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12:04 AM
@BESW is this future Janelle Monae?
Headcanon accepted
(For the uninitiated, that is The High Abbess of the National Notary Association, a woman with a Dark Past as a member of the Parliament Funkadelic, in the "Once and Future" chapter of the comic Skin Horse.)
12:23 AM
Had a bit of a (re?)discovery today, and I'm glad to learn we have this fierce skeleton warrior to protect us against the robots :)
My GM wanted to see my contingency plans in case of a party member or important NPC turns on us
That's what we in the business call "foreshadowing"
I had to dig out the private keys encrypting it and the original texts where I detailed them
but first i made him prove he wasn’t an imposter
for some reason he still puts up with the paranoia
and my group finds this hilarious
that I hid plans in several layers of “encryption” (or what passed for it in 8th grade)
@MikeQ it’s for a really old campaign
Most of them boil down to “put them down with fireball. Leave them in an antimagic field and cage”
1:30 AM
Morning all
1:48 AM
Q: What happens when a Scrying target teleports away, or moves through a portal?

BobbitTheDogAs the title says, I am unsure on the RAW or RAI of what would happen if a target who is being scried upon were to use the Teleport spell, or some other instant travel spell, for intraplanar only travel. The relevant parts of Scrying: You can see and hear a particular creature you choose that is...

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2:50 AM
@Ben hail Ben, ave Ben, bienvenidos Ben
Aww shucks
How are we today
I am going to name my next bard Ben Venidos. ;)
The last paladin was named Ben Dover and the rest of the players made me change the name ...
2:52 AM
That's part of what makes one shots fun for me: I get to make up a name
How you, Ben?
Not too shabby. Pretty average work day today
Got some allowance to relax, watch a stream in the background
I am still waiting to see if I get sent to Arizona for some short notice "need people" deal, but latest word is that they already have who they need. Which makes me happy.
Finally got back around to looking at my Diablo 5e Influence system again, after 6 months
Man, there's a labor of love. Will you have it done by the time diablo 4 comes out? 😆
@KorvinStarmast Ah yeah. I would feel the same way lol
@KorvinStarmast XD
Can't make any promises at the moment
2:55 AM
@Ben Wait, that sounds like the folks at Blizzard ... 😮
aha, momma calls, best to you and yours. Cheers.
@KorvinStarmast Until next time :)
3:14 AM
Update: my GM texted me back about the contingencies I mentioned earlier
his exact words were “wow, that’s detailed. And would have worked”
@BardicWizard "would have"?
Old campaign, it wasn’t necessary
Ah ok
This all came out of him taking 2 weeks of not gming to let another player run a two-shot, and wanting to play a paranoid character. I usually play paranoid characters
For some reason, I offered my notes
and contingency plans
That is... yup. Detailed
3:29 AM
Q: Does the Gloom Stalker ranger's Dread Ambusher feature apply only when the party actually engages in combat, or when initiative is rolled?

JayThe Gloom Stalker ranger's Dread Ambusher feature says, in part (XGtE, p. 42; emphasis mine): At the start of your first turn of each combat, your walking speed increases by 10 feet, which lasts until the end of that turn. If you take the Attack action on that turn, you can make one additional w...

I mean, it makes sense for a paranoid PC to have contingency plans, but I never would have done that haha
@Ben best plan: an NPC that had such low social stats that the entire plan was to tell them “hey, can you go stand in that cell please?”
They worked, the one time I used any of them
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5:36 AM
Q: Does the Grappler feat give advantage on a subsequent shove attempt vs your grappled target?

K.L.R.The Grappler feat says it gives advantage on attack rolls against a creature you are grappling--does this include attempts to shove the grappled creature? Also, does it give advantage on your opposed rolls to keep the target grappled?

Q: Should this question - about Extra Attack + Hunter ranger's Whirlwind Attack, and separately about Whirlwind Attack + Horde Breaker - be split in two?

V2BlastThe question Do the Hunter ranger's Extra Attack, Whirlwind Attack, and/or Horde Breaker features work together? seems to be asking 2 entirely separate questions in a single post: One aspect of the post focuses on the interaction of the ranger's Extra Attack feature with the Whirlwind Attack opt...

