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12:31 AM
@Trish Ah yes, the good ol' Living Room.
2 hours later…
2:51 AM
@HellSaint Honestly, I never even thought Deflect Missiles could keep the usual damage
I've always had it always use the Monk damage die and now I'm just.... Unsure
@Medix2 So, you are saying you would use the Monk dice as damage?
Yeah, me too, actually. haha
But say an arrow is poisoned in a way that does not go away in the first hit (does such poison exist? I don't even know). Then it would make sense for the arrow have extra poison damage.
Bust most poisons do go away on the first hit, and the arrow did hit the monk, so the poison effect should vanish, I guess
Yeah the fact that the Monk is also still hit is... Weird
My new ruling: ban Monks. They are too complicated.
Seriously, last time it was this question: rpg.stackexchange.com/q/124280/43856
3:07 AM
Eh I'm still mad at that one ranger feature that says "Ranger spell slot"
Most of the time stuff pops up it's just like... I know exactly how I'd rule it and yet I ask the question anyway and I'm thinking that might not be a good idea
Okay okay
@nitsua60 you there?
I was searching Monk questions trying to find the Unarmored Movement one. But I came across this and this. WHAT HAPPENED HERE?
They asked some questions that were just weird and felt kinda whinny about ammunition and picking it back up and it yeah...
How did it manage to get -19 on both a question and answer, and make two questions that are kinda the same, and receive another -11 on that.
There was some sort of meta dispute regarding those questions, and I suspect most of the downvotes were due to the dispute
I just found out something interesting:
with enough downvotes, even the accepted answer gets to the bottom of the page
is it particular to an auto-answer or does it apply to any answer, I wonder
3:18 AM
There's a SE query somewhere to find questions where the accepted answer has the lowest score
Any self answer is not automatically at the top of it is accepted
I just found the two meta questions about all of this thing.
I am having fun, and for wrong reasons, but I am having fun
Or rather, if you ask a question and answer it yourself and accept your own answer it will not automatically go to the top no matter how many votes it has unlike accepted answers from anybody else
3:37 AM
@HellSaint Quantum chromodynamics happened, IIRC.
@nitsua60 LOL hahaha
@HellSaint You'll want to look at timestamps (and edits) very closely. You'll get the most out of it if you go full-on forensic analysis, corkboard and yarn and pushpins and printouts galore.
@nitsua60 Yeah I have been doing it.
It also didn't help (maybe?) that the pair of questions annoyed me. So I answered, grumpy, rather than hold my tongue. I stand by the answers, and it's absolutely true that my players hate when modern physics worms its way to the table.
@HellSaint Note that on the meta @doppelgreener, ever the paragon of writing virtue, managed to put up on meta some really great analysis/guidance for future readers. I sure hope she got whatever that badge is for "really good answer to bad question."
@nitsua60 Yeah, I loved doppel's meta answer.
I loved even more how she was like "I am sorry you are going through this, I hope you can use it to self-improve, but really, I am sorry you are feeling frustrated"
Hey doppel, are you canadian? :P
3:47 AM
Commonwealth, yes, but not Canadian =)
haha I have been living in Toronto for a year now, nice place
although half of this time was in quarantine
4:09 AM
In the past I've recommended games and materials made by the creator Swords and Flowers; in light of recently publicized information I recind those recommendations and will not be giving him any more air unless/until the Malaysian TRPG community choose to re-rembrace him.
The Circle, the Mountain, & the Power Within by Maharhar is a safety and recovery tool based on dramatic therapy practices.
Kickstarter: Monster Care Squad by Sandy Pug Games is a Ghibli-inspired tabletop adventure of healing Monsters and solving local problems in the gentle world of Ald-Amura.
@BESW what information is that, do you mind to share? :o Totally out of the circle here
Ben Scerri wrote a twitter thread about how Peaky Blinders is an almost perfect example of how Language can be used _well_ in RPGs.
@HellSaint His own statement is currently pinned to the top of his twitter feed.
It's not the kind of subject matter I'd want to bring into this room. I mention it only because I've endorsed his games in the past and it'd be irresponsible not to say something just as loudly now.
@BESW Reading it, god damn that's heavy
Yeah, and keep in mind that's his version of events. Further discussion, if necessary, should move to the Not A Bar.

