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2:14 PM
oh joy, race conditions that only occur when you're running at automation speeds are fun
In this case, we have a page which loads a certain part asynchronously, but the page is only pushed to the server side history during the load of the asynchronous part
and in our webtests, directly after we do something which redirects to this page, we open a new page, which also pushes something to the server side history
Q: Expand abbreviated Kingdom Hearts tags

WondercricketThere are two tags under the Kingdom Hearts games which contain the abbreviated title, which were created prior to the increased limit of 35 characters. Can the following tags be renamed? kingdom-hearts-bbs -> kingdom-hearts-birth-by-sleep kingdom-hearts-com -> kingdom-hearts-chain-of-memories

what's happening here is that our webtests don't wait for the asynchronous part to load (which our users will) and opens the new page, but the page still manages to push the asynchronous request to the server between the request for the new page being sent and the response coming back
@Nzall Which your users might do.
Sounds like a bug in the code to be fixed, not an issue with the usage of the page.
My opinion would probably be different if I were responsible for fixing it.
@StrixVaria we're talking about milliseconds here, and the webtests do a url navigation, not a UI navigation
to the point where users can't even do it that fast if they click the button that triggers the redirect and then immediately click a bookmark on their browser
Twinkle, twinkle little lights, won’t you shine in my ship tonight? Festive String Lights are now available on the Frontier Store for all platforms! PC Commanders check them out here: http://ow.ly/rAjf30h67xF Console Commanders, please access the store via your respective console! https://t.co/m23UPWSoy0
I... want this
2:28 PM
Also, can I just say how we mainly found this because we found a way to record our webtests?
Did you ductape a webcam in front of a monitor?
@Unionhawk Note - Cannot be applied to SRV or Ship Launched Fighter cockpits. :(
But I wanted christmas decorations in my SRV...
RIP my srv
I don't have a ship that supports a fighter
@Unionhawk Tbh I haven't played in ages... How much do they cost?
2:33 PM
@Jutschge The cheapest ship that supports a fighter is the Lakon Keelback at 3m
Anaconda, Beluga, Federal Corvette, Federal Gunship, Imperial Cutter, Keelback, and Type-9 Heavy can equip a fighter hangar module
Hmm I currently have an A-Class Python. But I was saving for a Conda.
Meh... I guess that means more space-trucking :P
Honestly Federal Gunship supporting it just makes me want a gunship more
which means heading into federation space
I think I'm halfway in Empire space now, but with ship transport being a thing I should be able to jump farther with my cobra 3 and let someone else bring my vulture to fed space
Vulture jump distance is terrible
Vulture Power managament is terrible imo...
2 large hardpoints on a small ship though
It's a pretty good fighter for it's price but holy crap the power management is a pain. Also if you get hit it's kinda hard to regain control over the ship
2:39 PM
The bigger pain is shield recharge
I often found myself rebooting the whole ship in the middle of a fight lol
If your shields go down on that ship you are not coming back to the fight
@Unionhawk wait, the type-9 heavy support fighter can hold a smaller fighter inside?
Can you have a carrier with a type-9 inside it and then a smaller fighter inside that?
...can a type-9 have ANOTHER type-9 inside it?
Wait what?
I mean the type-9 is pretty massive but I don't think that works
2:41 PM
oh wait
I misread what you said
Nolan approves
as "the Type-9 Heavy Support Fighter" rather than "..., and Type-9 Heavy [all] support fighters"
And so does Leo
aha, yeah
Type-9 is a freighter
2:42 PM
That's way less interesting
And the fighters are all small short range guys
@ToxicFrog I mean you can carry 532 tons of slaves with that thing
It's a profit machine
Trading bores me
I kinda like it... It's relaxing
I mean meh
I enjoy fighting more, but in part because I find supercruise in a fighter more relaxing
2:44 PM
I usually smuggle slaves. It's not as boring as normal trading
Because if I get pulled out in the Vulture, I can kick the dude's ass and be on my way
Also without a shield. Makes the whole thing more exciting (or sometimes frustrating)
The Cobra is less safe
brb, filing a feature request for a fighter that can be equipped with a fighter bay
3:06 PM
Q: armor stand from sitting to standing position

fatieeuhI have made an armor stand sitting down, resting. I let it wake up and look around but now I want to make it stand up. The problem is armor stands don't have elbows or knees and i can't find a way to make it stand up looking ok. Could somebody help me? It would also be helpful if the body isn't ...

