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7:09 PM
Welcome to chat for: Amateur Radio
This is a general discussion room, but please feel free to create more subject-specific rooms (a single room with every possible discussion isn't very helpful)
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and remember; please read the FAQ ;p)
@PearsonArtPhoto Hmm? We're in private beta?
7:35 PM
@Everyone Seems so!
Great job
room topic changed to Ham Shack: General discussion for (no tags)
I here-by dub this room the Ham Shack.
makes me think of a butchers
Radio Shack makes me think of a wooden cabin on a beach in Hawaii, broadcasting music all day
geez, i don't know a thing about radio's, hopefully my questions won't come across as too basic
7:53 PM
Hi fellow hams...
AB3DC here...
One of the things I've learned early on in private betas, ask questions with new tags to try to get the Tag Creator badge (Taxonomist)
What?! Why the ham-shack? Why not AR.SE? q+:
@Everyone do you really need to ask!
7:59 PM
Well, why not? (+: If Space can be SEx.SE, surely AR.SE should be acceptable
SEx.SE AR.SE? SO has really gone to the dogs lately
oh... vu2nhw, and I'm QRT )+:
@RhysW: Be thankful there isn't a
@PearsonArtPhoto maybe there should be a meta post for these?
could be a popular thing to share
I believe the Profile can do exact this.
We could ask if we get an extra field for the call sign.
Does anyone have an opinion regarding tagging Morse Code or CW?
8:05 PM
For now I'd just put it in your bio.
oh great
Is there somewhere a list with this abbreviations / codes?
It can be put in to the tag wiki. That's what tag wikis are for.
8:12 PM
I think he meant an overall list...
I'd be glad if someone does that.
which abbreviations?
that is a good question.
What abbreviations?
i have a list of most of them that you can have
8:13 PM
_ eyes @RhysW auspiciously _
well, i found a glossary on another site, that lists lots of the abbreviations
pages 5 and 6
I'm working on adding explanations on a few of the tags.
A co-worker invited me to visit the local ham group, and it was very interesting, but unfortunately it was the last meeting before the summer break.
@PearsonArtPhoto Cool (+:
I got HF, VHF, UHF, and CW. Now I'm re-capped, and thus might just slip away for a few hours...
8:21 PM
Do we need a synonym HT for handheld?
We have a typical problem of British/American English. How do resolve tags like license/licence.
Stay with the user's context (+:
For tags, I believe AE
8:32 PM
We can re-tag -- thanks!
A: What should the standard spelling be - British or US?

Shog9 Does SOFU have an accepted standard on language and spelling? Which is it? For bodies, no. For tags, US-English. Titles don't actually need to be consistent (tags absolutely do!), but if you think anyone might want to search for a question then you would do well to use the more common spel...

No they shouldn't. But I think we generally use AE for tags.
@dcaswell Yep. Now that you mention it, it was covered in another SE site too
Hmm. How do I create a synonym anyway?
@everyone I have no idea whether we have permission to do that yet.
8:49 PM
Looks like I get the first nice answer for the site.
What nice answer?
It's a badge.
Is "legal" a good tag? We don't give legal advice. Would rules or something like that be better?
legal-advice is a bad tag, but legal is usually fine, used in lots of places where the legality is an aspect of the question but not the focus if that makes sense
8:58 PM
It does. Thanks!
Right. Way past my bed-time. I'm off.

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