 Not a bar, but plays one on TV

For topics that should be opt-in, not opt-out, or just need a ...
@HellSaint I'm super joyous about Monster Care Squad too it's so adorabibble.
I've shared online community spaces with some of the people working on the project and they seem quite nice, too.
4:24 AM
It's 1 AM right now but when I wake up tomorrow I am instantly going to throw money at them in that kickstarter. :P Also shared it in my social media, I know I have some hardcore Ghibli fans around ahha
5:12 AM
It’s late where I am, but I can’t help but feel some people might appreciate a funny/adorable story from a gaming session I did today, what with the pandemic and all.
Go for it, it will be my bed time story.
Context: I run a D&D5e game through my local library, and there’s another person who also runs a different game (we switch off every week). I play a life cleric in the other gm’s campaign, along with a Druid, two fighters, and a wizard that’s two rock gnomes in a trench coat
oops— I spent the previous session with some issues related to a dragon going on, so my character had just rejoined the party after a decent bit of in game time, and they got themselves an owlbear npc pet.
(They named it Susan by the way)
So we’re back together to face the final boss of the campaign, Chamise the Ascended (an npc BBEG), and our patron is one shotted by him.
I target her with a revivify spell, and spend the first part of the combat trying to keep people alive. So IC I miss this, but that just kinda makes it funnier.
Our druid was hiding in a tree as a squirrel, and decided to hit CtA with a polymorph spell, turning him into a fish. A literal fish. Cue laughter OOC, of course, and the GM going to look up stats.
Does 5e even have fishes? I only remember Piranhas
Quipper, I believe, is how it's called
Eh, he said he found someone’s homebrew. Didn’t matter anyways... Of course, we can’t damage him for an hour, and then we start figuring out what to do with him. Suggestions include: roast him over a fire, make sushi out of him,
5:28 AM
and then someone remembered the owlbear (and that polymorph would stop as soon as we shoved him in a fire, given that half the forest was still on fire)
@MikeQ ...
How... Why... What?
Turns out I was right, but... That is a question I never expected to be asked here already hahaha
It's a D&D game. Something's bound to be on fire sooner or later.
Sorry, we don't have generic fish, only brand-name ones.
Skill challenge mechanics borrowed from 4e caused it. It’s a longer story. So the warlock, who I forgot about until now, decides what better way to fulfill his pact with Asmodeus to die doing good than to sacrifice to save his friends. Easy to do, right?
He purposely fails an Animal Handling check to keep Susan the owlbear from eating him. But first, he takes the fish in his mouth and bites down on it right before he’s eaten.
So CtA reappears halfway down an owlbear throat and dies horribly.
The warlock now is asmodeous’ right hand and opened a sushi restaurant in the nine hells
This was a few weeks ago. The other day, we fought a dragon, and before the flanking incident, half the wizard had cast phantasmagoric killer on the dragon. One of the house rules is that if a spell uses the worst fear of the target, you can choose that fear within reason. That half-wizard chooses mice as the green dragon’s worst fear.
And then the Druid polymorphs the poor dragon into a mouse
So we spend an hour making the mouse look at every nearby reflection and generally terrorizing the poor thing. An hour later, we kinda just stab it when it turns back, lying down and having dragon panic attacks.
We might have an alignment change coming, TBH
That may have violated a Geneva convention or two
5:41 AM
