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1:03 AM
Is This A Game? by Eric Wilder. Play in your browser
Less than a week left: Cozy TTRPGs Bundle A bundle hosted by kumada1 with content from 25 creators. This bundle contains almost thirty games that are laid back, warm, or that feel super comfortable to play. Give small gifts, raise fluffy wolves, reunite with an old love, rediscover lost cuisine, and have pastoral adventures all for the cost of a new big blanket.
1:28 AM
@Akixkisu that the question references UA is entirely incidental and not actually important to the question. I’ve replaced the UA tag with the attack tag.
1:45 AM
Q: Is there any reasonable way to use a magic weapon as a throwing-weapon specialist?

KRyanTasha’s Cauldron of Everything includes two features relevant to a throwing-weapon specialist: The artificer’s Returning Weapon infusion, which can be applied to a nonmagical thrown weapon to give it a +1 bonus to attack and damage and allow it to return to your hand after an attack. (This infus...

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3:24 AM
Ah, I'm just upset because I've been reading a transgender article.
(I know this is a "here be dragons" topic and will discuss it there if anyone wants to discuss it.)
(although it's probably not allowed there either.)
(but you can't very well scream in "Here Be Dragons" because nobody is there.)
just on the off-chance I looked up that word, how funny :-)
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7:16 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Username similar to website in answer (65): Does anyone know where I can find a list of wonderous items by caster level? by SorteKanin on rpg.SE (@Rubiksmoose)
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8:18 AM
@SmokeDetector is this bad?
It seemed like it might answer the question?
Smoke Detector is designed to pick up on self-promotion, but this is topical and disclosed so it's fine.
If the link really answers the question, it's good.
@BESW seems like it, but I didn't click the link
I dreamt about an unusual RPG. I'm definitely changing the core of the game in my retelling, but i think you journalled things about your day, like when you got up and when you are breakfast etc and then looked up in a big index for each character their actions
It was definitely time based, but not exactly as I described
Sort of a choose your own adventure, but your not 100% directly responsible for what you choose
I think the point was teaching/showing/exploring: actions have unintended consequences, and are you willing to change your real world behaviours to affect the game?
Or maybe it was your characters actions not yours?
9:01 AM
@ThomasMarkov Interesting, the particular UA is about modifying class features and building classes. It creates the incident, and to understand whether the Extra Attack from the UA is the same kind of Extra Attack that the Ranger grants, one has to either assume this or be familiar with the UA material. Since you do know, it seems trivial, but it really isnt.
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10:37 AM
Q: What does this line from Reverse Gravity mean?

IfusasoThe spell Reverse Gravity includes this section (emphasis mine): Once an object or creature reaches the top of the area, it floats, caught between the normal and reversed gravity. The creature can move along the plane where the two forms of gravity meet. Creatures that can levitate or fly can us...

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11:46 AM
Eyy. I'm doing a bit of TRPG brainstorming after a bit of a break.
I'm looking for examples of systems that use "skill/attribute damage" as their primary mode of damage tracking (or similar)
especially compact and freely available ones (due to ease of analysis)
I fancy the idea that you could for example "push" a skill to complete a failed check, at the cost of draining that skill
@kviiri Gumshoe
Honey Heist, in an amusing way.
12:11 PM
I don't know if Honey Heist counts as damage
Maybe it does but it's easily "healed" and amusingly going either direction of the track takes you closer to "damage" in one direction and further away in the other
There are only two stats, Bear and Criminal
If you max either out you lose control of your character in different ways
Criminal makes you betray the party (I seem to recall you can choose how but I could be wrong) and bear makes you act like a bear
Like sitting there eating honey until you get caught, or make a scene that attracts too much attention or whatnot
Oh I forgot to point out, specifically you have like, 5 stat points the whole game, when you gain in one stat you lose a stat from the other one for it
So you "lose" your character to acting too much like a bear/Criminal by losing all of the "opposite" stat
I think, if I'm remembering that at all right
Maybe they both just went up if I'm not
There may have been separate mechanisms for healing each
Regardless, the loss of character mechanic is definitely fun and can be a source of much hilarity
12:29 PM
@trogdor Which is part of the attraction of that game for me. 😊
Yeah, Honey Heist is not exactly what I'm looking for, I'd like the impact to be more "permanent" in a sense. I guess the overall feeling I'm looking for is something like a survival horror one-shot
Maybe this is something I should've specified in advance...
@trogdor The way it works is, every time you do something exceptionally bear-like, you move a point from criminal to bear, and every time you do something exceptionally criminal, you do the reverse.
If you ever hit 6 in criminal, you lose yourself to a wild life of crime, and if you ever hit 6 in bear, you go feral and return to the wild.
Survival horror games often have a very limited supply of an "easy solution" --- often it's ammo to the protagonist's gun. I was thinking of using the characters' innate mental and physical resources to the same effect: you can push yourself a few times to escape foes you couldn't escape otherwise, but that wears down on you, and eventually you're so tired you feel like giving in.
well, "feral"
@BESW I've been meaning to take a look at Gumshoe for years now x)
12:38 PM
You've seen Cthulhu Dark, right?
My brain is melty, I can't remember any of Trophy Dark's mechanics right now.
I think overall I've got a very vague idea of what I'd like to do, so don't worry about it :D and it might end up being closer to a board game than a TRPG, but I'm the box-building type anymore and don't mind of overlap between things
I think Psi*Run is quite close to what I'd like to evoke thematically --- characters having special powers and having to cope with a concrete force trying to capture them and the increasing psychological strain of having to keep moving
12:55 PM
Oh, check out Misspent Youth.
You can turn a failure into a success by flipping a character benefit into a flaw.
Oh, that's neat
Like being a leader turns into being a bully, courage turns into recklessness, etc.
Wow, that sounds really cool
1:10 PM
And there's a variant where you play bitter old retired heroes who have to flip their flaws back into benefits to save the world again (didn't we do this already?)
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2:13 PM
@ThomasMarkov you can know you've got a good header on your recent invisibility answer because I'd upvoted by the time I got to the end of it =)
3:10 PM
I might need to stop watching Last Week Tonight....
@goodguy5 I'm about 3 weeks behind. Has something lurched in one direction or another? Is it being consumed by one particular (perhaps, judicial) storyline?
nah, today was bankruptcy, which I have no directly attachment to.

