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12:05 AM
This was linked on the tcr slack... stackoverflow.com/jobs/142155/…
12:37 AM
@JourneymanGeek, I wonder if that's to pick up the slack left by a certain recently-arrested IT consultant (wnd.com/2017/07/…)
1:13 AM
linux zfs ate my ram :(
1:41 AM
2 hours later…
3:52 AM
I'd go for the 'how can we tell if she's made of wood? Build a bridge out of her' (Monty Python and the Holy Grail) approach. Clip a TO220 package or a power resistor to the side panel, and see how hot it gets for various powers. — Neil_UK yesterday
That's the best way to say "try it and find out" I've heard
4:18 AM
microsoft pls
Asker: "I do X and Y doesn't happen."
MS guy: "When you do X then Y should happen."
2 hours later…
6:02 AM
@BenN okey :)
6:56 AM
@Bob you seem supprised...
this is most of the questions asked there.
'See page where it explains that X causes Y!'
'I heard if you Do Z, Y sometimes randomly happens, althought it shouldn't!'
@djsmiley2k I'm not surprised. I complain about it like once a month :P
7:19 AM
5 laptops, accross the estate
all got stuck 'starting up' -- i.e. they show 'Please wait...' and nothing else, on the windows screen, prior to login.
Eventually the login box appears, they press ctrl alt del, and it's just a blank screen - no actual box for details...
these 5 laptops are all the same manufacturer, maybe even the same model. I'm sensing a driver update...
@andrewbstiles if it was physically possible to have sex with this TV I.. uh.. I'd take it on long, romantic walks
7:51 AM
@bob there was a squashed fox on the road this morning :(
i hope you didn't know them
@Burgi D:
the good news is it was flat enough to pop in an envelope and post back to australia if it was a relative
8:23 AM
speaking of spam...
mails a squashed spammer to @Burgi
also worth a read. (Yes, I have an answer, but this is a network side change)
A: Fixing comments in 5 minutes. Intrigued? Let's discuss

Journeyman GeekFor main sites - yeah, this mostly feels like a good idea. I'd suggest a few small tweaks. For a question that one asks themselves - "Ask for clarification" makes no sense. It might as such make a little more sense to rename "provide clarification" there instead. In a sense, if we're going to t...

> We have found that emails are being blocked by some of our clients, if they include links which do not point to genuine websites.
I... what?
8:48 AM
@djsmiley2k I'm familiar with that
what's the point of that?
Our emails were blocked by a client because our HTML signature included a shortened link to Google Maps. Their servers did not like that
I understand maybe stripping out the 1 pixel files which show if something was read...
@OliverSalzburg EXACTLY what happened here
They don't want links in their emails
So strip em out.... don't just block the email -_-
8:49 AM
If a page excessively redirects, they treat that as a malware disguise
And they rather block the whole thing
It's excessive, but apparently effective
Sounds like it's a specific product doing it...
Finding the cause was a real WTF though :P
but in the above case, the email we got says make sure they go somewhere
I mean, who would assume that :P
in this case the links do go somewhere, heh
yeah, well you know the 5 acer laptops that stopped booting into windows?
it's a symantec issue...
8:51 AM
@djsmiley2k Seems like I missed that
we had 5 acer laptops, all crashed, and upon rebooting couldn't get to the windows login, or once the 'press ctrl alt del' window appears, it wouldn't do anything more.
we are getting a sophos firewall installed today
'acer' there's your problem....
9:16 AM
@JourneymanGeek Blackbriar - Deadly Nightshade 🎶
2 hours later…
11:13 AM
@Rahul2001 a bunch of my orders arrived
100x led, serial cable, sata caddy (wrong size-- proper size should arrive in a couple days), usb to sata cable and some of the soldering tin I ordered. Didn't expect them to arrive so soon!
@Avery sweet what you plannin on building?
I've some simular things, but no idea what to build
I keep wanting to do some kind of counter on my computer, or alert screen that shows some kind of text alerts...
But I get distracted, or just don't have enough time.
right, walk time, back in 20 or so
11:26 AM
I'm looking to upgrading my PC with a second hard drive (hence caddy and sata cable), and I sometimes need to serial in to pi and have no way to, and I need solder to... solder stuff. I have some iron that's shipping too, also some cream and some thinner tin.
stuff being "IoT stuff"
Bye :(
11:42 AM
@Avery soldering tin?
I have a huge bag of assorted components I've barely touched... might've gone a bit overboard in ordering those assorted resistors/capacitors/LEDs/transistors
@Avery Which iron?
A nice cheapo station => hobbyking.com/en_us/…
my nasty cheapo iron works, tho I don't have a working stand for it
tho tbh it's only ever been on less than 10 times...
do this ;D
I can't find my pics of my actual project at the end :/
Q: How can I allow a user to send from an address belonging to a distribution group?