@KevinvanderVelden I mean, you'd still need to buy them
So more like finite but unbounded fighters
They're careful about geometry and such, like
they made sure to design the SRV such that it fits in a tiny space
Wrong, you just put fighter 1 into fighter 2, and then put fighter 2 in fighter 1 exploiting bugs so you have INFINITE FIGHTERS
that would be a pretty sweet bug
@StrixVaria Sounds super fun
3:13 PM
@KevinvanderVelden try putting fighter 1 into fighter 2, then putting fighter 2 into fighter 3, then fighter 3 into fighter 1.
Too much work
@Sterno It probably will be despite all that.
@StrixVaria that's the spirit
Also, aren't you gonna make all the other kids sick
Guess that's just a bonus
Q: Can't rearrange vault because of Living Quarters/dweller limit

Tim S.So first of all, I know one obvious solution to this problem is to allow enough dwellers to die so that I can destroy a living quarters, but since they're almost all maxxed out I'd rather not do that if I don't have to... Basically I'm maxxed at 200 dwellers, and because of the tutorial, I had a...

@Fluttershy To this date, I have not seen anyone cosplay as Cuphead's menus.
But yeah, I'm surprised H:ZD didn't win a single award.
3:35 PM
Yeah it's a little weird
I need to play that game
I'm more excited for this than I was for CSD2.
list of games:
- stardew valley
- wolfenstein 2
- shadow of war
- elite
- nier
- horizon zero dawn (not purchased)
- uh
wait, soul calibur is up to 6 now
I have not been paying attention
can confirm horizon zero dawn is great, and my girlfriend has been extremely pleased with nier:A
@Unionhawk that is indeed (mostly) a list of games
Is Horizon Zero Dawn a timed exclusive or a full exclusive?
3:39 PM
Q: Increasing Wasteland Carry Capacity for Stimpacks/Radaway

David of BardstownCurrently when sending dwellers into the Wasteland, the maximum Stimpack and Radaway carry capacity is twenty-five each. Is there a way to raise this capacity? Reading on the GameFAQs forums here and here, the answer at first appears to be "no", but the information is also two years old. However...

Q: Summoning awakened monsters with summoning pieces

JohnIs it possible to summon a 4* monster using summoning pieces. Say you get the 50 pieces for the mermaid HoH, and you go to the Stonehenge, and select her for summoning. Can lightning show and give you a Tetra?

Oh shit it is just on PS4
@Unionhawk yeah, I played it by borrowing her PS4 while visiting
I've been considering getting a PS4 for the exclusives, but I doubt I'll ever get used to playing shooters with a controller
Hi, could someone help me identify this game, this is probably so easy that I won't make a q out of it ...

