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1:17 AM
What do we do with answers that are accepted, highly upvoted, and simply false?
Is there a meta for that?
Q: Is there a way to remove wrong answers?

AndrásSome questions can be answered objectively, so the answers are either right, or wrong. In this case 3 are wrong, and mine is right. The votes do not reflect this however, you have to read all answers carefully to realize this. I have downvoted all other answers, what else can I do?

Q: What To Do When There Are No Right Answers, Only Wrong Ones

NovakThis question, about the fairness of a 7-sided die, troubles me. It is in my opinion well-thought out and well-formulated. It is asking if a particular die has had any sort of rigorous analysis (physics-based or statistics-based) performed to test its fairness. That is simple, direct, and if s...

Q: How can I reward a good answer without driving more attention to the bad one?

AndrásI think the accepted and most upvoted answer is horribly wrong to a question. The why does not matter now. The third answer I find really great, and I wanted it to get some attention. So I placed a "bounty to reward existing answer", which had the opposite effect, it generated 4 upvotes for this...

Q: How should we respond to fundamentally incorrect/bad answers?

doppelgreenerThis question exists because of this answer, and a discussion in chat that followed it. I'll get to that later. This question is about a unique category of answers on Stack Exchange: specious answers. Specious answers are incorrect and bad, yet look legitimate and good. By an incorrect/bad ans...

1:43 AM
@BESW Thanks a bunch
2:19 AM
@ThomasMarkov Wait is it? Walk me through that would you (I'm assuming I'm being slow today)
2:50 AM
@Someone_Evil It very much sounded like they were saying that hitting wild magic enlarge twice in the same hour stacked since that wasn’t a spell.
After rereading the answer and the question a few times I figured it out.
I’ve edited the answer to clarify what it was trying to do.
It was correct before (my mistake misunderstanding) but was quite unclear, but should be clearly correct now.
If you downvoted my edit will have unlocked voting for you all
3:14 AM
@ThomasMarkov Yes, that clears it up.
Q: if you use Enhance Ability: Cat's Grace on a creature that rolls initiative, does that creature lose the better roll when the spell ends?

CyanicLet's say the caster uses Enhance Ability and chooses Cat's Grace on themselves and rolls a 13 and a 16 with advantage on initiative, so they take 16. If the caster then loses Enhance Ability in-combat, or ends concentration on that spell, does their initiative roll revert to 13?

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5:48 AM
Q: What does a Deep Gnome home look like?

SeriousBriAre there any official descriptions of Deep Gnome (Svirfneblin) homes? I am making some research notes for how my magnificent mansion might look, and have searched for descriptions of a Deep Gnome home, but haven't managed to find any. Ideally I would like a wizard tower or upper class home, but ...

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11:58 AM
@HotRPGQuestions I like the rhyming
12:18 PM
Weird. All of the down votes to those.cleric homebrew subclasses were removed
Wonder if serial voting was triggered?
1:01 PM
Definitely was.
I flagged for mod attention. Might even make a meta since it might require the attention of our overlords.
@chaos broadly speaking, yes, but it can be otherwise if the PHB is to be taken as written
@chaos the precise answer is "magic" so I am not sure what you want out of that question
@ThomasMarkov write a correct answer
1:17 PM
@KorvinStarmast I edited the accepted answer to be more clear, it was actually correct, but it was woefully unclear (at least to me).
@ThomasMarkov even better. 😊
Q: Serial voting script reversed legitimate downvotes

Thomas MarkovThe serial voting checker script has reversed legitimate downvotes on the following questions: Is this homebrew Music Domain balanced compared to the official domains? Is this homebrew Chaos domain balanced compared to the official subclasses? Is this homebrew Far Realms domain balanced compar...

Maybe some of you are interested in this topic.
Q: What are some books or state of the art papers about the development of a strong-AI?

pasaba por aquiI am looking for books or to state of the art papers about current the development trends for a strong-AI. Please, do not include opinions about the books, just refer the book with a brief description. To emphasize, I am not looking for books on applied AI (e.g. neural networks or the book by No...

1:33 PM
@nbro I mean maybe, but am I missing something which would make it RPG related/useful?
Q: Serial voting script reversed legitimate downvotes

Thomas MarkovThe serial voting checker script has reversed legitimate downvotes on the following questions: Is this homebrew Music Domain balanced compared to the official domains? Is this homebrew Chaos domain balanced compared to the official subclasses? Is this homebrew Far Realms domain balanced compar...

