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12:00 AM
Well, guessed at the html for it but would still like the markdown
Q: Warforged Cleric of the Forge starting with too much HP... why?

GM RodCreated a Warforged Cleric of the Forge, Using the official D&D Beyond tool. It came out with 15hp at level 1. Where did the extra 4hp came from? I have a 17 CON for a +3 bonus, so it should be 8+3=11, yeah? I also re-made him using the Fight Club iOS app, and in there he shows up with 11hp. What...

Turns out you CAN add multiple lines to one answer from the query in Roll20 for the different commands
12:58 AM
@Himitsu_no_Yami ---this---
1:37 AM
Q: In D&D 5e is there a spell or ability that mimics the D&D 2e Priest spell Combine?

Sam LacrumbIn 2nd Ed there was a 1st LV spell called Combine. It allowed the caster to combine forces with other casters to increase the effective level of his Turning ability as well as increased his caster level for spells. Is there a spell or ability in 5e that does something similar?

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@Himitsu_no_Yami There should be a help button near the top of the edit box, which will get you to the full set of allowed markup.
@Himitsu_no_Yami commonmark doesn't have a strike through syntax. <del></del> is the way to go
@GcL Huh.
Oh, for the chat it's three - like so
So <de></del> doesn't work in chat, and ---text--- doesn't work on mainsite
Common issue with markdown implementations.
2:48 AM
@GcL I ended up guessing <s></s> and it worked so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Ignore all those edits
@Himitsu_no_Yami It should for now. My recollection is that <s> is deprecated and will be phased out entirely at some point in subsequent HTML specifications.
Naturally. Phase out the short version...
I was assuming it was too short. Confused with strong and any other s word
It appears <strike> is deprecated in favor of <s> or <del>. I was a bit off the mark about <s>
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Hey guys, I don't think my question is quite right for the stack but this is definitely the people I want to ask, so here I am in chat for the first time in ages...
@gatherer818 Is this the tea vs coffee question?
...I'm hoping to run an AD&D Council of Wyrms campaign in the near future. But the sample adventures in the book are spread pretty thin - you're expected to run several sessions between the first two, and the rest are even further down the road. Once my players get warmed up I'm sure I'll have a few storylines to spin, but I'm looking for resources to help with the early parts of the campaign. Quests/missions/dungeons for the first age categories would be most helpful...
...but ideas on long-term themes I can start building early and how to motivate dragon PCs are great, too.
Um, to clarify - I'm looking for pre-existing resources from people who've already created it, not asking this chat to come up with half my campaign for me from scratch. :/
You're running a 2nd edition game? or is this the dragonlance rules for 2nd ed?
I think I vaguely remember something with that name.
Okay. Nevermind. That's the one where you play AS dragons. Never played that. Did something out of that vein though with a party of half dragons.... similar to the draconians of dragonlance.
I don't recall much being written on playable monsters aside from weird stat conversions and rule modifications. Basically, the mechanics of making monster races playable as characters. I don't know where you can get back issues of Dragon Magazine, but there might be something there.
I do recall the Dragon Magazine index being online.
Looks like Piazo took over Dragon magazine, but doesn't have digital copies of the old issues. That's too bad.
4:30 AM
@GcL aeolia.net/dragondex is that index
Apr 1 '19 at 6:05, by BESW