I spent half the dragon fight healing, so I feel I did my alignment-retaining action for the day... except maybe I need to have healed the dragon too...
Healing? More like aiding and abetting.
1000000 years alignment jail.
I probably need that — but the druid needs a refresher course in Druid Ethics 101 before I do it
(Though I’m CGish and Mielekki probably approved of it anyways)
In CoS, one of the hooks - the Death House one - starts with two kids asking the adventurers for help.
One of my adventurers kicked one of the kids, because they looked scary
I opened his sheet and changed his NG alignment to CE.
They may have thought it was a monster, or a trap. I've seen similar behavior.
They were. Both. Monsters and traps.
5:54 AM
I mean, as a GM I think lots of people do tha
For all purposes, all the characters could see were two innocent kids asking for help because their parents were trapped in the basement.
Gezz what players are you guys used to. Kicking kids is a no-no :(
I dunno, maybe the players were expecting horror tropes like kid-shaped phantoms
yeah the players were. The characters weren't :P
If you are kicking kids in my games you are getting an alignment demoting. Or upgrade... Depends on the point of view.
5:56 AM
Doesn't death house take place in a world of monsters and supernatural horrors? Seems like something that adventurers would hear about.
Well, my best example hasn’t actually happened yet, but I’ve done stuff where kids are the plot hook, the monsters, or just there. Depends on the adventure...
@MikeQ The adventurers just arrived in that world, and nobody outside that world knows about it
Basically the hooks to Barovia are essentially the characters being teleported into the demi-plane of Barovia somehow, without knowing anything that is happening
And then you die
@BardicWizard Yeap, quite summarizes it.
It sounds like a miscommunication happened, both in and out of game.
How did the player react when you forcibly changed part of their character?
5:58 AM
@MikeQ They went with it and now they are playing a Chaotic Evil Bard
which fits way better with his playstyle
I wouldn't do that if they weren't fine with it :P
Huh. You have some very flexible players then.
^^^yep. My players would glare at minimum and possibly take revenge
Not sure that's the word I would use. One of the reasons I felt comfortable making that change was exactly because I knew that alignment fits way better with the crazy stuff he usually does.
But really, if you try to convince me that randomly kicking a kid without any kind of evidence - even if you expect them to be ghosts - is a good aligned action... Something's wrong around here and we may be too used to murder hobbos
Whatever works for your group. It sounds like the player already knows that "CE" isn't a license to start ruining things for other players.
If I called out a player for their character doing something similarly non-heroic, I'd expect they'd either 1. say that they misunderstood the situation, or 2. try to justify it with some lore about cosmic alignment or similar nonsense.
Oh yeah, they don't like PvP as a whole
Which is quite funny when CoS has lots of betrayal opportunities and I'm very interested on how they will handle it haha
And being fair, 5e as a whole has taken away most of the meaning given to alignments in previous editions
There are very few items that can only be used by a specific alignment, most of them campaign-specific, and has no mechanical impact in classes (opposed to Paladins that are not Lawful Good literally losing their features)
4 hours later…
9:56 AM
@kviiri Living Room Room of Death, Trinity of Dungeon Doom... take your pick!
Depending on your arrangement of mimics, the Living Room could also be the Dying Room
10:17 AM
@MikeQ I don't think mimics can digest mimics...
10:54 AM
Q: What is the damage done by Deflect Missile when deflecting a Crossbow Bolt?

