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1:21 AM
Q: Is a forced Concentration save a spell effect of a damage-dealing spell?

KirtIn our last session the party was ambushed by kobolds, and I included a trio of kobold scale sorcerers, a monster I have not used before. The scale sorcerers have the ability Heightened Spell, which is nearly identical to the Sorcerer PC metamagic ability: When it casts a spell that forces a cre...

Morning all
What do you call it when you hit (or are hit with) a blunt object so hard that it breaks the skin?
A very bad day
Preaching to the choir there
Apparently it doesn't take much when it's a steel beam and my hip XD
It aches and stings. Not fun :(
How was/is your weekend going?
I am slowly conceiving myself of the necessary of messaging my neurologist.
1:37 AM
Sounds interesting. Forgive my ignorance, but I am always intrigued by the workings of the brain.
It's two things: one, that I'm unsure what happens to me since the neurologist in question works at a children's hospital, and I'm no longer a minor, and two, that my tics have started to break through my medication dosage again.
Ah. Yup I know all about that. I have epilepsy myself.
Not so much about the first part, but the tics or symptoms, for sure. I've had to change my medication and up the dosage a few times now
@bobble yeah, I'm going thru a similar situation, especially annoying when you don't have a primary-care doc who can just refer you to a replacement specialist
@Shalvenay I mean I have a primary care doctor... but she's a pediatrician, so I'm not sure how it works with her now.
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3:23 AM
Q: Can a mounted combatant utilize the pouncing charge maneuver from their mount's charge?

Wannabe WarlockAs related to this question, can a creature utilizing a mount take advantage of pouncing charge from page 88 of Tome of Battle: The Book of Nine Swords? The relevant rules for pouncing charge are: As part of initiating this maneuver, you make a charge attack. Instead of making a single attack at...

@Ben blunt trauma is a term I have seen used in first aid classes
I am sure there are other terms that the EMT's use (emergency Medical Technicians)
3:48 AM
Q: Can you revive someone after using the Phantom Rogues "Tokens of the Departed" ability?

Sam WellingsAs a phantom rogue when someone dies you can make them into a soul trinket as a reaction, to use later for a few abilities. At 9th level, when a life ends in your presence, you're able to snatch a token from the departing soul, a sliver of its life essence that takes physical form: as a reaction...

4:16 AM
@KorvinStarmast yeah that rings a bell. I was thinking something like a "impact" or "pressure wound"
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7:03 AM
Q: Question about Teleport Ability of Monsters

KayronMorthosSome monsters have an Action/Legendary Action that allows them to teleport 120 feet. Using the Balor as an example: Teleport. The balor magically teleports, along with any equipment it is wearing or carrying, up to 120 feet to an unoccupied space it can see. Could it grab an enemy and then tele...

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10:46 AM
@bobble s/necessary/necessity/ ?
@bobble oh no D:
@ben google tells me avulsion is a term, but I'm not sure how applicable it because it also says it bleeds heavily and profusely
11:06 AM
Q: How many damage dice does an Undead Warlock get to roll with Eldritch Blast?

Adenine2kIn dnd 5e the Undead Warlock has the Grave Touched ability starting at 6th level. Most of the ability is for role playing but the ability says In addition, once during each of your turns, when you hit a creature with an attack and roll damage against the creature, you can replace the damage type...