I revealed that Arkhosia was actually a federation of dragonstates, with each dragon considering its state to be its own personal hoard and working to improve the wealth, craft, and quality of life of its subjects as a form of competition with each other dragon in the federation.
Apr 1 '19 at 6:24, by BESW
In my D&D campaigns, more than two dragons have only ever worked together in two conditions: one is when united under a specific dragon god for a specific purpose, and the other is when the Dragon Orbs are being misused.
Sep 20 '17 at 20:52, by BESW
Nobody dared go near the tower. A fearsome dragon sat on its top. Until one day, a knight rode up. "Do you need help to get down?" "Please."
Jun 29 '16 at 9:43, by BESW
Dragons steal/demand/collect/consume things that humans value because humans value them; not because the dragon buys into the human value system, but because it's a way to manipulate humans in ways that are valuable to the dragon.
Mar 1 '16 at 13:58, by BESW
(Notably, dragons are pretty much only in Cleveland, because Ohio is the only state which recognises them as citizens. They incorporate in Ohio and their corporations act on their behalf in the wider world. This becomes a plot point when a dragon dies.)
Nice, I'll look through that, but I'm guessing it's not going to have what I'm looking for. The actual conversion to PCs and mechanics for being a dragon PC are all handled by the Campaign Option book; I'm just looking for adventures or story hooks specific to that campaign setting to get me started until my players are ready to get off the rails, because at the start of a campaign they usually need to be told what to do if anything's gonna happen.
Ah, I see you're a man of culture as well. :yum:
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May I also introduce you to the Dragonlords of Tarkir:
On Tarkir, there used to be different clans of Tarkir, until someone back in time and prevented most dragons from dying out.
Now each clan is rules by a dragon that exemplifies two of the colours of magic, sacrificing part of their clan's identity to ensure their survival
> The Dromoka are a true community, dragons and desert survivors bound together by their common allegiance to their devoted dragonlord. The dragon scalelords foster trust among their subjects, while the other clans must spend their time quelling rebellions. This is achieved by separating the children from their parents and raising them communally, instilling obedience to the dragons into them from an early age.
> As the new leader, Ojutai demanded that the records of the Jeskai were edited to rewrite history in his favor, declaring himself ruler and founder of the clan. The humanoids of his clan revere the dragons as the epitome of age, wisdom, and martial strength, seeking their guidance and believing that, by following Ojutai's edicts, that they will in another lifetime be reborn as dragons.
> Of the five dragonlords on Tarkir, Silumgar has the fewest living followers, but the clan's undead numbers are unrivaled. Silumgar's underlings emulate their dragonlord in all that they do. They take care to curry favor and deflect blame. Assassination and extortion are commonplace as those in the inner circle jockey and kill for position. The naga translators are often the first and fastest to gain favor.
> Led by Surrak, the Hunt Caller, the former Temur of the present remain fairly independent - as long as the dragons are fed. Savagery and strength are their greatest assets. They were won over by Atarka's promise to spread the glory of fire to all the world. Atarka is worshipped and fed by her subjects at Ayagor, the Dragon's Bowl. The dragons spend most of their time hunting or fighting among themselves.
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9:47 AM
Q: How useful is the 5e 'Wish' spell ('Basic Use' version) for spell research?