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7:43 AM
Q: Can the spell Suggestion be ended by your allies if inflicted by a hostile creature?

Old GeneralIn DnD 5e, if a member of the party has had Suggestion cast on them by a hostile creature, can the other party members end that spell by attacking the suggestible party member, or is that effect restricted only to allies of the hostile spellcaster?

2 hours later…
9:32 AM
@doppelgreener I am so mad I wasn't here to reply to this when you said it XD that's a great interpretation
9:57 AM
@trogdor I'm pretty sure that's the volume where she put Monáe on the playlist!
yeah I wouldn't be at all surprised XD
10:41 AM
Q: Can an incapacitated character still use Bonus actions?

K.L.R.The Incapacitated condition says: An incapacitated creature can’t take actions or reactions. Can someone who is incapacitated still take bonus actions?

10:56 AM
Should we close this?
Q: How can you find a balance between effective/optimised characters and creative characters?

AncientSwordRageWhen creating characters, I often face a dilemma between making a character. It feels like they can either be optimized so they can "pull their own weight" or having a character I think is creative and fun to play. When I say 'pull their own weight', by and large I mean by filling out the role e...

I don't like it anymore :/
its feels very focused on discussion/opinion. The answers are good, but I don't have it in me right now to pivot the Q into being written 'proper stackese'
11:09 AM
I think a lot of my early questions could be rephrased as "I don't want to play the same kind of game my friends want to play, how do I get around that?"
@AncientSwordRage It was deemed worthy of being kept open by the stack. I don't think it could've retroactively turned out to have been never deemed worthy.
@vicky_molokh-unsilenceMonica I think you lost me, what tense is: "could've retroactively turned out to have been never"
@AncientSwordRage Yes, sorry, time travel tenses are hard. -_-
@vicky_molokh-unsilenceMonica I'm sure they're easier in the future
You posted the question, and the stack saw it for a long time, and the consensus seems to be that it was worth keeping open. Your opinion changed today, but the fact remains that the question went through stack evaluation, and the evaluation result is that it is worthy of keeping, or at least keeping long enough to get useful answers.
11:21 AM
@vicky_molokh-unsilenceMonica The stack evaluation kept it, but my argument is that the stack evolution makes it unsuitable
Now, you're the question author, and on one hand I am in favour of upholding the author's ownership of works. But the stack AFAIK operates on a different model, where 'someone could want to read the question and answers' trumps authors' preferences for erasing.
@vicky_molokh-unsilenceMonica I'm suggesting closing not deleting
@AncientSwordRage Closing still means that a question that is, in line with years of evaluation, found to be valid, gets shut down.
if it ever got edited it could be reopened
and at the same time I don't want it's discussiony tone to lead anyone astray
12:02 PM
@AncientSwordRage Leave it be. It's a question from another era of the stack. If it starts attracting poor answers from 1 rep users, we can protect it.
@ThomasMarkov fair
I also think it's fine as is.
I think it's a good subjective question, and many of the answers you;ve received are good experience-based answers.
12:24 PM
@Ben o/
How are we today
Not too bad. Had a successful start to Dungeon of the Mad Mage last night.
It's no joke.
That sounds like a challenge haha. Never really looked at it though so I can't accurately comment
Got a mate that chats about D&D stuff: twitch.tv/malimali004
He's had a couple of "DM Chats", as well as some Dead Space and Among Us games
@NautArch If you're going to move my reponse to NAB, please move this to NAB.
@doppelgreener I moved this to the wrong room :(
I understand
I should be able to fix, give me a moment :)
thank you
12:46 PM
This is slightly distressing for me on account of this conversation taking the form of you asserting something is off topic, and me asserting it's fine, and this second bit being not okay.
@NautArch Yup, I VTCd.
@GcL I've added a couple more items to my Corruption System
CC @KorvinStarmast @linksassin @MikeQ
I think all it needs now is just some balancing and maybe some kind of "end game" scenarios
1:05 PM
And on a similar note, I have remembered that Diablo is coming to Netflix
1:58 PM
Good morrow
@AncientSwordRage No, please leave it open. It seems to be a common frustration in game groups where optimization levels differ
@AncientSwordRage I just edited it because you signalled your edits. Naughty Ferret! 😂😜
@Ben I am taking a look now, on a coffee break. Woot! Yay Ben.
@Ben Of course, I had my (very slim) chance to get on that writing team back in the early 00's (fan fic and a few emails with someone at Buzzard) but that chance came and went ... and then died when half of a novel went dead on my HD when the power supply took both the mother board and HD with it ... I had not backed it up to floppy ... yeah, oldest mistake in the book ... chances are, someone else would still have gotten the nod ...
Capacitors: they are evil but necessary, I guess.
I will of course have to watch all of the Diablo on netflix when it comes out to see if it is as good as the diablol cartoons in carbot ... 😎
@Ben did you mean "in Dave" in this sentence? The DM states that the sight of the Butcher has caused an unnerving awe in the Beast - he cannot help but feel a bloodthirsty desire to join the Butcher in his work, and collects 3 Embrace points
@Ben Mechanically: Phobia almost equals incapacitated. Is that intentional?
Mechanically, this runs afoul of "interact with an object" which is free: If they fail, they are unable to act for their turn, instead spending their action(s) retrieving the item. If they succeed, they can act normally {Obsession/Compulsion} so I suggest a bit more meat and detail is needed on why it take up their Action.
2:29 PM
Q: Which magic item of very rare or lower rarity is most useful to protect a group of ordinary soldiers?