Oliver SalzburgI have a distribution group that has the address sales@contoso.com associated with it. I now want a member of that group to be able to send emails using that email address. I added the address in Outlook, but when I send an email, Exchange complains that the user is not authorized to use the add...

One less problem :P
@Bob a cheapo iron, one that makes me hope that I don't get shocked
@Avery Ah... I migrated off a cheapo iron to the above linked station. Was so much nicer having a temperature control on it.
And it cost less than the (locally-purchased) cheapo iron -_-
I'm a fan of nasty cheapo irons ;p
tho I've been debating getting this chinese cheapo fancy soldering iron
11:59 AM
Okay, now I went through all that crap with the email address to find out that you can't use it for bulk-emails send through Word WTF
There is a serious chance of a Falling Down like scenario happening today
@OliverSalzburg Why are you using Word to send bulk emails? Hammer meet screwdriver :)
@DavidPostill I am not
And it's a feature of Word in case you're not aware of it
mail merge?
@OliverSalzburg I suppose you are referring to Mail Merge?
I'm not the one using it
And it's "Seriendruck in Email" in German
12:08 PM
@OliverSalzburg lol. Google translate thinks that is Swedish. Bork bork bork!
anyone have any idea how to tell which edition a Win10 install is, from a copied partition?
We just using a different mailbox/address now. You apparently still have to make the new mailbox your default mail account and tell Outlook to always use the default account (otherwise it keeps using the old one)
It's really annoying that people bring these problems to me even though I know jack about the whole thing :P
lol. So you were blaming Word when it was an Outlook problem :)
@DavidPostill Well, I blame both :D
windows... why you no open visio documents properly :/
12:21 PM
@djsmiley2k Without Visio installed?
A: How can I allow a user to send from an address belonging to a distribution group?

Oliver SalzburgFirst of all, you're going to want to assign Send-As permissions to the user. This can either be done through PowerShell or MMC. 1a) Assign Send-As Permissions through PowerShell Enter the following command into PowerShell on the Exchange server. Add-ADPermission -Identity "CONTOSO Sales" -Use...

