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12:27 AM
"Itch.io’s Creator Day returns to give 100% of revenue to devs and designers on the indie marketplace" article by Matt Jarvis for Dicebreaker. It's a good time to pick up some tabletop RPGs and support their makers
Proudest Games a collection by Gila RPGs. The game that each designer is proudest of making! A list gathered on Twitter.
Huetopia Creators to Support Look at all the brilliant BIPOC designers, check out these games and consider supporting them, esp on Creators' Day!
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4:16 PM
so i'm playing eldritch knight for the first time but i'm not sure what direction to take the character and build
@Yuuki Fun class.
@Yuuki 5e?
@Shalvenay Yeah.
I'm playing a custom origin Loxodon (+2 CON, +1 STR). 17/7/18/16/12/11 (although i am considering swapping the CHA and DEX). Loxodon's natural armor plus a shield gives me 19 AC w/o armor.
i dumped DEX because i figured that kinda made sense for a big lumbering elephant mammoth person
@Yuuki that nose tho
i was thinking more along the lines of DEX saves than doing dexterous things
the extent of my planning has been that i can use the EK's weapon bond feature to recall my spear after throwing it
so not really sure what to do with all the extra ASIs that fighters get nor what other things i can do with the character
4:22 PM
Use one of them to take the resilient feat for dex save proficiency
Which will get you to 8 for a -1 instead of -2
@ThomasMarkov would be +1 then 'cause you get to add proficiency bonus?
well, +1 at least
i know sentinel + polearm master is a popular combo for fighters but i heard it's not as good for EKs
Yeah, resilient is +1 and save proficiency to the chosen attribute
Ive played a fighter with PAM, GWM, and Sentinel. Totally broken.
i want to take advantage of the fact that i have 19 AC with no armor and a shield although i supposed unarmored 17 AC is still pretty dang good
if i want to go GWM
4:44 PM
@Medix2 we just posted nearly identical answers lol
Not any more we didn't!
I was debating adding how I'd personally define "familiar with" for a while and realized it wouldn't actually be any kind of at-table experience so I scrapped it XD
@ThomasMarkov That was my vengeance pally.
Also, you missed a fun session - and we missed you.
Did have Bernie show up at end to blast an ice troll with fire.
@NautArch Oh no, all that with smites.
@ThomasMarkov I was a damage dealing monster.
5:01 PM
@ThomasMarkov Suggested retitling: "Where do Gnolls come from?"
@Medix2 Where else do gnolls come from?
Gosh. If a child ever asked me "Where else do babies come from" I would be in fear
@Medix2 This would be a good one to have on the star board without context
@ThomasMarkov I'm pretty sure gnoll moms and dads are a thing
(even if a DM missed that memo when I applied in a PW to play a gnoll who just so happened to be pregnant at char-creation time)
(they thought the kid was going to be half-human, half-gnoll for some goofy reason. O.o)
gnolls were definitely a race that reproduced normally in previous editions
but 5e has dramatically deviated in the depiction of gnolls and made them way more of an "abyssal force of nature" type of thing
5e doesn't offer any description of gnoll culture that suggests they are every anything except roving warbands that have to slaughter every few days though - nothing suggests they have and raise children
other bits in VGtM there suggest that additional gnolls are only created by a Fang of Yeenoghu doing a ritual
I see you just got to that bit
5:17 PM
Ive updated the question a bit.
I was halfway through an answer for 5e FR, but I'm with you in asking about previous editions so I'll drop it here and do what you wish; ID:RotF does drop a mention that all gnolls are produced via hyena-bloating (for lack of a better term)
(source, though obviously chance of spoilers)
ah, fudge, RotF I still don't have access to
Apparently there are some gnolls in eberron that arent under demonic influence
I mean, Eberron and FR have the issue that they have a history in previous editions in which gnolls have featured as not being mindless avatars of yeenoghu, so they kind of just can't take 5e's reimagining of them as completely canonical
6:10 PM
@TheOracle na na na na na na na na
6:25 PM
@ThomasMarkov I just broke out laughing at that
I think it's lost on me
batman theme
Oh sorry, I got what it is, but I'm missing why and thus why it is funny
Nah, it's P!nk's "So What"
Ah, with you now
I wasn't getting the Batman theme to scan. "na na na na na na Revisit"
6:48 PM
I made comment some weeks ago that I usually hear that P!NK song in my head when posting something on meta.
speaking of D&D 5e: which book is the Bladesinger Wizard archetype from?
Sword Coast originally, reprinted (with changes) in Tasha's
@Someone_Evil ah.
I think new printings of SCAG should also have the changes, if any such printings
7:06 PM
Also, I hadn't quite internalized that this is what's shown to the asker of a closed question. I would think it's there for non-off-topic closures, but I'm rather missing a prompt to edit the question
8:06 PM
@Someone_Evil if it was closed for a site-specific close reason (i.e. these) then the asker would be shown the full text of the close reason that people voted on, which can have a prompt to edit the question if you so choose. It's just question-specific custom close reasons that have such terse text for askers; I think it's assumed that any guidance would be in the comments if possible.
It's possible to make the site-specific close reasons have different text for close-voters, the OP, and the general public; the OP could be specially pushed to edit in the text shown to them.
Oh, I wasn't concerned with the text, it was that the (only) prompt button was to delete. I knew there was such a prompt, but had thought there was an edit button too.
(the interface for us to change those texts only show an edit button, and no options for setting prompts)
Duplicate closures include an edit button *rummages*
Q: Give a "Not a duplicate button" on a question

Smart ManojEDIT: This is NOT a duplicate of the other question, as this is a feature request. Expected wording: Your post has been associated with a similar question. If that question doesn’t resolve your question, edit this question. Also, the Delete question button should be removed as it would lead to ...

there's a screenshot in there
This is what the site claims it's gonna look like on the page to edit them
Post a bug?
Yeah, I suppose I should
8:32 PM
So, I don't know whether this is a meta thing, our close reasons not being updated, or a closed my own question thing, but the other close reasons don't seem to give an edit prompt either
Can I get someone to volunteer for some science?
8:49 PM
Q: I never add image descriptions to my image-containing posts. Should I?

Thomas MarkovI recently approved a suggested edit that added an image description in the link for an inserted image; stating that it was for accessibility. I have never thought of this, and have not been adding such descriptions to my inserted images. What are users who do not use the regular site seeing when...

Apr 26 at 19:05, by bobble
any way to add an image description/transcription? :) Currently pictures are blocked for me
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10:01 PM
Q: As a GM, how do I build a complete group of players that fit my style and preferences?

GadiantonI've been GMing for some years now. During that time, I feel like I've developed somewhat of a style/preference with the kinds of games I like to run. While I feel my games can be enjoyed by a variety of players, I find that certain types of players mesh better with my style/preference. Selfishly...

10:37 PM
@Someone_Evil Correct, SCAG was errataed.
Q: When you are granted a tool proficiency, which type of tools can you choose?

svenemaAt various places in the books it is mentioned that you gain proficiency in: a type of tool (eg. Skilled feat; p.170 PHB) and a type of artisan's tool (eg. Folk Hero background; p.131 PHB) Which tools proficiencies fall under the definition of "a tool", for the purposes of proficiency, when no ...


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