the title is an acronym; the protagonist is basically a pin-up girl with big guns (similar to Lara Croft), I think there are dragons in the game, it's a late-90s action game I think. Does anything come to mind?
3:53 PM
@FelixDombek No One Lives Forver?
The Operative: No One Lives Forever is a first-person shooter video game with stealth gameplay elements, developed by Monolith Productions and published by Fox Interactive, released for Microsoft Windows in 2000. The game was ported later to the PlayStation 2 and Mac OS X. A story-driven game set in the 1960s, No One Lives Forever has been critically acclaimed for, among other things, its stylistic representation of the era in the spirit of many spy films and television series of that decade, as well as for its humor. Players control female protagonist Cate Archer, who works for a secret organization...
Hm, I know that one, thanks, I think I'm looking for something else
1 message moved to Sandbox
title sounded like DRGG or KRGD or so
3:55 PM
@FelixDombek Good thing you're not making a question out of it, as that would be closed for being of topic.
It was third-person or 1st-person action; similar to tomb raider
@Ave The stupid side
I might have mistaken the dragons part for Drakan
eh, this should be easier to find ^^
to be fair
he looks cute >_>
4:01 PM
@Yuuki Menus? Regardless, the art direction in Cuphead was spot on. They nailed the early 1900s cartoon style to a T.
@StrixVaria Why not Europe?
@Fluttershy Yeah, even the miscolorings in different scenes was intentional
too bad he's... like that
@Unionhawk Still would've liked to see it go to HZD, though... Comparing concept art to actual in game environments revealed virtually zero differences. Their concept art was the game. lol
There we go, I was actually just looking for that lol
4:13 PM
@Yuuki wawha
4:24 PM
@Ave what an idiot
Wait, how did Overwatch win Best E-Sport?
DOTA 2 has their crazy prize pools, CS:GO is on actual network television, and LoL is filling Olympic-sized stadiums in China.
OWL might have done it but idk
@Unionhawk OWL isn't even a thing yet.
It's preseason
Teams are formed
@Yuuki How does anything win game awards?
4:34 PM
Honestly messed up that ARMS didn't win best esport
@Unionhawk Eh, I feel like the judges confused "Best E-Sport" with "Best Game That Is Also An E-Sport".
Because the competitive/professional scene in pretty much every other game in the category (except ARMS Rocket League, I guess) is way better than Overwatch's.
Wait was arms a nominee
Nope, it was Rocket League, whoops.
I was going to say
Like I know Nintendo wants to up their competitive game but
@Unionhawk If they want to win Best E-Sport, they just need to release a new Smash game that year.
4:47 PM
@Yuuki no, because competitive smash will be forever dedicated to melee
yes ugh why is that
Mechanical differences in brawl mainly
@Ave Because it's the one where Fox and Falco are still ridiculous.
4:50 PM
Tripping in particular
And Marth.
In a highly competitive game, a mechanic where rng decides if you're allowed to dash or not is not acceptable
Doesn't explain why SSB4 is being ignored.
IIRC, they removed tripping.
The smash community is...
They are.
I think 4 does see some play
About as conservative and fanatic as a small Alabama town?
4:58 PM
I was going to say a little strange and really dedicated to melee being the best game ever made but
New work phone day wheeeeeee
(fancyass Blackberry running Android 7.1)
so okay vent time
featuring: extra hurty hands.
my mom has some form of anemia, mostly, her hands don't get hot naturally and stuff. I have same symptoms.
I got blood test and it came negative years ago, but the symptoms occurring on every winter in form of HANDS GODDAMN BURNING DUE TO COLD and UNABLE TO MOVE FINGERS DUE TO COLD
@Ave use gloves, fam
they don't really help
5:12 PM
My girlfriend is also extremely good in having stone cold hands, gloves doesn't matter. Herr hands literally turn blue/purple from the cold.
my fingernails were purple the other day
I got extremely scared and stuff
had to hold under hot water for like 5 minutes when showering for them to look not-terrible again
@Ave my sister has something similar, but it's not anemia (lack of red blood cells); it's something else related to blood flow regulation to extremities. I forget the name.
someone said "reynauds"
But the effects are, normally your body reacts to cold extremities by increasing blood flow to them to keep them warm, and only after some threshold is crossed does it reduce blood flow to conserve core temperature