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1:01 PM
Still on first cup of coffee, is this right??
And nice bounty, @ThomasMarkov :)
@nitsua60 states that a stable creature is not in mortal danger. I object: a single point of damage incurs a failed death save and the creature must begin making death saves again.
Sounds pretty dire to me. Being stable is definitely not a "this is okay" situation. It is still very perilous, so perilous in fact, that a pinch from a tiny crab can be lethal.
@ThomasMarkov a pinch at advantage!
Other things that can kill you while stable: a scratch from a kitty cat, a frog falling out of a tree, a trout flopping about, and a nibble from a rat,
@ThomasMarkov Looks like WoTC took gnolls in a new direction, starting with 3e, but their generally 'carnivore' nature is well attested in 2e, but they have male/female pairings in their lairs/clans/tribes.
Also, a dude named Floon Blagmaar. Are you really safe if a dude named Floon Blagmaar can kill you by accident?
1:15 PM
@ThomasMarkov Is he the bus driver who nearly T-boned my wife's car last week?
1:32 PM
@NautArch Warcaster is a bit of a misdirect. The artificer situation is that they are holding a focus and a shield, and casting a spell with V, S, M. Because it has M, you can use a focus, and because you are using a focus you can also use that same hand for S
If your question was "are the component rules silly, more complicated than they're worth, and produces counterintutive results like this?" then the answer is also yes
1:44 PM
@Someone_Evil Yep. But I play at a couple of tables where nobody puts that much emphasis on that mechanic, however I do as a DM.
@NautArch Pinch, Punch first of the mo....oh no.
2:24 PM
@Someone_Evil Is it only an artificer that can do this?
@NautArch Cleric with holy symbol on shield probably.
Anyone with ruby of the warmage probably
@NautArch With shield, yes, because only they get to add M as far as I know
You get lots of other cases of Weapon that is also spellcasting focus, which can then cast (V,) S, M spells with both a weapon and shield in hand
Swords bards too IIRC
Q: How do foci and somatic+material components interact when it comes to occupying a hand?

CTWindIn 5e, the rules state the following regarding spells with somatic and material components: Somatic (S) Spellcasting gestures might include a forceful gesticulation or an intricate set of gestures. If a spell requires a somatic component, the caster must have free use of at leas...

