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12:19 AM
Uhm... I think one of my questions got like 10k views today. I assume something with a huge audience linked to it somewhere
@Someone_Evil which?
It's this question, which I was pretty sure was sitting at about 5k, I just earned famous and it's already at 15k
@Someone_Evil I just found it via that badge but you beat me to it
I can't think where from
As a mod you.might be able to look at most common referral URLs?
My first guess would be some youtube video or similar
@AncientSwordRage I'm pretty sure we get nothing so directly useful
So it's gotten about 500 views in the 10 minutes we've been talking
@Someone_Evil crazy
I don't think it's Reddit
12:31 AM
I suppose the only real point is that if that attention starts producing noise, we should probably protect it (because it's seeing a spike in attention rn)
I'd pre-emptively do that
Maybe they're bot views?
That's possible, but I did get an upvote on it earlier today and it makes sense as a question to be picked up
Which is to say, I've had to force youtube to not fill my recommendation with videos very much on this topic
I think actually it was mostly the "top 10 feats in 5e" type videos that needed purging
@Someone_Evil IDK I get those quite often but that's based on my actual YouTube views I think?
Yeah, it's one of those where you make the mistake of watching one and then the algorithm tries to drown you in the rest because they clump well
Oh I've been there
I don't know what about certain videos "clump" as you say, but I've definitely been there...
12:43 AM
Picked up by the algorithm as very related, and because you watched one, you must want to watch all of these other ones
Which sometimes is true and the algorithm doing its job, but when it isn't it's rather annoying
Today in BESW Cooking Tips, I learned that I've been cutting onions wrong my whole life. If you cut them from top to bottom instead of side to side (NOT making rings), you cry less, they have a smoother texture, and there's more flavor when you bite them in whatever dish you're making.
I went and looked in Tassajara Cooking and sure enough, right there in the illustration it shows to cut them that way but I never noticed 'cause I figured "Bah, I know how to cut an onion" and only paid attention to the tips on not cutting my fingers.
@BESW this is how I was taught to cut them by my dad, I had no idea why though until just now
Q: What level of knowledge constitutes being familiar with a location for clerics casting Find the Path?

mkdirIn the answer to this question it is determined that, RAW, a cleric only needs the 100gp of divinatory tools and a component pouch to cast Find the Path. The text to Find the Path includes This spell allows you to find the shortest, most direct physical route to a specific fixed location that yo...

Also it makes me think I changed recently because I've noticed tearing up more over onions
1:05 AM
@AncientSwordRage Apparently it's something about the direction of the cells in the layers and cutting them in rings ruptures more of the cells, releasing the cryjuice and flavor, and making them grittier.
1:17 AM
@BESW very interesting
Q: Did gnolls reproduce differently in previous editions?

Thomas MarkovI'm working on incorporating gnolls and the demon lord Yeenoghu into a campaign, and I am wondering where all the gnolls come from. Volo's Guide to Monsters describes the origins of gnolls: Whenever the demon lord Yeenoghu enters the Material Plane and goes on a rampage, he leaves a great trail ...

@HotRPGQuestions envisions @ThomasMarkov with a pack of cute, fluffy little gnoll kits crawling all over them
1:33 AM
Step aside Yeenoghu, I’m gnoll dad now.
5 hours later…
6:04 AM
I feel like it's none of my business what gnolls do in private.
6:37 AM
@HotRPGQuestions why,... does anyone care about that?
2 hours later…
8:57 AM
Q: If an elf is stable with 0 hitpoints, do they regain all hitpoints after a long rest of 8 hours or 4?

Ben ForsdykeIn my most recent session, the entire party except one have been downed and stabilised by the cleric (the only member that was left standing) one of which is a elf. Because of the elves trance feature normally when they sleep/meditate it only takes 4 hours to finish a long rest, however in this i...

1 hour later…
10:20 AM
11:06 AM
@Someone_Evil now at 23k!
1 hour later…
12:13 PM
@trogdor because it answers "where did all these gnolls come from?"
5 hours later…
4:57 PM
Q: Using a familiar to deliver a spell attack while both of us are under Sanctuary

Garry WiltsonSuppose both my familiar and myself have the sanctuary spell on. Sanctuary states that it ends when the warded creature makes an attack, casts a spell that affects an enemy, or deals damage to another creature. The find familiar spell lets me cast touch-ranged spells through my familiar. I want ...

2 hours later…
7:22 PM
@trogdor It looks like a world building kind of question to me. A lot of DM's like their worlds to be internally consistent, and sometimes lore from different editions offer different ways to do that rather than having to build up from scratch. (I am currently playing with a DM who finds internal consistency to be far more important than adhering to some ephemeral 'standard' way to play; his experience with AL and official play only made him double down on that).
@AncientSwordRage they're behind you!
@AncientSwordRage a large, fluffy gnoll in monk's robes glomps @AncientSwordRage from behind!
7:48 PM
@Shalvenay until I found out they were demon spawn Gnolls were definitely one of my favourite creatures in D&D
@bobble oh no!
@doppelgreener now it's 24k... 1000 in 8 hours!
8:05 PM
@AncientSwordRage ...some of them have shaken off their chains and settled down, no? (I believe they're fairly common in Thay?)
8:16 PM
@Shalvenay I think that's what the answer says, which is (welcome) news to me

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