PahlavanBackground I'm playing a mid-level artificer (artillerist) who's a disgruntled veteran with a missing limb who, disillusioned by the leaders' willingness to send soldiers to their deaths, has retired from the army and opened a shop. An adventure hook has people steal his work-in-progress masterpi...

Q: Does the benefit of the ranger's Natural Explorer feature only activate starting with the second hour of travel in their favored terrain?

KilrathiSlyThe relevant part of the PHB ranger's Natural Explorer feature states (emphasis mine): While traveling for an hour or more in your favored terrain, you gain the following benefits: Difficult terrain doesn’t slow your group’s travel. Your group can’t become lost except by magical means. [...] ...

2:56 PM
@Ben Excellent. I've got a random floorplan generator for VTT. I should get back to hacking a bit more on that project.
My colleague and I are going to make some Diablo-esq tilesets for inktober this year.
@KorvinStarmast I did? EDIT: Oh I see what you mean
@GcL ::heart eyes::
3:16 PM
The trick is not to look at Diablo art or examples. We both think we remember how the game looked and have a bunch of images of historical gothic architecture as our study set.
@GcL I can still hear the tristram incidental music
3:59 PM
@GcL Now that's something productive. applause
4:36 PM
@KorvinStarmast Productivity is overrated
@BardicWizard unless you are trying to get something done/finished/accomplished
5:01 PM
@KorvinStarmast fair
granted, I need productivity on a daily basis
hello crowd
@BLM howdy
@BLM good day
i have a problem in understanding DnD
where do i download that game?
what's it about and why is it so popular?
sorry if i sound weird, but i got to know about this game just a few hours ago
No worries. Dungeons and Dragons is a table top roleplaying game.
One of many different styles of tabletop roleplaying.
5:09 PM
Q: I'm at a loss with “Dungeons and Dragons.” How does one play it, anyway?

RosamundaI'm no gamer at all, so this could be like a very silly, basic question for you guys. The thing is that I always read about "Dungeons and Dragons" game (not the video game, but the normal game to play with friends that are actually gathered together). And I would like to know how to play it. I'v...