But just being reminded how poopy things are for so many people is tough.
especially right now, in a time where most of us are constantly listening to the low hum of dread that is everything
How's the goodtoddler? ("goodler?")
3:55 PM
I really want to answer this question, but I'm afraid all the answers I can come up with currently are snarky "You know what the word 'bonus' means, right?" sounding answers.
Q: How does armor and weapon proficiencies work with sidekicks?

SpencerA noble wears a breastplate and wields a rapier, but the "Bonus Proficiencies" section of the spellcaster sidekick class reads in part: The sidekick gains proficiency with light armor, and if it is a humanoid or has a simple or martial weapon in its stat block, it also gains proficiency with all...

@BaconyRevanant It's confusing. Took me a bit to understand it. THanks Tasha.
4:21 PM
bobbles in corner
im boooooored
I'm NautArch, pleased to meet you booooored
@bobble @MikeQ @NautArch I just realized that I only have 5 sessions left to get a story finshed
4:29 PM
@Catofdoom2 why is there a limit?
@NautArch school ends.
In approximately 5 weeks
uh why did you ping everyone
4:30 PM
@NautArch It's okay that you forgot about school, I know its been like 100 years since high school for you :P:P:P
@ThomasMarkov Kids these days.
amirite @KorvinStarmast?
This is my favorite answer to the dragon breath / tiny hut, but of course it can't be used due to format considerations.
@NautArch Yeah, my lawn is covered with their foot prints. So, I don't pick up the dog poop anymore. Revenge is Mine!!!!! 😆
what should I do to fix up my campign
@ThomasMarkov Back when I was in high school, if you were over 16 you could have a cigarette between classes. (I lived in Virginia). In those days, you had to be 16 to buy cigarettes. Our high school had an out door smoking lounge.
@KorvinStarmast googles how to bounty deleted answer
@KorvinStarmast That's totally coconuts.
4:37 PM
@ThomasMarkov It made perfect sense at the time. The recency of the voting ages being lowered to 18 was part of the social climate of the time, and Va had a thriving tobacco production industry as well. Also, many of our teachers had smoked dope in college, cigarettes weren't seen as that big of a deal. Smoking didn't become the pariah habit it has since become. This was long before the law suits against "big tobacco"
(Mid 1970's)
@ThomasMarkov @NautArch @MikeQ what should i do to fix my campign
Is it broken?
@ThomasMarkov At about the same time, NORML was making very big progress on getting pot decriminalized (IIRC Alaska was a leader in this regard) but a few years later the "War on Drugs" attitude coalesced and that 'progress' was turned on its head.
@Catofdoom2 First, get a can of WD-40. Then, get a roll of duck tape / duct tape.
@Catofdoom2 In a less smartalecky mode, what do you think is wrong with your campaign?
@Catofdoom2 I'm not sure what is broken.
@KorvinStarmast @NautArch well it is to long
4:43 PM
@Catofdoom2 Do you want to end the campaign at a lower level for the PCs?
@Catofdoom2 I mean, at this point, you can always 'skip ahead' and just do a narrative scene to explain the story jump. But this is also why I recommended just starting with a 3 session arc.
i want to set it up for the sumer
Yeah, not a lot of steel weapons in Sumer, good call to do it in the summer. 🤣
So where are theh players now and what are the next steps in the story. Are the players looking for closure at end of school?
Not sure what you mean. From what I understand, the players want some specific things like fighting an angel and making a demonic deal, and you have 5 sessions left because this is part of a school club. What needs fixing?
4:44 PM
@Catofdoom2 FWIW, a Deva is an angel. What is the Level of the PCs?
@KorvinStarmast check out convo starting hereish
@BESW forgot to reply to this earlier but this sounds cool
Discovering the obscured virtue
@NautArch @Catofdoom2 I saw that before, but I don't scan on what has been adjusted since then ... and I didn't see a "my PCs are this level" yet that jumped out at me.
well how should i work out the lose of players when we start in the summer
5:00 PM
If you want to continue games into the summer, and you have players who want that too, then you should speak with the players about how to coordinate your schedules. Maybe some of them expect the current campaign to end when the school semester ends. You'll have to ask them.
@Catofdoom2 First I"d confirm what the current players want to do. Do they want an end with the school year?
Who wants to continue? Do they want to continue or do something new?
+5 for NautArch's suggestion
5:24 PM
@Medix2 So I think you've come to the right conclusion on that Barbarian + Raise Dead interaction, but something that I can't quite put my finger on bugs me about the logic used to get there.
5:35 PM
@Catofdoom2 Hmm, could you play something where you're not dependent on having the same people participate every time?
@KorvinStarmast last time i saw this convo, they were a 12th-level party?
5:47 PM
@BaconyRevanant What's this in reference to?
6:26 PM
@Yuuki Pit Fiend final boss fight, if that's the case. Or a Solar. @Catofdoom2 That's my suggestion if you want to wrap it up.
solar's a bit iffy due to that save-or-die check on a regular longbow attack
6:43 PM
@Yuuki @bobble can I introduce the important charters?
in my campign
@BaconyRevanant 🤔
uh, I'm probably not going to be helpful with planning your campaign
If you want to talk about it I'll listen
2 hours later…
8:41 PM
Q: Can an area of effect spell be cast through total cover?