Yeah, components are weird.
And then there's multiclassing
3:10 PM
@ThomasMarkov good comment by @Someone_Evil there :D
3:35 PM
Darnit, apparently glassesusa can't make my prescription. Two attempts, two failures.
3:56 PM
@ThomasMarkov I think your objection makes my point: the 0hp-stable creature is not in mortal danger, while being as close as measurably possible.
@nitsua60 While you may be able to argue the technicality of qualifying for a short rest I think it's against the spirit of how it's supposed to work
@nitsua60 then maybe we have different understandings of mortal danger.
@nitsua60 Your summer is grossly wet as mine?
I mean, technically, the patient is stable. They are only in mortal danger if something is actively threatening.
But yeah, I disagree a short rest is happening during those 1d4 hours. I tend to think you need to be conscious to start a short rest.
But I'm a no-fun guy who thinks that monstrous races and tasha's are making things too powerful.
4:48 PM
@ThomasMarkov Now that it's a present event, I can turn my attention back to the draft you shared with me, if you'd still like me to review it. However, I may be recommending something different, so my review would be from the perspective of ensuring you're communicating your stance as best fits that stance. Does that make sense?
@doppelgreener It does, though I am interested in what you will be recommending.
I intend to recommend the guidance we have be defanged. The guidance in and of itself is basically fine as guidance, but the problem comes from the fact it's been enforced as "obey this to the letter under the strictest interpretation, questioning it is not allowed, bending it is not allowed, even applying it with your judgement is not allowed, you will obey or die citizen"
i'm going to suggest that the guidance remain in place but our enforcement of it undergo a hard reset back to the default that exists for just about everything on meta: guidelines for best practices, which our userbase will synthesize with their subjective experience to determine what situations call for them to be applied and how to apply them
@doppelgreener Yeah that's basically the thrust of the last section I added to my draft.
@doppelgreener I'm interested to see what it looks like once defanged.
I think we need to work up some more guidance as a community though.
4:54 PM
The biggest wrinkle for me in suggesting this is making it visible enough to the users who would be referencing it that there has in fact been a change.
> So in the event of a removal of the policy, we can and should craft some guidance to nudge users in the right direction when approaching untagged or under-specified questions. Some of our exception metas can serve as a good starting point for that guidance, as these metas exist because they carve out exceptions to the current policy for situations where we can be exceedingly confident of the system being used.
Whatever. I guess the system. It's rarely a gotcha.
@GcL nowadays absolutely yes
@ThomasMarkov noice
@ThomasMarkov Don't assume the system. If you're guessing, at least take the time to identify for yourself what cues lead you to believe it's whatever the heck you think it is. Taking a moment has been the difference between pf2 and dnd5e.
lol someone downvoted my meta asking about image descriptions. Shame on me for not adding them before now, I guess.
5:04 PM
@ThomasMarkov image descriptions are important!
@AncientSwordRage I understand that now haha
We have a SEDE query we use on SFF as we rely on them quite a lot
but it's a losing battle as we have over a 1000
Puzzling is a nightmare for accessibility in general, what with most answers being in spoilers and a lot of information conveyed in detailed images
@bobble yikes I hadn't even thought of that
data.stackexchange.com/scifi/query/1245080/… in case anybody was interested
5:20 PM
@AncientSwordRage only 559 hits on rpg
@Someone_Evil re: closed questions not being featured - here's a reference for that being a thing
@ThomasMarkov not bad
@bobble So it will just pop back into the sidebar when we go live?
That question does imply that reopening will put it on the sidebar, yes. With a time-lag for caching.
@bobble Well that would've been useful to know
I'd sort of want it the other way than that feature req, but here we are
Actually, following a link in Jon Ericson's answer there to this question I just realized I could make an event
5:27 PM
The not-exactly-FAQ on the matter doesn't mention it - meta.stackexchange.com/a/130893/1017231 - would it be worth suggesting an edit there?
5:37 PM
@bobble Just did. Removed an obsolete bug mention while at it :)
Cool, I can see it in events now
6:18 PM
@NautArch Yeah, the river'd been as high and fast at this point of the summer as I'd ever seen it until about two days ago. You-all up north of us must have gotten quite the drenching, as we were still overflowing banks a week after our last local rain.
@nitsua60 It's been either pouring rain, humid is heck, or stifling hot. That's it. :(
I'm ready for winter.
@NautArch where it's freezing cold, icy, and dry
I'll take a nice spring or autumn, thank you
@G.Moylan I'm ready for skiing again :)
@ThomasMarkov 0hp-stable left alone, lives, 100% of the time. For me that's in a qualitatively different bucket than 0hp-not-stable who, if left alone, dies 40% of the time.
@NautArch you mean you can't sand ski on the dunes of the wasteland formerly known as the pacific northwest?
6:22 PM
That they can be attacked and put in peril again is not (again, for me) qualitatively different from someone at 1hp. It takes exactly the same injury to set either to death saves.
@NautArch sounds about like us. And I decided this was the summer I'd get on top of the landscaping....
@nitsua60 I had a good start on landscaping...then i kind of petered out.
Mostly not wanting to work outside in this humidity and/or pouring rain.
@nitsua60 "If left alone you'll be okay" isn't the metric for danger tho. If I'm being stalked by a grizzly bear, I'll live 100% of the time if the bear leaves me alone, yet I am still in mortal danger.
@nitsua60 Also a cat scratch will autocrit and count as two failures.
@ThomasMarkov not to pick a fight, but hoo-boy do I think the thing we could use most on this is less guidance. It feels so much to me like "just treat it like everything else." (cf. SSD's "back to basics" post.) If it were up to me--and it's not!--it'd be "we have a site full of experts who can be trusted to bring their expertise to bear (as they do in every other case), and community and elected moderators can be trusted to handle mistakes that happen (as they do in every other case)."
@nitsua60 Not to un-pick your fight, but this is the other 95% of my answer draft.
@ThomasMarkov Sounds like it'll be getting my updoot =)
Now it's time to uproot a tree. Question is whether I chain it to the rear tow-hooks so I have a hard time seeing what damage I'm doing to the foundation, or to the front tow-hooks so I get a good view of upper branches crashing through the windshield....
[rummages for coin to toss]
6:43 PM
if you do the rear you won't see it leap out of the ground directly into your lap
Trick the grizzy bear into fighting the tree. Solves all the problems. It's like killing two birds with one stone, except the stone is a bear.
But the bear's stalking Thomas. Wait--is Thomas in my yard!?
"Thomas: just dig up that tree while you're out there! The shovel's in the wheelbarrow, and I'll keep watch with my shotgun for the bear!"
(That birdshot'll really piss off the bear...)
@nitsua60 Wait. That's not a gun, that's a beer can! You shotgun beers with bears?!
@nitsua60 Yeah, I'm not bringing a shotgun to a bear fight.
@ThomasMarkov I'd think slugs could work out
6:51 PM
@G.Moylan I've only got snails, will they do?
@G.Moylan Maybe, but I'm good for 200 yards with my AR-15.
@AncientSwordRage are they magic?
@AncientSwordRage not your average garden variety. You'll need special snails from the escargot region of france, otherwise they're just sparkling gastropods and will agitate the bear
And good for 800 with my deer rifle
Really more of a moose rifle.
@ThomasMarkov just show the bear you can lift more than a broom and it'll be so intimidated that it'll run off
6:53 PM
@AncientSwordRage s/of/off
That last f just took longer to load ... 👀
@bobble very
Apparently a silverback gorilla can deadlift 1800 pounds, so 4.5 brooms.
@bobble a whole minute! You definitely helped however
@ThomasMarkov so you're 2/9th of a gorilla?
If I was 2/9ths of a gorilla, then I'd be a monkey's uncle
7:00 PM
@AncientSwordRage what a read
@G.Moylan it's a piece of Reddit history now
@AncientSwordRage like when I open Task Manager on my PC to see what the hell happened with a program and everything shapes up real quick
Poll: Is a smoothie a beverage or a snack cup?
How thick is it?
@Someone_Evil you can use a straw but probably don't want to pour it
At what viscosity does something go from drinkable to spoonable?
7:12 PM
@Someone_Evil Milkshake viscosity
I would class milkshake as a desert, but your mileage may vary
7:25 PM
A: Can the Rats of a Hat of Vermin be valid candidates to make a Swarm of Rats from a Pipe of the Sewers?