Tim of TimeThe 5e Wish spell does, literally, whatever you wish, but for a price. The Basic Use version may be useful for instant spell research without the usual time / gold costs. Logically, one could use this Basic Wish to learn all the wizard spells lvl. 8 and lower. But what are the limits? To quote: ...

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I got the generalist badge yesterday
12:12 PM
@ThomasMarkov WOAH
> Provide non-wiki answers of 15 total score in 20 of top 40 tags.
thats really hard to get
im at half the rep of the next lowest person to have it
@ThomasMarkov thats some good generalisming
The next lowest people got it at 8-9k ish rep
Not sure why its only a siulver badge though.
Its the rarest silver on a lot of stacks
Rarer than most golds.
This update to the mobile site is... Weird
The little "answer" bubbles now have the letter A in them and upvotes on posts and comments are grey, not white (which my particularly browser and settings make hard to see but that's a me thing)
12:32 PM
@Medix2 you dont use the app?
@ThomasMarkov nowadays that's not exactly a surprising thing
@ThomasMarkov I tried and it was not a good experience
So I just use the mobile site and the desktop version on my phone when that doesn't work (like the various pages that are utterly broken or unreadable on mobile)
Ive had a good experience with the app.
the sites nowadays have a fully responsive mobile-friendly design replacing the standard blue mobile site (although you need to switch it on in the footer first), and while the app has always had various problems, it's now also at end-of-life
Oh, are they ending support for the app?
12:34 PM
@ThomasMarkov officially not yet, practically they already did that a year ago
I thought they did have an official response, hmmm
"We are not providing any further support for the mobile apps. There will not be any more builds made for either the Android or the iOS app (even for breaking bugs). We encourage all mobile users to use the responsive website. We hope to continue to incrementally improve the user experience for mobile users."
oh wow!
well, there you have it
where's that from?
How about that.
this but specifically that quotes this
12:41 PM
frankly that's the correct decision anyway
12:53 PM
Does anyone have the most recent printing of the 5e PHB handy?
Most recent, no, but what are you thinking changed? It's not in the errata?
I figured out the issue. The details page on dnd beyond for Armor of Agathys is missing text, but the description on the compendium is correct.
I didn't even know spells had multiple links besides basic rules and PHB
What is a the "Compendium version" btw?
Each spell has its own page outside of the compendium. I think thats how they pull spell information to the character sheets.
Its the PHB.
Ah "the Compendium doesn't include the separate listings and character sheet ready content."
1:04 PM
A 9th level armor of agathys is actually pretty deadly.
45 temp hp will absorb a lot of hits, dealing 45 damage per hit
10th level even moreso
how does that work
Though it's interesting that as it gets cast at higher levels you also take more damage per hit and enemies have more HP though I'm unsure how that all balances out
A question on the Book of Exalted Deeds
1:09 PM
Whoa, that’s neat.
1:43 PM
@Medix2 I think a distinct advantage of the mobile app is push notifications.
2:38 PM
Q: Can a changeling increase their Charisma by +3 at character creation?

NathanSIn Eberron: Rising from the Last War, the changeling race says the following (p. 18): Ability Score Improvement. Your Charisma score increases by 2. In addition, one ability score of your choice increases by 1. Can you choose Charisma again for your additional +1, for a total of +3 to Charisma?...

3:00 PM
@doppelgreener I was pretty sure of that comment, since I know exactly how the D&D 6-second round came about (historically), and have never played around with changing its length =)
@nitsua60 nice :D
i'm interested!
is it perchance to do with splitting the minute into 10 equal-length rounds?
iirc within OD&D and AD&D there were also times a single round was 1 minute, and other times it was 10 seconds, am I right?
@LizWeir ding, ding. It's the original 1-minute round, then subdivided into 10 segments, which became the now-standard 6-sec round.
@doppelgreener I'm going to have to go back and spelunk a bit to remind myself when what changed when, but I might be able to do it tonight.
incidentally we're on 3 reopen votes
@nitsua60 noice. i'll be looking forward to reading that!
3:06 PM
Nothing more satisfying than a quick close-comments-edit-reopen cycle =)
consider also doing the fastest gun in the west thing: good answer now, revise with more details later
It's nice to be editing without other concerns again
3:18 PM
[nods sagely]
Is there a Latin abbreviation for "the same time"? "ibid." means the same source, for example.
Perhaps I should stop trying to understand what designer intent questions are....
Q: Why is this question opinion-based?

AventinusI recently asked this question on the main site. To the best of my experience, this question is on-topic, specific, answerable, and reasonably scoped. Nevertheless, it was closed as opinion-based in less than 10 minutes. However, I disagree that it's opinion-based. Here are my arguments: There m...

3:35 PM
From my perspective the policy is just selectively enforced, I hope it's just because I don't understand the policy
Might open a Meta...
3:51 PM
@Medix2 I was thinking the same thing, I would find such a meta question helpful.
@ThomasMarkov I just have to sift through to find example questions which... will take a lot of time and today is rather busy, but eventually perhaps XD
I'll see if I can find anything as time permits
1 hour later…
5:10 PM
Q: Revisit: Should we include rule intent/designer intent as off-topic in tour and help pages?