1:50 PM
@RevenantBacon I'm pretty sure you shouldn't edit closed questions with edits like that since it will put them in the review queue which they will not enter if the OP makes a meaningful edit
I think all of those questions have gone through reopen queue because of votes already do no harm there
Ah, gotcha gotcha
@Someone_Evil My assumption was that people interested in games may be interested in stuff like AGIs
To be completely honest, I think this is a post that deserves more attention, that's why I shared it here too
Of course, it's not strictly related to RPG, but this is the type of people that may also be interested in this topic
@RevenantBacon while that technically may circumvent the serial downvoting script, it's still not really a good idea. Like, generally speaking, working to circumvent anti-abuse measures in the system to otherwise do anyway the thing the anti-abuse measure would prevent you from doing is ... not a good move?
@nbro Ah, with you now. That might be good context to include when linking, to a layperson it looks very much like something that is just in-field and isn't a good onboarding. Though the AI-TRPG overlap is relatively slim anyhow
1:58 PM
@doppelgreener When an anti-abuse measure incorrectly targets legitimate use, its a problem with the anti-abuse measure, not the user.
Wasn't there an AI driven RPG project a little while ago? I seem to remember it lacking a little
@Someone_Evil You're right. There isn't a big overlap. But I'm also a gamer and I know that AI is also something that interests gamers
At least to me, if the OP does fix the questions, the votes can easily be undone
@ThomasMarkov i am nevertheless advising do not try to circumvent the anti-abuse measures
But I suppose I haven't considered how 32+ downvotes would come across when the OP has seen what they feel are incredibly similar questions asked without receiving those downvotes
In the end, KRyan appeared, so I will refrain from mainsite commenting
2:02 PM
Wasn't the cantrip set orgininally asked as one and then split up? I don't remember if there were something about spacing them out, but we've certainly asked that on a few occations (when requestion a split up I believe)
@Someone_Evil Yeah it was one blob at first but they split them all apart within minutes
@TheOracle real nice to get downvotes for taking the time to answer this
They also provided more information on the design process about features that are far less impactful so...
@Someone_Evil thank you
(A+ room title)
@ThomasMarkov Probably, yes. I don't remember, do those count as off-topic?
Yes, off topic
Maybe the user will join us here.
2:43 PM
I can see them in the "who' in the room" sidebar
@user3825755 Was anything on this google search the kind of thing you had in mind?
I found this image that maybe what youre looking for @user3825755
Thanks! both for the google search results and the suggestion! I am looking for something like the image you posted, ideally with numbers printed on it
You could use an image editor (MS Paint, paint.net, gimp, etc...) to add numbers to it.
Yes, might need to do that
2:58 PM
Alternatively, if you really dont mind a real life photo I can provide you with one.
If you have one at hand, that would be great. I had asked for a schematic picture with printing 200 exams in mind, but an actual picture might work as well
If you're printing, using a real photo (instead of a vector drawing) could require a lot of ink.
Ah, right.
Yeah, real photo is probably a bad idea.
Ive been a math teacher. Admin watched our copies like the NSA.
I see a @Rubiksmoose
3:17 PM
That's weird... I don't see one anywhere
@ThomasMarkov My mom does science. At her old school, there were actual fights over using the copier.
Fortunately, my dad has a home office, so she just uses his printer for any handouts she does
So apparently, there's been some guy just living undetected in a major airport for the last 3 months
3:33 PM
there's been a movie about that
but, that's pretty impressive. undetected like they knew he was there but didn't realise he'd been living there?
3:55 PM
Goodness, look at the reopen review history.
LMAO wut
Am I the only one who goes through it, or what?
Wait what do you see?
I'm only seeing my own votes
Ah, seeing all reviews in the history is a 10k tool
that makes sense.
4:00 PM
The entire first page (except a single entry at the bottom) is cleric homebrew leave closed.
49 "leave closed" votes on the cleric homebrews.
Makes sense, since there are 8 questions on it that got posted nearly simultaneously
It's weird that it's 49 though
(left side would display names, which i've obscured here)
it's quite a spectacle for sure though
4:42 PM
Is it not a good idea to add that a rule being cited in someone else's answer is optional?
@NautArch That's a tough sentence, rephrase?
@ThomasMarkov If there is an answer that cites a rule, but the rule is optional, is it okay for another user to add that the rule is optional to the answer text?
Or leave it be if, say, I commented to do that and they didn't add it.
Like as a comment, or to directly edit the answer?
Ive got a better idea: instead of calling it optional, call it guidance.
@RevenantBacon I'd like to directly edit their answer to clarify the rule is optional.
4:46 PM
I don't know that it would be wrong to do so. It should be made clear if a rule is optional so that future readers can identify thatthat's not the actual baseline rule
that's kind of where I"m at, but I'm not sure it'll be received well.
I feel like leaving it as a comment first is probably better
If it was done to one of my answers, it wouldn't bother me, but I can certainly see it being irritating to someone else
I think editing should be fine.
@RevenantBacon and if no response?
Comment has been up for a day or so.
I'll give them today and if nothing, i'll put it in tomorrow
Yeah, two days seems fair. If they don't like it, then they can revert and that's effectively a response
4:49 PM
I gave Dale M a week to edit his answer about booming blade before adding a header explaining that it was out of date.
5:44 PM
2020: a year in closing; network wide data for question closing
Q: How can a GM subtly guide characters into making campaign-specific character choices?