With this, it basically jumps immediately from "slightly cold" to "CUT OFF ALL CIRCULATION TO HANDS AND FEET"
Yes! That's the one.
still gets angry at hospital for just saying "nope you don't have this" and totally ignoring that my hands don't ever warm up really
5:31 PM
I'm so sorry they are being garbage people about it :(
@Yuuki Oh those are cute :D
@Ave go go get em fam
@Ash They'll make you feel nice and toasty.
5:47 PM
I'm not in mood for spending 35$, tbh.
I can't believe Overwatch got best esports and best ongoing
I didn't even think Overwatch was ongoing at all, beyond new character releases
like, the world doesn't move or progress at all
and Overwatch's esports scene is a joke compared to CSGO, LoL, or Dota
@John popularity contest
1 hour ago, by Yuuki
@Unionhawk Eh, I feel like the judges confused "Best E-Sport" with "Best Game That Is Also An E-Sport".
@Yuuki That...makes a little sense actually
5:52 PM
But yeah, it's a bit ridiculous that Overwatch won given what's happened in e-sports this year.
1 hour ago, by Yuuki
DOTA 2 has their crazy prize pools, CS:GO is on actual network television, and LoL is filling Olympic-sized stadiums in China.
@Yuuki Someone on /r/DestinyTheGame said that if Xur sold Prometheus Lens this week, they'd shave their head and glue the hair to their face as a beard.
@Fluttershy Is Xur selling Prometheus Lens?
Did you make a bet that we wouldn’t let Xur sell Prometheus Lens? It's available in the EDZ. Your move.
@Fluttershy Oh boy!
Best Ongoing though
still makes zero sense outside of popularity contest
5:54 PM
@John What do you think game awards are?
@John What were the other nominees?
@DanmakuGrazer I mean I know they're a popularity contest, but I still get to feel sad about that being the case
and rant about it
@DanmakuGrazer If it was a popularity contest, I'm fairly certain PUBG would've won Best Game.
Destiny 2 (Bungie / Activision)
Grand Theft Auto Online (Rockstar Games)
Overwatch (Blizzard)
PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG. Corp)
Rainbow Six: Siege (Ubisoft Montreal / Ubisoft)
Warframe (Digital Extremes)
And either Nier or FFXV would've won Best RPG.
5:55 PM
@Yuuki snorts that they will
Advertising contest?
It's meaningless anyway
@John If either Destiny 2 or GTA Online won, that'd be a travesty. The competitors would be PUBG (eh...), Rainbow Six, and Warframe.
Isn't PUBG one of those games where each game starts exactly like every other? Literally nothing changes?
I'd argue that Warframe got robbed, but it's not nearly as well known as the others.
Like Overwatch?
5:56 PM
Best Ongoing Game is a weird category.
the only real nominees I see there are RSS and Warframe
Like what does "ongoing game" even mean?
and I'm only counting RSS because I don't know enough about it to discount it
@John If Overwatch starts every game the same, so does Rainbow Six.
I mean, are there things that persist from game to game?
5:57 PM
And last I played Warframe, it took place in instances.
Are you working toward some overarching goal?
...I'm pretty sure that's not what "ongoing game" means
It's basically CS:GO with RPG elements, IIRC.
@DanmakuGrazer What does it mean then?
I have no idea
5:58 PM
Well then you can't say it's not that :D
> a new award for "Best Ongoing Game" was offered for games that continue to provide new content as a service model.
I think they're looking for Games as a Service type games that have servers up and fill games for a while
So... basically any game that regularly updates/patches.
and yeah updates
So every game in the last 5~ years?
5:59 PM
any game that updates
In that case, we could've thrown every moba ever in there
and every mmo ever
@Yuuki what, warframe, the space-ninja game?
It is not a CS:GO with RPG elements
In the same sense that we could throw every game from this year into the game of the year noms
In case you hadn't noticed, game awards are meaningless
Everything is meaningless what's your point
6:00 PM
@DanmakuGrazer I think they mean any game that relies on a company still existing to be playable. Like you can still play BotW if Nintendo died tomorrow and all their servers disappeared.
@DanmakuGrazer That's nice, I understood the first five times you said it.
I think this was the third
I'm rounding up.
I think we all know they're pointless
but I can still rant about it if I want to
Sure, but don't expect to find a reasoning anywhere
I have long given up finding reasoning anywhere.
The best I can hope for is plausible theories to live with
which are occasionally provided
6:02 PM