HellSaintIn a recent meta question, we had a user bringing a fair point: I have read the thread. But does a meta-discussion overshadow the official page I've cited? Isn't that illogical? How would a user know what's on-topic if they have to search the Meta site first? While the page mentioned (https://r...

5:26 PM
@nitsua60 Funnily the cycle ended with "-and-close-again".
My view on it is: if the question is solely interested in "why" something in the game is the way it is, in the sense "what were the designers thinking?"

This meta may help you: https://rpg.meta.stackexchange.com/q/10028/43856 - I believe KRyan got a good answer there.
Q: Why is it difficult to edit this page?

AventinusA question that I asked on the main site was closed despite following the rules as they are stated on the page about what's on-topic. When I asked why I was told that Rule Intent questions are not permitted and this meta thread was cited. When I asked how come the page about what's on-topic is no...

@HellSaint That answer actually anti-helped me XD
Since those questions are which is answerable, it just requires, well, digging through history
@HellSaint Problem is, I disagree with the current designer-reasons policy....
@Medix2 Interesting haha. But the answer is: it is kinda of selectively enforced.
@nitsua60 How dare you disagree with the hivemind!
5:36 PM
@nitsua60 I was thinking "What exactly is a pogrom"
@HellSaint It's a thing that, frankly, I shouldn't have invoked for trivia like this.
I just googled it and I am regretting making the question.
English is not my native language and I have never heard of it :(
@HellSaint I hadn't either.
Good call on changing the phrasing
Designer-reasons, like "never guess the system"/"what constitutes as a guess?", strikes me as a place where the stackizenry is getting too rules-lawyery, is jumping at shadows, and is creating these special friction-causing carve-outs where regular practices would suffice and be more welcoming.
My opinion on them, by the way, is that they are on-topic, but they are also bad questions, usually.
IMO, good questions are trying to solve a problem faced when role playing. Designer reason questions are just trivia questions. Hey I am curious about this, do you guys know the answer?
Don't take me wrong - I love curious stuff. But I can't see it as a huge loss either.
5:40 PM
@nitsua60 I frequently wish I had been here to see why designer-reasons was deemed off-topic. In my head it was probably lots of work for mods (maybe?) to clean up speculative answers but like... shouldn't the community downvote and vote to delete those anyway?
@HellSaint We allow theoretical optimization questions... those aren't "problems faced when roleplaying" imo
@HellSaint Except we're all game-designers (see my previous rants about the D&D books containing both a game system and an example of a game that is played in that system, but the example-game taking over the presentation), so it's good to be able to learn about the reasoning used in putting a game to print.
I think a core of the issue is that we chose Designer Reasons as an especially blatant example of a question that often got bad answers. However the root cause of that, people not sourcing their claims, is also an issue in other related questions. And "designer reasons" is also sufficiently vague to bleed into other types of question (deserved or not)
As for trivia, the site is 80% trivia. We're pretending at being elves or gnomes or space marines or vampires most of the time.
@Medix2 We allow them, but I also think they are bad, and if they got too many bad answers and showed to be a problem, I would not be sad about them going away either.
Literally 90% of the questions could be beneficially answered by "dude, just make a call and move on with it, prolly should jot it down and talk with your players about it later."
@Medix2 Wasn't a lot of work in my experience.
5:43 PM
@nitsua60 *screams*
@Medix2 They should have, but they weren't was the thing. In fact, at least several speculative answers were highly highly upvoted.
And answers can only be community-deleted with a negative score, so the job fell to diamond mods.
@Rubiksmoose Well that doesn't sit well with me at all... :(
Example (deleted question): rpg.stackexchange.com/questions/117226/… from this meta which kicked off the whole thing IIRC
Since then it's getting into "you don't understand what's good for you" territory or at least "you aren't following the rules set by the Stack Overlords" (note: Stack Overlords does not mean moderators)
I suppose that's just the unavoidable clash of this being place for cited, accurate, verifiable answers (well, when it is that) and people going "yeah that makes sense"
Mhm, and designer reasons were a bad intersection of that issue, coupled with being generally accessible questions (potentially leading to HNQs [citation needed]), and also the whole "why does designer intent even matter?" issue.
5:54 PM
@Rubiksmoose Honestly, thanks for the clarifications, that really did help me think about this a lot more
@Medix2 I believe there is an inherent problem with people not being very good distinguishing something objectively good and something they like.
Opinion-based answers may get lots of upvotes if the opinion is highly agreed and people voting don't care about the system, i.e., they vote freely based on whatever reasons they want to.
Q: Confusion regarding the topicality of and differences between "history-of-gaming" and "designer-reasons" questions