Bob TwayNote: the example I'm giving is D&D focussed, but the question is system-agnostic. We're in the early days of a new D&D group. If it keeps running, I'm planning to transition the players into Storm King's Thunder once they reach 5th level. Storm King's Thunder is an adventure that features a lot ...

Only 48 duplicate closures?
That seems wrong.
5:59 PM
485 according to the CSV file
HA it was cutting off the 5
Oh my. Ive answered around 20% of all questions since June 1, 2020.
Only 80% more to go! Then you get a secret prize.
6:33 PM
@ThomasMarkov Well, that would explain why you hit the rep cap on an almost daily basis
7:05 PM
@RevenantBacon Only 9 days away from Legendary
8:04 PM
Q: Do the benefits of the Slasher Feat work against swarms?

SeiatI am curious whether the abilities granted from the Slasher feat from Tasha's Cauldron of Everything (p. 81) would work on swarms. More specifically, the second and third benefits: Once per turn when you hit a creature with an attack that deals slashing damage, you can reduce the speed of the t...

Q: What does the term "svirfnebli" mean, and how is it different to "svirfneblin"?

SeriousBriA recent answer to a question has led me to obtain an e-book for The Dark Elf Trilogy by R. A. Salvatore. The section I am reading uses the word "svirfnebli" as well as "svirfneblin". However, I am unsure if it is a printing issue (or possibly a scanning issue) or an actual word, and I can't real...

8:16 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in answer, bad keyword with email in answer, email in answer, messaging number in answer, pattern-matching email in answer (439): Too many magic rings and trinkets by nancy on rpg.SE (@Rubiksmoose)
@SmokeDetector Nice kill
1 hour later…
9:27 PM
@SmokeDetector Finally, a debt-clearing miracle ring that doesn't require a blood sacrifice
1 hour later…
10:43 PM
Murning all
Howdy Ben
How's the weekend going
Eh? It's monday!
Well, actually I guess no matter where you are in the world the weekend's done now isn't it lol
I mean, it's a 3 day week for some in the USA. I guess. So half credit to ya ;-)
*3 day weekend
Hi Dopp
11:39 PM
I preordered Candlekeep Mysteries from my lgs this weekend.
11:49 PM
Gosh how is it Tuesday already.
@BESW [Something about lizards and the government]
@Ben Oh, BTW, no false hope but recently my brain started trying to find new angles for me to tackle Cardboard Monsters.
@BESW Oh that's exciting :D
This image maybe helped with how I'm thinking about the game and where I'm stumbling?
yesterday, by BESW
ben roswell wrote a twitter post codifying fiction/mechanic interactions in benefits and triggers.
Maybe you can be inspired by Godzilla V Kong :P
11:54 PM
@Rykara o/
@BESW what exactly are you stumbling over?
The system has always been firmly mechanic->mechanic, and all the games I've ever tried to make within that limited paradigm fizzled out and died.
I'm used to shoveling in a good dose of "and then you get to do fiction" between mechanical bursts, as a way for the players to take control of the experience and mitigate any mechanical problems I've introduced.
Yeah I've noticed that. It kinda requires experienced RPers to do any RP
Also Cardboard Monsters is a card game and that's a kind of game I've got relatively little experience with as a player and most card games feel overwhelmingly complex when I try to play them.
Well, the previous iterations anyway lol
Yeah fair enough

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