@KevinvanderVelden No, that's Rainbow Six.
@John Well, as far as Best Ongoing Game goes, we can cross Destiny 2 and GTA Online off the board right away.
PUBG has been... unstable to say the least.
Rainbow Six didn't have the best reputation starting out.
The REASON is that we are drawn by capitalism to try to determine what thing is the best thing, however there's no way to do this in an objective manner so we rely on a panel to pick for us and that's why the game awards and the oscars exist
And Warframe just isn't well-known enough.
6:04 PM
@Yuuki Oh yeah, why did they put 2 games in there that don't even fit their definition of the category at all
@John Eh, they fit the category. It's just that they don't deserve any chance of winning period.
Like, the reaction to Destiny 2 has been... to be optimistic, let's called it "mixed".
@Yuuki Warframe is hella fun though
And GTA Online is a gif machine, but I don't know anybody who'd call it "best game" material.
The fact is, Overwatch has been the most consistently good game on that list, rivaled only by Warframe.
@Ash if you ever wanna play I'm yourdoom on steam =p
And obviously Overwatch won because a lot fewer people play Warframe.
I'm starting to come around on BotW for Best Score/Music though.
6:10 PM
@Yuuki Why tho
The way the music is composed has a lot more consideration and thought put into it than I originally thought.
@John assuming that's you on steam? =p
good guess :p
5 mins ago, by Yuuki
Like, the reaction to Destiny 2 has been... to be optimistic, let's called it "mixed".
I also play Warframe
6:10 PM
I mean, I like Destiny 2 and all but... I haven't played in the last two days.
@KevinvanderVelden I'm terrible at it so I mostly play with @WorldEngineer because I don't want to subject people to my awfulness but a few of you have offered so I will keep that in mind :) (I play mostly melee as aiming shots is super hard. I'm working on it, but I'm still learning how to do everything. Like I think I sorta mostly understand mods now and such. :P)
@Yuuki But GTA Online, I mean. It has a huge player-base, and consistently adds new stuff.
That's perfectly fine, I mostly play it as a "Jump around and be a space ninja"-game
> huge player-base
gtao is pmuch dead, I thought
@John Also battlerite lately I think.
6:12 PM
at least compared to like
@KevinvanderVelden That is why I like it yes :) I play with a gamepad, and I'm just not very good at lining up shooting and such. I like slashing people to pieces, though, that's highly entertaining
@Arperum Hehe, a little bit
It's surprisingly good
Or it's someone else who keeps launching that game.
@Fluttershy I barely hear anything about GTA Online other than the occasional silly death or stunt gif.
@John it is!
6:14 PM
What to use for password hashing? bcrypt or sha3-512
@Yuuki I don't play if myself, but I know they're keeping it alive. They just announced a new DLC last night.
What started this debate, anyway? I couldn't find the jumping off point in the transcript.
@Fluttershy I showed up ranting about the game award results
@John Which ones, specifically?
Well, I think @Uni and I were talking the Game Awards, there was a lull, and then @John showed up.
@Fluttershy Best Ongoing and Best Esports
6:17 PM
All of them that BotW won? Because I'm right there too.
@John Oh, okay.
Did Senua win Best Narrative?
@Yuuki What Remains of Edith Finch
link and boyfriend shark deserve it
@Unionhawk Mipha > Sidon. But still, BotW is the most overhyped game of 2017.
@Fluttershy Eh, that would be Battlefront 2.
6:20 PM
@Yuuki We must have different definitions of overhyped. lol
Besides, I feel like BotW actually did some interesting things with open-world design.
Here's how Project CARS 2 can still win 1/
Opinion: BotW's durability system was intolerably shitty and ruined any potential enjoyment I could have gotten from what otherwise looked like a fun game.
For one, I don't think I used my mini-map with BotW nearly as much as I have with any other open-world game.
I don't think it should have won GotY, but whatever.
I have a history of hating games that have universal acclaim.
6:21 PM
Was Mass Effect Andromeda hyped? Because that was released this year
@StrixVaria Thiiiiiiiis!
Also, "you have to climb literally everything, but you can't because it rains every ten minutes."
Yes, the "sometimes you just randomly can't climb" is like a flashing neon arrow sign of bad design.
kinda surprised odyssey didn't win over botw
@Ave bcrypt for sure
idk, I am not a huge fan of blowfish
Q: Are there actually Blades with 3 or 4 crowns?