Medix2The current policy on "designer-reasons" questions states that they are off-topic and are considered to be off-topic because they often receive answers that make guesses and do not involve actual citation and quality evidence. This is also explained quite well in KRyan's answer to the question "A...

6:08 PM
@HellSaint Yeah that's a good point. Definitely some issues in that. Though, to me, nothing is objectively good though that's a philosophy point more than anything else
@Medix2 As an extreme example: consider an ambiguous rule. One answer is filled with parallel wordings, tweets from designers, anyway, a strong backup. Another answer is "I think it should be like this.". But you prefer the conclusion of the second answer - you believe that is how the rules should be.
Although rare, we do get some upvotes in the second answer, although the first is, by all the site criteria, better.
@HellSaint Yeah and for me that's when I write an answering addressing the possible interpretations and evidence for each one individually XD
And that trend in voting is exactly why I try to make answers arguing the various cases I can think of
But yeah... :(
Yeah, but the other interpretation is mostly just "you may like it better", but there is no actual back up on that
because at that point it is essentially a house rule
and then again we are very strict on answers containing house rules - they should be backed by experience at least
6:29 PM
@Medix2 No problem! It's rare that I can help clarify something instead of just adding to the confusion ;-)
@Rubiksmoose Wow my experience thus far must be utterly atypical then
@Medix2 Maybe you're just fluent in Moose-ese. :)
6:52 PM
@Rubiksmoose said the guy with a diamond on his nick and one of the most prolific answerers back then. :P
Although my preferred mod line-up is still Unfair Dice, Green Fairy, Nice Sheep and Venger. Sorry current mods <3
@HellSaint Ooo Fantasy Moderator teams!
And yeah, the moderator position has been filled with very talented people. And they often leave some large pairs of shoes around the place :)
7:08 PM
@HellSaint More often, though, I feel like we get an answer saying "I think it should be like this, here's the experience I have with houseruling it/my players' feedback/how system Y does it" with lots of upvotes, than the bald "I like this better" one. (Which is a great thing.)
@HellSaint =D
@nitsua60 Yeah, certainly that is more frequent.
I'm just saying the bad case also happens, and when for some reason it happens in large scale (with a bad answer getting like 50 upvotes, as in the fire worn case), then the diamond gods shall intervene, IMO haha
7:22 PM
@Rubiksmoose I read that as each individual mod leaving multiple pairs of shoes XD
@Medix2 Well there are a few quadrupeds among us XD
Q: Do opportunity attacks have disadvantage if I use my action to Dodge and then move out of melee range?

SenmurvI am currently playing a multi-class Cleric 5 / Rogue 2 and at times I have managed to kite melee mobs successfully using my Cunning Action to Disengage, then my movement and then using a ranged attack, which has worked fine for most of the time. Sometimes though I get pounced on by several melee...