ashacroneWall of Ice was cast across a field. My player wanted to cast Storm Sphere on the other side, even though there was no clear path to the target. I told her that as there was no clear path, so she couldn't cast the spell. She said that because she could choose where it went, and the place was with...

8:53 PM
does anyonw wanna be my friend?
Sprinting Owl wrote a twitter thread reviewing Lutong Banwa by Diwata ng Manila. (A Cooking Game. Sort of.*
What is a Roleplaying Game? A game by Epidiah Ravachol. a tiny, but complete roleplaying game designed for the uninitiated. It’s a quick game meant to give people an honest taste of the hobby minus the giant, intimidating rulebooks.
@BaconyRevanant ah yes ok so I had been right the first time XD
9:49 PM
Typeface: Dicier by Speak the Sky: v1.2 upgrade! devlog. Dicier has been upgraded from v1.1 to v1.2! The theme of this update is CARDS—tarot, Zener, Heckadeck, and more, plus a bunch of new non-card-related stuff too, and two more translations.
Anamnesis by Samantha Leigh. A solo tarot journaling game about discovering yourself after memory loss
Happy first day of Riḍván!
10:45 PM
Q: How does armor and weapon proficiencies work with sidekicks?

SpencerA noble wears a breastplate and wields a rapier, but the "Bonus Proficiencies" section of the spellcaster sidekick class reads in part: The sidekick gains proficiency with light armor, and if it is a humanoid or has a simple or martial weapon in its stat block, it also gains proficiency with all...

11:12 PM
Q: Can the Poisoner feat let you activate a Dagger of Venom as a Bonus Action?

Gael LThe Dagger of Venom is a magic item with the following special property : You can use an action to cause thick, black poison to coat the blade. The poison remains for 1 minute or until an attack using this weapon hits a creature. That creature must succeed on a DC 15 Constitution saving throw or...

11:34 PM
Morning all
@Catofdoom2 we're all friendly here
Morning @Ben
@MikeQ [cough] :P
@AncientSwordRage roll persuasion
@AncientSwordRage How's it going
I've been working on an app that uses OMR and plugins. It's my first time working with OMR, and my first implementation of plugins and their environment, so I have had to kinda hack some pre-existing projects together.
What I thought it was, was kinda like a 12 year old's version of a Picasso. Upon review, it turns out it was more like a 4 year old's version of a Picasso, because it made no sense at all.
11:40 PM
I win!
> Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.
@bobble you've persuaded me
@AncientSwordRage I wish it was that good. Not only did I have it so that the main program ran the Plugin, which then asked the main program to run, to then pass back the completed information to the plugin, then expect the plugin to tell the main program to close...
For some reason the namespaces were all over the place - I had three classes in the same actual namespace, using three different namespaces, one of which didn't even actually exist.

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