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4:27 AM
Hello world!
2 hours later…
6:14 AM
@Dan You beat me to it (+:
6:32 AM
hmmm have a question, not sure if it is on topic or how to write it and I am sunburnt
'o @UV-D
Ya just caught me; taking ma out in a while (+:
What's the question?
I don't know how to post a specific question
Look who's talking!
i am toying with a technical question...
Hmmm ?
6:37 AM
how to convert a ordinary radio to a ham radio
a little broad, methinks; band-spreading, modes (AM/SSB/CW), receiver sensitivity
that's why I have not posted it
Rephrase it (+: As an SWL, can I listen to ham radio operators using a broadcast receiver?
or "Why can't I listen" .. instead of "Can I " (+:
I have to go |+: Ma's waiting. Hit you when I get back?
sure, if I am awake
I'll knock you up ; like this @UV-D "Wakey Wakey"
6:44 AM
6 hours later…
12:35 PM
@PearsonArtPhoto A grid square measures 1° latitude by 2° longitude ; arrl.org/files/file/protected/Group/Members/Technology/tis/info/… - link paywalled though
away aagain )+:
@Everyone Yeah, I actually know the answer to the question, because I had to look it up quite recently. It was very difficult to find a good answer, so I asked the question here.
And I have now officially fulfilled my commitment here. Whew!
1:01 PM
My amateur radio twitter account has 100 followers, 100 followees. Kind of funny.
I got the tag creation. That should be a good one:-)
1:35 PM
Wow, I'm up to 18 badges...
1:49 PM
Does the review button show up for any of you? Also, what is your reputation?
2:10 PM
no, and 103
but I can access /review
(only close/reopen queue)
That's what I thought. Thanks!
Q: /review tab not accessable on a private beta

PearsonArtPhotoThe /review tab isn't accessible on Private Betas to those with less than 350 reputation. However, if one manually types in the /review, then one can see the review tab, and access the close and reopen queues. It seems that if you can access any of the queues, you should be able to see the review...

2:44 PM
There's a bit less activity on this site than I thought there would be...
3:01 PM
@PearsonArtPhoto that's probably because a bunch of us quickly realized that 90% of the questions we wanted to ask are off topic :P
but seriously, the reality is that there are probably more n00bs and fewer experts, so us n00bs (myself included) don't even know what to ask
hence my question: what do I do with this data? How do I test antennas?
2 hours later…
4:37 PM
@PearsonArtPhoto 18? That definitely makes you a badger!!
@Dan TY; but OK with you if I flag the up-vote remark as obsolete? no offence.
4:50 PM
@Everyone nope, no issues there
@Everyone feel free to edit my stuff anytime, heck, I even VTC'd my own question :P
1 hour later…
5:52 PM
@Everyone Guess so. And now I'm up to 19;-)
@PearsonArtPhoto Spread the word!
(Which I'm sure you have been doing :P)
I'm enjoying so far the private beta for the Amateur Radio Stack Exchange site. If you'd like to join, send me a pm with your email.
That's about as much as I can get. Plus, it was re-tweeted;-)
Awesome :)
1 hour later…
7:19 PM
Arg... I'm running out of votes - I forgot about that cap
7:31 PM
It's always worst on day 2 of private beta...
@PearsonArtPhoto yep
what cap?
hey @UV-D
hiya - I still do not know what to post
I have a few questions rattling around my head... don't know if they would be on topic
@UV-D Open the 'Ask Question' page, and put the title in first (+: "Can I listen to hams using a broad-cast receiver"
So that's what the sound was! I wondered ...
turns the fan on again
yes, but would that be on topic
7:45 PM
would that question be on topic - if its just going to be downvoted/closed, then I am not going to post it
I think it should be on-topic ...
_pokes @PearsonArtPhoto _
@Everyone Yells in panic!
@PearsonArtPhoto would the question "Can I listen to hams using a broad-cast receiver" be on topic
Q: Increase the number of votes for the first two days of a private beta?

PearsonArtPhotoI am now participating in my 8th private beta, and one thing that I notice consistently, I never have enough votes to survive the first two days. It almost gets to the point where I'm not as active as I could be if I was given more votes. Is there a chance that for the first two days, an increas...