8:12 PM
@nitsua60 AD&D 1e dmg pages 61-62. Complicated by a dragon mag article by Len Lakofka, and a variant from him IIRC that had six segments that were ten seconds long ... need to find that article ...
@doppelgreener tempus samus of course. (uh, that's fake Latin ...)
@nitsua60 thank you
@Medix2 it came about thanks to a flame war related to a good answer by Lino Frank Ciarelli to a (IMO misguided) question about why things being worn weren't catching on fire from firebolt being used to attack for a dnd-5e rule about 'things you wear don't catch on fire." The questioner was kvetching about 'realism' ... and Lino answered him from a playability perspective. Then KRyan started the comment war ...
@KorvinStarmast my view is that firebolt just isn't able to impart enough energy to ignite clothing
due to it fizzling out on impact
(granted, in a d20 Modern game, it'd be a bit nastier due to the potential for melty badness)
you might smoke/char spots on the clothes, but to get them free-burning requires sustained energy input to ignite the pyrolyzate (aka smoke) that was initially emitted
@Shalvenay but the real reason is that we don't want to have to check for every darned thing on a creature saving for fire or maybe burning if a firebolt hits them ... it's a playbility thing... in AD&D 1e, you had to save for everything on you when a lightening bolt hit you ... versus lighenting. There was a table for it and everything
@KorvinStarmast yeah, that's also a very good reason :)
@Shalvenay otherwise, firebolt becomes OP if someone is wearing a cotton dress ...
The savvy adventurer would of course have all their clothing made out of asbestos
8:28 PM
@Someone_Evil Save vs. asbestos, though
@Someone_Evil but that attracts mind-flayers, who want to sue the adventurers for lung disease tort issues ...
@Shalvenay I like your reason though ...
@KorvinStarmast lulz :P
@Someone_Evil stuffs @Someone_Evil's washer full of fiberglass draperies
currently listening to some Steppenwolf ... been a long time ...
a flame war, how appropriate :-)
Make save vs melted keyboard.
8:35 PM
@KorvinStarmast I feel like players of caster characters making overtures to increase the power of their cantrips is a common occurrence.
Do we do flame wars here? I don't think we've ever gotten to that level but my calibration is weird.
@MarkWells the mods try to hide the evidence. I am glad to see that they are almost gone completely
@GcL yep
@KorvinStarmast tempus samus, or in English, "time for space bounty-hunters"
@LizWeir isn't it always that time?
8:40 PM
@GcL They are plenty powerful. Our 8th level wizard shot a fire bolt last night. Critical hit. Did 9 + 17 damage (2d 10 and then 2d10 for the crit) - 26 damage to a xorn
@GcL you haven't got the martial fighter players trying to stab the eyes of the enemy with their longswords so it may blind them?
@MarkWells good point well made
@HellSaint I don't get nor hear about the called shot thing so much anymore. Occasionally grapple shenanigans, but if they're willing to give up an attack action... I roll with it and suggest rolling with it.
@KorvinStarmast I feel like that makes us sound so underhanded lol. More like we try to come in with fire extinguishers when necessary and then clean up the mess :)
@LizWeir yeah, in the Outlands ....
8:42 PM
I don't think trying to cheese the rules is specific to casters, that's my point :P
@Rubiksmoose you do, and it's part of the janitorial service
"Clean up on aisle nine" ... and all that
@KorvinStarmast A 5th level fighter has renamed the great weapon attack thing -5 to hit for +10 damage as "whoppy choppy" and routinely does ~20 points of damage with a greatsword.
I am now hearing "lots of settings have an Outlands" in the voice of Christopher Eccleston as the Doctor
@GcL which is great!
@LizWeir hahaha
8:43 PM
I'm entertained. Took me a while to sort out what the heck was going on the first time that text and rolls came up.
@LizWeir IIRC, Outland was a movie with Sean Connery that was more or less "high noon" set in space, and it featured bounty hunters coming after him.
ah! that makes sense :-D
Huzzah, Head East is on my feed now.
I only know one person IRL who saw them live; one of my sister's best friends from college.
my head went straight to the Planescape Outlands - think that's the most recent one I've had to think about ;-)
