing
I dont understand why i can't have it
@Bob this does work natively. Right now
because I want chat on my screen, but near the bottom
Oh, others want to do a tile pages/tabs addon too => bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1318532
time to join netflix for star trek
3:34 PM
Kicks @Bob out of universe for ignoring my greetings
@JourneymanGeek eh, just pointing it out as something I'll probably implement at some point once the APIs exist
@djsmiley2k this only does left and right
@TheLittleNaruto Huh, did you say something?
Yes Sir, Just "Yo"
Like this, but in a single browser window
@JourneymanGeek sigh
3:38 PM
why would anyone choose the non-HD version of netflix?
lower b/w?
they are blind and only listen?
@TheLittleNaruto :(
Morning @Bob! I left some comments on the GitHub issues
4:08 PM
@BenN replied :P
I was reading them on my phone
I wonder who uses their phone the most per day among our group here
Ah, I didn't know local storage was synced, that's neat
I mainly use it for teleconferences as an actual phone when I'm really focused on work, especially at home
What's the minimum iPhone number you could use to complete the tasks you do with your smartphone? :P
teleconferences: original iPhone
checking gmail: original iPhone
basic web searches to find out a store's hours: original iPhone
playing KOTOR: maybe iPhone 4S or 5
@BenN The one in the page context is not. The one in the webextensions context has three views: local, synced and managed (e.g. AD)
@allquixotic Web browsing with Firefox: N/A iPhone
Also, your original iPhone isn't gonna manage to find out store hours for most sores
they tend to be alarmingly heavy pages
apparently it's a good idea to chuck an embedded map into the mobile view
← doesn't do very much web development
4:22 PM
@BenN lol, all the webext stuff is new to me too
4:49 PM
my "web development": <a href ... and a few jquery hacks
something odd is happening
one of my screens keeps going black
1 hour later…
6:13 PM
Life is weird, man
WTF man
My sister changes the netflix password every time she's pissed
man man man
FWIW you can still use my netflix acc
@Avery Nah, it's cool, I'll get one of my own
@Avery $150 for recovering hijacked wordpress site seems decent?
Should I ask for more?
@rahuldottech I guess
did you see that one job about social media follower count thing?
I sent a 240usd offer to that
budget was 500
if I don't get it then i'll go cray cray
@Avery no, but sounds cool
@Avery Wow, best of luck
I mean
I'd be down to it at 50usd
hell, 20usd.
This... is just JavaScript
that's simple as heck, probably
@Avery It is!
6:34 PM
I don't want to say it so clearly
because anytime I say that it bites me in the back
Yeah, figures
6:53 PM
@Burgi Loose monitor cable?
My laptop is doing that and I'm afraid it'll have to be partially disassembled to right that
@Avery Should't these people be looking for a fashion designer and not a photoshop dude? upwork.com/o/jobs/browse/?sort=renew_time_int%2Bdesc
@rahuldottech wrong link?
7:39 PM
my graphics card used to do it
on my PC
turned out to be a dodgy hdmi cable
@BenN not sure, might need to update my drivers
8:15 PM
/me looks at burgi
9:06 PM
@djsmiley2k Sadly, I am not familiar with Child of Light. If you need help with a game, you might want to try The Bridge.
yeah i'km mthere too
this game is slightly broken..
Be sure to save the stream so that you have something to point to if you need to ask on Arqade.
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