HellSaintSimilar to this question, but way simpler. The Monk Deflect Missile feature states: If you catch a missile in this way, you can spend 1 ki point to make a ranged attack with the weapon or piece of ammunition you just caught, as part of the same reaction. You make this attack with proficiency, re...

6 hours later…
4:28 PM
@HellSaint I think you have a "non-zero" in your Neon City answer that should be a "greater than zero". Because, if I'm reading correctly, it'd be possible for more danger dice to have a given value than action dice, leading to a negative value in your Result_Count vector.
5:16 PM
hmmm, I need help with recursion in Anydice..
anydice.com/program/1c81f - this works for the simple case D=1 case... but not for D=2 or D=3...
5:29 PM
@nitsua60 yeah the code reflects that
"Result_Count > 0"
I fixed the writing as well now
hmmm, is there a good way to eleminate the first item from the sequence?!
oh wait... LOWEST!
but that makes a huge kurfuffle...
ARRRG! Why is this so simple in lsl?!
I mean, I basically can implement the whole calculation in LSL (because that can work with lists and keep them straight) but trying recursion on a sequence in anydice throws everything off...
6:09 PM
@nitsua60 rpg.stackexchange.com/a/171502/30306 - I managed to go so far... but I fail at the recursion...
anydice is kind of inelegant for non-trivial mechanics
and the recursion/computation time limit severely hobbles what it can do
(understandable given it's depending on a central server to do all computation)
true... the new solution though is kinda elegant!
and it works
up to a certain amount of dice, yeah
6:30 PM
i anydice could handle lists better... my solution might work... and be possibly faster, because of the sorting behavior...
@Trish Would a room that is itself a monster count? Like you're inside a type of Cube?
And you think you're inside a room, but you're actually inside a cube?
I tried an alternative version which used two indexes to iterate down the sequences and compared individual die directly in a more efficient way but it didn't make enough difference to anydice's computation time
6:47 PM
@NautArch no, a room that is a monster does not count - greater mimic does not count. It needs to be 3 different monsters
what about a
room full of vampires
since when are vampires the ceiling, wall and floor?
Q: Does the shadow sorcerer Eyes of the Dark feature negate sunlight sensitivity for creatures like drow in 5e?

EfialtesThe shadow sorcerer feature at 1st level known as Eyes of the Dark reads: From 1st level, you have darkvision with a range of 120 feet. I would like to play a Drow character, does this negate sunlight sensitivity since you are getting superior darkvision from a new source that does not provide su...

7:06 PM
they're not, I'm just shibbolething for drawfee fans since it's on my brain atm
7:52 PM
lol just found out that if I close and reopen a question as duplicate, I can't then vote to close it as Too Broad haha
8:41 PM
I am building a world emphasising on balance and chaos (where pretty much two sides of one coin), kind of like Earthsea.

As a consequence, the magic in D&D doesn't work quite well with it. (powerful magic exists in my world, but unwise usage of powerful magic usually comes with deadly consequence.)

Also I want the bad consequence lasts longer, kind of like sanity in COC.

What is a feasible system for my world? Or any feasible way to modify any system to make it work? Or do I have to create one myself (I hope not)?
How would you like the magic to work? When you're using powerful magic, when is it unwise?
Are you speaking about bad consequences generally, or bad consequences of using magic? How do you envision the consequences coming about?
I was thinking magic can be "unstable" sometimes, for example, when summoning intelligent undead, they will try to take revenge on you, because you disturb their rest.
or if you cast polymorph on yourself, and you do not return to your human form for a very long time, say, over three days, you will begin to lose your mind (just like the Earthsea novel).
What kind of RPG are you looking for generally? D&D-like but with a different spell-system? More narritive?
@Someone_Evil I would say more narritive
I wonder if Ironsworn might be worth a look. It'll take some amount of reworking, but it's on the narrative end, has some framing that I think might fit with Earthsea, and has a system that's well set up for on-the-fly consequences to magic going wrong - if you fail a roll to perform a ritual, "the ritual happens but goes out of control and makes things worse" is well supported.
8:51 PM
@LizWeir thanks! I will certainly take a look on this!
the core rulebook is available as a free PDF, too, so giving it a read only costs some time :-)
it'll be difficult to use the system if you're not looking at a setting where swearing oaths is an important thing people take seriously
but I think it might suit the kind of tone you're after if Earthsea is on your mind
swearing oaths?
One of the main drivers of the gameplay in Ironsworn is basically committing to complete some quest or task - the game tracks progress towards that sort of thing, and then there are mechanics for completing or abandoning these goals
including that being the main source of XP
anything from something immediate like "I'll drive away the Kargish raiders threatening my home village" to "I'll retrieve the broken parts of the Ring of Erreth-Akbe and return the Rune of Peace to Havnor"
I see, thanks! Sound interesting, and quite a nice fit for earthsea!
sounds quite nice for TRPG emphasising on worldview / world-philosophy(?)
I hadn't thought of it that way, but I think so, yeah! kind of focusing on what characters think is important, what they'll let pass by and what they'll swear to see achieved
9:03 PM
Q: Would a zealot barbarian's divine fury trigger during an opportunity attack?