Well, that's relevant!
@Someone_Evil thank you
let's see if i am destined to be DnD player
@BLM I'll say my one bit I say to many people encountering the hobby: you are already an experienced roleplaying gamer, and you enjoyed it a lot as a child. You played cops&robbers or predators vs. aliens or backyardigans or whatever. At some point, though, you either decided it wasn't as much fun as something else or the endless arguments over whether your laser rifle hit the xenomorph made it intolerable.
We've decided to make up a few more rules that take care of that argument, and still play those childhood games. Sometimes using D&D for those "extra" rules, sometimes one of thousands o
@nitsua60 thanks,i'll keep that in my mind
you all are very friendly and welcoming, i appreciate that
Woohoo! Fooled another one :p
5:23 PM
@Someone_Evil shhhhhh
@BLM you're welcome, please stick around
@BLM here is a link to the game rules for free
It is meant to be playd in groups, and if you have not played before finding a group is your first step.
@Someone_Evil I just flagged a comment to get a chat room
5:51 PM
I'm debating about purchasing an inexpensive flight stick for Star Wars Squadrons...
@BLM almost anyone can be a d&d (or other RPG) player! It mostly requires being willing to collaborate with the group to tell an awesome story
D&D has been the start of many of my friendships. My friends from middle school and I still play d&d together and this has firmly cemented our friendship on a solid foundation
...I think I mixed up my metaphor there
@BardicWizard so there is a boardplaying game and a videogame too?
6:08 PM
@BLM There are some videogames based on D&D lore and mechanics, but pen-and-paper is the primary medium for D&D
@BLM I saw you have a few questions posted to math.se, are you a maths student?
@ThomasMarkov a high school student
@BLM same
i currently play in a group with middle school friends, and GM two other groups, one through school and one through the library
it’s pretty fun and a good break from work
@BardicWizard ah, i hope we'll make good friends
@BardicWizard big circle, nice
@BLM I’m around a lot and happy to help answer questions!
what brought you to d&d?
6:19 PM
@BardicWizard BBT
sheldon mainly ;)
@BLM Basal Body Temperature?
@eimyr big bang theory*
@BLM huh... thanks
6:35 PM
Happened to check my profile: "Visited 2000 days, 1286 consecutive"
@BLM did you ever play that game where someone starts telling a story ending with "and then.." so the next person can tell the next part of the story and they also end with "and then..." ?
7:04 PM
@BLM Dungeons and Dragons is a sprawling franchise, so yeah, you'll find those and more. It originated in tabletop RPGs (as an extension to more straightforward war-gaming) but in addition to TRPGs, there are board games, video games, novels and comics either directly related to the game(s) or the official settings. There's also a few movies, at least one animated series, and of course... toys.
So pretty much everything you'd expect from a giant multimedia franchise
@kviiri And there will now be a mighty morphin power rangers RPG game that is intended to be compatibly with D&D 5e ... saw that one on twitter today (Renegade Games)
A few other big tabletop RPG franchises have spread out to become multimedia IPs, eg. Shadowrun, but DnD is no doubt the biggest
@BLM When you start playing, do remember though that while DnD is the most popular, it is not all there is to the world of tabletop gaming, and there's a lot of people here with a lot of knowledge about other systems :)
@kviiri i am already loving it
7:38 PM
@BLM yay
we like it when people love RPGs around here
@KorvinStarmast wait what?
(also, power rangers is that thing where theres giant robots that combine, right? How does that translate to d&d??)
@BardicWizard Sounds like Voltron =)
@kviiri @BLM
@kviiri I'd actually say that a lot of people are annoyed that D&D, the poster boy game for TTRPG community is considered behind the curve for modern game design, inclusivity and accessibility. For the cutting edge of TTRPG design you have to look to "indie TTRPGs". @BLM
8:04 PM
@eimyr Oh yeah, I'm in agreement there. Just don't want to get all polemical with newbies to the hobby