lentinantI've bonded numerous Blades already (I believe it is 60+ cores), and already got several rare (5 crowns) Blades. Yet, aside of this, I'm getting only common 1-2 crowns Blades (which are one of 4 basic variants with different weapons and elements). Which leads me to question - are there actually ...

Q: What are Salvager Rank Certificates for?

lentinantIn Argentum, you can talk to certain nopon, so he can assess your "Salvager Rank". As for now, all I've found out is that once you advance in rank, you receive some useful items, but that's all. Are there any other uses for certificates?

6:25 PM
not even thinking about implementation, from a crypto perspective sha3 is not a good choice for passwords
@StrixVaria I mean, if you tack on "... because there's an invisible wall or because the devs don't let you climb there", that covers pretty much every open-world game released.
it's 2fast
@Yuuki No, this is fundamentally different.
A core feature that you can do under normal circumstances is randomly made an infeasible option and the timing of that is completely out of the player's control.
An invisible wall is always there and always shitty, but it's predictably shitty.
@Unionhawk boyfriend shark?
6:27 PM
So... predictably shitty is better than unpredictably not-shitty?
@Yuuki Predictably shitty is better than getting fucked over because you're half-way up a cliff and you lose your grip, yes.
Not being facetious, just want to make sure I'm understanding you.
You can work around predictably shitty.
Unpredictably shitty in ways that can just instantly fuck you is no good.
@Yuuki If there's an invisible wall, it means that you shouldn't go that way. If there's rain, it means that you can go that way, but you have to wait several minutes
6:28 PM
@Unionhawk Ah, I see
I'm enjoying BotW so far in spite of the fact that several basic elements of the game are super obnoxious
Yeah, I think if you can put up with the obnoxious elements then it turns into a good game.
I just have a very, very low tolerance for such things and move onto something else instead.
I really wanted to try BotW but I am glad I didn't get a Switch yet just for that or anything because I feel like it would really frustrate me :(
I mean I will likely get a Switch eventually once I save some money but I might actually skip BotW entirely
What really bothers me is the frequent long loading screens and the unreasonably repetitive short unskippable cut scenes
Also the fact that the boss fights are opaque to me, and my winning strategy for the Divine Beast boss fights has been to wait until the disembodied voice explains how to beat it
I guess I find like half of the game annoying, but I still find myself wanting to keep playing it
@murgatroid99 The divine beasts were super disappointing for me. I miss the old style dungeons. And the shrines were just bland...
6:35 PM
Just a couple of days ago I found a really cheesy way to beat a major test of strength
Yeah, I miss dungeons
Yeah, that's the downside to trying to make it so that you can tackle the Beasts in any order, I guess.
The whole world, really. Early on, a couple of times, I encountered enemies that were just one-shotting me, and it felt kind of unfair to encounter them so early on
It's noticeable that the first dungeon you beat any previous Zelda game always gives you a Boomerang, Bow, or similar ranged option.
I mean, not necessarily
Not being able to hit a switch from a distance limits a lot of dungeon design.
6:46 PM
(Wind Waker might be an exception)
@Unionhawk Does the grappling hook count?
I mean
It can't be used as a weapon
I guess it can hit switches?
Who cares you get boomerang in forbidden woods anyway
ACTUALLY if we want to be technical first wind waker dungeon doesn't give you shit
@Unionhawk You get a sense of pride and accomplishment.
and your sword back
Q: Minecraft firewall

The Absolute Nightmare KingI am on a school computer and they have allowed minecraft installed on there but every time I try to log in it says "cant connect to servers". Why? Is it the firewall?

Q: Game title based on commercial

mkk13I'm looking for a game title - maybe a commercial of a game to be precise. It was a mobile top down rpg with some timetravel elements. 2d ofc. Released several years ago. Commercial was about a guy eating cereal and then getting his breakfast interrupted by a talking chest (which was just layin...

7:00 PM
The best and absolute worst ladders in PC gaming http://bit.ly/2kFfD3L
@Unionhawk #1: Starcraft competitive ladder.
7:14 PM
So I forgot to turn off my Switch last night, and now my entire apartment is flooded with hot new games, and more just keep spraying out of the thing. Please advise.
> A scroll through the replies and someone said to become an xbox gamer cus they rarely get new games. That's my guilty chuckle for the day
Hmm... does it sound about right to call Notch "Silicon Valley's Jay Gatsby"?
@Yuuki haha oh my gosh
7:30 PM
@Yuuki The poor thing looks super scared.
@Yuuki It shipped with one hell of a bug.
@Yuuki 100% can see my daughter doing this.
@Arperum Yeah I am glad someone found it in there before the kid was at school or something
@Ash It seems like the kid's tried this before.
Perhaps regularly.
Poor dog.
That dog will be happy the kid is away for a day.
7:39 PM
@Arperum My dog is terrified of my daughter.
@Unionhawk What a thrill
@DanmakuGrazer Snake Eater's on PC now?
Is it? Not that I know
> The best and absolute worst ladders in PC gaming
> PC gaming
Yeah, I'm aware
7:45 PM
Everybody knows that the best ladder in gaming is Dark Souls

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