DarJulThe Path of the Zealot barbarian (Xanathar's Guide to Everything, p. 11) gets the Divine Fury feature at level 3, which states: At 3rd level, while you're raging, the first creature you hit on each of your turns with a weapon attack takes extra damage equal to 1d6 + half your barbarian level. Th...

One other thing I should mention, actually - because a lot of the focus is on what the players decide to swear to achieve, it'll work best with a group and GM who are up for mostly focusing on following what the players are interested in; it won't go quite so well with a game where the expectation is that the players will explore the GM's plot, as the mechanics about swearing oaths expect the oaths (i.e. the things the players decide are important) to be a main driver
so if there's a fairly specific story you're looking to run through, it might not be such a good choice
Something based on Cortex might work (sadly there isn't a lot of Cortex in print at the moment but the new Cortex Prime is coming soon (it has been sent to the printers). In Cortex if you roll a 1 the GM can pay you a Plot Point to add a Complication to the game so at the basic end of things you could have a power like Sorcery and play it that any 1s rolled get bought into such side effects (e.g. the sorcerer now has a symbol on their forehead or are being haunted).
To use more complicated rules you could throw in a SFX like "Create a a d8 Complication to double your sorcery die" (so you'd if you had d10 in Sorcery you'd get 2d10 for that roll). (Cortext is based around dice pools and keeping the best two).
2 hours later…
11:04 PM
Q: How to calculate the probabilities for eliminative dice pools (dice cancelling mechanic) in Neon City Overdrive?

wargalukThe game Neon City Overdrive uses the following resolution mechanic for checks: create a pool of Action Dice and (possibly) another pool of differently-colored Danger Dice (all d6, generally up to 5 or 6 dice in each pool) roll all the dice each Danger Die cancels out an Action Die with the same...

11:23 PM
That Orion D Black thread reminds me - what is "folx"? Reckoned this might be a place where somebody would know... :-P
Wish these people would speak English. Well-meant but unintelligible is not a lot of use.
It's the word "folks" spelled more efficiently
That all? Right.
I've usually only seen it in, you know, don't have a word? those kind of circles, as if "people" was not politically correct for some reason, so I wasn't sure if it meant "people who aren't me".
The term also signals some degree of inclusivity, which is nice
11:38 PM
Inclusivity or exclusivity? Gah, it should not take me that long to type "exclusivity" right.
Inclusivity, I think, because it includes more people? It's probably the kind of topic that's been discussed in Not a Bar before.
Am kind of afraid even to look at Not a Bar.
There's nothing too scary about it. The room is mostly meant for non-RPG topics that may pop up in this community, like social/race/gender issues
Exactly, and I'm white and sick of being told I'm part of the problem just for being there.
This community is pretty inclusive (maybe the word is "egalitarian"?) in general, so you're welcome here or NAB.
11:48 PM
Hope so
Basically when the discussion is about people thinking wrong, I can always believe that I'm guilty of thinking however it is they're condemning people for thinking, you can't prove that you're not thinking something, especially if you can't understand what it is.
Gives me a headache to be honest, and I can't see why it's important anyway.
(can move to bar if you wish.)
Ah. Yeah I've seen many online communities that can be very intolerant about dissenting views, or bullying users who don't fit in. Fortunately, so far RPG.SE has been good about that. It's not perfect, but it's good.
(I do like the name :-D )
Yeah, an RP group I'm in had a weird experience with that recently. We were on one platform, Disqus, for a long time, but then Disqus closed down its free-standing sites system, and a member, not the usual moderator, seized the initiative and set up a Discord server instead. But that left her as the moderator. And she's one of the crusader-without-a-cause type.
Can we be a little careful about how we speak about people, even if they aren't here?
Lambasted so many people for imaginary "offensiveness", including the original moderator, that, in the end, they all left one by one and now we're another group.

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