8:14 PM
@kviiri I guess I'm taking the hint from @BLM s nickname to assume they care about this stuff
Heh, fair point I hadn't considered
@eimyr I missed the part where someone was looking for "cutting edge rpgs" ... though Honey Heist is a simpler game all things considered
ANd let's not make assumptions. That could literally stand for anything. And let's keep politics out of TTRPG.
@BardicWizard I'll get you a twitter thing, gimme a sec ....
Power Rangers RPG announced in this blurb, and they are apparently doing it under license to make it "5e compatible" (Hasbro joint venture) ... though I am not sure what that means in detail.
Nevertheless. I think DnD having the status of being a "default" family of TRPG systems is a problem, totally wish it wasn't the case. But it's not a problem newcomers to the hobby should feel obliged to worry themselves with. Thanks to its prominent status in pop culture newcomers notice DnD and get interested it, it's perfectly natural and I predict mainly Bad Feels from trying to "correct" them.
8:22 PM
@kviiri Given that this is a Hasbro corporate deal, and that Power Rangers is an already well monetized franchise, I wonder if this is a case of "I like oysters, I like peanut butter, let's cook an oyster peanut butter stew - it will be delicious!" kind of thing
Like, for example, what if the marvel super heroes RPG (or similar) was a better base system for Power Rangers?
@KorvinStarmast I know nothing about Power Rangers (despite having vague memories of the show), just wanted to expand on mine and @eimyr's musings, not in particular relation to the Power Rangers case
Yeah, Korvin, I hear you all reply, Hasbro showed up with the money and the rest follows ...
Ofc if they base it on DnD, they'll need to have Power Clerics. Power Figthers etc
(I'm pretty sure Power Fighters was the name of some Mega Man game?)
@kviiri Aren't they already power monks, or is that Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?
I can just see it now: "I'm sorry, but I'm a power Warlock, not just some garden variety Warlock ... please show the proper respect!"
But anyway my usual response to a friend who wants to try out DnD is "hey, I don't play DnD at the moment but if you want to play a <high-fantasy adventure/dungeon crawl/something> I can maybe hook you up for a game of <system>"
8:27 PM
@kviiri Which reminds me, how do our 13th Age prospects look?
(Just read a brief interview from a German blogger from a few years back where Heinsoo and Tweet offered a few thoughts on what they were trying to achieve with 13th age)
@KorvinStarmast I'm pushing against the deadlines of the thesis, sorry for taking so long x)
I really would like to play, it's been faaaar too long
@kviiri No worries, your real life takes precedence. Go forth and do great things!
@KorvinStarmast Actually I'm going Python
Forth would be hardcore tho
@NautArch Hard disagree, sorry.
@eimyr I think he refers to "take politics to Not a Bar" not the main TRPG chat. @NautArch
We want the main chat room to be welcoming.
8:41 PM
Huh, that's a function I was not aware of
When you add a vote to close as dupe, the system auto-adds a comment from you with a link to the proposed dupe
@RevenantBacon Yes, and you can leave it up or delete it. I have usually deleted auto comments, but that's a personal preference.
I also deleted it. Mostly because @ThomasMarkov already had that particular question linked in one of his comments
If it wasn't already there, I would have left it
because I think it's useful, though I probably would have edited the text.
It was also the question I had immediately thought of when I read the new question, but he beat me to the punch linking it.
Fastest Mouse in the West syndrome strikes again.
8:47 PM
@KorvinStarmast I'm good at that. I've got like 20% of all enlightenment badges handed out over the last three months.
@KorvinStarmast @eimyr exactly!
@ThomasMarkov damn son
9:10 PM
ARRRGGGHHH words are hard
@kviiri You might call it the gateway drug, if you were being a smart alec like I am being ... 😎
Q: Can a creature under the effect of a Discord Symbol perform verbal spell components?