Thomas MarkovAsk your DM and hope they majored in philosophy. You're asking, "when have I added enough rats to make a swarm?" This is identical to the 2400 year old Sorites Paradox: The sorites paradox (/soʊˈraɪtiːz/;[1] sometimes known as the paradox of the heap) is a paradox that arises from vague predicat...

@bobble I'm well familiar with concepts having nebulous borders. I suppose at risk of taking it for granted here.
The resulting title when oneboxing was very confusing for a moment though.
Rats don't make good smoothie (citation needed)
7:44 PM
@Someone_Evil by this do you mean smoothies made of rats are not good, or that smoothies made by rats are not good?
@bobble yes
@bobble I had the former in mind. I don't remember Ratatouille well enough to speak to the latter
@Someone_Evil I have never seen Ratatouille :)
8:46 PM
Ratatouille is pretty good honestly
I enjoyed it anyway
Q: What is the point of the "Grasping Undergrowth" effect of the spell Druid Grove?

JaveThe 6th level spell Druid Grove (XGE p.154) lets the caster pick various effects for the targeted area. One of the possible effects is Grasping Undergrowth: You can fill any number of 5-foot squares on the ground that aren't filled with fog with grasping weeds and vines, as if they were affected...

Hmm... definitely just managed to hit decline instead of delete on a comment flag
9:08 PM
@doppelgreener +1 to that approach
@Someone_Evil RIP my helpful/decline ratio
@nitsua60 I have a DM now who has negative HP and unconscious PCs keep losing HP at a rate per round until they stabilize. He doesn't like Yo Yo healing, and this is his solution. For me, as written is easier to implement.
actually, that's 'stabilize or die' - used my first revivification spell in over two years this weekend.
10:12 PM
@KorvinStarmast My GMs solution was that dropping to 0 adds a level of exhaustion
@Medix2 sounds brutal but I like it
@trogdor from what I've seen of it it looks good
my only issue with it is silly, and it's that they let a rat touch food with his paws, it's not that he's a rat
it's that humans aren't supposed to be doing that either
yes he's very cleanly but still
it's a silly movie about a rat cooking food though so I feel it's quite a minor issue
10:43 PM
morning all
that took three attempts to spell properly.
this is a sign that more coffee is required
10:55 PM
morgning lal
Well, it took way too long to try and find so I give up.
@BESW can potentially help... was looking for the wolf reaching for the coffee
11:24 PM
@Medix2 that is a common hack/ruling that matches most folks's sense of verisimilitude. We had a lingering wounds DM a few years ago and it was actuall the raw suck.

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