Now it has the full details :P
I knew I was missing a step. Luckily PS was still open on the Exchange server ;D
12:40 PM
If it falls below 20% full, my bag turns red and I start to panic.
1:00 PM
@XKCD I'm this person
1:16 PM
new footer seems to be out
what footer?
for the main site
its somewhat less cluttered
1:33 PM
What is the minimum size of a mechanical crank (and how hard would you have to crank it) to generate enough energy, say, into a capacitor (to smooth out the incoming load) that could keep an iPhone 7 Plus from discharging its battery while continuously using it for Web and Youtube?
@allquixotic I think its a bit more complex than that
Well it'd also depend on the RPMs and the torque and etc I suppose
But I'm referring to something a human could crank by hand
1:48 PM
@allquixotic I carry this nuclear powerstation, and then I start to glow green...
@allquixotic how about cycling?
@djsmiley2k Legs are just more powerful hands :P
@allquixotic you get wind up torches and radios
@Burgi .. but they use hardly any power compared to a phone which heats up your hand and pocket!
if you are camping just use the car charger
Next Hour: Drizzle starting in 50 min. No precipitation anywhere in the area.
It'd be nice if it'll tell me when it's past too...
@allquixotic allegedly there's these cheap tiny chinese handcrank chargers...
or you could find a handcrankable radio with a USB outlet...
or solar panels
2:22 PM
You cannot delete the system partition, boot partition, or any partition
that contains the active paging file or crash dump (memory dump) filed.
typo in diskpart :P
If you feel strongly about it, you can correct the problem with a hex editor in \Windows\System32\en-us\diskpart.exe.mui :p
Offset 0x23484 on Windows 10 1703 x64
> With the retirement of Windows Vista, we are finally in a situation where all supported versions of Windows come with PowerShell.
> So maybe, if you're lucky, you may be able to declare the end of the era of suffering with batch files.
> Nobody actually enjoys batch programming
2:30 PM
Also technically, you don't have to change an administrative setting to run PS scripts - Set-ExecutionPolicy with -Scope CurrentUser does the job for one user without requiring elevation
@BenN Yeah, because PS scripts are so effing awesome to write :P
@BenN I just have a batch file that runs powershell -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -File blah.ps1 :P
That works too :)
The default execution policy is ... stupid
Also, everything about this is horrifying
2:36 PM
That syntax is fairly memorable
if you're writing it every day maybe
2:51 PM
I suppose I should have said "memorable compared to the other incantations on that page" :p
bye folks
3:16 PM
hmmmmmmmmm stp is weird
oh powershell my favourite topic
3:42 PM
that was my cat me
catlike typing detected
@allquixotic deploy a flower
whos' good with cisco?
if you've manually set a cost value for a vlan, so that spanning tree doesn't jump elsewhere with the route....
would it ever automatically change?
oh I know this!
the FBI is good with cisco as they have hacked into their switches. do I win something?
stop trolling or i'll deploy the goats
ha what makes you think Im not one of them
bye Burgie ♥ bye djsmiley bye allquixotic bye David bye Ben see you next time, have a great day
4:11 PM
@allquixotic lol
I love the Oatmeal
Oatmeal is yummy.
But seriously now; although they using a bizarre, oftentimes gross and over-the-top humor, they have a lot of thoughtful and intelligent content.
This one is good too: theoatmeal.com/comics/running
4:46 PM
he;s raised so much moneys for charity/good causes
@allquixotic imgur.com/HowKvX1
A+++ for coping with odd english ways of mixing up metric and imperial measurements
Wait, C is metric, right?
@djsmiley2k I remember once he was being sued for tens of thousands, for a ridiculous cause, he raised the money, then took a picture with piles of cash, sent the picture to the lawyer and the money to charity.
@djsmiley2k meters are metric.
Celsius is the ISU
The International System of Units (abbreviated as SI) is the modern form of the metric system, and is the most widely used system of measurement. It comprises a coherent system of units of measurement built on seven base units. The system also establishes a set of twenty prefixes to the unit names and unit symbols that may be used when specifying multiples and fractions of the units. The system was published in 1960 as a result of an initiative that began in 1948. It is based on the metre-kilogram-second system of units (MKS) rather than any variant of the centimetre–gram–second system (CGS). SI...
Bleh. It's Kelvin, not celsius, actually. But Celsius is more popular. :P
5:30 PM
he's been indoctrinated by the Reapers! (cf. third slide)
6:17 PM
@ThatREDACTEDGuy nice, thanks
6:37 PM
Like two dozen different types of screws in a single printer
@ThatREDACTEDGuy omg
6:55 PM
@Rahul2001 What happened?
@ThatREDACTEDGuy I like that comic!
The oatmeal has some great content.
zenpencils.com has also some thoughtful comics.
@allquixotic Googling "reapers video game" got me too many vague results.
TinEye says it's Mass Effect 2.
I might have this game in my way too big steam backlog of consumerist shame.
It's 4 PM! Saturday has arrived! :D
Does anyone know what these connectors are called?
(CC @Bob)
Ribbon cables
:39233083 these are thinner and flatter
7:55 PM
My bot still works? Shocking.
@allquixotic small.
2-3 watts would be enough
You can easily generate 100w with a crank the size of that car starter crank, and over 400w with foot pedals if you're going at it hard.
> A trained cyclist can produce about 400 watts of mechanical power for an hour or more, but adults of good average fitness average between 50 and 150 watts for an hour of vigorous exercise
Heh I can do 400w for about ten seconds
8:44 PM
@CircusCat, I'd really like you to unblock me. A lot has changed over the last several months.
@CircusCat I figured
with my out of shape legs I should still be able to pump enough for a 13" IGP laptop and a phone, no?
(13" MBP)
@JourneymanGeek, yeah, that Meta question was an interesting read, including all of the answers and discussion. I disagreed and posted an answer that I expect will not be popular (all of the even vaguely similar answers were downvoted).
@allquixotic 50w continuously is fairly easy even if you're not fit, yeah
If you're not gaming the laptop would use 10w or so, factoring in conversion losses you'd only need to sustain 20-30w if web browsing and charging your phone.
9:06 PM
I wonder if that's what @CircusCat means by "caaaaaaaaaaaaat" ----^
3 hours later…

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