Thomas MarkovSymbol allows you to create a magical glyph that triggers on a condition you determine. One of the glyphs you can create is called Discord: Each target must make a Constitution saving throw. On a failed save, a target bickers and argues with other creatures for 1 minute. During this time, it is...

Q: What is the ideal way of emulating a full dice set using a single d20?

ChivalryImagine you are trapped in a post-apocalyptic world and only have a single d20 at your disposal, nothing else whatsoever. What is the ideal way of emulating all other common dice types (d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d%) using just this d20 and arbitrarily complicated math? I realize there's an easy way t...

@MarkWells Thinking back on this message from you, it reminded me of thecodelesscode.com
Essentially, an entire coding firm RPing as a Shaolin Temple of various sects (departments).
@KorvinStarmast Oh yeah, certainly. Of course it's a bit debatable in the sense that if it didn't exist, we might have something else draw the equivalent amount of people in, but well. This is what we have.
9:28 PM
@kviiri Yeah, it might, but that's one of those "we'll never know" deals for a while.
@KorvinStarmast Yep
welp we got our first WHAP LEQ essay today
at least it’s take-home
What's WHAP LEQ?
Sorry, a Long Essay Question for our World History AP class
It’s an essay about historical stuff
except in detail
and with a lot of examples
and eventually to be written in the span of 35 minutes
basically, pain and suffering
in the form of an essay
I have fond memories of our history teacher in upper primary (grades 7 thru 9) who was nicknamed "The Owl" for reasons I don't know. A sweet lady who had the most... forgiving exams ever.
The test was always, ALWAYS a folded A3 (or four pages of A4). One side (the "centerfold") was a "combination quiz" in two columns – terms, years, people in the left one, definitions and explanations in the other one. By "combination quiz", I mean one just had to combine them.
Match the year to the event, match the name to a person's description etc.
9:35 PM
My teacher’s grading policy is really harsh. I wish I had your teacher
(literally, the punishment for cheating starts with a zero on the essay)
Then don't cheat on the essay? Once you get to higher education, the penalties for cheating get much harsher than a zero on one assignment.
@MikeQ not planning on it
it also has a long list of things that will get points taken off
And that was like 90% of the points in the exam, but wait there's more: the first page was two or three freeform assignments (basically just "answer this question in freeform, 2-3 sentences"). Finally, the final page was blank save for the voluntary "Joker essay" to be completed on the rest of the page, worth an extra "plus" (quarter of a grade) for anything resembling a honest attempt and at best a "big plus" for a whole grade upgrade
it’s just that’s the first thing on it
@kviiri lucky!!!
@BardicWizard That's pretty normal, irrespective of other grading strictness tbf
@BardicWizard Bear in mind though, this was upper primary (or whatever would be the best translation of our educational degrees) so basically still kiddie league x)
Our comprehensive school exams are rated in numbers with plus/minus for quarter-grade modifier and half-grades also possible. The actual grades in one's report are plain numbers
Some teachers awarded 10+ in exams for scoring all points plus voluntary bonus points :P
The "small plus" was anyway therefore kinda equivalent to normal usage, quarter of a grade. Eg. enough to take 8½ to 9-
And the big plus'd be 8½ -> 9½
Which was a huge lot considering it's a bonus point!
@MikeQ that explains a lot
10:18 PM
@MikeQ The minimum penalty at the Uni I taught at was up the the professor's purview but most nullified the course grade
And the university kept a record of every instance and tracked it between departments and affiliated schools.
Mind you, this is MINIMUM penalty.
@doppelgreener if you thought the uproar among mods at the dropping of a code of conduct was bad, you should have seen the reaction at a faculty meeting today. It got... heavy.
@KorvinStarmast @NautArch Thanks for clarifying.
@nitsua60 oh boy
because of a code of conduct getting introduced?
@nitsua60 oof
what happened?
Q: Does Disguise Self end if the caster falls unconscious?

Bardic WizardIn one of my groups, I play a squishy sorcerer focused on deception, including having a number of false identities. Last week, we were infiltrating an enemy’s base and my sorcerer used disguise self to look like she belonged. The session had to end in the middle of the infiltration, but afterward...

10:31 PM
@doppelgreener No--there's nobody I know who's objected to the notion of a code of conduct. But there's some vagueness in the language in some areas that's really worrisome.
@nitsua60 :(
For instance: I may actually be in violation of the new code now, telling a friend in a place where others may overhear, that I have concerns. Because, you see, "employees should exercise appropriate discretion in... personal communications with friends and associates with the knowledge that your behavior reflects on you as a $SCHOOL_NAME employee."
(We'll forgive the tenses/agreement for the moment.)
That’s horrible
Combine that with the expectation that I "protect the school's assets, including the good reputation of $SCHOOL_NAME," and suddenly I'm subject to... whatever.
10:35 PM
that sucks
There's an understandable impulse tucked in there, I believe. I should think about the fact that if I walked around town drunk and pantsless while wearing my $SCHOOL_NAME polo, that would be awkward for my employer.
But the verbiage sure seems like it could easily cover much more than the drunk-pantsless scenario.
In any case, it sure reminded me of some good ol' 2019-style SEI turmoil!
Yeah, that's, ah. Prioritizing the protection of an institution over the protection of the people who compose it.
@BESW i hate that
it’s just frustrating
and horrible
11:22 PM
I should be fair: 90% of it is fine. Another 8% is clearly intended with the well-being of students foremost in mind, if maladroitly executed. But there are a couple of bits that really stand proud and need some sanding....
[hopes that ticked the "protect the good reputation of $SCHOOL_NAME" box...]

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