7:48 PM
haha Why are you panicked? The question in SEx.SE I posted earlier, or the one I just posted here?
Not much privacy with 8 private beta I'm sure (+:<
@Everyone I was poked, it spooked me;-)
@UV-D Something more specific would be required, but yes, that general mold would be okay.
more specific?
Oh good. You haven't been to SEx yet then
Well, what kind of broadcast receiver?
Shortwave radio, AM, FM, police scanner, etc.
@PearsonArtPhoto It's an old old old tube rx my gramps won back in 1931 q+:
7:50 PM
Hmmm. What do you know about it?
yes, a standard AM/FM receiver
I will post it now
@UV-D Shortwave radio is what you have then
@PearsonArtPhoto got my upvote
so a standard AM/FM receiver is a shortwave radio?
someone can include that in their answer
hint hint
@UV-D Not really.
7:52 PM
@UV-D Not really; short-wave radio is AM but different set of bangs
okies, I'll stick with AM/FM
@UV-D Got the model number?
It's just a Sanyo AM/FM broadcast receivier... a radio
Medium wave then prolly ... there should be a model number written some-place
@Everyone LOL. I have actually been there, and am too busy to properly deal with it now.
7:56 PM
Ut oh... that sounds ominous
got the model number, will include in the post
@UV-D Cool (+: Did you get your down-time?
and I have to leave for work in 30 minutes
another full day
The Ham Shack is pathetic )+: 2 days, and just 1 starred comment? Come on, people. Shake things up a bit!
what tags do I put for that?
7:59 PM
@Everyone There haven't been many star-able posts :(
okay question is getting posted, someone please fix the tags
Someone isn't in here yet ... I haven't seen her online in a while.
Hey, totally forgot Nick Larsen is a ham.
@Seth The name rings a bell, but ...
@PearsonArtPhoto @Everyone the question is posted, my tags suck, edit at will
8:02 PM
NickLarsen KC5VMB ♦, New York, NY
101 3
Careers 2.0 team.
@UV-D How about ?
hmmm yes, will add that in ther
Cool! He's a rocket-guy
Hmm.. What about this?
Q: What are some fun activities hams participate in?

VU2NHWYes, Amateur radio is a hobby. The general impression however is that it is a geeky/nerdy/kooky (I forget which carries a negative connotation!) hobby; either the ham sits at a transceiver, or is doing something with an oscilloscope, soldering iron, some meters & books at the other table. The o...

That's mine
now,I have to go get ready for work.... it is 6:05am here, I get to work by 7-7:15 and won't fiish until well aftr 4pm today... and I am bruised, burnt and battered... oh this is going to be a fun day
8:05 PM
I guess it would be a good Q/A as long as the answers are comprehensive.
@Everyone Oh... lol.
@UV-D I can always punch you in the nose, if it'll make the day go any better (+:
lol, with the day I have ahead, yes it would
@Seth Feel free to edit (+:
@Everyone It's not the question, I'm worried about answers.
@UV-D turns the sun off
8:07 PM
Alright. Who has been stalking me? There're now 3 starred comments ... and all of them mine!
@Everyone Why can't some star stalk my comments?
I have actually used my day's limit of stars before.
So you can probably blame me :-)
Except I didn't start it :P
@Seth That's what they all say!
8:11 PM
The same, I am a veritable stellar nursery of stars
LOL. There is truly no better way to get stars than to complain about not getting stars.
@UV-D That makes you a dust-cloud
@Everyone yes, my beard does need a clean
anyways, I best be going....it is now 6:15am
Ciao (+:
@pearsonArt I've been up-voting your questions on meta.stackoverflow. I agree 100%.
8:23 PM
Time for me to hit the sack myself ... if I hope to be up in time to top-up the water vessels
@PearsonArtPhoto Hmm.. Look at this: google.com/…
Seems like the same site provides the ITU stuff in the KML files.
It does look like it, doesn't... Hmmm.
I don't have an install of G Earth to test atm.
Google needs to update their packages. It still wants the i386 libs :-/
I think it's just DXCC's, but still...
Oh, and grid squares.
9:16 PM
@Seth Looks like it is just DXCC, I can't see any sign of zones otherwise.
@PearsonArtPhoto Hmm, I don't know what Google was seeing there then.
I know, strange... I should take a look in the file to figure out...
But it's zipped, so that's easier said than done...
9:44 PM
It's just an XML file and some GIFs.
Not much in there.
2 hours later…
11:36 PM
Turns out there is no official ITU Zone Definition. No wonder I couldn't find it...

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