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12:47 AM
@studiohack, the flag on superuser.com/questions/282352/… was not intended, sorry.
It read like a non-answer question post, but on second read was in fact a valid answer... :/
On a third read, the answer doesn't seem very constructive, as it is more of a hypothetical response... What a confusing case...
1:17 AM
@DragonLord no worries, declined the flag. cheers :)
13 hours later…
2:30 PM
Found a spammer:
User appears to be an employee of MiniFrame trying to promote SoftXpand, see these answers:
A: Windows: How to make programs think they're not running in a terminal server session?

Yair FThis is Yair of MiniFrame We found a workaround that works with games such as MassEffect2 and 3. I know it's not the most elegant however we will consider including it in our next version if there is enough demand: When running the game on one workstation only: logoff and logon to the same works...

A: One PC with many virtual machines and wireless input/output

Yair FYou can use SoftXpand virtual desktop software from MiniFrame, connect wireless keyboard + mouse and assign them using the key-sequence shortcut to whatever workstation you prefer. If you want to have a complete wireless workstation, you can try the Asus WHDI kit, and make it independent from the...

I suspect that the user may be ordered by the employer to post these answers...
Moderators, consider contacting MiniFrame.
8 hours later…
10:32 PM
Do we have a policy on what to do with these kinds of answers?
A: How do you compare two columns in excel using CountIF

hamedFrom Mark duplicate entries automatically with Excel's COUNTIF function: When you need to quickly compare two columns of data for duplicates entries, you can use Excel’s conditional formatting with the COUNTIF function. For example, suppose you want to know which properties’ selling pri...

(see edit history)
@slhck I think giving credit where it is due is very reasonable (so I agree with your edit)
@SimonSheehan Yeah, only that … it's basically 100% of the post that's copied from somewhere else
And their license obviously doesn't allow it
That's not fair use anymore :)
Oh well, g2g again :P

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