@LizWeir oh, yeah, of course! 8^D
8:46 PM
@doppelgreener Actually, there is. For "at the same time" - simul.
Which originated... "simul"taneous
@LizWeir by the way, Liz, love your show . Seen a lot of good quality stuff from you in the last few months on this stack. Thanks. tips cap
sometimes, a +1 just doesn't express appreciation enough ...
@HellSaint oh dear, have an NPC wizard named Simul in our campaign ... but he's not high enough level to cast time stop ...
@MarkWells Haven't seen any flame wars in RPG.SE, but definitely some flame duels
oh wow, I appreciate it! <3
Faerun qustion: are there any known earthquake hotspots in Faerun?
@Shalvenay There was one in Chult, and we adventured through that area, didn't we?
8:51 PM
@KorvinStarmast Show?
volcano and earthquake often go together ...
@KorvinStarmast true, I was thinking more of places that'd be on known fault lines...but Chult very well could have one lurking under it
love your show is a phrase I used to see used by Dave Letterman when he was complimenting a guest star ...
Ah! But also seconded about Liz's stuff on main and here in chat.
but now I realize that's about three decades ago
8:52 PM
@KorvinStarmast Seems on-brand ;-)
I made a stack account because I started a software job last year - wanted to be able to keep an eye on code-y stuff
it is... not a surprise that in practice what's actually happened is I've ended up over here instead ;-)
@LizWeir That's how they get you!
@LizWeir hehehe, yeah, we attract a lot of fine folks that way.
Well...not me really. I'm bad at coding though I try my best to hack my way through the ocassional matlab script or vba code...
my first two languages! though, uh, I'm not sure any of the code I wrote in matlab qualifies for the name, as it was all part of a university degree that... did not go well; the programming in particular was all done in a rush at 2am the night before it was due, and I don't think any of it actually, you know,
8:55 PM
@LizWeir I feel like that describes 90% of all code XD and 99% of all university code.
snort just saw this comment on youtube I don't always listen to ZZ Top but when I do so do my neighbors and I do tend to roll down the windows when I have it on in the car ...
the one where I left it running for like two hours and the program didn't terminate so I went "well I guess I have to submit something" was a particular highlight
@KorvinStarmast Well you gotta let people know exactly what you think about sharped-dressed men.
I am more of a "La Grange" and 'Cheap sunglasses' fan, but that song sure was popular
@KorvinStarmast It was the first one that sprang to my mind lol
8:58 PM
@Rubiksmoose My wife sometimes gets tired of me putting on their three album set when we travel, but the do put out some great driving music
@Rubiksmoose I count many faculty and grad students in that 99%. They're sometimes the worst.
Btw, congrats to javafueled for earning the Necromancer badge almost 8 years after the answer was posted
9:45 PM
I have a new monster combo to throw at a group of unsuspecting heroes! They enter an old house in which is a room devoured of anything but a treasure chest. It's of course a mimic. But after harming the mimic, the room starts to try to eat them because it's a Greater Mimic, and should they manage to get that to the brink of death the House Hunter Mimic goes into action to dispose of the group...
I've headcanoned that mimics are intelligent ambush predators, and they're aware of adventuring tropes. So they could use a real (albeit empty) chest as bait, and then disguise themselves as other furniture. Or maybe they wait in the chest, disguised as treasure.
Q: Does being "paralyzed" grant the effects of a rest

DynobombOne of our players got paralyzed for 10 hours by a special dart (homebrew). We were in combat when he went down and were in combat when the effect wore off although they were 2 separate encounters. When he woke up in the middle of the fight we didn't know whether the paralyzation counted as a lon...

@HellSaint ooh. thank you!
@KorvinStarmast fascinating [pronounces this with a hard 'c']
10:13 PM
@LizWeir :i_got_that_reference:
@KorvinStarmast More like playing Dalton. [from the background] "I thought you'd be taller...."

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